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  1. Black Hole at the centre of the universe
  2. SN1987A in triplicate?
  3. Relativity theory (experiment XT)
  5. Unifying theory solves many puzzles
  6. Newest preferred reference frame experiments.
  7. Relativity theory (Michelson-Morley experiment. A question.)
  8. American Antigravity
  9. A clasic Black Hole exists in string theory only - it is not real
  10. QM versus GR: The Solid State Universe?
  11. The Blackness of the Hole
  12. Reconciliation of absence of anachronistic events with time travel
  13. The Universe A, C, B
  14. Quantum entanglement: left or right first?
  15. If gravitation energy gets equal opportunity to bend space... black holes disappear
  16. Type 1a Supernovas and the Deceleration of the Universe
  17. The Darkness AND THE BIG BANG
  18. request for help
  19. Easy question
  20. The Radio Lens?
  21. Introductory MOND Review
  22. Robertson-Walker : The problem with our cosmological models.
  23. Witten and M-theory and Twistor theory
  24. Relativity(experiment DFERN and experiment DFERN b)
  25. What counts as non-mainstream?
  26. Dark Energy is Light Energy
  27. Iron Sun Debate
  28. The one good thing to come out of Astrology
  29. John Tsang's ideas about time etc
  30. Thomas on peer review and ATM, a discussion
  31. Discussion of Thomas' ideas
  32. N-Machine and other Perpetual[IMPOSSIBLE] Motors....
  33. Where is 'Objectivity'?
  34. Truth or Hoax
  35. Length contraction in Galaxy Clusters is balanced by length extension in Cosmic Voids
  36. Russian Astronomer predicts Mini-Ice Age?
  37. ATM section - theories, ideas, and others
  38. A case against relativity and Lorentz's Formula
  39. Have the rotation of earth changed before?
  40. I would like your comments on a strange thought
  41. Comment on "Discussion of Thomas' ideas"
  42. Does the Earth Rotate NO!
  43. A new theory on the origin of our solar system
  44. Analemma - sun orbit earth in a shape of 8 or eternity symbol.
  45. Space and time an optical illusion?
  46. Free energy, never ending
  47. A Bizarre Idea About The Magnetic Field of The Earth
  48. How About Some Ideas Instead of Non-ending Ridicule?
  49. What holds a lightning bolt together?
  50. 3D Time
  51. Question about holistic quantum cosmology
  52. Cosmos and Pysche (astrology-related)
  53. The Darness Theory? Im a little confused...
  54. New Universe Model...
  55. LISA might only detect solar oscillations
  56. No big bang. (split)
  57. new particle theory, interesting cosmology implications
  58. An alternative question.
  59. i'd just like to propose this idea!
  60. A case against Relativity
  61. Big Bang
  62. The Need for a New Black Hole with small repelling horizon, to explain the Bullet st
  63. Jerry Jensen's ATM idea
  64. Conference: Space plasmas 4-8 June 2006
  65. Arp Patterns: Lagrange Geometry, per Coldcreation
  66. Matter, Energy, and Existence.
  67. Thoughts on String/"M" Theory
  68. Measuring the One-Way Speed of Light: Special Relativity, and "Test Theories"
  69. Russian Expert Predicts Global Cooling from 2012
  70. Alternative Explanations For GRB 050904's Time Dilation
  71. Big Bang
  72. Cyclical Multiverse Theory
  73. Gravity. just what the heck is it!!!
  74. Need help again - weirdness Relativity
  75. James McCanney Vindicated! Phil Plait concedes Dirty Snowball theory is fiction
  76. Intrinsic quasar red shift
  77. Relativity, yes/actually existing in another time, no
  78. Lorentz Spatial Contraction in SR
  79. Dilation of Perception instead of Dilation of Time
  80. The Sun Has a Solid Surface?!
  81. Complex Particles
  82. Is our Observable Universe a brain ?
  83. New Model for Universe?
  84. A second case against relativity
  85. Alternate Theory of Comet Origins
  86. Differing views of length contraction
  87. Var-Grav hypothesis (spllit)
  88. How does a comet form?
  89. Intelligent Design: Determinism through Mysticism?
  90. MacM's Closure to a Length Contraction Thread
  91. Length contraction
  92. The Real Space And Planets
  93. Question on Sub-Quantum Particles
  94. speculative graviton thread
  95. Solving the entropy problem
  96. why math?
  97. Pluto
  98. Sani5's ideas on maths and physics
  99. An idea for longer term testing of ATMs?
  100. Gravity produced by machine in laboratory
  101. A question about an infinite universe and critical density
  102. Experimental Breakthrough or Misstep?
  103. Crashing the Moon!
  104. The source of the "theory"!!!
  105. Our Old Friend Time.
  106. The Rotating Gravastar is an alternative for a Black Hole
  107. Would the 'real' ATM threads please stand up?
  108. Mobius is the Earth twin
  109. The Elemental Energy Wave/Particle; definitely Against the Mainstream
  110. Question
  111. Geocentric woo-woo pops up again
  112. Time - My theory
  113. Problem understanding length contraction thought experiment
  114. the multiverse theory
  115. The Slowing Universe
  116. The "real" coordinate systems of the universe
  117. Jupiter’s moons—they confirm creation!
  118. Guy summons UFOs
  119. Is there any chance of anyone developing a zero-point energy generator?
  120. Can God and Evolution co-exist?
  121. E = 4/3mc2
  122. David Pratt and the Hollow Earth
  123. Relative
  124. Theoretical Physics Reviewed
  125. Quantum teleportation Hoax
  126. Non-null MM results
  127. FTL comunicaton
  128. Tianxi Sun's Rift Evolution Thread
  129. Is there a logical explanation?
  130. The Evolution of my Cyclical Multiverse Hypothesis
  131. Dark Matter, why does it exist?
  132. wondering about carey's expanding earth
  133. Cosmic Rays From UFOs
  134. Practical Spacewarp Design
  135. Aberration and velocity
  136. Gravity violates energy conservation law
  137. The Quantum Rebel
  138. Gravity And Virtual Particles
  139. Can I get a math check?
  140. Bipolar Ejections of Quasars from Galaxies
  141. Do relativistic mass have weight?
  142. ''tsolkas's Problem''
  143. Electric Universe thread - the "Table of Contents"
  144. Cosmic Homogeneity does not exist across redshifts but only within them.
  145. inertial field theory.
