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  1. A leap of understanding
  2. The Secular Acceleration of the Moon
  3. The Expansion of Ganymede
  4. I Have Beef With Heliocentrism
  5. Is Chaos a classical extension of QM?
  6. Burbidge points out a few things...
  7. Dark Matter
  8. Sponanteous Combustion is caused from microscopic black holes colliding with humans;)
  9. The Rings of Alcyone
  10. Martia-forming the Earth
  11. The misunderstood nature of space
  12. Warren Platts' ATM Geology Ideas
  13. over unity or >COP a matter of perspective...
  14. Element 115 and anti-gravity?
  15. Are we like Neanderthal's when looking for advanced civilizations?
  16. Georeactor
  17. relativity is wrong
  18. Natural Source of Positrons?
  19. Could gravity be misunderstood electromagnetism?
  20. Looking for threads on Exploded Planet Hypothesis
  21. Crater Hale Revisited
  22. White Dwarfs and the Static Universe
  23. Pioneer Anomaly-- Dynamic Universe Model Of Cosmology
  24. Moon quakes and rain
  25. audio, electromagnetic & temporal frequency spectrums
  26. man made planet?
  27. Voyager anomaly vs. Pioneer anomaly
  28. I have three problems with the Dark Matter *theory*
  29. particles vs. structured spacetime
  30. Global Warming Revisited
  31. Relatively Speaking...
  32. The Case Against Tired Light
  33. Not so constant constants
  34. Mathmatically can the speed of light constant be broken down?
  35. Was Pythagoras onto something?
  36. Zeno effect
  37. Information Versus The Schwarzschild Horizon
  38. Always travel through time at the speed of light?
  39. Boskop Man and radical geological change
  40. Simple calculations prove man made Global Warming a hoax?
  41. Alexander F. Mayer posts complete Manuscript of "Geometry of Time"
  42. Universe accelerating - Dark matter or Gravity
  43. New definition for Magnetism is simple TOE
  44. Norths claims on space and gravity
  45. Are we looking at gravity wrong?
  46. expansion of the universe is cause from a strong gravitational pull.
  47. Mini Ice Age
  48. Galactic Gravitational Plane?
  49. Zeno's paradox + BHs
  50. Dream Interpretation - ZPF, Universe of Static
  51. New York Suicide Study Planetary Transit Analysis
  52. Particle-Particle Simulation: Magnetic/Electric Fields & N-body Orbitals
  53. Is the mass of an object spread throughout the universe?
  54. LHC Proton Beams and Eta Carinea
  55. pre-BB is defined as this...
  56. The Higgs particle/field and gravity
  57. I have figured out how to get free energy out of the universe
  58. Crater Hale Revisited, Yet Again Darnit!
  59. Doing a Presentation on Top Creationism Astronomy Claims - Help Choosing Which?
  60. Forrest Nobles Pushing Gravity
  61. Tom Van Flandern has died
  62. Generalized expansion.
  63. LHC: What if we created our own universe?
  64. memory
  65. Dark Matter Question
  66. Bubble Expansion Accounting for Redshift?
  67. Global Warming caused by volcanoes?
  68. Magnetic Ropes?
  69. Black Hole Theory of The Universe-New Developing Theory
  70. Influences- or the speed of gravity
  71. flat rotational curve defies mainstream theory of gravity
  72. Will we survive the "Diamond Age"?
  73. Beef against the CMB
  74. An Incoherence in the Concordance Model?
  75. Magnetic Ropes II
  76. Is gravity due to the Universe being an expanding hypersphere?
  77. Where could I find information for an Alderson Disk?
  78. Does HUP define the Speed of Light?
  79. Moon Rotation
  80. Alexander Franklin Mayer
  81. Is this on stereo-behind really ignited Jupiter ?
  82. Predictions for 2009
  83. Dark Matter SpaceTime Dips
  84. Bosen-Einstein condensate!
  85. CMBR is cause of gravity and is not redshifted
  86. Has the Big Bang had its day
  87. My friends latest alternative to the BB
  88. Allergy to Mathematics
  89. Invisible forces in the universe
  90. Gravity and Dark Energy Linked?
  91. why couldnt the universe began with complete zero??
  92. Old physics theory shines light on astronomic enigma's
  93. Lunar rilles - an alternative theory
  94. Planet X will never die
  95. Gzhpcu’s Comments on Dynamic Universe Model of Cosmology…
  96. Modern Cosmology: Science or Folktale?
  97. Massive Universe Theory (& Little Bangs)
  98. Fundamental Mechanics
  99. Gravitational Spacial Dilation & apparent size of black holes.
  100. Mach's principle and centrifugal force
  101. Cosmology and the Expanding Universe: A Simple Solution
  102. Ol'khovatov's alternative explanation for Tunguska, and other events.
  103. He Does Not Throw Dice.
  104. 4d curvature + expansion of the universe
  105. sunspots / gasplanets spots / tornados / hurricanes
  106. Did Global Warming Happen By Chance?
  107. Onesimpleprinciple.com and Effects of the weather, underground
  108. Dark Energy with Onesimpleprinciple
  109. sooty dust in galactic halos adds to CMB?
