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  1. Recently Finished Anathem
  2. interesting description of a CME in an online article about the solar cycle
  4. The Cape
  5. Doctor Who - A Christmas Carol [Now spoiler enabled]
  6. Reminder - "V" Returns on Tuesday
  7. Films of 2011
  8. Gravity Rooms in Anime Dragonball series!
  9. Anne Francis
  10. "Taken at the Flood" by Ken Catran
  11. Astronomy/Science conventions in 2011
  12. 1996 "The Arrival" Intro Shot
  13. Torchwood: Children of Earth (Spoilers)
  14. The Green Hornet (original series) on Syfy
  15. Dire Straits "Money for Nothing" banned in Canada (in uncut form)
  16. Magazine decision
  17. What's replaced the typewriter identification clue?
  18. Astronomy song composition
  19. Is enthusiasm for 3D losing its depth?
  20. Star Gate Universe cancelled- YAY!!!!
  21. Fan video "NASA - The Frontier is Everywhere", with audio of Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot."
  22. Q
  23. New book from Brian Greene to come out end of January 2011.
  24. The Big Bang Movie
  25. Men in Black
  26. Apocalypse Day Planner
  27. Second Sun News Story
  28. Interview with Brian Greene....
  29. Looking for biographical info on a 19th Century French historian.
  30. Oscar time!
  31. Is Jar Jar that bad?
  32. Art Bell and C2C...
  33. What happened to Space.com?
  34. pbs.org News Hour reporting on oldest galaxy yet found.
  35. It is impossible to make a funny zombie movie
  36. How plausible are these space habitats in the Gundam series?
  37. Bad Project (Lady Gaga parody)
  38. Female cyborgs: an Overused Cliche?
  39. Wright Brothers animation booboo
  40. Real Life Comics on the BSGalactica starsystem.
  41. Columbia Disaster Error
  42. Who has read of the Gutenberg project (or any books online?)
  43. Alternative to "first world", "second world" and "third world"
  44. A request for a *good* sci-fi wiki
  45. Philip Pullman's Defense of Libraries
  46. Marvel fans - X-MEN: First Class trailer is up
  47. What is the year of publication of the OLDEST book you OWN?
  48. How Many Planets - They Might Be Giants Song
  49. strangest video ever regarding ufo's.
