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  1. xkcd
  2. Avatar brain control
  3. Habitability in Avatar -- greenhouse effect and disallowed orbits
  4. Bad SCifi Movie that the actor does his job,
  5. What do we call this culture of trashdom?
  6. Science Channel Refuses To Dumb Down Science Any Further
  7. Chapter and Verse
  8. Torchwood on Fox
  9. First Person Shooter Terms.
  10. Independence Day: Medal of Honors
  11. 52nd Annual Grammy Awards
  12. I'm liking Caprica
  13. Who is Tom Bombadil?
  14. Lost -Last Season - Spoilers (?) allowed
  15. star wars observation
  16. Anyone see District 9? Spoiler warning.
  17. HP Lovecraft on science
  18. Star Trek Online
  19. Go Ask Alice, by Anonymous (question)
  20. AI Wars. Who Else Is Playing?
  21. Kobayashi Maru
  22. Nova: Judgment Day
  23. Waffling on the Apollo Hoax
  24. Using the same actors from one comedy series in another
  25. Princess of Mars
  26. Vampire Hunter D
  27. The narrator speaking as the character
  28. Bad Astronomy "Photo"
  29. Horror Media - Movies, Games, etc
  30. Centurion
  31. Who's talking?
  32. Non-Western SF
  33. After 35 Years of Trying
  34. Ideas for an Icon and T-shirt design
  35. Bad Astronomy on CNN
  36. What fades old movies that are in color?
  37. Has the fourth dimension been kind to Voyager?
  38. What does Cult TV look like to non-fans?
  39. Earthquake changes Earth's rotation
  40. "Pluto Files" on Nova
  41. Bad Astrology? in the Senate....
  42. EE Times Award finalist - a noble gas engine?
  43. What did Phil do now?
  44. Forget Avatar! This Has All the Makings of an Epic Movie!
  45. The astrology article
  46. Actor Corey Haim dead at 38, overdose suspected: reports
  47. [TV] Wonders of the Solar System
  48. The Irken Empire (Invader Zim) Versus the Galactic Empire (Star Wars)
  49. Dark Flow is it Real
  50. Pop Sci books vs. Fiction-with-science
  51. It's all been done before (Split from FIaF)
  52. An old silent film on astronomy and a nice immunization film
  53. Why Didn't They Just Do That?
  54. My thoughts on Coast to Coast AM
  55. Lucas' disservice to the Padme Amidala character.
  56. Speed 2: Cruise Control.
  57. TRON Legacy
  58. Known Space/Outsiders question
  59. An Article and a Video, WISE and Google Sky(again).
  60. TV: "Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service"
  61. depressing book....
  62. What podcasts do you listen to?
  63. Best adaptation of Flatland?
  64. Hadron Collider II planned for Circle Line
  65. Gibson Trope?
  66. New type of energy for a comic book story?
  67. The Universal
  68. What are you playing?
  69. Star-Asteroid Occultation
  70. Doctor Who Season 5 spoiler thread
  71. The BBC Caves in to astrologers
  72. The Machine Stops
  73. latitude in fiction
  74. Not so much Bad Astronomy...
  75. Do prisons actually "Open all cells" buttons?
  76. Nat Geo Phil?
  77. Vanilla Sky [film - 2001] ... Spoiler Alert!
  78. riverworld TV series?
