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  1. Should Sitchin sue?
  2. Crusty Sun
  3. Surface waves.
  4. Is Global Warming a Solar System wide Phenomenon?
  5. Hypothetical Planets
  6. The Electric Sun; A new view
  7. The BA quoted in NY times astrology article.
  8. Evidence for Tachyons?
  9. The next CT?
  11. Panspermia
  12. Intelligent design
  13. Odd conversation I'm having over at karmastrology.com
  14. Woo Woos in Full Rant.....
  15. Fluctuations in earths electric field.
  16. Hurricane? Blame the Russkies!!
  17. Ok, I'm dumb, but help me out!!!
  20. gravity doesn't work, but rather we fall "intelligentl
  21. A question to a galactic spectroscopy
  24. Solar flares affect Earth's spin rate?
  25. A New Means Of Systems Measurement.
  26. Marine snail fossil on Mars
  27. The Rubik's Cube Map of The Universe.
  28. Harmonics Theory
  29. ufo reflections
  30. Big ROund thing on Mars
  31. The Photon Misinterpretation of Radiation
  32. Dark Matter - Extra Dimensions
  33. The Theory Of The Little Burp.
  34. Grb idea.
  35. Galactic Smoking Gun
  36. The parametric frequency shifts in astrophysics (CREIL)
  37. Wolf Effect as a valid cause of redshift
  38. The Reciprocal System of Physical Theory
  39. Maths book recomendation required
  40. How the Big Bang Fails as a Theory
  41. Massive solar flare supports Electric Universe
  42. ID in the "paper"
  43. The Twelfth Planet : Book I of the Earth Chronicles
  44. Regarding the supposed polar shift/new ice age in 2012
  45. Question About Inflation Theory
  46. If you were lost - could you really go home ?
  47. An idea of density
  48. Universe Collapse?
  49. My (Discovered) Uniform Expansion Model – Applied
  50. A picture is worth a thousand words...
  51. Eureka!
  52. the moon separation to 2 parts
  53. Static Universe
  54. Planet X, Lieder, McCanney, etc.
  55. Our local star a binary?
  56. If matter is either "on" or "off" at point x,y,z then all "matter" has no volume.
  57. "Free quark has infinity energy" ???
  58. Black hole universe?
  59. Quasar intrinsic red shift
  60. The greatest advance in theoretical physics
  61. Aether
  62. "About" Zanket's 'paper'
  63. Spiral Galaxies Without Dark Matter
  64. Advice for Bastions of the Establishment
  65. Einstein-Straus vacuole
  66. Z-pinch stellar formation theory....
  67. National Geographic and time travel
  68. Fountains of the deep-OK for Mars, not for Earth!
  69. Quasars without super massive black holes
  70. Mass and/or Density of the Sun?
  71. Variable redshift?
  72. Why Inflation Theory Is So Great?
  73. The 'final theory' again
  74. the big suck
  75. Bold Life on Mars Claim
  76. Some top notch fringe for those with a taste for woo-woo
  77. Transitioning to the new ATM rules - a plan
  78. Theories go in many different directions...
  79. Could Expansion be Negative Large-scale Curvature?
  80. at last!!!!!!! proof of intelligent design!!!!!!
  81. Hyperion looks like black hole victim
  82. Does Lockheed Martin Understand Black Body Radiation?
  83. Steady State Universe
  84. Coldcreation anti-BB discussion
  85. What is the deal with "remote viewing?"
  86. A New Perspective
  87. From the Begining. A thought experiment #1
  88. Shrinking matter
  89. Synchronized Universe ?
  90. The Elegant Universe - String Theory
  91. Big Bang Most Correct
  92. Continuing discussion of Michael's 'Sun has solid iron surface' idea
  93. Galactic gravity versus galactic magnetic field
  94. GeniusAntiRelativeExperiment
  95. Theory on dark matter and the universe.
  96. My Version of SSU
  97. ColdCreation Cosmology: the Ultimate Theory
  98. Nobel prize for imagination
  99. Planetary impact crater or caldera?
  100. Two dimensions of time describe the Universe
  101. Another test of Non-Newtonian Physics
  102. On the nature of ATM (cosmology) ideas (per Coldcreation)
  103. New Cosmology (discussion of Sylwester Kornowski's ideas)
  104. Is space warped?
  105. Unified Field Theory
  106. Standard Solar Models
  107. Black Holes v Plasma Focus
  108. Dark Matter and redshifts
  109. I am challenging Darwins theory to a degree.
  110. Heliosiesmology findings find stratification of transition layer at .995R
  111. Electric Nucleosynthesis.
  112. The Structure of Nothing . According to my peasant logic: 1 + 1 = 2.
  113. « We wish to protect ourselves from too literal
  114. Logical Fallacies
  115. How open-minded is mainstream science?
  116. Gut
  117. Zecharia Sitchin working for NASA
  118. iantresman commentary on black hole imagery
  119. Black holes / white holes
  120. Strange rotations of Black Hole, Galaxy and Sugar in a glass of water.
  121. Astrologer in India predicts own death...
  122. Videos on the concept of "evolution"
  123. Sylwester Kornowski's cosmology ideas (was Before the Big Bang)
  124. What must the ultimate theory contain?
  125. New Expanding Earth Video....
  126. Big Bang and the particles.
  127. Absolutely
  128. The Proper Way to debate ID (humor)
  129. The Universal Inflation
  130. Time Dilation
  131. Iamblicus
  132. NASA ramming meteor
  133. Liquid water on Mars..........today?
  134. What if the moon...
  135. Spooky Phone
  136. Wilma the electric storm
  137. A Dim View of Dark Matter
  138. Who can crack this equation?
  139. How the universe began and the future of life.
  140. Gravity and Light in each Galaxy
  141. History Channel tonight!!!
  142. Popper and Falsification(ism)
  143. Little black holes
  144. Argumentum Ad Populum
  145. "ATM Science" - is there such a thing?