  50. Apollo 17 urban legend - I love Lucy vs Moon landing videos
  51. Discovering New Music
  52. One thing Chinese TV series almost always mess up: Corns and yams in Ancient China.
  53. Watson on Jeopardy
  54. Being Human
  55. wonders of the solar system
  56. Truth about "A Sunday Afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte"?
  57. Who has read David Deutsch The Fabric of Reality?
  58. The Men who stare at 'Goats' - Quantum Tunneling
  59. Tides again
  60. check out @ CNN 132 shuttle launches in 132 seconds
  61. The Punchline Preceded the Joke by 20 Years
  62. What pianists play Bach with the greatest dynamics?
  63. Bach: the composer wrote the most pieces for the harpsichord?
  64. mythopoeic authors
  65. Another movie (loosely) based on a PKD short story
  66. Videos of my Created or In visioned Planets
  67. Tides, alignments and the Sun causes Earthquakes?
  68. Confused about a book I'm considering buying.
  69. Sky at Night, episode seven hundred
  70. Firefly is back! In reruns.
  71. SuperMoon
  72. Did any SF writer foresee how many men would pretend to be women, given an opportunit
  73. What's the one piece of Trek tech. that you can't suspend disbelief in?
  74. Humans playing in the Uncanny Valley
  75. Any authors that do well by piling on the adjectives and adverbs?
  76. New scifi film "Apollo 18"
  77. Nuke plant radiation leak
  78. Near Future SF
  79. Battle: Los Angeles
  80. What's the one piece of Star Wars technology you can't suspend disbelief in?
  81. Belated happydance: Snuff at the copy editor
  82. Futurestates
  83. Technology Fantasy or Science Fiction?
  84. Photo analysis in Blade Runner scene
  85. Nat-Geo's Earth: Making of a Planet
  86. A Good Space Exploration Strategy Game?
  87. Movie: Sucker Punch (spoilers)
  88. Bad science in "Myth Busters"
  89. On The Subject Of Intentionally Watching Bad Movies.
  90. The First Billion-Years
  91. Have anyone found certain genre of games rather repetitive?
  92. The Space Shuttle: A Horizon Guide
  93. Sidney Lumet
  94. RCH on CTC am
  95. The Borgias
  96. Doctor Who: Sad news
  97. Lars von Trier catches the Nibiru bug
  98. Anyone play PORTAL 2 yet (spoiler alerts)
  99. Dr. Who - New Season, New Threat (MAJOR Spoilers)
  100. RIP Poly Styrene
  101. Has there ever been a female Doctor Who?
  102. Time travel in Doctor Who
  103. Game of Thrones: The series (possibly spoilers if you haven't read the books)
  104. The BA at Ohio State
  105. Priest: The graphic novel, and now film
  106. Fantasy or fiction?
  107. The 'X' Crater on Mercury promoted as the new 'Face' on Mars
  108. Joanna Russ, the great SF writer has passed.
  109. Astronomical nonsense
  110. Gibson and Cyberpunk
  111. RIP Jackie Cooper
  112. Thinking about doing Short Astronomy/Science reviews for Youtube
  113. Space Adverts.
  114. What (real life) space machinery was used in star wars?
  115. StarGate in stasis
  116. Looking for Science-Show Suggestions
  117. Sci-fi show smash-up!
  118. It looks as if I've sold my first story
  119. Thor
  120. anyone else see the new Family Guy episode?
  121. Parallel Universes
  122. Let's talk about the impact of fictional works and movies.
  123. Earth Cookie
  124. "Confessions of a Dissident Astronomer"
  125. The lengthiest (in page numbers) work you've read?
  126. Middle-earth discovered via archeoastronomy
  127. A request for realism in special-effects cinematography
  128. What are the more effective ways of saving the world?
  129. Favorite Destruction Scenes
  130. Trying to find a Dr Who themed music video
  131. Stephen Hawking On TV
  132. NatGeo: Known Universe 6/19/11 "Escaping Earth"
  133. Which Star Wars world would you rather live on?
  134. Anakin Skywalker: Most handsome Jedi ever!
  135. Tonite's lunar eclipse as promoted by German Yahoo news
  136. BBC Says Less Dr Who in favour of 'Sherlock'
  137. Cool Lugano video...
  138. Favorite movie quotes
  139. Why have the fx on Dr. Who changed?
  140. National Jukebox
  141. Question about Stormtroopers "vs" Clones
  142. anybody here like the band rush?
  143. 2012: Kabbalah vs Hawking?
