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  1. George Lucas Frozen in Carbonite!!!!
  2. Spider-Man: TAS 1994
  3. Tron 2 Trailer!
  4. So, About Leia in the Metal Bikini
  5. Nightfall
  6. Starship Troopers THREE!
  7. Why Are Movies So Scientifically Inaccurate?
  8. Bad Astronomy in The Forbidden Kingdom
  9. Eclipse blunder in DN
  10. Buzz Aldrin on The Colbert Report
  11. Do they really think the earth is flat?
  12. Is the Science Right "Comet Impact"
  13. Movie idea: Groundhog Year
  14. Nancy Drew at KSC
  15. Are You Going to See "The Clone Wars"
  16. Thoughts on X-Men 98
  17. Soliciting book recommendations
  18. Best parody of a hoary SF line
  19. Yahoos on Yahoo rank top 30 sci fi movies
  20. Transformers movie
  21. Sci-fi Literary Plot Contest
  22. This wears thin pretty quickly: Spike tv. showing Star Wars over and over.....
  23. The Sci-Fi 25: The Genre's Best Since 1982
  24. Mars episode: Josh Bernstein, Into the Unknown
  25. Is This Book Plausible?
  26. Myth-bust'n the Moon Hoax (SPOILERS)
  27. who's waiting for the next Hari Puttar film?
  28. Old Space Movies
  29. Top 50 Hottest Sci-Fi Girls
  30. Astrology = Garbage
  31. The new movie... Land of the Lost
  32. See if you can hear “Einstein’s Theory” mentioned in this 1930 film
  33. Caprica: How good or bad can it be?
  34. The LHC rap
  35. Top 50 Hottest Sci-Fi Guys
  36. Flat Earth mentality
  37. Top 10 Hot Sci-Fi *Guys*
  38. LHC in fiction
  39. The consequences of misreporting on the LHC
  40. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 Discussion (Spoilers Welcome)
  41. A treat for David Tennant fangirls
  42. Earthstorm great comedy?
  43. BAD SCIENCE-fiction
  44. Fringe
  45. Books by Crackpots
  46. Richard Wright - RIP
  47. "Revelation Space" would make a terrific movie
  48. "The Day the Earth Stood Still" - remake
  49. Daisy Owl
  50. Tom Friedman mangles a spaceflight analogy
  51. the "pole shift thing"
  52. Science fiction doesn't have to be gloomy, does it?
  53. Discovery channel-#1 non-fiction media channel?
  54. Referencing "Star Trek" Without Referencing "Star Trek"
  55. Discovery Channel "Project Earth"
  56. Which Discworld Character Am I
  57. Mythbusters on Discover Canada
  58. What's the deal with snakes on TV?
  59. The Science of BioWare's "Mass Effect"
  60. Robbie's brain goes into orbit
  61. Taking nominations for Sci-fi corporations
  62. Hubble Telescope and the BA on National Geographic
  63. An "OMG" on the History Channel: Earth's Black Hole
  64. Beautiful video
  65. Garrett P. Serviss science fiction - startling accuracies.
  66. Star Wars Steampunk Action Figures!!!!
  67. The trend of viewing the movies is just deminishing slowly
  68. Is it possible to predict the end of mankind? (not 2012)
  69. Cyberpunk
  70. has anyone read ,'chariots of the gods'?
  71. What are you reading?
  72. Star Trek XI pictures!!!!!
  73. SW: The Old Republic MMO!
  74. Lobby for better sci-fi?
  75. This is Going to be a Strange One, Folks
  76. Mark Millar on His 8-Hour Superman Epic
  77. Happy 'War of the Worlds" Halloween
  78. Dante 01
  79. You Know If The Stories, Games And Books On The Jedi...
  80. Royal rumble : WORST characters ever Part I
  81. Worst characters part II
  82. For the Dead Like Me fan
  83. DS9 is such a treat to watch.
  84. New scifi drama DEFYING GRAVITY
  85. Worst characters ever Part III
  86. New simulated "hologram" TV effect, CNN
  87. Sanctuary question and poll.
  88. Sylvia Browne's new book
  89. Putting the Science into cfi
  90. The name of a book/story, please
  91. Do you like the design of this ship?
  92. You have been warned.
  93. The future of the sci-fi genre.
  94. Amazing A Capella Tribute to John Williams
  95. Interesting Interview with Syd Mead
  96. Anyone here NOT like "Ender's Game"?
  97. A brief film about how we get star constellations
  98. Latest "The Mentalist" Episode (spoiler alert)
  99. Survivors: the remake
  100. new Trek trailer is out
  101. new Trek trailer is out
  102. Mechanical Engineering...Discworld style.
  103. Seeking feedback on ideas for a new astronomy podcast!
  104. Is it proper to view a movie on the cell phone
  105. Copernicus' Remains Confirmed
  106. We're NOT doomed!
  107. National Geographic Exploring Space
  108. Star Wars: Mrs. Solo Was Going to be a Wookiee
  109. David Tennant plays Arthur Eddington
  110. Greatest horror movie?
  111. Heroes Eclipse (NBC)
  112. i have an idea for a new reality show
  113. They call me the Liam Gallagher of physics
  114. The Day The Earth Stood Still... Trailer
  115. How do I find an old TV program?
  116. To Sci-Fi Writers...
  117. Cracked.com's take on DFA
  118. The Day The Earth Stood Still. To Be Aired.
  119. The Big Bang Theory TV Comedy Show
  120. Yahoo News screws up again
  121. Catastrophe - UK Channel 4
  122. Capricorn One - 30 Years Later
  123. A scene in Blade Runner [white unicorn]
  124. Death By Bussard Ramjet
  125. Scientists Warn Large Earth Collider May Destroy Earth
  126. Astronomy-based game
  127. Majel Roddenberry passes.
  128. The World is Just Awesome
  129. Retired Space Shuttles Up For Grabs
  130. Black Holes by John Taylor
  131. Doctor Who vs Wallace & Gromit [MINOR SPOILERS]
  132. TV series "Earth 2"
  133. Logan's Run to be made properly
  134. NYT story with interactive graphics on Ares, Altair and Orion
  135. SF book in a science course?
  136. Google Earth Curiosity
  137. The end of Air Farce
  138. Video Proof Aliens are Visiting Earth!!!!
  139. Lunar Rover Tire
  140. New Doctor Who cast
  141. can anyone help me with this trivia?
