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  1. "Jump Gate" to Deep Space Discovered
  2. Mars: Hard to hit, or are Probes hitting too hard?
  3. Bermuda Triangle
  4. 'Prophet' summons UFO for camera
  5. How many more years does it need for Planet X to be here?
  6. One for the GLPers
  7. Life On Mars?
  8. Hutchinson Effect on C2C over the weekend.
  9. new look at time travel
  10. How to straighten Spacetime
  11. If a picture is worth 1000 words...
  12. How Many On Here Support The Rare Earth Theory?
  13. Galaxies and fusion reactors
  14. The Derivation of Planck's Constant
  15. Help me to solve a Black Hole/Dark Energy paradox.
  16. Time to confess...
  17. Venus
  18. My (Discovered) Unified Field Theory
  19. Plasma Cosmology .net
  20. Question about entropy
  21. Anunnaki...the movie!
  22. Is HUb' Stephen Hawking?
  23. Is SETI wasting its time in Searching the EM Spectrum
  24. Do we really need to think about dark matter?
  25. Drake Equation Link...Calculate for yourself!
  26. The Cosmic Ray / Cosmic Microwave Paradox
  27. Presentation Of New Launch Method
  28. Large Rocky Planet Discovered?
  29. Hypnosis
  30. Who Has Seen A UFO?
  31. Zecharia Sitchin, NASA consultor?
  32. Terri Schiavo Postmortem
  33. Are We In A Unique Position For Visitation?
  34. A simple physics question about projectile range
  35. Deep Impact: Extinction Event
  36. Planet X and the Bible
  37. ATM site claims Sun's surface is solid
  38. Question or rather clarification about Kinetic energy
  39. Mechanism behind intelligent design uncovered?
  40. Relativity Contradictions/Refutation
  41. Apologies and a new problem.
  42. New quantum mechanics model permits time travel to past...
  43. The Unified Theory of Physics
  44. What happened to Zarkov and his Deep Impact nonsense
  45. Noah's Sons Rode Flying Dinosaurs
  46. Ed Dames and the "Kill Shot"
  47. People believe this?
  48. Perceived time flow and SETI
  49. Against the Evolution mainstream
  50. Hollow Earth is back--with lizards
  51. Why oh WHY!?!?
  52. Part 1 of 3 Red shift and some weird implications
  53. Woowoo etymology
  54. Catholic Group offer reward for proof of heliocentrism
  55. Part 2 of 3 Red shift and some weird implications
  56. Agent provocateur
  57. Part 3 of 3 Red shift and some weird implications
  58. The expansion of spacetime is NOT accelerating
  59. A Little Help Here Dealing With Creationists . . . .
  60. Disclosure Project
  61. Planet X is dead
  62. faint blue galaxies
  63. Solid Surface of the Sun
  64. Velikovsky's "Worlds in Collision" for a buck
  65. /\/'----
  66. It's turtles all the way down...
  67. The Universe is Dynamic Fractal!
  68. Bullets labeled "Geocentrism"
  69. Is this true?
  70. Are Radio Galaxies nearby?
  71. Deep Impact
  72. Robert O. Dean and Planet X
  73. Alternative to "Inteligent Design" Theory - Spitef
  74. Entanglement and time travel
  75. Tired Light = Tired Gravity
  76. More 2012 Nonsense
  77. Lou Gentile Show
  78. What is the mainstream understanding of this pic?
  79. I think we've been too hard on PX...
  80. One Way Speed of Light measured on Earth
  81. Did the Big Bang Really Happen?
  82. 'Modern Science catches up with Ancient Knowledge'
  83. Is Quantum Fluctuation and Quantum Foam The Same?
  84. Acid Test for Electric Comet Theory? (Deep Impact)
  85. "Electric Comet" Theory and Deep Impact
  86. Is it logical to postulate that Universe has always existed?
  87. The Crazy Frog: cultural lifeform?
  88. Communication puzzle.
  89. Is Deep Impact a trial run at comet diversion?
  90. Hubble pictures of PlanetX(NOT)
  91. Deep Impact What Well Happen?
  92. Meteor Shower
  93. Another relativity refutation... crackpot
  94. So, what will be the next dates after 2012(NONESENSE)?
  95. The inevitable Deep Impact Nonsense
  96. Deep Impact Update
  97. Stalled earth
  98. Has anyone ever looked for nanobots?
  99. Hoagland's Helecopter: a new point of view.
  100. So How Often Does A Planet Get Kicked Out...
  101. Any way to stop a "Rod from God"
  102. Earth Decompression Dynamics
  103. DEEP Impact---What Happened
  104. The Hypothesis of The Eternal Recurrence of The Same
  105. Could NASA put a comet into orbit?
  106. Percentage Of Potential Habitable Stars In The Milky Way?
  107. Russian sues Nasa for comet upset
  108. USA's best foreign partnerhsip for America's space science ?
  109. Comet formation mechanism
  110. Russian sues NASA
  111. Can someone explain this pic for me
  112. Alleged alien interview
  113. Contiguous @universes@.
  114. gravity is a liberal activist idea..
