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  1. Much like a car accident, sometimes you just have to look..
  2. Nancy and the reflections.
  3. Crop circles Prove it all
  4. Holy Moly (Literally)
  5. Nancy's State of Mind
  6. Jeesus H. Christ, are you people all STILL here?
  7. Latest speculation and photos, any ideas?
  8. Theory
  9. Nancy getting bashed at GLP.
  10. Here's a new one
  11. Some of these folks are getting scary.
  12. Life on other planets
  13. Late Summer Geocentric Compilation
  14. Oh boy. We've got blackouts.
  15. The REAL reason Planet X isn't here yet!
  16. Close approach of Mars shuts down Northeast power grid!
  17. Odd happenings or how I realized GLP was right!
  18. Zeta's Right Again...Yeah, right.
  19. A Golden Oldie......PX Back in June
  20. Anti-Relativists more contra geocentricity than Relativists
  21. Latest Nancy Lieder logorrhea on Lou Gentile
  22. curiosity concerning the moon
  23. Have the Zetas Stopped Calling Nancy?
  24. Nancy appearing on Kroq. Again. Energizer Bunny-like
  25. Nancy's Crop Cicles
  26. No, no, no...it's completely different...but it's not WRONG
  27. Multiverse/Multiple Universe with different Dimensions
  28. The Earth is Dropping Out of Orbit!
  29. Asian version of May 15 "events" (humorous)
  30. redshift in light
  31. Determining Ho using G
  32. who else thinks the parallel universe theory is....
  33. More YEC Lunacy: Ghost Craters in the Sky
  34. getting obsessed about the multiverse theory so....
  35. Trashing Planet X on Tech TV
  36. 3 months.
  37. Bad Astronomy is a "debunking hive."
  38. The Sun "following" us.
  39. Duck!
  40. Are we living in a simulation?
  41. Dust cloud? Sun?
  42. Someone has to ask this I guess.
  43. New Zeta "Science"
  44. Nancy Backpedaling on the 21st?
  45. Information on Zetatalk
  46. Nancy: Liar or Nuts?
  47. Help! computer idiot needs jenious (quick)
  48. I weep for the future: another 'moon in wrong place'
  49. Philisophy and the existance of "everything"
  50. Can i have comments/debunks on this please?
  51. Whitehead's Relativity, alternative to Einstein or not?
  52. This article may be helpful for general debunking duties
  53. sign of the times
  54. "Against the mainstream" thoughts on explanation!
  55. A Competitor to Nancy?
  56. Election Day for the Zeta Cult.
  57. Nancy-Expert on Lens Flares
  58. Info on HAARP Magnetometer Readings, Please
  59. big dumb booster?
  60. Nancy Doing RADICAL Course Change
  61. Good to See
  62. CAsinni '04
  63. peer review system and fundamental change
  64. New Discovery of PX!!!!
  66. Pole shift / Planetary alignment 2012?
  67. Most matter is travelling away from us faster than light...
  68. The woo woo's of the world got their own article on CNN
  69. What do we make of this from Nancy?
  70. Create Your Own Conspiracy :)
  71. Nancy Lieder on Lou Gentile
  72. Nancy "Explains" PX Floating Near the Sun
  73. More NL **
  74. The bubble universes theory
  75. Mars Water source / impactors / TVF / EPH
  76. Artificiality at Cydonia on Mars, NASA, JPL, repercussions?
  77. Was JPL resistant to imaging Cydonia. And why?
  78. Elliptical galaxies without dark matter
  79. Autodynamics... huh?
  80. who visits cosmiverse.com
  81. Need hammer NOW....AIG and Mars....... :(
  82. Latest Zetacult Board meeting
  83. Just What Is Hazlewood Up To
  84. Another hilarious link
  85. Trade what?
  86. another question
  87. New fodder for nancy.
  88. Blind and helpless, confined within a sphere
  89. Moon Noorth 2004
  91. The problem with an Expanding Universe.
  92. Incoming! PX decides to flap its way to earth.
  93. Intrinsic Blueshifts in Supernovae?
  94. Just one small question
  95. New ZetaTalk--BORING
  96. Jupitor and galileo
  97. Conclusive proof that the Face on Mars is artificial
  98. Mindlinking with the Zeta-Tron!!!!!
  99. Forget smoke and mirrors, it's snakes and pig noses!
  100. I never thought it would be possible
  101. Phoebos - WTF?
  102. Sign of the Times message for Nancy's Crew
  103. New Twist on Lens Flare Pix
  104. Is this thread in the right forum?
  105. cold fusion in the news - wall street journal 9/5/3
  106. clocks gain or lose more?
  107. "electric cosmos"
  108. Cause of CMBR
  109. fallacy of the part supporting the whole.
  110. Nancy's history?
  111. Problem with Red shift
  112. the big bang.. a personal thought..
