Photos of Cookie, Dogs and me

She-She is black dog.
Buffy looks like a collie. She's gone to another, now.
Romeo brown with white chest paws on fence. He was a stray.
Crystal is Russet dog on rug.
Spike the small dog in my hand.
  1. 02 0A  This is Cookie, my Special Lady
  2. 017 17  This is Spike, the only male and the youngest and smallest.  I think he's a Toy Spincher
  3. 009 9  Here's She-She nursing four puppies.  Buffy slew two and injured one.  She-She ate those three.  Buffy got ahold of the brown puppy, but I...
  4. 13 16A  Here are the three surviving puppies.  I gave the one on the left to a neighborhood family, which gave it back.  They named her Coa-Coa and I...
  5. 005 5  Me, Buffy and She-She.  Buffy's a Chow/Collie and She-She's a PitBull/Rotweiller
  6. 003 3  This is Romeo.  He's a stray and got into the yard and impregnated She-She.  The whole litter miscarried.
  7. 014 14  This is Crystal.  I had her spayed this March.
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