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  1. New research results from the "Stardust" mission
  2. Biofields, Physics and Biological Arrangement
  3. Jupiter influencing sunspots
  4. White or Black?
  5. Universe was never like the interior of a star
  6. Didn't work then either...
  7. G falls faster than distance squared.
  8. My Equation of the Universe
  9. Let's try this Again
  10. Galaxy-Quasar associations as a test for alternative cosmologies
  11. Dark Energy is Really Nothingness
  12. nothing from something Black Holes
  13. Redshift can measure or detect dark matter?
  14. Mercury Mysteries
  15. The Expanding Metric
  16. Evolution and Young Earth Creation Science
  17. Astronomical History
  18. Dimensional Unification Theory
  19. One small idea.
  20. Big Bang ...Big Schmang: Redshift is an Artifact of Distance
  21. Einstein's universe
  22. Red Shift, Dark Matter, Steady State
  23. Axion Detected! Dark Chemistry?
  24. What demise? ATM is alive and well!
  25. A Model for the Universe
  26. An increment of energy
  27. is the universe ONLY defined by gravity?
  28. times effect on light?
  29. distant light
  30. BBT breaks physical laws according to YEC
  31. Gravity from Magnetic Fields?
  32. would (our) math make sense to ET?
  33. Intellectual Design
  34. Explaining Planetary Alignments Relationship to the Sunspot Cycle
  35. G red shift
  36. gravity, c and distance
  37. Space is boiling over with energy.
  38. the universe is not expanding!!! ? ? ?
  39. The source of geothermal energy
  40. Like a sponge
  41. spacetime entropy
  42. Eternity
  43. ATM answers for Carole
  44. black hole and of visible universe the same phenomenon
  45. 178.867624
  46. A Metaphysical Anthropic Interpretation
  47. A new spin on relativity
  48. Can the big bang be only relative to us?
  49. energy and anti-energy
  50. If expansion red-shift would be a missinterpretation...
  51. Spacetime Expands? - The Answer
  52. compression a dimention
  53. Expansion of space but not of matter
  54. The Birth of a Planet
  55. if a photon of light has 0 rest mass but it has momentum then ..
  56. Particle Wave Duality solved
  57. two kinds of expansion.
  58. Quaternion Physics and Redshift Revealed
  59. Monday madness ... there is no redshift?
  60. Exploring The Origin Of Life And Conscience
  61. Dark Matter
  62. The Cyclic Universe: size, mass, age, and shape
  63. The Proof is in the Pudding
  64. Quaternion Relativity Theory
  65. Planetary influences on the weather?
  66. All oxygen on earth came from sun !!
  67. The Searl Effect video updates online now
  68. Conservation of space
  69. Pressure. Only right force of nature
  70. Three ideas that challenge the Big Bang
  71. WMAP5 data supports rescaling model
  72. Incredibly supermassive black hole
  73. Anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this?
  74. An alternative to dark matter and MOND
  75. Apology
  76. empty space curved?
  77. big bang brane
  78. Looking for observational evidence for Big Bang
  79. The growing earth.... :P
  80. Einstein's Deflection does it validate Relativity.
  81. Rotating universe and redshift
  82. Atmospheric Ozone production.
  83. LHC = Satan's Stargate!
  84. Double Slit Experiment
  85. Einstein was wrong; you're all wrong
  86. Speculations about quantum action
  87. Redshift distance very different from Tip of the Red Giant-based distance.
  88. ATM posts from "Meaningful Discoveries" Q&A thread
  89. Physics and quaternions
  90. Perspective the fourth dimension.
  91. Aether Wave Theory
  92. thread closed and Neverly Banned?
  93. Electric Earthquakes
  94. Birth Centennial of dissident space physicist
  95. Dimensions are TIME dimensions !
  96. thomheg's alternative theory (split from Looking for observational evidence...)
  97. An Alternate Hypothesis for Global Warming
  98. Aether Physics Model
  99. Local Gravity and Dark Matter
  100. Frozen-in Magnetic Field Lines
  101. Fluid Energy Theory
  102. Are we inside a singularity?
  103. A Monadic Framework for Quantum and Relativistic Phenomena
  104. Instant communications.
  105. Birth of Earth
  106. How to make FTL communication.
  107. Changing light speed and redshift hypothesis
  108. Quantum Wave Cosmology
  109. Time is a 4th spacial dimension!
  110. T+s=u
  111. What is the problem with E=M ?
  112. Plasma Redshift
  113. What is Narlikar's currently favoured cosmology?
  114. Quantum life
  115. Before the BB Big Bang
  116. On Comets
  117. WHat happens to Time at FTL in SR
  118. Leokor's Plasma splinter from the Q&A thread about Supermassive Blackholes
  119. Are we bad "God"?
  120. Theory on Black Bodies ***I like it***
  121. RussT ATM theory
  122. Uncertainty Principlel and Time
  123. The edge of the (visible ) universe is a singularity
  124. A sensational discovery
  125. Do Hairless Black Holes Exist?
  126. What is Redshift?
  127. The LHC And The Dominium Model
  128. thomheg's quarternion post in "What Is Redshift"
  129. Photons Build Elements
  130. The particle concept
  131. About crude oil
  132. Dark Matter? rotation works better as an explanation.
  133. Earth Surface
  134. observational bias
  135. Null Physics ad in latest Science News
  136. Description of an alternate physics
  137. Planetary effects on the weather II
  138. Aether Wave Theory (part 2)
  139. undidly's gravity theory
  140. Gravitational Thoughts
  141. thomheg's on comets thread
  142. ATM theories in astronomy classes
  143. Sargon's gravity thread
  144. The best physics in game programming?
  145. varying "G"
  146. how the universe started and what happened before
  147. Real Math and Black Holes
  148. The Flaw of the Big Bang theory
  149. 2012: The Year the Venusians Wipe Us Out!
