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  1. Best story titles
  2. I'm so fricking mad at the internet right now
  3. The Uncanny Valley
  4. Syfy greenlights Arthur C. Clarke's 'Childhood's End' as a miniseries
  5. What's your opinion of abridged novels?
  6. One planet one language
  7. SF cover art
  8. A dose of triple cuteness!
  9. Fire-breathing tarantulas attack 'Police Academy' cast reunion
  10. Ghost caught on camera?
  11. End of Work: How much does it hold?
  12. CDs and DVDs persist? In what degree?
  13. Cosmos got it wrong
  14. Has anyone played Hex-a-hop or Microsoft Blackboard?
  15. Strange place for a "familiar" face.
  16. The YouTube "True Facts" Series.
  17. Emoticon use in Twitter - question.
  18. The Lost World: Jurrasic park. What happened to the freighter crew?
  19. Question about ancient Japanese / Chinese diaries.
  20. Anyone Know of a Predecessor to "The Giver"?
  21. Music thing: Nothing matches live performances?
  22. SyFy Plans to Lure You Back
  23. Disappearing cartoon character.
  24. The Internet: What is free speech?
  25. Past tense of "heave" in American English
  26. Action Park, California
  27. Where to start with the The Doctor?
  28. Twin Peeks
  29. Wish makings in different stories
  30. Interstellar (Good and Bad)
  31. What was this TV ad advertising?
  32. Warning!!! (R. A. Montgomery passed away)
  33. Isaac Asimov's Foundation series on TV?
  34. Mike Nichols has died
  35. What are the laws of physics in the Star Wars universe?
  36. Star Wars VII thread (no spoilers until 2015)
  37. Star Wars VII Fan Made trailers
  38. The Digital Einstein Papers
  39. Breaking News -- Discovery Channel moron fails to be eaten by snake!
  40. Today's Google Doodle: Annie Jump Cannon
  41. Is starwars more a medieval knig't movie or a samurai film?
  42. Any New Astronomy Scams You Would Like To Warn People About?
  43. Special significance of wooden covered bridges
  44. Films of 2015
  45. CTC: copernican principle
  46. Recent Sci-Fi Books to read?
  47. Hatikvah (The National Anthem of Israel): Two versions are really popular.
  48. Patrick Stewart is annoying
  49. My somewhat bizarre musical collection
  50. Caveman Science Fiction
  51. The internet predicted in Sci Fi?
  52. Why I am exactly like Isaac Asimov ;-)
  53. Why are clickbait gifs always of sexy women?
  54. GOTG post-80s references? (spoilers probably)
  55. Agent Carter, with spoilers
  56. What are you listening to at the moment?
  57. Space Odyssey Voyage To The Planets
  58. Another loss to sf/f: Suzette Haden Elgin
  59. and my god its full of stars
  60. What do y'all think of this chart?
  61. By the gods I think I found it...
  62. Their voices have changed! (The Big Bang Theory)
  63. Fascinating Names of Science Concepts? Ear-Worms for Nerds.
  64. Chinese Classics - Illustrated ("comic strips")
  65. theory of everything
  66. Another new word search
