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  1. Pop culture and the UFO.
  2. the paradox of time travel
  3. Will PX be hiding in both Leonids showers? not likely!
  4. The Moon
  5. Nancy still going strong
  6. Something to laugh at even more
  7. What's the MINIMUM evidence it would take to make you belive
  8. rumor of no more winged space craft
  9. Mars for Medicine
  10. China to build huge Observitory on the dark side of the moon
  11. The Zetatalk Marching Song
  12. Nancy on Lou Gentile 10/14/03
  13. Where's my Space Elevator?
  14. Classic GLP thread: chemtrailers vs. PXers
  15. Isn't it cryonic?
  16. Geocentricity
  17. Lordy Lord...
  18. Is this a record?
  19. Achernar's oblateness / gravitational shielding evidence?
  20. Nov 8 Lunar Eclipse Harmonic Convergence?!?!
  21. Why doesn't Earth spiral out of orbit?
  22. The Infamous Question: Other Civilizations Out There?
  23. New paradigm
  24. What Are The Percentage Of Terrestrial Planets Forming?
  25. Nancy is a match.
  26. News From Japan
  27. Now, for your reading pleasure....
  28. Kepler's second law
  29. Cable Channel Suing NASA over UFO documents!
  30. Random Little UFO Story
  31. Nancy's back on GLP with more pseudoscience.
  32. If there are advanced aliens visiting Earth now...
  34. Wavelengths and Blindess
  35. Why are they talking about this now isnt it old news
  36. Spot(s) on Jupiter - any bets on Nancy's take?
  37. A Refutation of the Theories of ZECHARIA SITCHIN
  38. YEA!! We're Bobbling Again!!
  39. Guys... check out the APOD
  40. has the planet x bull died out
  41. Solar Flare- A coverup?
  42. What's this then?
  43. Will Hermes be the next PX
  44. Was it here?
  45. Camera aimed at zenith at midnight shows PX occulting Sun
  46. Seawana.com
  47. Vulcan???
  48. What does Hyperspace mean?
  49. Hyperspace Life-forms
  50. More time trouble?
  51. Nancy Floats A New PX Date (Sort of)!!!!
  52. selling CD copies of the troubled times web site?
  53. Advanced Aliens have to be benign: I don't buy it.
  54. PX is no match for our sun's largest CME in 14years
  55. Interesting Ideas from Another Forum
  56. planet x will just never die!
  57. Are Humans too well adapted?
  58. Solar Flare?
  59. Dark Energy observationally confirmed
  60. Let's all have a good laugh
  61. Inexplicable explanations of things that aren't happening.
  63. Sunspots Actually Planet X!
  64. My Own Personal Planet X Pitcher!!!
  65. Scientific evidence/proof
  66. Another Departure from Reality by Nancy
  67. Happy halloween
  68. Solar Activity FAKE (Sez Nancy)
  69. Oh Lord! If this keeps going on my head will explode.
  70. These Blackouts are normal?
  72. According to Nancy - The Moon is Actually the Sun
  73. Tell me it's not just me...
  74. anti-big bang gang
  75. lack of noise level?
  76. process of events
  77. RADIO INTERVIEW at 19:15 Pacific time tonight!
  78. Whos with me on this project?
  79. Antimatter comets?
  80. Austria sighting
  81. "Volcanoes" on Mars and Io
  82. evolution BB?
  83. Saved by the Loon
  84. What if there was no moon?
  85. A cricket ball flies towards the wickets
  86. What Are The Facts, Please...
  87. Rehashed pictures
  88. PLanet X lives. -_-
  89. What is up with GLP?
  90. South Pole comet
  91. Discovery that Planets "could" have life by 2025.
  92. The expansion of space
  93. Planet X movie previews in movies now?
  94. Nancy using eclipse to bolster her case
  95. Original source of energy
  96. Calling all Florida BABBers! (Orlando especially)
  97. Px predicted years ago in greatest cartoon show ever
  98. Article in WIRED magazine...
  99. Wandering planets
  100. was mars hit by an asteroid; a near miss ?
  101. was mars hit by an asteroid; a near miss ?