  146. Radical Theory of Gravity. Challange Me :-)
  147. EU: Jets and Birkeland currents.
  148. Differing perspectives on electricity in space
  149. The Universe & the Vase/Face Illusion
  150. Hypothetical Force Field
  151. A Squashed Universe
  152. The Grand Puzzle
  153. Index to the Arp Thread
  154. RC Hoagland's Iapetus theory
  155. Why Can't We Compromise?
  156. An Unpleasant Discussion & unsolicited Proposal to N.A.S.A.
  157. Searching water on the moon
  158. Electric Comets
  159. Antimatter & Antiuniverse
  160. The "Star" of Bethlehem was not light years away (and it wasn't Jupiter either)
  161. Gravity, Spin, and Angular Acceleration
  162. The Electric Sun
  163. A hypothesis of Pushing Gravity
  164. Discussion of Gulf Breeze UFO Case/Ed Walters
  165. Singularity
  166. The Birth Of A Galaxy
  167. Specific Values for Kepler's Third Law
  168. Intrinsic heating of white dwarfs
  169. The darkness of space?
  170. How good are the best alternatives to the Big Bang theories?
  171. Critiques of Presentation of Uniform Expansion Theory
  172. Why the CMB isn't at cosmological distances (Jerry's ideas)
  173. Is out Gravity Theory Flawed?
  174. How should we determine which of competing theories is most likely correct?
  175. Speculations on the speeds of gravity and light
  176. the TRUE origin of our MOON..!!
  177. Momentum Gravity
  178. Final results on gravity, electric force, and relativity
  179. What's up with Moz?
  180. How good are the best alternatives to modern astrophysics theories?
  181. Big Bang Theory: What's wrong with it?
  182. Mars & Murugan
  183. Consciousness is the border of the universe..
  184. Anonymous Shaman's ATM ideas
  185. Bad...umm...weather control?
  186. BB fails time dilaton
  187. How good are the best alternative cosmologies, in their own terms?
  188. How good is the expanding universe cosmology, in its own terms?
  189. Dark Matter and Light in spiral galaxies (Iori Fujita's idea)
  190. What is the shape of the Universe?
  191. antisoarer's ideas on gravity
  192. Was there space before the big bang?
  193. iamjman's ATM ideas about lunar and Mars craters
  194. Are rapid changes in earth's orbital period possible?
  195. Hollow Earth Theory
  196. "Cooler" (iron) core of Sun (snowflakeuniverse idea)
  197. Earth Spin Velocity Changes?
  198. Is rotation absolute?
  199. Possible correlation between the luminosity and mass of stars and the CMB
  200. T Power's cosmology ideas
  201. Advanced of Mercury's perihelion (the right solution)
  202. Additional aspects of relativity?
  203. north's views of what is fundamental in cosmology
  204. Perceptual universe
  205. No Dark Matter
  206. Silicon-based organisms may be inside the Earth
  207. darkness as an entity
  208. Robert Sungenis Challenges Stephen M. Barr to Debate Geocentrism
  209. Pi is universal constant
  210. The Great Error Of Einstein ! (the Proof)
  211. Uh, New Guy Here, What's the ATM Theory?
  212. Could this have happened ?
  213. Creationism and the Moon
  214. MOND - a general discussion
  215. Instantaneous velocities at any point in orbit
  216. grb idea...a pattern of proof!
  217. Theory on nuclear force
  218. Supersymmetry from the quarks to the cosmos
  219. Antigravitational experiments
  220. World Jump Day
  221. Math Formulas about a New Entropy Theory, Need Help
  222. A Nerdy High School Students Theory...
  223. creationist cosmologies are non-standard cosmologies as well
  224. Inflation of a Schwarzschild space and the fractal universe
  225. Titan and ICR
  226. SR, ether, and Doppler shift
  227. Electric force caused by gravity
  228. Isnt this pushing things to far
  229. Discussion of lyndonashmore's ATM idea re H (the Hubble constant)
  230. Potential And Kinetic Energy
  231. Mysterious quasar casts doubt on black holes
  232. Read this first, re posting "Electric Universe" ideas here
  233. intrinsically curved space?
  234. pioneer anomaly SOLVED (solution)
  235. Panspermia
  236. Alfven against the mainstream
  237. Cosmic Ancestry - Panspermia Reconsidered
  238. cosmological constant, is it true?
  239. Possible correlation between sun's spin and precession of orbit of planets
  240. Novelty theory ~ Timewave Zero
  241. erich's presentation on certain EU ideas
  242. "Tired Light" - Theory? Model? Hypothesis
  243. NEAL ADAMS expanding Earth model
  244. What is it about the Titius bode rule and cranks?
  245. Irish tech firm throws down "free energy" gauntlet
  246. Brave new ES..
  247. CMB and why the sky is dark
  248. Guy 'predicting the future' using "Hyperdimensional Design"
  249. Attiyah's Sun Theory
  250. Problems with tired light theory