  67. To cinematographers shooting sunrises
  68. PBS woo
  69. John Wick, With Spoilers
  70. Kingsman: Possible Spoilers
  71. Actor Leonard Nimoy has died
  72. What bugs me about sci-fi
  73. Lost in translations?
  74. Walking Dead
  75. Harrison Ford in plane crash -
  76. Moving skeletons: Total Nonsense?
  77. Clair de Lune: A famous piece on harp?
  78. The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore talks about Mars One
  79. Terry Pratchett has passed away
  80. What happened to TV
  81. Pulp Science-Fiction in Gutenberg Project!
  82. Opinions about "Mantracker" the show?
  83. Specialized Snopes-like Sites?
  84. Buzz Aldrin guest on Stargazing Live BBC2 tonight
  85. CTC features faux science slayer
  86. I think I have become too dumb to read sci-fi
  87. Steven Weinberg's new book
  88. James Bond?
  89. Movies with Good Science and Astronomy
  90. YTV: A patron of hideous cartoons?
  91. Cynthia Lennon has passed away.
  92. Trespassing on Einstein's Lawn
  93. Pratchett Project
  94. What device makes this sound?
  95. Contact or Interstellar
  96. First video games, now scifi. Is everything I love beyond redemption?
  97. "Useless Homo sapiens sapiens" in certain works of fantasy or sci-fantasy
  98. Star Wars VIII - Yes, 8.
  99. I'm a Bookaholic! Feed me more knowledge!
  100. What do you think of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor on Doctor Who?
  101. Public telescopes?
  102. Prometheus
  103. Simple poor question about holography
  104. Major plot hole in Days of Future Past (spoilers)
  105. Grace Lee Whitney has died
  106. Roku channels?
  107. Fantasies do not have to follow the rules of the physical world?
  108. Usage of "burned" and "burnt"
  109. Writing fighting
  110. The popularity of D&D Alignment system
  111. Cat adopts orphaned baby rabbit...aww. ^_^
  112. Neil Armstrong's spirit spotted.
  113. My webcomic, postcards from cutty, relaunched!
  114. Superhero clichés
  115. Is anyone still writing Cold War spy thrillers?
  116. Google doodles for Sally Ride's Birthday
  117. The physics of Superman
  118. Tanith Lee, sf/f author, passes
  119. Fictional magic systems
  120. Watch out for Trekkies!
  121. Worse breaker of Physics: Superman VS Dragonball Z?
  122. Does anyone know where I can buy books for Kindle that are not listed on Amazon?
  123. Nichelle Nichols has had a stroke
  124. Is an universe with superpowers really different from one without?
  125. Craziest regeneration ever?
  126. The future of "Restaurant Impossible"?
  127. Biggles
  128. Star Trek TOS stars: when the last of them are gone
  129. My problem with some of Philip K. Dick's writing
  130. Favourite use of Music in a Movie
  131. Christopher Lee has died
  132. One of those "can you identify this science fiction short story" threads ...
  133. Kidnaped! arrgh spelling mistakes in fiction
  134. Dirty zombies
  135. APOD is down?
  136. 2D Glasses!
