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  1. On the Absence of Cosmic Acceleration
  2. the relevance of the amount of plasma in the universe
  3. Someone asked me to tell them whether this was a hoax
  4. sol88's ATM claims re scientific research into things electrical
  5. Cahill's Quantum Foam Inflow Theory of Gravity
  6. Supernova spectrum and dispersion
  7. Is there any alternative to M-theory?
  8. galaxies with or without a nucleus
  9. Is the universe a cube?
  10. Why Gravity Probably Not Quantized
  11. Sun Arc theory?
  12. Black Body and our sun...
  13. New Universe Theory with Laws of Physics
  14. the speed of light, is it infinite
  15. Should the sky be purple?
  16. Space bigger than the Universe?
  17. The value of Omega
  18. verification of age of earth
  19. doppler redshift physics,is galatic plane physics only
  20. the blueness of the sky is mainly due to the ozone
  21. Supernova vs. Condensation (narrow RST/Larson focus)
  22. Black body curve vs. Maxwellian distribution of velocities
  23. The galaxy system
  24. Relationship between GRB & XRF
  25. Redshift and scalefactor
  26. Two failed tests of Big Bang theory, and data which supports Jerry's theory.
  27. Maxwellian velocity distribution and atoms
  28. Frontiers Physics Evidence.
  29. south pole and earth quake
  30. Distortion of volume of bodies by gravity
  31. Nduriri changes Pioneer claims.
  32. Nothing bends light.
  33. Iamcurioustoo's Idea - Alternative To Big Bang
  34. Prediction for Gravity Probe B
  35. Origins
  36. AZ's Increasing the Speed of Light
  37. Science and math prove Einstein was factually wrong
  38. Scientific, undeniable fact that proves God exists
  39. ATM answers to "Is gravity energy?"
  40. Supersupersymmetry
  41. time, is it a true dimension? I say not
  42. Galileo Was Wrong
  43. How atoms and all atom-like objects operate continuously
  44. To huff is to decrease entropy. To puff is to increase entropy.
  45. October Comet - Pravda Comment
  46. Cold fission of water and another item
  47. Einstein's 1905 papers for relativity and E=mc^2
  48. Mass of whole/parts vs. Time Dilation
  49. The cause of gravity
  50. Dark matter is 'known' matter ejected from galaxies
  51. Space Inflation or superluminal concentration.
  52. Is Einstein’s E=mc2, CONCEPTUALLY applicable for energy emitted Chemical Reactions.
  53. Why a Black Hole like object can't collapse in a singularity ?
  54. Lunar Laser Ranging - is G constant?
  55. Thether power probes?
  56. On gravity and time delay
  57. space-time, is it possible or not?
  58. Elipsoidal Universe ?
  59. Clouds Come from Space Too
  60. Gravitation and the Observer
  61. GR and the Universe
  62. Quasars : An alternative model
  63. In the antigravitational experiment time sometimes pauses
  64. Odd Thoughts on Universe's Expansion
  65. I need some Feng Shui Links
  66. How should you respond to an "Oopart"?
  67. What happened to the Celestial things or Ancient Egyptians?
  68. I"m Guessing Their Going For the "Aliens Made Me Do It" Defense
  69. Unifying GR & QFT
  70. Omega(matter) = 1/3
  71. Abiogenesis-Large molecule decays into complex molecule?
  72. Bias in Papers
  73. A quantum theory of gravity
  74. Gravity & Light @'C'
  75. A Great Video Which Is Throws The Theory Of Evolution Out Of The Window!
  76. Happy Birthday Dear Universe
  77. Please, help me fight Sitchin! Please!
  78. re Time
  79. Le Sage Gravity - some questions
  80. Massive Black Holes Make "Space"
  81. Whats this about
  82. "Binding Energy", Gauge Bosons, Galaxies, and Time
  83. Cosmogeology
  84. Plate Tectonics
  85. Galileo Was Wrong: Dr. Bennett answers Publius
  86. My model of the atom based on Milo Wolf's work
  87. Attiyah's Hologeomagnetosphere
  88. A Complete Solution for the Solar Corona Heating Problem
  89. A New Mathematical Formula That Is Changing The World
  90. The Problem of Dark Matter Solved (perhaps)
  91. John Kierein's ATM idea
  92. Why the Universe has to expand
  93. Are Present Estimates of Impact Events wrong?
  94. "Bad Boys of Science"?
