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few favourite photographs

cover photograph: BAUT Squirrel
...summer 2007 ...neighbourhood park...six am-ish
  1. DSC00504 I am using a photograph of Flynn, he is four there, to prop up his commendation.
  2. DSC00505...I had to paste this in the album. 
I love Flynn. My baby, my sweetest babboo!
  3. Rosie in kitchen....anticipating cookies, the little piglet! 
Second day with us at home! 
i should also use this photograph, as an alert poster...
  4. lullie 099 
this was taken january 27...month ago.... 
the tree is one of the oldest and originals, in the park....nearly two hundred (!), i think....
  5. DSC00487  
Just like Lullie, young Rosie likes chasing footballs, grabbing them and skedaddle towards distant horizon.... 
So I have had my quota,...
  6. DSC00486 camera phone, this afternoon 
This, here, is little Rosie. Staffy terrier (seven months). She's been with us for a week now. She's frisky,...
  7. DSC00191 
phone camera...summer 2007 
princess eibe and mummy 
regent's park..one can't see the boating lake, behind, for the tight composition...
  8. lullie 101 phone camera 
capturing a reptilian overlord's hench-reptile, passing through london's south bank! mid-summer 2008 (Earth-timeline) 
  9. DSC00035 phone camera  aug  2006 
Flynn squealing with delight during one of his favourite fairground rides at our local park
  10. DSC00031 phone camera aug 2006 
Flynn with his buddy at Hamleys. 
Currently Flynn is constructing a couple of complex StarWars ships, with Lego
  11. lullie 032 phone camera 
Compositae family and bees ...i love them... 
didn't quite compose it...Lullie was wanting my attention...
  12. lullie 081 phone camera ..fortnight ago...nov 14 
Lullie looking majestic. i mean really posing.  
being patient with me and my demands. was so...
  13. lullie 013 phone camera may 2008 
Lullie and her schnauzer friend Bless, sharing a hearty joke. 
Completely ignoring me. cookies or no cookies.
  14. Image044 phone camera 
Flynn and Mummy 
Jasmine and Mummy 
Children have such a twinkle in their eyes. Lovely. 
i wish though Pearl had removed her...
  15. Image045 phone camera. Low wattage overhead light and some ambient natural light. absent decent shadows. 
Rooney, our cat and Lullie in the...
  16. Image037 phone camera 
Flynn and Mummy...together...rarity to capture . 
mummy always 'takes ages to get ready'.
  17. Image033 phone camera 
Flynn and his friend Jasmine
  18. lullie 023 phone camera 
think lullie, has that expression which is saying, is this ok? would you hurry up already? you are keeping me from my...
  19. lullie 019 phone camera 
lullie was definitely focussed on the local resident birds, unlike the picture itself. The sunlight was mellow, cold as a...
  20. lullie 015 ...phone camera 
lullie has seen some birds or watching a low, approaching transatlantic flight
  21. lullie 014  
that's Lullie, fortnight ago, nov 14...nine am. phone camera.  
it was a beautiful, cold morning, the sun low, skimming the horizon. the...
  22. Image005 midsummer... 
june 24...flynn and his friends. south bank, thames. 
flynn's first ice-cream, i remember, sitting in my lap, he'd bravely...
  23. Lady artful lips1] 
Same as the other lady ...i hope it wasn't painful when creating this fashion / fashionable statement. 
if it happened to me, i...
  24. lip plate...africa 
it's incredible (for an urbanite like me) but wonderful, that some human cultures consider this bodily modification, er, ...
  25. PelicanNebula1 shahar f 
This has been an APOD! 
i do not want to change the original wording. copyrights(?) 
geo and i were talking about...
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