  142. Toronto Sun bad astronomy
  143. Films to watch for in 2009
  144. Should we criticise Wall*E for bad astronomy?
  145. I am Disturbed...:)
  146. Discovery Chan: Nostradamus 2012
  147. Prisoner's final escape.
  148. Khan!!!!!!!!!!!
  149. Your Favorite Superhero - Physically Possible?
  150. Irish Stamp Suggestions
  151. Star Wars summed up in three minutes...
  152. BSG S4.5 Discussion
  153. Yaaay! Roland Emmerich to direct Foundation trilogy!
  154. Clone Wars Bad Astronomy
  155. Astronomer Clifford Stoll on Everything
  156. Far Cry 2
  157. "haunted" TV and skepticism's need
  158. Why is crime scene tape ignored in every movie?
  159. Superbowl Ads and 'Chuck' go 3D
  160. Fiction's Most Realistic Vision...
  161. "The moon casts a shadow on the sun"
  162. Hubble telescope and earth axis in precession
  163. Hollywood hits rock bottom and proceeds to dig...
  164. Create your own original Star Trek story
  165. Should I be flattered or frightened?
  166. Jon Stewart's N.D. Tyson recap
  167. LOTR's Gross Underestimation Of Enemy Forces.
  168. Abbot and Costello, Where Are You?
  169. Peter Ward on Mass Extinctions
  170. Youtube, and BAUT Forum members
  171. So-so Astronomy on Marvel.com
  172. Terminator 4?
  173. Casting foreign actors in foreign roles.
  174. Erroneous Sun Color (It Ain't Yeller) Repository
  175. World-wide Daily Newspaper Front Pages
  176. Buy a Star? on Dr.Pamela Gay web page?
  177. Bad Astronomer cited on Slate
  178. The Sleepwalkers
  179. The Godfather [1]
  180. Looking for good space games/movies
  181. Need help with a marx brother's movie
  182. Under the Same Moon
  183. Really Bad NatGeo series!
  184. The BSG I'm totally lost now thread (spoilers maybe)
  185. creationism and astronomy
  186. Dead Like Me: Life After Death
  187. Definitive Marilyn Monroe Biography?
  188. Quatermass and the Pit - 1958 6-part British TV series
  189. this is the end!!! ha ha ha
  190. I Have A Problem With An Online Game.
  191. Bridgestone - Comic Mention
  192. Bad Paleontology?
  193. Southern Suburban Skies
  194. From the Earth to the Moon Boxed Set
  195. M*A*S*H: The odd thing about Goodbye Farewell and Amen
  196. Jill Tarter's call to join the SETI search
  197. When do you think television will be replaced by the internet?
  198. The big 'E'
  199. Philip Jose Farmer dies
  200. Amazing Science Fictional Records
  201. Who blogs?
  202. Journey To The Edge Of The Universe
  203. Father of Armageddon
  204. Pushing Daisies Six Feet Under
  205. Marooned
  206. Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space
  207. Watchmen Reviewed * spoilers *
  208. Looking for the source (and exact quote) - help please!
  209. Cult media stars
  210. History Channel program on Ancient Aliens
  211. Ashes to Ashes
  212. "Dancing With The...Woz!"
  213. For those of you with a spare $116,530
  214. SCI FI Channel to become Syfy
  215. Giant bugs and "devil" flames: Movie?
  216. CTV news coverage of Kepler
  217. Knowing: Bad Astrophysicist
  218. Taking Nominations for Most Interesting Science Show
  219. How Realistic Should SF Be?
  220. Question about BSG: Daybreak 2 & 3 (runtime in Canada)
  221. A Vulcan on Sea Hunt?
  222. Astronomy Vacation Suggestions
  223. What did Baltar mean when he (major spoiler- don't read if you haven't seen)
  224. New CTC show with Bart Sibrel
  225. Question about science in movie "Deep Impact"
  226. Rock and Gem
  227. Star Trek question...
  228. Phil on 365 Days of Astronomy
  229. this has all the makings of a hollywood blockbuster..
  230. Science Fiction Writing Series
  231. Cats aboard 18th century ships.
  232. Rifftrax on YouTube - for you MST3K fans
  233. Worse than Armageddon
  234. Realistic sci-fi
  235. Who would like to see a "UFO" reboot?
  236. Stargate Beginner
  237. Die Hard
  238. Bad Astronomy Beverage
  239. BA in Robin Hood
  240. Rehashing one aspect of BSG
  241. Good Astronomy in a Gangster Flick
  242. Dustin Hoffman campaigning for better science in science-fiction movies
  243. Most Interesting Science Show: Round 1a
  244. Most Interesting Science Show: Round 1b
  245. Most Interesting Science Show: Round 1c
  246. Most Interesting Science Show: Round 1d
  247. Most Interesting Science Show: Round 1e
  248. Most Interesting Science Show: Round 1f
  249. Most Interesting Science Show: Round 1g
  250. Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Destiny