  102. Red stuff keeps dropping on my head...
  103. Nancy Lieder, Pet Murderer??
  104. Nancy Lieder on television?
  106. Columbus Creationist Cosmology Conference
  107. Insolitology
  108. Asteroid Eros "owner" wants to charge NASA rent
  109. thought this would get a laugh
  110. Another Date/Not Date from ZetaTalk?
  111. Burisch Interview mentions PX
  113. this has got to be the most insane "px " pic yet
  114. How do these things happen?
  115. EPOD goes woo-woo!?
  116. Interview on Coast to Coast Monday night, Nov. 17!
  117. Nuclear Power ist kaputt!
  118. Knowing nebulae
  119. Planet X
  120. Waiting for the Apocalypse
  121. Global Warming?
  122. Other universes out there?
  123. Any Graham Hancock readers here?
  124. Nancy equates crack in building with imploding cities
  125. Need Gibberish-to-English translation please
  126. Operation Nancy Hilarity
  127. Pythagoras Cubed?
  128. Bad Astronomer on C2C Monday
  129. Lenin's House Calls
  130. This is Weird--The (Zeta) Sun Now Sets in the East!!
  131. Amazing Meeting DVD.
  132. Latest ** gibberish....get it while it's fresh and steaming!
  133. Why only the Sumerians?
  134. Does the Sun have an iron core?
  135. Gustavo Rosania–Schneider ATM ideas (merged thread)
  136. Hollow Earth question
  137. space questions help
  138. Researchers find planet X...
  139. Zetans / Alien : can someone explain this to me?
  140. Before Physics
  141. Perhaps this has already been covered...
  142. Good news: forthcoming solar eclipse is a New Moon eclipse
  143. I was in one of those "Trial Explanation" test gro
  144. Standard model is like the Rubix cube
  145. penrose's decay of superposition
  146. Proof that GLPers have no sense of humor
  147. Eisinga planetarium
  148. The C2C Broadcast
  149. (Another) Photo proving that Planet X really exists!
  150. Planet X and solar nonsense on C2C Monday night!
  151. Planet X and solar nonsense on C2C Monday night!
  152. Pole Shift is Coming
  153. First Time C2C listener wonders...
  154. Cydonia region overlay on Avebury
  155. The Energy source for the Great Red Spot of Jupiter
  156. The Great Pyramids Created By Aliens?
  157. Could We Live In A 4D Planet
  158. Its not Nibiru but high eccentricities can exist in the sola
  159. Irony or what? Or, Nancy steps in it retroactively.
  160. Okay, now she's talking canabilism!
  161. Nancy using eclipse, Part Deux
  162. Bad Nancy
  163. Was that an insult I heard?
  164. McCanney supplanting Nancy?
  165. SANTA Announces Pole Shift
  166. Would a comet or asteroid orbit earth before striking it?
  167. Sun endanger's Earth's atmospheric integrity?
  168. New look at an old idea
  169. Is the Gravitational Constant constant?
  170. Stellar repulsion?
  171. Hertzsprung-Russell diagram and Stellar Evolution
  172. A message from the Nibiruan Council!
  173. Space Links
  174. A Humble Question to the Exalted Poster.
  175. String/M-Theory
  176. Asteroid Crash in Siberia.
  177. ET Hunters Take Closer Look
  178. anyone have the map they're talking about in this article
  179. WOW!! PX Not REALLY Between the Sun and the Earth
  180. Uncle must do RESEARCH!
  181. Why are there no more dinosaurs?
  182. better than a tinfoil hat
  183. Oriel36 upto his usual tricks still!
  184. How she still gets air time...
  186. I love it when this happens...
  187. The Sun is Actually Planet X
  188. Could the movie "Contact" be true?
  189. Nancy on Friday
  190. Did you see this one?
  191. Quasars and Supernova Fires
  192. Flat Earthers and time zones
  193. Nanci Leaders sued for libel
  194. HOORAY!! We're Bobbling Again
  195. More Hazlewood Nonsense
  196. NANCI Leaders Respond with New Claims
  197. Is "cold fusion" possible?
  198. Planet X isn't next to the sun! It's in my kitchen!
  199. Hoagland's site down?
  200. Nancy Lists the EVIDENCE That PX is Here
  201. Ummmm.......OK
  202. Nancy actually lies...about ME!
  203. NOW, Tell Me She's Not Nuts
  204. It's REALLY close now!!!
  205. nancy is home , are the lights on ?
  206. What a ditz
  207. Flu prediction
  208. APOD reveals PX at last ...
  209. rational beliefs vs really strange experience
  210. Nancy live on Kiwi TV
  211. Laser-time-machine-doohickey?
  212. Touistis
  213. ELEMENT 115
  214. Planet X Status
  215. Lunar Apocalypse (sci-fi novel development)
  216. Theoretical Physics, Space-Time Dimensions
  217. Florida physicist challenges standard theory of lightnin
  218. Cassini Probe Huygens
  219. More rational beliefs vs really strange experience
  220. From "Alien Civ" Thread-Is Intelligence a Laibilit
  221. More Nancy this week
  222. What to think of this? (yahoo news article)
  223. JPAX Wired - Australians Implicated in Pole Shift Conspiracy
  225. Zeta Yada
  226. Great new book: Why expanding Earth?
  227. Walter and Nancy are Pathetic
  228. Help! Is it? or isn't it?
  229. JPAX Wired - ISO Issues the New Lieder Measurement
  230. Nancy's CD's not shipping until after christmas...
  231. Zeta's Iraq errors looking really bad now.
  232. Did our sun blow up 5 billion years ago?
  233. Dirac and Gravity
  234. Nancy's ignorance on parade!
  235. Another, um, interesting website
  236. Daytime Jupiter not X
  237. The Earth has left its orbit and is hurtling toward the Sun!
  238. Astrology being wrong again
  239. Another one from Emperor Kenton
  240. Does anyone have any info on this
  241. Article about fairness in science
  242. Light Velocity Challenge
  244. Catastrophe on the 12th? What'd I miss?
  245. Which Comet is this
  246. OMG this is still happening?
  247. Interesting Anoalogy
  248. Aliens alter sun's surface for christmas greetings
  249. Another bizarre topic from LEMUR
  250. Bad Science - BBC Reports Law of Entropy Proven Untrue