  113. Errata ?
  114. My Email to Nancy
  115. Black Holes, White Holes and Brane Theory?
  116. Could Galileo cause Jupiter to combust?
  117. Translation anyone?
  118. The Creation Equation
  119. Red Meat gets in on the Planet X action!!
  120. Waiting list for new creationist school
  121. Our Sun
  122. Is Chris (Tezzer) out of his tree or just a mis-informed?
  123. Supernovas and extra solar planets
  124. More LuNancy
  125. Mistakes in Astronomy
  126. Can we use another theorist?
  127. No more bills to pay after mid-September?
  128. Will Nancy pay her bills?
  129. Another crazy math page
  130. Mass from redshifted radiation
  131. What's with the moon now?
  132. What should we do with this forum?
  133. Exopolitics Anyone?
  134. ETUFO's - Your opinion... what are the chances?
  135. The Nancy Interview
  136. Mercury's Gone Retro(grade)! Oh My!
  137. Hurricane for Nancy *coughhacksneexe*
  138. A wonderful example of a Nancy Follower
  139. Latest Zeta Talk... Nancy needs to learn what the moon is..
  140. SubSun
  141. Debunking Planet X
  142. Thoughts on "explanation"!
  143. What has Planet X been?
  144. So you think you've figured out the Universe
  145. how do you manage to find anything?
  146. The Yun-Qi dominates all... aw heck who are they kidding?
  147. soho images
  148. Swiss cheese theories
  149. Was The Universe Born In A Black Hole?
  150. What about artificial gravity (again)?
  151. Planet X TAUGHT In School!
  152. And you thought Yun-Qi was improbable...
  153. we definitely have a delusional lunatic among us...
  154. red dust of planet x
  155. Closed timelike curves
  156. Earth axis shift?
  157. New Tired Light Model
  158. Cosmologists' greatest blunder?
  159. Hand lasers
  160. Moon Brings Novel Green Power to Arctic Homes
  161. Special Relativity "Refutation"?
  162. When our universe dies...
  163. Do Supernova Light Curves Prove Expanding Universe?
  164. Some Questians
  165. Nancy's Out
  166. No second sun, does it damage the woo-woo's?
  167. The real reason Galileo didn't cause Jupiter to explode
  168. HMMM
  169. I hate the media!
  170. Has anyone ever tried to apply the Titius Bode equation to
  171. Question for ya all about large masses and close calls...
  172. physics question about gravity vs magnetism
  173. Can anyone explain this
  174. Newbie Question
  175. Trying to figure it out
  176. Looks like Sepehr has given up on PX in 2003.
  177. Science Studies
  178. Jupiter non-ignition not slowing down woowoo claims
  179. GLP hilarity
  180. The miracle substance that could make low-cost RLVs possible
  181. Amazing New PX Persona Property
  182. Wonderful People You Have Here On This Forum!
  183. Oh my God
  184. Phil is a "NASA groupy gunslinger"
  185. Sunday
  186. Jan bails on moderating TT lists.
  187. Jan Quits as TT Moderator
  188. What is he talking about exactly
  189. Newest PX updates
  190. Coud Crop Circles Lie?
  191. Someone on GLP was correct for 9/25/03 only in that a
  192. Jan Rypdahl resigns as TT-Watch Ueber-censor
  193. Creationist Astronomy
  194. Japan Quake
  195. What's the most believed lie in the world?
  196. Earthquake in Japan
  197. is frost related to phases of the moon?
  198. The Uniform Expansion of Space-time
  199. This is funny
  200. Let's play: Spin The News
  201. Super Tiny Universe?
  202. Havas is Back
  203. How Are the Planet-Xers Taking That Object's No-Show?
  204. space/alien movie storyline thread
  205. Pole shift page rearranged.....
  206. Why do people lack common sense
  207. How to cook an alien.
  208. Pioneer spacecraft and gravity
  209. Doomsday Revelers...
  210. Number of woowoo boards divided by total internet bandwidth.
  211. dear god Phil help!
  212. 2003/04 Quake
  213. Journey toward the center of the Earth
  214. Whats up with the BBC?
  215. By the Way, Florida is Sinking...
  216. A little advice would be nice.
  217. This sums it up nicely...
  218. My son's theory
  219. Tian boon still doesn't get it.
  220. Jan may have quit TT, Inc Board
  221. The "REAL" reasons we can't see or find PX!
  222. Why some fundamentalists think science is biased...
  223. Slowing?
  224. Has Anyone Read the "Booklet"?
  225. "Scurrying the country to debunk Planet X"
  226. The Outer Solar System: Was Hanns Hörbiger Right?
  227. bbc report on fire ball?
  228. new cydonia " evidence"
  229. Questian about asteroid
  230. The Real cause of crop circles
  231. A planet can alter its course??????
  232. Astronomical day
  233. Hoagland talks about a pole shift and a tenth planet!
  234. Where's my Light sabre?
  235. Where's my jetpack
  236. Steve Havas is still hanging in there.
  237. What REALLY Happened With the Plan to Nuke PX!!!!!!
  238. Nuke the Sun and Mars too
  239. How many people ACTUALLY believe in this stuff??????
  240. A little confusion
  241. Zetan - Human Hybrid children
  242. Do infalling comets provide extra fuel for the sun to burn?
  243. Let's create steady state theory
  244. Another "what if..." scenario to keep things rolli
  245. Mallets time travel machine
  246. wow...
  247. Doublethink on GLP
  248. I must say..
  249. I don't know if its new to the board...but...
  250. New ZetaBable Inconsistency!