  95. Nova Pinch (EU)
  96. Anti-matter as Dark Matter
  97. Time travel --- has it been done?
  98. Everlasting Universe ?
  99. A thread created solely for Tohu/Prince/Yul/Spoq/Caryn ...
  100. Question: Why doesn't C increase as space expands?
  101. tadowe's EU thread: Institutional Blindness?
  102. A Theory of Everything: Geometric Generalization is updated
  103. Supernova data - evidence for rescaling.
  104. The Antikythera Mechanism
  105. The Giant Ice Waterfalls of Mars?
  106. Ark Of Covenant - Reality Or Myth
  107. How Dowsing Rods Work
  108. Black Hole Meta-Verse
  109. Universal Expansion
  110. More energy out than in
  111. The 'glass worms' are back...sorta...
  112. Is this ATM
  113. Oh dear... thesurfaceofthesun.com...
  114. Another Free Energy Theory
  115. Using two "problems" to cancel each other out
  116. Catch 22?
  117. Big Bang Blown?
  118. Does gravity push or pull ?
  119. scatter diagrams show rescaling universe
  120. Expansion and the speed of light
  121. Thermodynamical 5-D multiverse of 6 cycling universes
  122. Gravitational waves to kill us all.....
  123. Einstein was Precisely Backward, Deliberately
  124. Einstein Wrong - Documentary looking for Community Support
  125. Does fusion occur ON the sun?
  126. Dark energy Dark matter
  127. Thread Stat hypothesis
  128. Time Dilation - A Mechanical Defect
  129. 'Messiah' Alignment
  130. Science and Astrology
  131. Good, old Mars Anomaly Research and MRO :)
  132. why can't large-scale curvature alone include acceleration without Cosmological Const
  133. What makes a hypothesis 'pseudoscience'?
  134. The Universe & Beyond
  135. Universal Accelerating Expansion
  136. Without math, you are not doing physics - you are merely making up stories
  137. Duality: Explanation of the Hubble expansion, or not?
  138. The Universe & Beyond : Part 2
  139. The Universe & Beyond - Part 3
  140. Dark Matter Solved?
  141. CMBR, Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, Origin and Evolution
  142. A question about Gravity.
  143. DarkEnergy isn't falsifiable, therefore it isn't a theory by scientific standards
  144. Galaxy Generator
  145. What is a gravitational field ?
  146. What do you think about this picture?
  147. Wolf Effect on Quasars
  148. Universe knows only 0 : 0
  149. PU claims re Saturn's rings
  150. "True science” vs “Standard model"
  151. What Causes Red Shift in Light
  152. My first post - Link may be of interest
  153. Current theory is no scientifically "better than" plasma cosmology.
  154. GIGO garbage in = garbage out
  155. Paul LaViolette and Pulsars as ETI Beacons -- a question
  156. Excellent recent work by Jacques Vallee on UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena)
  157. What if one could travel faster than the speed of light?
  158. Can (purely) qualitative ATM ideas (in astronomy) be falsified?
  159. Science vs. Psuedoscience (drawing the line)
  160. If Antigravity Devices Exist - What does this tell us about Gravity?
  161. NGC3190 Challenge
  162. The "Imaginary" Solution to the Swartzchild White Hole Metric
  163. Graviton decay and the expanding Earth hypothesis
  164. Do we really exist ?
  165. POAMS: The New World Synthesis by Viv Pope et al.
  166. On Rindler horizon, black holes, and singularities
  167. Unruh Radiation and Galactic Recession
  168. Gedanken Experiment
  169. Crystallizing universe
  170. Bjoern's comments re "space"
  171. On the Hubble expansion and observability
  172. To all proponents of a universe with infinite age
  173. The Infinite Spongy Universe (ISU)
  174. Hotson's ATM idea
  175. Do planets rotate due to an 'interstellar Coriolis Effect'?
  176. The end of Gil Levin's labeled release debate?
  177. relativity busted from the get-go?
