Orion's Arm

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Images from the Orion's Arm Universe Project
  1. yanq
  2. keplerearth
  3. cygnus
  4. eyeball
  5. hellspider_by_eb
  6. True colour model of Betelgeuse
  7. A Spacefarer Union ship
  8. Fomalhaut b
  9. Waterfall on Mars
  10. The Rat Barrel, a space habitat from Orion's Arm
  11. cloud cities on a Jovian world
  12. A T class methane brown dwarf
  13. The Milky Way Galaxy from Galactic North
  14. The first Orion's Arm story collection, Against A Diamond Sky
  15. An L class Lithium Brown dwarf
  16. A large number of gas giants
  17. A gas giant being converted by advanced technology into a small star
  18. "Star Lifting"  the giant variable star Polaris. The material of this star is lifted using the energy emitted by the star itself, which powers...
  19. Algol is an eclipsing binary; a K class giant eclipses a smaller but brighter B class star
  20. A Dyglufsare, an alien marsh-dwelling creature. These xenosophonts are intelligent, but lack language abilities so  are unlikely to progress further.
  21. An alien artifact found in deep space; using an array of mirrors, starlight is focused onto a phototsynthetic core to provide life support
  22. The Arcturus, a fictional ship from a long-running 10th milennium entertainment virch series
  23. An artificial planet. If there are no suitable terrestial planets in the system you wish to colonise you may consider constructing one of these. Use...
  24. Boredom Threshold Proximity Warning
  25. A red giant star orbiting a stellar mass black hole
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