  150. Unproven Speculation
  151. Reflection of Light
  152. Planet and star in puzzling waltz
  153. Is the event horizon all there is to a black hole?
  154. Gravity is caused by particles of flowing intrinsics!
  155. 3-dimensional spacetime
  156. Do we see dark energy, and dark matter the right way?
  157. The Formation of Black Holes: my theory
  158. Theory on black hole formation
  159. simple harmonic universe
  160. could chaotic systems be used as very sensitive experimental tools?
  161. "Time reversal and Hawking radiation"
  162. Voids is space
  163. Our Moon conspiracy
  164. I have discovered Gravity!! I know what it is and how it works! Read this!
  165. is it just me or is the milky way brighter..?
  166. Did i miss the discussion of this?
  167. Bubble Star: the all EM radiation Black Hole Bubble.
  168. the expanding balloon theory
  169. The edge of the (visible ) universe is a singularity
  170. Exponential Expansion
  171. tinyurl.com/63ak9u
  172. Unified Theory of Evolution
  173. The Fission-Fusion Cycle
  174. Your Contradictory Universe (Not Mine)
  175. Energy from A-Field : idea and schema
  176. Specific Gravity source of gravity
  177. V. P. Ketakar's "discovery" of Pluto
  178. Expansion of the Universe-due to black holes?
  179. Quasars
  180. Is the 'greenhouse effect' even relevant in global warming?
  181. Negative energy
  182. thomheg's Quasar thread
  183. CMB in our Dynamic Universe
  184. Are string or M-theories ATM?
  185. Entropy
  186. Test
  187. Why ATM ?
  188. Is it hard to post in ATM and not hard in other sections? (yet another test)
  189. Motion, Duration, and Gravity
  190. Travel to the past entails replicating matter
  191. When Dragons Ruled the World
  192. the scientific method
  193. This Is The Only Subforum That Matters
  194. Current evolutionary stage leading to intelligent life forms
  195. Harmony of the Spheres
  196. Apparent expansion of space alternative
  197. William R. Corliss
  198. Binary Gravitational Model
  199. Dark matter is mini bl-ack holes-and they sink into stars and seed black holes.
  200. ToE - Final Proof - Bigger prize
  201. Everything
  202. Fundamental Units, SI Base Units, Base Planck Units, and Reorganization of the system
  203. Pi rationalised with simple Fibonacci reflection
  204. Fi, 11 and Pi
  205. Breakthru in the understanding of particles?
  206. Hubble expansion versus quantum effect
  207. Pi and Prime Numbers
  208. Big Bang or Blackhole
  209. Forcing of Doubling CO2? Positive or negative Feedbacks?
  210. Space/Time Entanglement?
  211. Brief introduction of Infinite Matter
  212. Onesimpleprinciple predicting the flow of Dark?
  213. Energy is microscopic black holes
  214. Thought experiment
  215. Neutrinos and the precession of Mercury
  216. Gravitation Length Dilation Theory
  217. A unified field, matter, gravity, quantum jumps.
  218. Big Bang Questions
  219. Limits of spaces
  220. Gravity drop
  221. CMB: Bigbang Cosmology: COBE FIRAS design features.
  222. Let's talk philosophy of science
  223. A Babe in the Universe
  224. Fun for GR fans ...
  225. The Perfect Sphere Model
  226. Paleoclimate: Oligocene epoch and p-tr boundary
  227. The Descent of Phoenix
  228. What is expected to be found?
  229. Ancient Earth Rotation Period
  230. Evolution has stopped!
  231. Is Solar Magnetic Field Change Modulation of Clouds ATM?
  232. Iron Sun Theory
  233. black-holes, do they have two event horizions
  234. Other bulletin boards?
  235. what would you see as this spinning disk falls towards an event horizon?
  236. 500,000 Elliptical Burn Marks. Cause?
  237. FH Theory on TimeGravity
  238. An Electro-Chemical Universe?
  239. How freezing water can break pipe!
  240. Oil - Not a fossil fuel
  241. Debunking the debunkers
  242. Plasma Physics and Tornadoes
  243. photons
  244. CCC2 draft proceedings
  245. More evidence against global warming
  246. the fundamenal problem with the big-bang
  247. Could there be many Cs? Random bable.
  248. Ufo over Albany airport: fourth dimensional?
  249. A unified field, matter, gravity, quantum jumps. correction.
  250. Charges with entropy