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Thread: Best Apollo and NASA Resource I've Ever Seen

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    Best Apollo and NASA Resource I've Ever Seen

    I'm simply amazed I didn't know about this!

    1) Click on Find Photo's
    2) Click on Other Search Methods
    3) Choose your mission (Apollo is near the bottom) I chose Apollo 15
    4) Put in your roll number 87 for example and Frame 11839
    5) Go down to All digital images including those that have not yet been cataloged and make sure the radio button is selected
    6) Click the run query button at the bottom of the page

    AS15 87 11839

    Click the frame number which is a hyperlink

    7) You are presented with this page:

    Hold onto your seats guys cause it's about to get awesome.
    Scroll down to Large Images to Request for Downloading. Then hit request. You have just requested an ultra high resolution picture of the frame you chose. Even higher than ALSJ.

    As far as I have seen so far this has the high resolution photograph of every single frame taken including the ones that ALSJ don't have the high resolution images of

    The one I used in this example was the pictures on LM footpad picture. Oh look, you can quite clearly see in this picture that the 'pictures' are indeed just foil.

    On top of that every other mission is on here in exactly the same high resolution detail!

    Enjoy fellow Apollo and NASA Enthusiasts

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    Nice find! Welcome to the board btw.

    One needs to wait some time between request and download, just FYI.

    Is it just my impression, or is the brightness and contrast on ALSJ much better? These all appear to be overly light, reducing the amount of detail. They also look a bit grainy, but that's no miracle at that resolution.
    With sufficient thrust, water towers fly just fine.

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    I KNEW it!!! There is a NUMBER (32) in the bottom center! It's a FAKE! LOL And, and, and is that a snake in the lower right side above the landing pad? It must have crawled into the super secret hanger where they were filming "32" to escape the desert heat. And that astronaut must be tiny! Look how big the lander is in comparison! There's no way you can fake that! It's a HOAX!

    snicker, snicker, LOL

    Sorry, just imagining the MHBers looking at higher resolution photographs. God I can't wait until we return. Can you imagine the photography this go 'round? Have you checked out the Orion crew module yet?

    Thank you for the links!!!


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    I'll bet that tape "cross" on the LEM reveals that the hoax was created by Freemason Illuminati Trilateral Commission Area 51 New World Order comptrollers? The angle of the cross on the LEM compared with the location of the secret Cydonia complex on mars...

    Oh forget it, I can't keep this up!!!

    Lol, sorry about that


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