  110. ufo propulsion, boundary layer control, etc
  111. Unanswered questions about Dynamic Universe Model
  112. You will never reach the singularity of a black hole
  113. Hawking Radiation would instantly destroy a BH.
  114. The Universe formed from hawking Radiation
  115. about black holes
  116. Bart5050's thoughts on time travel
  117. Perspective the fourth dimension, Part 2.
  118. Are we going in or coming out?
  119. Theory of Everything - Unified Field Theory
  120. Salutations everyone
  121. Creation: our home Solar system
  122. Black hole model of the universe redux: Listen to brian greene explain the concept
  123. Anisotropic oneway light speed experiment
  124. The first T +100 Planck Seconds
  125. binary stars nebular hypothesis
  126. Weather predictions by James McCanney.
  127. A Little something to Think about..
  128. A contracting Earth, and terrestrial acne, caused the GOE
  129. Blackhole/Big Bang Theory
  130. Radiation
  131. Massive Galaxies May Be Relatively New
  132. ATM question regarding singular nature of infinity
  133. Speed of a Point at the Equator
  134. Gravity the cause of universal expansion?
  135. Condensating universe
  136. The universe as a medium...
  137. yelram claims on expansion of Universe
  138. Can worm holes form inside our brains?
  139. The Earth - food for thought
  140. The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, "Wart on the Umpire's Nose"
  141. The Bohmian Mechanics Photon Model
  142. Antimatter as a predominantly Dark component
  143. He's Back!
  144. Exploring the Fundamental Constants
  145. The speed of light is not constant
  146. Can the expansion of the universe be a GR illusion?
  147. Cosmic static cling
  148. Einstein's Sep. 1905 paper: E=mc2 or E 'proportional to' mc2
  149. Calendars, dinossaurs and what to fear from outerspace
  150. "Sun" and Wikipedia
  151. String Theory and the Projection
  152. infinite universe?
  153. Why assume gravity from antimatter is similar to what we know as gravity?
  154. Electron double slit
  155. Wherefor art thou Antimatter
  156. Duality Update
  157. New Cosmology
  158. length contraction near a black hole
  159. Black Holes and Dark Energy.
  160. The Big Implosion
  161. rougue wave red shift
  162. Box speed of light paradox
  163. Questioning Gravitation
  164. Expansion of the universe by photons
  165. To discuss the concepts of Dark Matter & Dark Energy
  166. Let's contaminate Mars, I mean really....
  167. God said let there be light
  168. Thou Shalt Not Exceed the speed of light.
  169. Greater than the speed of light
  170. The Dominium lens for cosmologic data
  171. I think therefore he does - Do I?
  172. More Planet X to debunk!!
  173. Electron
  174. Light Speed Will Not Be Necessary
  175. Experimental contradiction of relativity
  176. Supernova or Blackhole
  177. Score one for Arp
  178. Acceleration and radiation
  179. A Weighty Problem
  180. A fresh look at old inflation theory
  181. Canopus-Sol Relation
  182. Special Relativity "Falsified" before the first equation
  183. The Existence of A Fifth Dimension?
  184. Theory of Genetic Manipulation (Anunnaki) Part 1
  185. A variable speed of light model, kind of.
  186. Modified paper of Dynamic Univesrse Model
  187. universal singularities
  188. matter=boundary between two 3-spheres?
  189. Quantum entanglement faster than light hoax?
  190. more of a question regarding hubble acceleration
  191. Dark matter, black body correlation?
  192. Binary Sun Theory
  193. Are Black Holes Galaxy Factories?
  194. Perhaps we Humans are the first Alien Species
  195. Natural Drainage Systems as simple inorganic life
  196. Any scientists willing to do experiments to prove QM wrong?
  197. Faster then Light Quantum Communication Possible?
  198. Nibiri, or what the Heck
  199. Picking a fight with modern fysics
  200. Connecting space phenomenon with psychological phenomenon
  201. Complex four-vectors
  202. Space Ends
  203. Summary of Postings by SnowflakeUniverse
  204. Gas Law-Moon, Boltzman, and even Dino's
  205. The Super TOE of the Causeless Bottom
  206. Einstein59's Electrostatic Atoms thread
  207. Why light speed?
  208. Cause of decreasing Hubble constant
  209. JTsang's hypothesis
  210. Help please
  211. The Universe !
  212. Inertial Gravity Field
  213. Space/Time continuum
  214. Theory of Invariance
  215. Doing General Relativity with plain algebra
  216. Cogitations on the Twin Paradox
  217. Accelerated expansion, Hubble's law and Big-Rip
  218. aguerami's gravity ideas
  219. Dimension of fundamental quantities
  220. On gravity
  221. The Seed in the Virgin?
  222. A Very Brief History of the ATM Forum
  223. Nostradamus and 2012
  224. All Matter is Energy, Oxygen is Caustic
  225. Whats the difference between Pressure and Gravity?
  226. Big Bang and Background Radiation
  227. Mercury is the moon of Venus
  228. The delusion of space.
  229. Biocentrism
  230. The Theory of Spatial Displacement
  231. Let's do the t i m e warp, again!
  232. The Gauntlet Is Thrown [EU / Magnetic reconnection]
  233. Quantum Computing Universe?
  234. A Decreasing Universe Red / Blue Shift?
  235. NASA and Titan's lakes
  236. StevenO versus Hafele/Keating
  237. Does the speed of light always measure the same?
  238. A generalization of the Lorentz ether to gravity
  239. background radiation
  240. Cramer's Transactional Interpretation is deterministic ?
  241. afraid of an edge
  242. Just another day in Cosmville
  243. 2 dimensions in the explanation of gravity wells
  244. space
  245. Length Contraction and Relative Simultaneity
  246. Tachyon in Cramer's Transactional Interpretation of QM
  247. GPS and SR/GR
  248. New Observations
  249. Problems with the Lorentzian Transformations
  250. The Big Rebound