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  1. World of Warcraft saves boy's life.
  2. Dead Like Me Trailer
  3. Richard Dawkins on BBC News
  4. Return of Planet X By Rand
  5. Firefly Demotivators.
  6. True Hard Sci-Fi
  7. Today's Video: Hey, Is Cape Town a TAL Site?
  8. Say it's not so- Bad Astronomy in the NY Times
  9. Ames Has A Stargate
  10. What's been bugging me about Cloverfield. *Potential Spoiler*
  11. Mars Hoax 2007
  12. Good astronomy in a video game?
  13. Fritz Lang's Masterpiece "Metropolis" to be Remade
  14. Daleks and the BA
  15. Recommend me some good books
  16. How many scifi sounds do you recognize ?
  17. Blake's 7 - remade for radio
  18. I think Star Trek III is underrated
  19. A Christmas Present I Received
  20. review: The Light of Other Days by Arthur C. Clarke
  21. The Dangerous Book for Boys
  22. Jericho Strikes Back! Season Two Announced.
  23. Local paper believes in astrology
  24. Astronomy magazine error?...
  25. Should a short Mars documentary include the FOM?
  26. Creative uses for the Statue of Liberty in future sf movies
  27. UFO sighting? Firemen go toward the light
  28. NBC Covers NAS Evolution Release
  29. Why is Star Trek DS9 virtually ignored?
  30. UFO over Canada
  31. The Human, the Orchid and the Octopus
  32. What's the word on Counterknowledge?
  33. Star Trek: The Continuing Mission!
  34. Smash Lab
  35. BA in History Channel's "The Universe - Alien Moons" episode
  36. I Want to See Stories with Plausible Colonization...
  37. Crusade
  38. Sarah Connor - SPOILERS!
  39. Diamond among...well, bad stuff
  40. Big Trouble in Little China 2 (not really)
  41. Looking for a movie trailer
  42. Cloverfield ***NO SPOILER***
  43. Star Trek XI- EWWWWWW
  44. The Expanding of the Universe - BBC Documentary on YouTube
  45. Are you smarter than a 5th grader?
  46. Full Moons Have Names?
  47. Love This
  48. the BBC on wifi
  49. Best Space Sci-Fi Books Ever
  50. Gort! Keanu Reeves Barada Nikto!
  51. Best Science In a Movie
  52. the comics are left behind in the tv chanels crowd
  53. WOTW question
  54. Great Lakes Weather and Dawn of The Dead (2004)
  55. I Think That Hollywood Producer Types...
  56. My Latest D&D Campaign
  57. Noticed how earth always is innocent? ^^
  58. Perpetuating a Myth
  59. Was there any dangerous situation that a 1960's style karate chop couldn't solve?
  60. Question about Blade Runner
  61. Favorite BAD science movie?
  62. Hollywood under the microscope
  63. Back to the Future, Part II (nitpicking)
  64. Always New York?
  65. UFO Hunters, on whatever channel it's on
  66. Visits from crack to the future
  67. The 2nd bestest drinking game ever
  68. Bad math in the media
  69. BookTV: "Final Countdown: NASA and the End of the Space Shuttle Program"
  70. Greatest Spaceships Of All Time
  71. Kinoki commercials
  72. Rare Atlantis launch video (moon)
  73. When (if ever) is Battlestar Galactica coming back?
  74. Caroline Porco Advises new Trek Movie!!
  75. Star Trek XI coming May 2009
  76. "AstroSpies" on PBS Nova
  77. How embarassing
  78. Knight Rider (the re-incarnation)
  79. Star Trek Voyager was Horrible(Spoilers)
  80. Why wasn't Star trek more imaginative?
  81. It's amps damn you!
  82. Best ever sci-fi book cover illustrator/artist
  83. Cute astronomy-themed ad
  84. Terminology Question
  85. I found Phil's high school picture
  86. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
  87. The Colour Of Magic
  88. I LOVE Alastair Reynolds!
  89. Favorite Television Program Theme Music
  90. I. Am. Iron. Man.
  91. Last Starfighter 2: Intergalactic Boogaloo
  92. Carmen Sandiego Gets It Right (Mostly)
  93. you and newspaper
  94. World Wide Telescope
  95. Hawking on tv tonight
  96. Another thread slamming Voyager and Enterprise
  97. 10,000 BC (Movie)
  98. I am Legend original ending.
  99. Book Review: Physics of the Impossible
  100. I Wonder if Harrison Ford Has a Desk Like This?
  101. Awesome Animated Steampunk Short Film
  102. Silence is Golden
  103. THC Astronomy
  104. C2C Debate on Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision
  105. Film Buffery
  106. For Katee Sackhoff fans
  107. what kind of a sci fi movie can you make for 13 million dollars?
  108. Even zombies like MythBusters!
  109. Goodbye to "The History Channel"
  110. Yahoo Movies disses 2001!
  111. ABC's Calendar Savvy
  112. star trek: first contact. - distance error
  113. What would you like to suggest opinion about the two tv chanels
  114. Rose Returns, Kinda
  115. Sarah Connor greenlighted
  116. Will science fiction (as a genre) lose importance as we advance?
  117. The alternate ending to I Am Legend, sucked. (Spoiler Alert)
  118. Questionable Astronomy on FreeRice.com?
  119. Who has been watching Charlie-Jade ?
  120. Gilbert and Sullivan led to Star Wars
  121. Name that robot!
  122. Planet X discussion on CTC
  123. Universe-Nebulae- The History Channel
  124. Physics in Hollywoodland
  125. Battlestar Galactica Exhaust Propulsion Physics
  126. Hdtv
  127. A Mission About Hope
  128. Has anyone ever written a science story along these lines?
  129. "Real" science in the media?