  79. sci-fi songs
  80. The movie "The Road"
  81. How do we answer the astrologers on this little lot
  82. Here's a an interesting Fahrenheit to Celcius conversion in article about Saturn
  83. "The Fourth Kind" on PPV
  84. Find this figure model kit
  85. Moon: Gerty and the Three Laws. (Spoilers)
  86. Buzz Aldrin on 30 Rock
  87. Sim Earth SNES or PC?
  88. Fright Night remake.
  89. Sad news: the great Lena Horne has passed.
  90. Abrams' STAR TREK: Year One
  91. Brian Cox on BBC - Carl Sagan: a Great Life
  92. [BBC] The Story of Science
  93. A better way to do shows about humans' extinct relatives
  94. Glee
  95. Amazing timelapse vid of the Volcano
  96. Voyage to the Planets (.au space doc)
  97. Bad Impact Events
  98. Transuranium Elements (1963)
  99. What's Up With Dune?
  100. And Dennis Hopper makes three
  101. Artist Review: Fever Ray
  102. Examples from S/F of rocket engines on pylons?
  103. ABC recycles story from 5 years ago.
  104. Book reviews by well known writers
  105. Kim Jong Il... on Mars?!
  106. Film: Moon
  107. New book on living on Mars
  108. New youtube vid on Black holes--
  109. Vienna Philharmonics' summer night concert
  110. Bad Astronomy in Dish Network Commercial
  111. The jerky motion on silent films - present in the original technology?
  112. Lost Wars- what if the island had more Jedi?
  113. Creator of Voltron Dies
  114. A-Team Movie
  115. Half truths...and lies.
  116. OK Go - a new form of ultra-geekery
  117. Pioneer One
  118. Best Pixar Movie
  119. Best Pixar Movie 1b
  120. Best Pixar Movie 1c
  121. SF - Cream of the Crop
  122. TIE fighters vs. X-wings
  123. Free new online tvseries about astronomy = bad?
  124. Best Pixar Movie 1d
  125. Various versions of War of the Worlds
  126. Best Pixar Movie 1e
  127. Multiple copies of the same short story
  128. The Wedding Singer [1998]
  129. Comics
  130. Wonder Woman changes her looks
  131. Best Pixar Movie Round2
  132. A book from childhood, printed by Scholastic.
  133. Dr Who predicted what happens if you penetrate the Earth' s crust!
  134. Pixar (Documentary)
  135. Jon Stewart Needs a Talkin' To
  136. Nothing like a little reflected glory at the TAM8
  137. The Neuros DAC: reviewing outdated but interesting technology
  138. Who is River Song? A Doctor Who thread
  139. Bell, Book and Candle [1958]
  140. How many people today watching educational programs on television !!
  141. Stay (2005 movie): spoilers possible, but not in first post
  142. Dreamscape movies
  143. Moon Hoax nonsense: Hurrah for Chris Addison!
  144. Music managers/syncing/podcast/naming
  145. What are you NOT watching?
  146. Futurama Reloaded
  147. Phil Crosses to the Dark Side
  148. Most SF does not appeal to me (suggestions, please!)
  149. It's Good to Be Bad -- Coolest Antagonists
  150. Claim of 6 meteor strike in the same location
  151. Based on Battleship?
  152. Pax galactica - my prototype indie space strategy simulation game
  153. Pencil sculptures by Dalton Ghetti
  154. NGC: Clash of the Continents
  155. The Wire, Pillars of the Earth and Spartacus
  156. I've been Sucker Punched.
  157. Inception (Spoilers)
  158. Error in National Geographic: the new universe (I think)
  159. Mars Meme, Power Point
  160. Former NASA Director O'Keefe, Former Senator Setevens in plane crash
  161. New movie due in November: Skyline
  162. Schrute, Dwight Schrute
  163. Warehouse 13
  164. Poll - Are made up units of meausure too distracting?
  165. Star Wars question- this time it's about light sabers
  166. [spoilers] Taking nominations for saddest/most tragic scenes in science fiction.
  167. Amateurs in space?
  168. Hubble and Spitzer images on Yahoo (!)
  169. Is Midwest Book Reviews a non-profit organization?
  170. Support my science-fiction film about near-light-speed travel
  171. Unexpected Stephen Drake sighting
  172. Famous works of pseudo-science?
  173. Good Astronomy in Beer Commercial?
  174. Just fnished "Ringworld"
  175. I've come to the conclusion that ST: Insurrection was as good as or possibly better
  176. Cracked on the History Channel
  177. :FILM: Inception (Spoilers)
  178. Years Ahead of (or Behind) Their Time
  179. At The Mountains of Madness
  180. Found a member of endangered species
  181. BBC News has optimistic timescale for mega-engineering
  182. SF Art
  183. Looking for an online Planet generator/creator program
  184. The Time Quell
  185. SGU - Soundtrack?
  186. Which one of these planets would you like to visit?
  187. TheEv3nt tv show thread: discussion and speculation but no future episode spoilers
  188. My Science Fiction questions
  189. The mysteries of the media unravelled
  190. Bad, Bad, Bad - The Worst Thing You've Ever Watched
  191. Pope's astronomer will baptize alien visitors
  192. Not the populist view...
  193. Star Wars 3D - Honest!
  194. A night at the movies.
  195. The Late, Great Tony Curtis
  196. The Munsters (again)
  197. Happy 50th
  198. Bad Astronomy's BAD Facts and Points made on his TV show are really BAD!
  199. Educate the children!
  200. Solilquies or speeches that make the air suddenly dusty.
  201. What plays have you seen recently?
  202. Haven - what the heck was that?
  203. "V" Channel One (UK) -what's going on ?
  204. Bad Botany
  205. Near Asteroid miss caught on video
  206. recent coast to coast: more bunk??
  207. E book suggestions: load up my library!
  208. Magnet Laboratory, A (1959)
  209. Online in Browser Starflight games
  210. Bad science: Moody Institute of Science and Irwin Moon
  211. Couple of brit tv series
  212. Your favorite vampire flick?
  213. It's Official Dr Who gets 507 regenerations
  214. Recommend to me some good hard SF space opera.
  215. Old radio broadcasts
  216. Avatar: The Sequels
  217. What was the name of this movie?
  218. Good astronomy text book?
  219. Odds of NASA in the news - humor
  220. The Walking Dead
  221. 12 Best Planet Killers in Sci-Fi
  222. Black Hole Sun (a Mars novel), by David Gill
  223. What are you watching on Netflix - the Documentaries!
  224. I'm looking for a specific book - and failing miserably
  225. D'oh!
  226. Fiction Reality and Reality Fiction
  227. Was Jules Verne really writing science fiction?
  228. 2001 in Celestia
  229. Phil Plait in Symphony of Science!
  230. Cometologist Brian Marsden Obit
  231. Open University module S194: Introducing Astronomy
  232. Snow Crash -or- Neuromancer first?
  233. Leslie Nielsen
  234. Phil Plait: Party pooper?
  235. Star Trek 12 / 2 / Whatever
  236. The Syfy Show Fact or Faked/Paranormal Files has Something About the Moon Landings
  237. Dr Horrible's Sing-along Blog
  238. Sir Arthur C.Clarke-- the author who got me into astronomy - favourite book by him?
  239. Who really deserves respect?
  240. Trope and Cliché Origins - Spoilers Be Here
  241. Transformers "Dark of the Moon.
  242. Favorite Children's Sci-fi book
  243. Was King Moonracer a fraud? (a very important holiday question)
  244. Books to movies
  245. Temporal Scanner?
  246. Space.com triggering malicious code alert?
  247. Is this game any good? [Space Shuttle and Apollo Simulator]
  248. Recommending short stories
  249. Anyone else playing Dwarf Fortress?
  250. Journey to the Edge of the Universe on Southern Cross TV: 27/12/'10