  178. Freaky cloud holes (debunked)
  179. How's this for an idea about gravity?
  180. Galaxy Formation, Earth Pole Switching and Global Warming
  181. eagledare's expanding earth idea
  182. The universe, Never ending, never starting
  183. ID and Evolution
  184. could the universe began with complete zero?no mass/energy?
  185. A theory of three dimensional spacetime
  186. Climatologist Calls Global Warming Fears 'Greatest Deception in the History of Scienc
  187. Gravity not what it seems??
  188. Major science breakthroughs most likely from periphery someone (Jerry ATM idea)
  189. Units in free space
  190. A circular problem
  191. Mankinds' Global Warming
  192. Endless Universe Made Possible By New Model
  193. Earth passing thru Galactic center in 2012 - didn't that already happen?
  194. An ATM idea presented by Utad3
  195. Is the Earth growing?
  196. Onesimpleprinciple.com
  197. Is Physics at a crossroads?
  198. Imaginary Mass = Imaginary Gravity?
  199. Aetherometric Photon
  200. Physical interpretation
  201. Dark matter, the ghost of creation?
  202. picture of the universe visualised
  203. creator of human being is alien
  204. New Policies Regarding Against the Mainstream section
  205. Big Bang explanation.
  206. quantum gravity and propagation delay
  207. Why some believe there is a "space conspiracy".
  208. Water ON Mars
  209. Electronic Faster than Light Harmonic States.
  210. ATM theads that will reach '30 days' in the next 10 days
  211. Dark Theory
  212. My theory of Multiverses
  213. What is inside a Black Hole ?
  214. The great global warming swindle
  215. Galactic Tsunami? TEOTWAWKI?
  216. The great global warming swindle-UK Channel 4
  217. Hidden variables in cosmology.
  218. '30 days' ATM thread - discussion
  219. Is the stellar mass function static?
  220. Interstellar phenomenon--
  221. A New Model for the Evolution of Supernova 1987A
  222. Is the universe really 3-d?
  223. The Whale's presentation of an ATM idea re the Earth and geology
  224. Are the Wetlands of Titan Water?
  225. Galactic Geologic Interval Theory
  226. Does Gas Exist? Or only different viscosity liquids?
  227. New Cosmo model
  228. An Inconvenient Truth
  229. Are they trying to confuse me?
  230. Global Warming - NOT! The Counterarguement
  231. Congressional hearing heats up over changes to climate reports
  232. Isolating protons
  233. could spaciousness come with differenet state?
  234. "Slow EE" ATM idea
  235. Exploding Planet Hypothesis
  236. Fractal Universe
  237. The Universe is simply NOT expanding because of space
  238. ATM gravity and EU Sun
  239. Planet X / Barbarossa
  240. Is there really any such thing as magnetic reconnection?
  241. Is there Electricity on the Sun
  242. Is there a 'gentler' MOND effect in our solar system..?
  243. Could the accelerating expansion create gravity?
  244. Pioneer Anomaly
  245. U.F.O crashes in Somalia. Kills a Camel
  246. Hexagon on Saturn?? RCH will go nuts...
  247. Lets discuss reconnection
  248. Electromagnetic Propellantless Propulsion
  249. Pioneer Anomaly Possibility? (no new physics required)
  250. Does "Cosmic Censorship" show the 'inside solution' to be impossible?