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  1. An Infinite Steady State Universe
  2. sun and planets orbits
  3. Dynamic Optical Spacetime Illusions?
  4. An Infinite Steady State Universe - The recycle Bin?
  5. Nibiru=Life
  6. ATTENTION !! a miraculous celestial event will happen in 6 days !!
  7. If the Universe is expanding, there must be a quantum description for that expansion.
  8. Does a fish know it's in water?
  9. Einstein and Newton both wrong?
  10. Bruce Masse's Flood Comet
  11. Simpler than quarks ?
  12. The Theory of Despace
  13. Timewave zero (again)
  14. do CMBR's support BB ?
  15. EMdrive Revisited
  16. "8"
  17. Forrest Noble ATM ideas
  18. Twin's Paradox revisited.
  19. Bell's spaceship paradox
  20. An amazing formula
  21. A 'new' silly idea.
  22. Why quantum gravity requires a background
  23. S Gift's paper
  24. Bob Angstrom's Hijacking Ideas
  25. The Hubble Sequence of Galaxies and the Anatomy of the Internal Ear.
  26. Generalization for Krupin ATM
  27. Ancient Knowledge and Quantum Mechanics
  28. Is there a Plan B?
  29. Joe Blogg's House of Quantum Physiscs
  30. Information background as a medium for light.
  31. Double Slit Experiment
  32. The ice age is coming, NOW!
  33. Magnetic Monopoles
  34. Alfred Wegener did a mistake
  35. Inertial Gravity Field forms spiral galaxy?
  36. New explanation of gravity?
  37. About magnets?
  38. Gravity in Space
  39. Black holes first stars later.
  40. The writing on "the wall"
  41. Alternative future for some black hole candidate stars?
  42. Idea on the Big Bang
  43. New geometric techniques in special relativity
  44. Cosmic Rays, Photons and the Magnetic Dipole of the Nuetron
  45. Conjoined Brane Dynamics - a new model of the universe
  46. Time and the Universe always existed
  47. Did any body solve singularity free N- Body problem using Newtonian gravitation??
  48. Alchemy and the Big BANG
  49. Relativity of Simultaneity
  50. The Planck Scale
  51. The elctrical cosmos
  52. Thoughts on Gravity
  53. Arguments About Space
  54. Relative v > c
  55. Uniform accelerated motion under SR
  56. More thoughts on gravity
  57. Perspective the fourth dimension, Part 3
  58. The Cochlea and the Spiral Galaxy M74.
  59. The Relativity of Simultaneity
  60. The violation of Bell's inequality is an indirect observation of the preferred foliat
  61. The Ultimate Twin Paradox
  62. A singularity free N Body problem – solution
  63. On Velocity
  64. Thinking Faster than Light....
  65. COSMOS supports rescaling theory
  66. Theory of everything
  67. A Luminiferous Aether, Neutrinos and the Galilean Transformation
  68. My own theory and thoughts on gravity.
  69. What Paradox?
  70. Gravity Race
  71. What does 1/2 mean, exactly?
  72. Sound is the key
  73. hubble data in non expanding universe
  74. Expansion of Universe(Probably Static??)
  75. Stephen Hawkins and White Holes
  76. Gas Giants and the Great Year
  77. Why are H1 clouds evenly spaced (on average) in an expanding universe?
  78. ...thoughts on gravity revisited.
