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  1. RIP Merle Haggard
  2. Kerbal Space Program: should I?
  3. RIP Blake
  4. The Mist comes to TV
  5. RIP Prince :(
  6. RIP Victoria Wood
  7. RIP Guy Hamilton - Bond Director
  8. New Dr Who Companion
  9. Anyone reading Alice Grove?
  10. Magzter
  11. Sharknado: The 4th Awakens
  12. Best movies of the 1980s
  13. Anybody Here Playing Mechwarrior Online?
  14. Captain America III is set to reach 1 Billion, who was seen it (Civil War SPOILERS)
  15. Who wrote Shakespeare's plays?
  16. What's the future now?
  17. Gord Downie health issues
  18. The Tree of Life
  19. Anybody here playing Eclipse Phase ?
  20. The Louvre: All the Paintings
  21. Does anyone recognize this painting?
  22. Goethe quote: Science and poetry.
  23. Best PC games of the 90's
  24. All the cats are now safe
  25. Unexpected words in old books.
  26. Long Earth series
  27. Well world series
  28. Anton Yelchin died
  29. Is 2001: A Space Odyssey Hard Science Fiction?
  30. Trying to remember an early education reading system 40 years past
  31. The most acclaimed films of great directors.
  32. 'Space's Deepest Secrets' on the Science Channel Tuesdays 10pm
  33. The Third Tower: Journeys in Italy (Antal Szerb)
  34. Lots of RIPs today
  35. The Mrs Merton/Fast Show/Royle Family funnywoman has died of cancer, aged 52.
  36. The single 'Best Video Game' of all time
  37. The possibility/realism of Living Ships
  38. New feature
  39. Modern PC games breaking down after an hour or so
  40. Stranger Things [Spoilers]
  41. Comic book stories that you vaguely remember from childhood
  42. And Because Miss Gillian Probably Enjoys A Good Face Palm Moment...
  43. Bad experiences with in-app purchases/games
  44. Rogue One (Spoilers, yes. At some point.)
  45. We've lost Artoo!
  46. BrainDead
  47. Hidden Figures
  48. RIP Young Frankenstein ("...it's Fronkensteen...")
  49. Kerbalizing for fun, profit and....relaxation?!? Yeah, right!
  50. Have you read any of these books?
  51. Happy Anniversary: Star Trek 50!
  52. What do they do with the Moon in the Star Trek series?
  53. Tatiana Maslany
  54. Happy Birthday you dark, magnificent old Maestro!
  55. When was the best Golden Age SF story written?
  56. Death of 1930's Child Star - Bobby Breen
  57. How do you like your Meatloaf?
  58. Best Episodes of Any Star Trek Series
  59. Movies - Just Accept The Strange
  60. What Well World species (except Glathreil) would you want to be transformed into?
  61. Stupid Boy! RIP Jimmy
  62. Twitter: Hearted...without notification. Question.
  63. R.I.P: Sherri S. Tepper
  64. John Denver fans.
  65. That's no sea cucumber...
  66. Death of Leonard Cohen
  67. RIP Robert Vaughn
  68. Paradox in Doctor Who - What is it?
  69. RIP, Sharon Jones of Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
  70. How good is the science in Arrival?
  71. "Space Probe Taurus" vs "2001 A Space Odyssey"
