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  1. New forum for the book
  2. Amazon watch
  3. Honest to God
  4. Amazon Reviews
  6. 10 page excerpt at the Wiley website
  7. Bad "Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions"
  8. Suggestion for the Bad Astronomer
  9. Reviews by Michael Shermer, James Randi a.o. (at amazon.co.u
  10. Got the Book last week
  11. Temperature degree conversions
  12. Current Calendar
  13. Thank You Dr. Plait
  14. Peter McLeary, the rest of the story. . .
  15. Bad Astronomy in Bad Astronomy
  16. Autograph Suggestion
  17. Historical nitpick
  18. The Kessel Run
  19. The nitpickiest nitpick in the history of nitpicking.
  20. Bad Puns
  21. Yellow Sun
  22. Greeks v. Romans
  23. Bad Astronomer Road Show
  24. I found one! I found one!
  25. I thought you might like this BA
  26. Centrifugal force is really inertia and not a force!
  27. Tides
  28. Big article about our Phil in today´s San Francisco Chronicl
  29. Humorous Anecdote
  30. Not a Book, but I Got My BA T-shirt & Mouse Pad!
  31. A plug for The Book
  32. BA is Astronomy Book Club Choice for May 2002
  33. I got iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!
  34. Another good review
  35. *Bad Astronomy* is really *Good Astronomy*!
  36. Light Years ahead
  37. ToSeek's nitpicks
  38. Shakespeare Misquotation
  39. Ordering from CafePress
  40. UFO believer bad review
  41. mistaking a flock of ducks for a UFO
  42. Move this if it's wrong!
  43. what's new in the book?
  44. *Bad Astronomy* uses *METRIC* as primary notation.
  45. Bad Astronomy in Science News
  46. List of errors and typos
  47. My Letter to York Times re portion of Article
  48. Straws in Space
  49. Who carries on about eggs?
  50. Another plug for The Book
  51. What is up with ICR?
  52. Bad Medicine: The Next Book
  53. *When Astronomy Goes Bad* [Bob Berman - Discovery 6-02]
  54. Review of Bad Astronomy in SkepDic Newsletter
  55. Track the book at Amazonscan.com
  56. I took the plunge.
  57. Another book you might like
  58. New Scientist review
  59. NASA Online Publications
  60. Review in 'Skeptic'
  61. Good book news!
  62. How Do I Order multiple Copies of Bad Astronomy from Amazon.
  63. figure on page 61, showing phases of the moon
  64. review in Skeptical Inquirer
  65. Bad astronomy the book vs. Star Wars
  66. Horse that wouldn't die
  67. Review in Sky & Telescope...
  68. Meteors and Fireballs
  69. Cole of Spyglass Mountain
  70. Could there be two John Gribbins?
  71. First speckle interferometry target?
  72. Christmas Gift
  73. OT - Bad Medicine
  74. "Worlds in Collision" in college library
  75. Bad Astronomy raved about in *Mercury* magazine
  76. Mauvaise Astronomie
  77. Bad Astronomer?
  78. Errata items
  79. Bad Medicine?
  80. Phil at 1st annual Amazing Meeting
  81. Phil at the NYASk Meeting
  82. 'Bad Astronomy' Promoted Along With 'Dark Moon'!
  83. Quick question for The Bad Astronomer
  84. The Cover
  85. problem with arguement against young Earth Theory
  86. Questions on why is the sky blue?
  87. Bad Astronomy at Space Center Houston
  88. Looking for a serious reply PLEASE!!Physisists,Scientists
  89. Good book but some observations from a Non-American
  90. Any chance of a "Bad Zeta" book?
  91. next book: un-official title contest...
  92. Bad Astronomy Review
  93. Bad Nukyuli
  94. Anger after a trip to the bookstore
  95. Hoaxes, Mythes, and Manias: BA to speak at CSICOP conference
  96. Questions for Phil Plait about the book
  97. The Elegant Universe, the book--any good?
  98. Found a nice compliment
  99. Questions for Phil about the SECOND book
  100. A reference to THE BOOK
  101. Hugo Award
  102. Morehead Planetarium plugs this site
  103. Buying the book
  104. Question for the BA
  105. Next book: Topic suggestions
  106. Advertising the book and web-site.
  107. Why is there a tidal bulge on the far side of the Earth?
  108. Kitty Ferguson
  109. Travelling to distant objects in space
  110. Phil on APOD!
  111. Precession and the Seasons
  112. NASA Astro Pic of The Day
  113. Egg Balancing Tips Needed.
  114. And the reflecting telescope was invented by ...?
  115. Bad Astronomy: The Textbook!
  116. Explanation Error in Book
  117. Moon phases
  118. Seeing Stars
  119. Lunar Size Illusion
  120. Need help deciding which solar system book to get.
  121. Good Buy on Phil's Book
  122. University of Florida has BA
  123. Other books in the series
  124. Question for the BA
  125. When's the sequel coming??
  126. Chick Fila's been snorting too much moon dust...
  127. Book at Camp
  128. Which edition (printing) did I buy?
  129. Final edition???
  130. The Book in the Science Museum, London
  131. I Finally Found It!
  132. The BA speaks at Mt. Tam...8/21/04
  133. What are your favorite books?
  134. Sigh...
  135. Wrong category used on Ebay
  136. Things to add to the next BA edition
  137. skeptic.com - 'Holiday Gifts--New Book Titles Added!'