  144. article about a moon dust auction
  145. E coli being used in Pete Schultz (AMES)'s experiment
  146. Just One More Thing . . . .
  147. Infrared Astronomy using the VLA, courtesy of ESO
  148. Question about Coruscant
  149. Astronomical education concerns.
  150. Caprica is done (SPOILERS)
  151. Conan Remake ?? Why?
  152. The Book, Metaphysics By Peter van Inwagen
  153. Brian May 'What are we doing in Space? Starmus Festival
  154. Unkown classic doctor who story :)
  155. SyFy has hit an all time new low
  156. Transformers 3: the spoiler edition
  157. The Clone Wars: Animated TV series
  158. Bad Astronomy in Green Lantern
  159. What audio tape/CD/MP3 are you listening to?
  160. Blade Runner: deleted scenes
  161. John Carter trailer
  162. Is anyone here reading science fiction and fantasy e-zines?
  163. Time Travel in Superman - The Movie
  164. Torchwood 2011: Miracle Day. Too americanised? (spoilers possible)
  165. Criticism of Wonders of the Universe Brian Cox
  166. The limits of simultaneous submission
  167. Amy Winehouse dead at age 27
  168. This ad is confusing me
  169. Cowboys vs Aliens: did this come from our very own...
  170. Cave new world
  171. Can you recommend a good book on King Arthur?
  172. CTV News: Vesta the 2nd. largest asteroid in the universe
  173. Infrared in the day time
  174. Thundercats' Cartoon Network revival?
  175. Wow, That Was Bad!
  176. Cosmos 2013 with Neil deGrasse Tyson
  177. Far-future comic SF with aspirations to realism (Against Peace and Freedom)
  178. Van Rijn's Elf Goes Hollywood!
  179. SyFy disappontment continues: Eureka
  180. Star Trek S3
  181. Best Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies insults.
  182. My '365 Days' podcast
  183. Annual Horizon Astronomy Trec!
  184. Reports on antimatter in Van Allen belt in Wired magazine
  185. I wonder what happenes when they try to get it right
  186. Yet Another DC reboot...
  187. Pixar's upcoming projects revealed
  188. Roger Ebert's Funniest Reviews
  189. No girl wants to marry a doctor, who can't tell if a man's dead or not
  190. Favorite non-movie quotes
  191. CHESS The Musical
  192. Favourite opening lines
  193. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  194. Peru video: meteor, contrail, space junk?
  195. "Jeopardy": Galaxy vs. Solar System
  196. Feynman- the (graphic) novel
  197. Graphic artists/writers
  198. Blade Runner: Currently on Syfy.
  199. Star Wars: Deleted Scene
  200. Torchwood finale.
  201. Ebert: A 'Life' Still Being Lived, And Fully
  202. Spartacus has died
  203. Hilariously Bad Art
  204. Old Comics.
  205. Titan
  206. Ebay UK
  207. Google logo
  208. Why am I seeing a snake oil infomercial on Discovery?
  209. Cosmic Mythbuster
  210. Terra Notever
  211. Blade Runner 2?? Ridley Scott to direct..
  212. Marilyn!! 9 Oct 2011
  213. Sequels you'd like to see
  214. Deadly Gravity Wave Approaching Earth
  215. The speed of light 1,400 years ago?
  216. An old anthology.
  217. AMC's "The Walking Dead" Season 2 (spoilers)
  218. Sound in space
  219. Most Accurate Depiction of Space and Science
  220. Pioneers of Science on the science channel
  221. electric field in cumulonimbus cloud
  222. Actresses who are still HOT in their forties and fifties...
  223. CBS's "Big Bang Theory": Is it just me or... what?
  224. Delightfully obscure reference in serious science magazine
  225. Actors who are HOT under age 35!
  226. Airpressure in Rama? ( physics question )
  227. Actresses Who're Hot Under 40
  228. Typical superheroes cliches?
  229. Head of Universal admits to bad movies.
  230. Razzies and Academy Awards: Neither matter much these days
  231. Here there be dragons
  232. Favorite Movies by Director
  233. The Real Terra Nova Expedition---Robert Falconer Scott
  234. End the World Show "Prophets of Doom" On HST 11-8-11 2pm est
  235. Favorite Science Fiction?
  236. South Park vs the History Channel
  237. Has Steam Punk been hijacked?
  238. Doctor Who 'to be made into Hollywood feature film'
  239. "Moonshiners" on Discovery channel...
  240. Question about 'AI'
  241. Author Anne McCaffrey has died
  242. Refusal to complete a scientific course on ideological grounds
  243. The universe!
  244. NBC news coverage of Curiousity- Sat.
  245. Is the Sun dying?
  246. Next Trek movie to be 3-D: Well guess that means I can't see it on the big screen
  247. Neverland Miniseries on Sci-Fi
  248. 'MythBusters' cannonball stunt goes awry
  249. RIP Harry Morgan 1915-2011
  250. My Newest Edition of Fictional/Scientific Planets *Animations Included :)*