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Photography is one of my hobbies. These are a few I took over the summer, where I learned to use Adobe Photoshop.
  1. Strange brass columns in the Hall of North American Forests.
  2. Map of Antarctica.
  3. Polar certificate.
  4. Swag from the aforementioned Weekend of Awesome!
  5. Model of ship in Ellsworth exhibit.
  6. Entrance to the Lincoln Ellsworth "secret" gallery at AMNH.
  7. Bust of Lincoln Ellsworth in the exhibit.
  8. Map of the Trans-Antarctic flight.
  9. Certificate honoring Ellsworth.
  10. Me in front of the entrance to the Ellsworth gallery.
  11. Cuteness overload! Stuffed husky puppies! Mom wouldn't let me buy one, so I took a picture instead.
  12. Plaque on the bust.
  13. Ellsworth's binoculars.
  14. A model of Lincoln Ellsworth's airplane Polar Star at the American Museum of Natural History, given an appropriate 1930s sepia tone.
  15. The hat again, with some ribbon, another chain, and some glass charms added.
  16. The back of the improved hat.
  17. Detail shot of the hat.
  18. Back of the hat.
  19. My attempt at making a Steampunk hat.  
The hat is my mother's from the 70s, but I always thought it looked like it was from the 20s or 30s.
  20. Moon out my dorm window at Yale.
  21. Moon on July 20, 2010,  as seen from Yale Lietner Observatory.
  22. Rainbow from Long Island
  23. My friend Hannah and I at our two-person Yuri's Night party. She's on the left, I'm on the right. You can just see the Alien 3 poster on the wall...
  24. Hannah's dog Lucky. I never noticed it until YN, but he looks kind of like Laika.
  25. Me all dressed up for Yuri's Night. You can just see my mission patch from Space Camp on my right shoulder. The little golden necklace I'm wearing...
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