  72. R.I.P. Florence Henderson
  73. Your favorite Isaac Asimov novel? And did you read "Lucky Starr" series?
  74. Ron Glass Passed
  75. Buzz Aldrin take ill at South Pole
  76. British Goblins And Trolls Question.
  77. RIP Genial Harry Grout
  78. RIP Greg Lake :(
  79. RIP John Glenn
  80. Kirk Douglas Turns 100
  81. What if you could only see the moon from one spot on earth?
  82. Looking For Commercials - Can Someone Help
  83. John Glenn Strikes Again
  84. Grant Tinker, or 2016 does it again
  85. Alan Thicke has passed
  86. Racecars, lasers, aeroplanes, it's a duck blur...
  87. Zsa Zsa Gabor has died, too (zOMG 2016 noooOOOO!)
  88. NatGeo "Mars" series
  89. Street Science
  90. Best end of year realistic sci fi movie?
  91. Give Snoopy a Charlie Brown Christmas (senior dog)
  92. A Merry Christmas story for you-all!
  93. Carrie Fisher passed away (heart attack)
  94. SF stories you could borrow from arxiv.org
  95. RIP Rick Parfitt
  96. Is Dune a Christmas story?
  97. RIP George Michael
  98. And now RIP Liz Smith.
  99. 20th century according to Scifi
  100. RIP Richard Adams author of Watership Down
  101. Debbie Reynolds has Passed Away
  102. Have you visited Sleepy Hollow?
  103. Birds: Poetry and paintings by Amanda Tuohy
  104. Destination candidate for "Passengers" movie?
  105. Hidden Figures - Spoilers
  106. Miguel Ferrer dead at 61
  107. Mary Tyler Moore - thanks for all the joy you brought us
  108. John Hurt dead at 77
  109. Tam Dalyell is also dead
  110. RIP Geoff Nicholls Black Sabbath keyboard player
  111. RIP Butch Trucks
  112. Bill Maher (just him!)
  113. Peter Capaldi leaving "Doctor Who" after this year
  114. So what news do y'all be watchin?
  115. Why are there so few scary space movies?
  116. Richard Hatch, 'Battlestar Galactica' Star, Dies at 71
  117. Bill Nye Saves the world on April 21
  118. Wikipedia
  119. Music Experts Help Needed
  120. The next Dr Who to be......a woman?!
  121. A question from a broke moviegower
  122. Bill Paxton RIP of "Apollo 13"
  123. Just passed a small milestone...
  124. Passengers or Why I keep one eye open while in hibernation. [spoilers]
  125. Yet another 'What should I read next' thread.
  126. Found this an interesting read
  127. Ringworld
  128. I am published :-)
  129. RIP Charles Edward Anderson "Chuck" Berry
  130. Dame Vere Lynn celebrates 100th Birthday
  131. Tholughts on Terrence Malick
  132. Dave Richardson sculpture @ HR Giger Museum
  133. Text of Novel: The Burning Dark
  134. Visiting Mesklin
  135. RIP Don Rickles
  136. How are book covers determined?
  137. SyFy's Summer Slate
  138. Movie scenes you've never understood
  139. Death Becomes Her (1992) - your favorite scene
  140. Official trailer for the "The Last Jedi"
  141. Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel's Latest Scifi Soap opera
  142. Miss Pickerell Goes to Mars
  143. RIP Erin Moran
  144. Most realistic space movies.
  145. Life On Mars (child's book)
  146. Robert Pirsig dies
  147. The least realistic space movie
  148. $120 (Lego) Saturn V Rocket?
  149. Space VR game or app...?
  150. Great opening credits
  151. Blade Runner 2049 trailer
  152. A little treat for the movie buffs on this board...
  153. We no longer need to fear the banana
  154. Chris Cornell has died
  155. Roger Moore RIP
  156. History Channel UFO Series
  157. Goodbye Wallace (as in Wallace & Gromit)
  158. Could you analyze a passage for me please?
  159. RIP Adam West
  160. Do the Borg grok you?
  161. BBC Radio 4 discusses the cultural impact of our Moon
  162. Ron Howard picks up the reins to direct Han Solo prequel
  163. Foundation, The Series?
  164. Twilight Zone Marathon
  165. 'Echo Beach", a load of old cobblers SF, by me....
  166. Salvation [spoilers]
  167. Martin Landau dies aged 89
  168. Lords of the Sith, by Paul S. Kemp
  169. Post: Designs, photoshops, artwork and stuff...
  170. APOD 18 July 2017
  171. Game of Thrones Anybody? (SPOILERS)
  172. Marvin the Martian is at it again!
  173. Books about web security
  174. The Expanse book series
  175. "Hey, Ridley - Got any Beeman's?" Sam Shepard goes upstairs like a bat out of Hell
  176. Caption this "lookalike" cow from Kerrville, TX
  177. Death of Robert Hardy at 91
  178. Pandas!
  179. Jerry Lewis dead at 91
  180. Red Shirt Confirmation Bias?
  181. Terry Pratchett's wish fulfilled - unpublished work destroyed by steam roller
  182. RIP Jerry Pournelle
  183. TheRinger: How Astronomy Got Internet Famous
  184. The Orville [potential spoilers]
  185. Harry Dean Stanton dies
  186. Star Trek Discovery (potential spoilers)
  187. Sidewise time travel for fun and profit
  188. Tom Petty OFF life support after cardiac arrest
  189. Rick and Morty Season 3 [potential spoilers]
  190. Quality Programming on SyFy - Honest!
  191. “Stranger Things” a Great Season 1 worth binge watching
  192. Astrophysics for people in a hurry...
  193. Blade Runner 2049 - Spoilers
  194. The Zoomable Universe
  195. Wheeler and Feynman book
  196. Rendlesham coming to TV
  197. If Mickey Mouse is still copyrighted...
  198. Jim Nabors: death at 87
  199. Orders of magnitude
  200. Will 'Altered Carbon' become the next big Scifi Franchise?
  201. Star Trek Completion
  202. Do "spoilers" really spoil things for you?
  203. The Last Jedi (SPOILERS)
  204. A poem I wrote published in a wall calendar
  205. Great SF World Building Project
  206. Is Alan Steele's Coyote plausible?
  207. Starfleet needs to be at one end of a lawsuit
  208. Rose Marie ( The Dick Van Dyke Show and much more) Dies aged 94
  209. Darkest Hour
  210. intelligent Rational people working in the Larger Conspiracy Media, sell outs?
  211. Scp-1107
  212. John Paul Steuer
  213. Death of Peggy Cummins - star of Noir Film "Gun Crazy"
  214. Anybody read "Space-time and beyond" by Torben and Wolf?
  215. Snowpiercer, The Series
  216. Dolores O'Riordan
  217. Kessel Run
  218. Is the SCP Foundation how scientists would react to anomalies?
  219. Geico gekko
  220. Death of Ursula K Le Guin at 88
  222. What would we actually call a space marine?
  223. TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens on the way.
  224. AT&T ad on TV
  225. Help remembering an old TV Show
  226. Discworld on BBC?
  227. Which podcasts do you listen to and what are they about?
  228. RIP Ken Dodd - Legend
  229. The Crossing.
  230. Death of Milos Forman at 86
  231. I can't believe I never saw this before
  232. Avengers 'Infinity War' biggest movie since JurassicParks/StarWars etc * SPOILERS
  233. Southwest 1380 engine failure
  234. Margot Kidder (Lois Lane) has died
  235. Trailer for the New Cosmos, 2019
  236. Faster than light travel
  237. The Expanse
  238. RIP Philip Roth
  239. The "Lollipop Kid" of The Wizard of Oz dies aged 98
  240. Anthony Bourdain passes
  241. Is John Carter space opera?
  242. Netflix Series
  243. For anyone willing to spend 90 minutes hearing me talk about 2001: A Space Odyssey...
  244. Harlan Ellison Passes
  245. Cecil Adams' The Straight Dope is Ending
  246. SF references to current pop culture
  247. scifi bookclub 1: Autonomous by Annalee Newitz. comments?
  248. English-to-English autotranslate
  249. One Strange Rock
  250. A simple realization about the Star Wars universe