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Thread: Last 2 letters

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    Norfolk UK and some of me is in Northern France
    Gyroscopes might have helped Mercury find Aphrodite even if all roads lead to Rome in Greek.
    sicut vis videre esto
    When we realize that patterns don't exist in the universe, they are a template that we hold to the universe to make sense of it, it all makes a lot more sense.
    Originally Posted by Ken G

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    Ekka is a small vehicle used in India, pulled by a single horse.

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    Seven league boots make one very cautious about one’s next step.
    The greatest journey of all time, for all to see
    Every mission makes our dreams reality
    And our destiny begins with you and me
    Through all space and time, the achievement of mankind
    As we sail the sea of discovery, on heroes’ wings we fly!

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    Epaulettes were invented when an army general forgot to remove the dry cleaner's tags from his uniform.

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    RM 30 is about how much a durian would cost in Malaysia.

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    I, Asimov: A Memoir was published in 1979.
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