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Thread: Newbie Needs Suggestions

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    Newbie Needs Suggestions

    I am a new owner of a Meade DS2090 and would love to take some pics. In the manual, it suggests that I get a Basic Camera Adapter (1.25"). I have a simple digital camera (Sony DSC-S650) and I'm wondering what else I might need to take pics, or if it is even possible to hook up this particular cam to the telescope. Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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    Basic camera adapters are for cameras you can remove the lens from then the adapter turns the scope into the camera's lens. I doubt your camera can do that. You must use what is called afocal imaging using an eyepiece and the camera lens as the lens of your eye to project the image onto the imaging chip. Companies like Scopetronics and others sell devices that help with this. Which you need depends on your camera. The idea is to hold the camera the right distance from the eyepiece so it hits the exit pupil for a full image to the chip. Changing eyepieces changes power. Sometimes the zoom lens will too depending on how it fits the exit pupil of the eyepiece.

    Afocal is never as good as you can do removing the lens but you can still get very good results.

    I suggest you get a copy of Covington's Astrophotography for the Amateur. It will help you up the very steep learning curve ahead.


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