  137. Ticket Scalping for an Astrophysicist?
  138. NatGeo show: American Genius
  139. Star Trek: Uncharted
  140. How was Spock conceived?
  141. Superpowers that exceed conventional explosives and nukes?
  142. Sad news: James Horner has died
  143. Writing myself into a radioactive corner
  144. Shia laBeiuf as the Doctor
  145. A small request: Lyrics of Anne of Green Gables musical?
  146. Dances with Wolves
  147. RIP Chris Squire - longtime bassist of prog band Yes
  148. Astronomy Now magazine
  149. How Many Would Agree?
  150. Please list all known fictional characters that fly without aids
  151. Anything about music
  152. I know it's a relic of a religion that he doesn't believe in..
  153. I miss old fashioned comic books
  154. What will you be doing on Nov 23rd 2019?
  155. Titan or Pluto? Which photos/data more interesting?
  156. Onaviu Eclipse (zipfile for images)
  157. The book Chung Kuo
  158. For M*A*S*H fans: Did you ever feel sorry for Frank Burns?
  159. On hearing of the passing of leonard simon nimoy
  160. Wanderers..by Carl Sagan
  161. We're not done yet!
  162. For fans of Kurt Vonnegut: What is your favorite Vonnegut novel or collection?
  163. Blade Runner: Who was Gaff working for? -Spoiler alert-
  164. Taffey Lewis: Another Blade Runner enigma (for me, anyway).
  165. Question about 'Ringworld Engineers' -- SPOILERS
  166. The last Dr. Who without digital special effects?
  167. Humans
  168. Pale Blue dot speech without music
  169. Terrific Titles.
  170. Octopi are so weird, they're "aliens" (DNA study).
  171. Windows 10 reviews
  172. RIP Batgirl :(
  173. Peter Pauper Press vintage books
  174. PKD fans rejoice or be moderately happy: The Man In the High Castle
  175. More Quality SyFy Programming
  176. Trying to recall a movie
  177. Do you have a favorite space related or science related song?
  178. What are you reading now - that isn't science fiction?
  179. Anne of Green Gables or the whole Anne Shirley series is simply overrated?
  180. Just heard that Wes Craven is dead
  181. Falling Skies is Finally Over *Spoilers
  182. I will give one or two stars for Andy Weir on Goodreads
  183. I want to try writing fiction
  184. Has the science fiction of the past left you disappointed with the now?
  185. STTOS Sep 8 1966
  186. Understanding Heinlein
  187. Who would be a seal?
  188. Richard Matheson's novels.
  189. Did you ever want to be a Brady?
  190. Any interest in a 1940's Industrial Electro-Chemistry book?
  191. Missed it by that much, Chief.
  192. Interstellar science- bit of a spoiler...
  193. Alice Cooper and Miss Piggy - caption this.
  194. Are Foreign TV Shows Dubbed on your local TV?
  195. Does anyone but me find the new Google Doodles less than charming?
  196. The costs of rescuing Matt Damon
  197. Need a definition for Sopotech
  198. Back to the Future II and The Cubs
  199. E-books for a lifetime
  200. Short story title about Cold War grey goo?
  201. Just think: Will paper books persist?
  202. Who do you think would make a good Picard in a TNG reboot?
  203. Jurassic Park should be renamed Cretaceous Park?
  204. What is art?
  205. All crazy plots of the James Bond movies
  206. Hypothetical question about wormholes, blackholes and an SG1 ep.
  207. Happy "Back to the Future" Day!
  208. Return of Jar Jar
  209. Movie moments that subliminally suggest competence
  210. New "Star Trek" Weekly Series?
  211. The Expanse
  212. E-books like Kindle..tablets etc
  213. A sad day for all of TV
  214. The whole concept about declining movie originality
  215. The Road (movie spoiler)
  216. I was beginning to think that a Blade Runner sequel wouldn't get made...wrong
  217. Graham Hancock appears on Coast to coast
  218. Green screen blues?
  219. Beyond "so bad it's almost good".
  220. Doctor Who Season 9 (Spoilers!)
  221. 5...4...3...2...1...Coolness is go!
  222. A rock 'n roll thread and The Darkness
  223. Let's discuss "Annoying Spiderman"
  224. Question about Jimi Hendrix songs
  225. Is Anyone Else Watching 'The Expanse'? [spoilers]
  226. The Star Trek: Beyond trailer looks kinda bad
  227. Internet access in rural areas and penalties
  228. Apparently that other space opera is good (NO SPOILERS!)
  229. The Expanse, on SyFy - Spoilers!
  230. Do you think that Canadian super-group Rush is over-rated?
  231. The Good Dinosaur: Did any people see it?
  232. NYTimes launches new SciFi and Fantasy Column: "Otherworldly"
  233. Goodbye Wayne Rogers (Trapper John from M.A.S.H.)
  234. Soul of the '60s
  235. Films of 2016
  236. Jan 8, 2016 - Roy Batty's inception date.
  237. And for one Billion Dollars, the question is: What do you know about Random
  238. Death of David Bowie
  239. Never Give Up, Never Surrender - Alan Rickman Has Died
  240. Most Realistic Movie Spaceship
  241. Yet another loss - Glenn Frey has passed
  242. Abe Vigoda has passed away
  243. Beauty from the unexpected
  244. Sappiest shows in TV history
  245. What Happened to Anime?
  246. Good News for Ziva Fans - Sorta
  247. Coast to coast features new moon hypothesis
  248. Has the comicbook genre reached saturation point & WarnerBros losing the arms race?
  249. So it's goodnight from me... RIP Ronnie
  250. Gene Cernan in Australia