  115. Michael Mozina's 'Sun has a solid surface' idea
  116. A "New Roswell" event from Discovery (pseudo) Scie
  117. Redshift is an illusion caused by H2?
  118. The truth about Deep Impact
  119. ATM and the Scientific Method
  120. Is Space Teleportation Really Possible?
  121. A Pail of Air
  122. Creationism Special: A Battle for Science's Soul
  123. picture resolution of Deep Impact
  124. Some questions
  125. My Hat is off to W.F. Tomba
  126. Aquatic Ape Theory-One good question
  127. Where was Sagan Headed with Contact?
  128. The shuttle
  129. Concerning astrology and other theories.
  130. Grey's Asimov article about the planet Vulcan
  131. Thought Experiment
  132. Zetatalk.com up for renewal
  133. Possible Explanations To Fermi's Paradox?
  134. Hard surface of the sun
  135. Cosmology: Inventing the Future
  136. Debunking Planet X - By the Numbers
  137. The Great UFO Debate
  138. Scientific Test of Astrology
  139. And now, for something (not too) completely different...
  140. My thoughts on the Plait vs Hoagland deal
  141. How many light years can we see from?
  142. How Many Theories Do We Need?
  143. Why would they need a colder spectrometer?
  144. Asimov Quote
  145. Worst. Astronomy. Ever.
  146. Universal expnsion
  147. According to this, UFO's are Elrons' fault.....
  148. Local Bubble CMB
  149. Supernova Time Dilation??
  150. The sun's surface is solid enough for a man to walk on
  151. Nobel Winning papers 1st rejected by peer review
  152. Lets come up with all the theories of the current con artist
  153. Precession question
  154. World Jump Day?
  155. Kenetic light energy prepulsion systems
  156. Solar Colection
  157. Error discovered on the Flat Earth Society board!
  158. Cosmology: "expansion"
  159. Einstein's words?
  160. A question about the expanding earth hypothesis
  161. Shifting paradigms
  162. Thermovoltage
  163. *About* astronomy
  164. S. Fraise's Theory
  165. An interesting idea...
  166. Some Guy From Texas
  167. The Big Split
  169. The variability of the “Universal Gravitational Constant&quo
  170. The paradoxes of physics – part I.
  171. The paradoxes of physics – part II.
  172. The mysterious quantum spin number.
  173. Grasping Gravity?
  174. Quantum Theory of Gravity - “QTG”
  175. The electromagnetic paradox.
  176. Will the real planet X please stand up?
  177. Solar Polar Plume Observations
  178. Tenth Planet Finally Discovered - Big and Far Away
  179. Giant Rogue Planet?
  180. Nigel Short, English chess Grand Master, and the UFO
  181. Nancy back on C2C
  182. Cometary guess work?
  183. 2003 discovery witheld
  184. We all all doomed, Ed sez so!!!
  185. How Old Are Third Generation Stars
  186. Electric Universe: No math, no progress?
  187. Ashmore's Page
  188. What do you guys think of Percival Lowell?
  189. what if the universe is- like- one giant atom?
  190. Kansas Astronomy
  191. Paraeidolia??
  192. A Flaw of General Relativity, a Fix, etc.
  193. A Flaw of General Relativity, a Fix, etc.
  194. GLP just banned all the "DEBUNKERS"
  195. Finite Universe is it possible?
  196. Day-oh, Day-oh-Tally me earthquake
  197. Faster Than Light Communication Not Possible?
  198. can quantumwave functions collapse at a distance?
  199. When you say 'theory'...
  200. Sun Has a Solid Surface?
  201. would it be a deterministic Universe with out life forms?
  202. Solar Wind as an electric current
  203. Some EU sun questions and thoughts.
  204. Could lasers be used as recievers?
  205. Artificial moon
  206. Coordinates in space/time
  207. Intelligent Design : Simply Irrefutable.
  208. The tenth planet was found and nothing happend....who wants
  209. Has the color of the Sun changed?
  210. Any idea what this could be?
  211. The Seventh Earth
  212. Have we ever witnessed the death of a black hole?
  213. DM + 61 366
  214. Mosheh Thezion's cosmology
  215. Heat and Light
  216. Sidereal variations in electronic data.
  217. Dark Energy Stars
  218. Planet X -- The Sequel
  219. NEO 2012?
  220. Stellar "Evolution" according to intelligent desig
  221. Woo Woos and the Fischer King
  222. Woo Woos and Fiction Writing
  223. I spoke with my favorite woo woo today
  224. Iconoclasts?
  225. Questions about a "Big Rip" scenario.
  226. Article about periodic extinction events
  227. Electric currents in the ISM?
  228. The universe a finite hall of mirrors?
  229. The Star of the Unicorn
  230. What is the connection???????
  231. U(fo)-Haul?
  232. Are particles necessarily three dimensional?
  233. Woo Woo "Theory" Origins
  234. All stars are suns
  235. Question about lightning strikes
  236. Intelligent falling
  237. A quote from a ZS forum......
  238. 100 years of Relativity, bias
  239. this notion of consensus
  240. Goggle ad from this site.
  241. An alternative solar evolution theory.
  242. More fun from Rense
  243. Antimatter Explosion
  244. just to put a different perspective on astronomy.
  245. Neolithic artwork and auroral phenomena in antiquity
  246. "Electricity"
  247. Astrology is real. Unprovable but still real
  248. Ingvar Åstrand's idea on unified physics
  249. Light Speed's True Barrier
  250. A Socratic Reflection