  146. Test-tube lightning produces x-rays
  147. Universal system?
  148. The Magnetic Monopole
  149. Blackholes - gateways?
  150. Orbit of Chiron
  151. Unification and physical pictures
  152. Multi-Dimensional Question
  153. You are a proponent of an ATM idea, you have a million seconds ...
  154. Restart the Big Bang
  155. Earth may be timeless, not 4.8-b years old?
  156. Reconciliating science and religion: the Big Bang
  157. Speed of gravity, can of worms
  158. Conjecture: G reduces for dense masses
  159. Quantum mechanics is wrong?
  160. Rotating Black Hole of Kerr explains Dark Energy.
  161. 4D Physics
  162. The Bermuda Triangle?
  163. New moons will orbit faster than expected
  165. Alternative Physics Theory
  166. Why are so many people proposing anti-BBT theories?
  167. Final Theory
  168. Hoagland talks ID tonite on Coast to Coast!
  169. Anti-Gravity Space Ship Receives U.S. Patent!
  170. Even though a thoery
  171. That Ol' ID Magic? The Age of the Universe.
  172. Anti-Gravity Spaceship Patent Issued
  173. General Maximum Concentrations Law.
  174. Cosmology
  175. Super Duper ATM....
  176. how does BBT thermodynamics(singularity,begining) conserve electromagnetics?
  177. Critical Density in Universe and Black Hole
  178. The Universe "WAS" slowing down
  179. What is inside a Black Hole ?
  180. "M" Theory observation
  181. I should not
  182. Gravitational accretion of plasma possible?
  183. Extrapolating Gravity To Higher Dimensional Physics
  184. Redshift : Due to a changing of Plancks constant
  185. The Seven Warning Signs of Bogus Science
  186. Rotating Universe and Dark Energy
  187. What if a nonscientist really
  188. Theory with Euclidean space-time makes same predictions as General Relativity
  189. Why, Neutrons and Beta Decay - A Closed Thermodynamic System?
  190. New theory how to get rid of blackholes!
  191. "HOT" begining???
  192. A relativity experiment.
  193. SN 1a data ruling out "all" cosmologies?
  194. Star Formation
  195. turbo-1's idea on quantum gravity
  196. Qtg - The New Space-time
  197. A Brief History of our Solar System
  198. Coulomb Force
  199. What if a nonscientist....my model of quantum gravity
  200. Rebuttal to Magnetic Stars Max Plank Institute
  201. The Searl Effect
  202. Not seeing the forest for the trees?
  203. About Reference Systems: Vacuum and Space.
  204. 100 years of Einstein's SRT.
  205. Cosmic Gravitational Background and Random Walks
  206. New Twins Paradox by Mazanov
  207. Photon’s frequency paradox near Black Hole ?
  208. Einstein over-exalted?
  209. Titan's atmosphere is 10 times density of Earth's! (split)
  210. The GOD, the ZERO and the MATERIAL WORLD .
  211. Did you miss me? :)
  212. Stebini Model of the Universe
  213. Cosmic Background Radiation -conundrum
  214. Non-Doppler-like redshifts
  215. Life
  216. A Double-Pulsar System - A Rare Laboratory for Relativistic Gravity and Plasma Physic
  217. Predictions of solar models
  218. V838 Mon – Hypothesis’ on sudden Red Giant transition.
  219. The Standard Model is so entrenched that
  220. Unifying Gravity and EM ( ? )
  221. Some seriously odd theories about Phobos
  222. Should venting (railing etc) be 'NO WAY' here?
  223. The Electron and Positron are standing waves or space resonances!!
  224. Ether
  225. Space and Time?
  226. The Comprehension Of A Function In Materiality
  227. How does matter get its mass from the ether?
  228. Time. its dynamic
  229. Considering the birth of our Universe
  230. Why the speed of light is slowing down.
  231. Why there is no duality to light
  232. The duality of the electron
  233. The Photon is the Quantum constant
  234. Venus and Mars.
  235. Advisor7's Theory of Gravity
  236. Light as dark energy/matter
  237. Have we been conned by Einstein?
  238. The Grand Theory
  239. Perpetual motion and the Laws of Physics
  240. An alternative to Mach's principle
  241. Galaxy Evolution
  242. Photon Generation
  243. Sunspots and Earthquakes
  244. Wave Particle Duality
  245. Magnetic Stars: Rebuttal to Max Planck Institute (Advanced Draft Release)
  246. Smolin
  247. HUH??? message from the Creator in the cosmic microwave background
  248. How Our Universe Was Formed (and others too!)
  249. My first attempt
  250. Intergalactic census time keeping can only use one reference frame.