  138. Egg Balancing
  139. Greg Klerkx: "Lost in Space"
  140. Manifold: Space by Stephen Baxter (contains major spoiler)
  141. Worlds in Derision
  142. Sun's color is.....
  143. different versions, pocket, hard, translated and such
  144. What Way Does Your Bathtub Drain?
  145. I have a huge problem with this book....
  146. Egg on end
  147. Armageddon and Carl Sagan
  148. Pretty "phase" of moon.
  149. Moon illusion re-re-revisited
  150. Egg Balancing with a Sadistic Twist
  151. Phil's Ducks
  152. The End of Science
  153. Equinox egg-balancing - how widespread?
  154. Book sighting
  155. Bad Astronomy and Universe Today Merger Complete.
  156. Snore of the Worlds
  157. Moon Pans - cool, but...
  158. Direct linking from BA site
  159. Dead Link on BA Contact film review page
  160. What I am hopng for
  161. World egg balancing record!
  162. Open letter to the BA
  163. International Editions of BA, The Book.
  164. Well, Well: The Difficulty of Daylight Star Sighting
  165. Bad Blog
  166. BA Appearances
  167. War of the Worlds: lightning w/out thunder?
  168. Link to Slacker Astronomy gone
  169. Film Review corrections
  170. Phil's Somer University web page
  171. I loved this book
  172. International Star Registry
  173. Question about Bad Astronomy blog
  174. BA submission to Slashdot...
  175. Virus?... Troll?
  176. Bad Astronomer to speak at college
  177. Stand an egg on Spring Equinox
  178. The BA at Goddard March 31
  179. Solar Eclipse Myth Alive & Well
  180. BA's "Blinded By The Light" Article
  181. Water on Moon
  182. Bad Astronomy Wallpapers
  183. What the? this web site is full of errors...
  184. Thanks!
  185. Losing battle?
  186. Mysterious noises in San Diego
  187. "Death from the Skies" BA's article
  188. Amazon UK
  189. SATS Test
  190. Old Films.
  191. Our school library....
  192. Pareidolia example again.
  193. Bad Astronomy in Community College
  194. McDonalds Kids meal bags
  195. "Ancient Rock Art Depicts Exploding Star" perhaps not.
  196. Congressional voting records by astrological sign
  197. Bad APOD? Jun 10, 2006
  198. Brief Mention of the BA in Stanford Medical Magazine
  199. The Faith Quiz
  200. 2007 Transformers Movie teaser - prepare for inaccuracy madness!!!
  201. Bad Astronomy Main Site Changes
  202. The chapter on sun/eclipse viewing
  203. Why is the sky blue?
  204. Astrology, Horoscope Ads on BA site
  205. In space lots of people can hear you scream...
  206. Blue sky blue water synergy.
  207. The BA's Blog
  208. The Earth/moon double planet blogs
  210. Blog mentioned in New Scientist dated 9th Sept
  211. Today's What's up (september 13th)
  212. Good astronomy,BAD math
  213. My research paper on Astrology.
  214. meh... Mercury in retrograde
  215. BA site update
  216. Scientists and Engineers for America on Cobert Report
  217. NSTA Responds blog post (I'm getting 404 error msg there)
  218. Why is Capitalism an dirty word to scientest and Bad Astronomy
  219. What Makes Meteors Shine?
  220. What Makes Meteors Shine?
  221. Question about pendulum during eclipse
  222. BA in UK?
  223. Theory of Eggomentum
  224. BA in Seattle
  225. Colorado fireball has astronomy related cause
  226. "Seven Ways a black hole can kill you" presentation
  227. "Dark Side of the Moon"
  228. Homepage of BA
  229. Talkin' to Penn, Schoolin' Joe Rogan
  230. Broken link on the Apollo Hoax section of the BA site
  231. Astronomy Books to download
  232. Sign here if you never got that blasted Mars Hoax...
  233. Bad astronomy that isn't...
  234. Feeling flushed (in a cartoon way)...
  235. How about those adds?
  236. Bad Solar System in Sac Bee
  237. New Book Announcement
  238. It's cute, heartwarming and sad....
  239. Mars Vegetation?
  240. My take on Joe vs. Phil (Attn: BA!)
  241. Doomsday Rock
  242. Moon and no gravity
  243. Reading Age
  244. Bad Astronomy in Sky & Telescope: Supernovae
  245. Borderline Bad Astronomy in Frank & Ernest comic
  246. Bad Astronomy on Yahoo News
  247. News: Do black holes really exist?
  248. 2013
  249. NASA New Horizons web site
  250. Beagle 2 reposessed by NASA!