  130. Recycled sf plots
  131. Interstellar
  132. Pern
  133. Under attack: The owner of a house struck five times by meteorites
  134. Liquid-metal terminator
  135. BSG: Who is the final Cylon?
  136. Was Deckard a Replicant?
  137. Where do humans fit in the universe?
  138. Taking advice for nominations for Best Episode of ST:TNG
  139. Horror movies and its necessity
  140. Why SETI Will Fail ;)
  141. Hollywood hunts star to play first man on the Moon
  142. German schoolboy corrects NASA
  143. The Oprahverse
  144. Astromony Cast is great, what other science based podcast are also great?
  145. I Know I am Smarter Than a Fifth Grader
  146. Bad Astronomy on Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader
  147. Nicely Done Fake Gigantic UFO effects
  148. BSG S4 Discussion (spoilers of course)
  149. Best Episode of Star Trek: TNG: Season 1 nominations
  150. If You Thought "Armageddon" Was a Bad Movie
  151. Best Episode of Star Trek: TNG: Season 2 nominations
  152. Enchanted
  153. Best Episode of Star Trek: TNG: Season 3 nominations
  154. Best Episode of Star Trek: TNG: Season 4 nominations
  155. Best Episode of Star Trek: TNG: Season 5 nominations
  156. Alas, poor Derrial -- I knew him, Zoe
  157. Best Episode of Star Trek: TNG: Season 6 nominations
  158. Looking for Military SF
  159. Best Episode of Star Trek: TNG: Season 7 nominations
  160. Battlestar Galactica (expecting spoilers)
  161. Origin of Life - Panspermia
  162. Bad Astronomy in the Guardian
  163. Awesome Space Book!
  164. Best Episode of Star Trek: TNG: Round 2a
  165. Best Episode of Star Trek: TNG: Round 2b
  166. Best Episode of Star Trek: TNG: Round 2c
  167. Designing worlds for Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  168. Best Episode of Star Trek: TNG: Round 2d
  169. Best Episode of Star Trek: TNG: Round 2e
  170. Who likes Phillip K. Dick?
  171. Five science fiction movies that get the science right
  172. Dumber than a 5th Grader
  173. Best Episode of Star Trek: TNG: Round 3
  174. The greatest cocktails in science fiction
  175. Rendezvous With Rama Series
  176. 'Lost Fleet' by Jack Campbell -- Anyone read it?
  177. Aliens Should Always Have Poetic Weaknesses
  178. Should a sequel to Blade Runner be made?
  179. Andromeda Strain Remake on A&E
  180. Cinema and the Cosmos
  181. Indiana Jones
  182. Magazines
  183. Is Gaeta the final cylon?
  184. Steven Moffat takes the helm of Doctor Who - SPOILERS
  185. Scariest aliens
  186. Corollary to Third Law of Robotics
  187. How about scariest LITERARY alien?
  188. A few SF / Sci-fi questions
  189. Space Station Film Will Actually Be Filmed In Zero G
  190. Tierney Lab Astronomy Quiz
  191. Bad Astronomy in Global Studies
  192. Speaking of Asimovian robots...
  193. What YouTube is good for. . .
  194. The World's Greatest SF Authors and What They Mean to You
  195. Cosmic Quest - BBC Radio 4
  196. Survivor: Geologist
  197. Hacker changes Phoenix Mars Lander Web site
  198. Fear of the dark in sci-fi
  199. Virtuality by Ron Moore (BSG)
  200. NASA described by Penn & Teller
  201. The Time War. Dr Who Fans.
  202. When We Left Earth
  203. To h double hockey stix with BSG
  204. I Come From A Long Line of Celebrated Poopers
  205. Warm Core Asteroid
  206. Sci-Fi streaming entire BSG finale
  207. Questions for Spock
  208. Uh, Oh. Capricorn One Remake in the Works
  209. When We Left Earth-Blooper Reel-Episode 1
  210. The Happening (Possible Spoilers)
  211. Star Trek XI (Star Trek 0) rumour mill
  212. Stan Winston Dead At 62
  213. Lost Boys sequel...
  214. RoboCop
  215. AFI Top Ten SF Movies
  216. Brian Greene
  217. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  218. Are the colonies in the BSG universe all part of the same solar sytem?
  219. Star Trek The Exhibition
  220. Space Week 2008
  221. For Star Trek Fans
  222. Anyone catch Stan Friedman on CTC?
  223. Lego Death Star!!!
  224. Susan Cooper: Bad astronomy, turgid narrative
  225. Is The-Spider the most under-rated space ship design?
  226. Good Astronomy in a Radio Commercial
  227. Good Astronomy Jokes in WALL-E
  228. Lost footage of "Metropolis" surfaces in Argentina
  229. Trailer for Death Race Remake is Up
  230. Science documentary cliches
  231. Spacecraft Films: Project Gemini
  232. Would Somebody Like To Explain What Happened To E.T.?
  233. Saturn's Children
  234. Aldrin Slams SF . . . .
  235. Stargate
  236. Douglas Adams' Typewriter For Sale!!!
  237. Sci-fi movies that aren't. Or weren't.
  238. A Trader's Tale from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper
  239. Bad astronomy by Burger King
  240. John Lear appearance on Dynamic Duo
  241. The most overused cliche ever
  242. Vader Crossing the Delaware
  243. I guess we shouldn't feel so bad about the poor science education in the U.S.
  244. Andoria- How could complex life-forms develop on such a world?
  245. Apollo 14 astronaut claims aliens HAVE made contact
  246. Vulcan Names question
  247. A Neat List
  248. The most pithily SFnal line I have yet seen
  249. Media watchdog's verdict on 'Swindle' is out
  250. Bad Astronomy in Avatar: The Last Airbender