  79. Einstein's Gravity
  80. Clocks and movement, moved posts.
  81. Ancient Advanced Civilizations........
  82. Bell's inequality and hidden variables
  83. Thoughts on the Dark Flow
  84. Rhawn Joseph's "Myth of the Big Bang"
  85. Relativistic Aether
  86. Galactic redshift in a static universe
  87. "Over Unity" Magnetic Power Generators
  88. Black Hole "Breaking Point" Universes
  89. Entanglement - make easy
  90. Angels = aliens.
  91. Magnetic Monopoles
  92. GRB idea update.
  93. Early solar system as bow and can
  94. a Final Theory
  95. String Theory and Gravitation
  96. The Ultimate "Do you believe" in Relativity Question
  97. Determinisim and QM
  98. relationships between proper an coordinate times
  99. Accounting for Dark Energy
  100. Cougar's Plenum
  101. Infinite Universe Think Big!
  102. Mathmatically Negative Mass can exist.
  103. Gravity Model vs Big Bang Theory
  104. An appropriate model for the universe
  105. Infinite Universe another perspective!
  106. Standing Wave Theory
  107. A New Look at Old Inflation Theory
  108. Negative Mass/Time Dilation
  109. Simple Test to Support (or cast doubt) on Equivelence Principle
  110. Nassim Haramein and the Resonance Project
  111. PI and 2012
  112. What is Space? A Brief Expose of our Neglected Stepchild in Physics
  113. The Universe has always existed...
  115. Black Holes Don't Evaporate? (continued)
  116. quantum entanglement and astrology
  117. Aceletrons
  118. Carl Sagan's Many Mistakes
  119. Giant Particles
  120. Another Black hole proposal
  121. Compton wave not appreciated ?
  122. Sub-Ground State Energy Levels...
  123. Observational Aether Relativity
  124. We do not play dice
  125. Einstein's Smallest Blunder; big or bug science
  126. Thought Experiment 001 [energy of massless particles with spin]
  127. Another hypothesis of almost everything
  128. Does this make any sense
  129. Scientific nonsense and myths
  130. What 'time's it now?
  131. A common misconception in special relativity
  132. Theory of sunspot prediction and planetary alignment
  133. Time is an Interesting Subject.
  134. Big bang singulatiry/black hole theory
  135. Ist there a need for Dark Energy ?
  136. Astrology Debunk FAIL!
  138. Dark Energy Unification and Evolution
  139. Dark Energy... another alternative?
  140. On the Origin of Atoms
  141. Elementary particles models based on an ADJUSTABLE HIGGS PARTICLE SYSTEM.
  142. My weird theory of the Universe
  143. SR derived solely from one postulate
  144. Does Chandra data indicate decelerating expansion?
  145. Another Black hole proposal II
  146. Curved Space, a maths myth?
  147. Jerry's claims on relativity, dark matter and hipparcos
  148. Navigating using Relativity
  149. Dominant Left Handed AMINO ACID inside Astroids and the ORIGIN OF LIFE.
  150. Thoughts on the universe
  151. New added value to physics is necessary
  152. Towards a contracting universe
  153. Speed of Light
  154. 2010-12 Quake
  155. Holographic principle and compton wave length
  156. Is the world getting bigger ?
  157. Einstein's Train and the Relativity of Simultaneity.
  158. Lunisolar precession and changing seasons
  159. Lorentz Transform "does not use differentiation".
  160. A theory about life
  161. PUFFED UP PLANETS heated up by former Cometary nuclei or NEW PARADIGM black holes?
  162. Lunar laser ranging test of the invariance of c
  163. Leo Vuyk Gravity ATM
  164. Don J ATM thread
  165. Simultaneity in SR
  166. Dual Gravity
  167. A simple model of elementary particles
  168. 30 threads on front page - 21 are locked?
  169. SR problem
  170. the earth and moon were once the same size like pluto and charion and not like venus
  171. What would happend if an experiment proved the existence of the Ether?
  172. William's Cyclic Archeomagnetic Jerks, Volcanic Eruptions, & Solar Cycle
  173. Big Bang a Bust
  174. rfahrbach's Velikovsky ATM Thread
  175. Big Bang vs. Supernovae
  176. Simultaneity and Einstein's train
  177. The study of galaxies is a waste of time and money.
  178. Is there any lightness after death?
  179. Solution To The Problem Of Isotopic Anomalies In Meteorites
  180. mathematically there are 4 scenarios for tidal forces
  181. John37309's ideas about light's gravitational effects
  182. Universal Expansion can be explained by acceleration towards a singularity
  183. universal expansion can produce hawking radiation
  184. The Great Star Wormwood
  185. answer to the dark energy problem
  186. Expanding Space, Time and Big Bang?
  187. Geologic Galactic Chronology
  188. Hubble theory, is it valid?
  189. William's quasar hypotheses
  190. SR derived from half a postulate
  191. Astrology
  192. Time as the only dimension
  193. Is biology the source of dark energy or matter ?
  194. GRB idea, new evidence.
  195. what is water ?
  196. Time and Space
  197. Greenhouse warming
  198. Einstein's Smallest Blunder
  199. The universe is not expanding!?
  200. A hypothesis [ time, distance, galaxies ]
  201. Mass of the Universe
  202. Could Mars and Earth/Moon have a common origin?
  203. The Universe not expands
  204. Alpha, Omega - Be light Made
  205. A new STERN GERLACH experiment to prove entanglement effects.
  206. Universe does not “expand”, Universe “grows”
  207. Has this explanation of Dark Energy been considered?
  208. Did Earth coalesce from 2 medium sized planets?
  209. expanding planets
  210. Upper mass limit for a black hole
  211. What causes time?
  212. [Photons are affected by time]
  213. Do We Live In A Virtual Universe?
  214. Betelgeuse goes boom?
  215. Material from Roswell
  216. Gravitons: and why I think we may never detect them...
  217. The Problem With Dinosaurs
  218. Dark matter, A Spinning Fractal Universe, Torque & Coriolis, and The Vacuum.
  219. A Priori Principles of a Unified Theory
  220. Dark Energy?
  221. Gravity is entropic force
  222. How certain are we that Space only has one dimension of time?
  223. E=Mc^2
  224. Does backward causation or top-down cosmology impact the concept of Determinism?
  225. The Gravitons Role in the Positions of Matter
  226. The slightly elaborated waving
  227. How big are we really?
  228. Can I see behind the EH of a black hole?
  229. Could Visual Reorientation Illusions (VRIs) be 4D Related?
  230. Ancient Astronaut Theory?
  231. Time dilation test tautology?
  232. Microbes in the Stratosphere? Outbound or Incoming?
  233. food for thought? wormhole gas explains it all
  234. Planck Power (natural unit)
  235. what do we REALLY know?
  236. Mass/Energy a matter of integer (quantum) numbers?
  237. Rewrite of cosmic time dimension
  238. Thomas Hulon Jackson's spacecraft
  239. I'm starting to believe that global warming is a hoax...
  240. dogon tribe and sirius b
  241. dark energy and the 4th dimension question
  242. MOND, Dark Matter and Quantum Gravity
  243. Russ T's Rotating Black Hole
  244. The universe does not expand
  245. Novel Hypothesis for Hubble Redshift
  246. Video of the motion of negative mass, dark matter, dark energy
  247. GRB Idea Poll
  248. From venus to earth and earth to mars life goes on
  249. New Theory of Multiple Dimensions in Space
  250. John Titor: Time Traveler