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  1. Faster than Sight objects caught on video
  2. New interpretation of Many Worlds
  3. Were we not from the Milky Way?
  4. Gravity a result of standing waves?
  5. [Larry Jacks on Global Warming]
  6. Magnus Effect on Mercury perihelion
  7. Can u create something out of nothing? here is my demand to do so.?
  8. A simple question
  9. If the Big-Bang is true then...?
  10. Mini Black Holes at CERN
  11. Sir Knots A Lot's M87 white hole thread
  12. Richard Feynman lecture
  13. Wun-Yi Shu's Cosmological Models with No Big Bang
  14. What is the Universe?
  15. Happy Binky's Intergalactic Internet idea
  16. Theory of relativity is a not appreciated by these guys...
  17. More evidence for indigenous microfossils ...
  18. [Achak's] The 1918 flu was caused by a event in the universe and a magnetic virus
  19. Wave-Particle Duality and the Aether
  20. William's Not AGW thread.
  21. Theory on ancient structures and the cargo cults that we credit for thier creation
  22. Another ATM-LHC claimant
  23. Is a neutron star really made of neutrons?
  24. TheHalcyonYear's Ice Age Climate Change thread
  25. Advice for ATM Idea Advocates - Read before posting in ATM
  26. Where Went the Anti matter?
  27. A Simple Theory Challenging Einstein's General Relativity
  28. White bang
  29. ShamanShiva's Mystical Gravity
  30. string theory and vibration dimension
  31. The fabric of the universe , what does that mean and what is it made of ?
  32. Sagnac revisited
  33. Gravitational time dilation in quantum gravity
  34. 2 months to first extinction event - Sanchos return
  35. Stellar White Holes
  36. Outrage at Mathpages
  37. Pioneer anomaly - rescaling's solution
  38. Local Nonuniform Expansion Pressure as a Model for Dark Energy and Dark Matter
  39. Vacuum and gravitational field
  40. Classical Electrostatics shows that growing fields imply Evanescent Matter
  41. Pioneer anomaly
  42. RJBenish gravity
  43. put the cart before the donkey
  44. What one science question would you want answered?
  45. Everything in reality is very simple.
  46. Relativistic farrago
  47. A Travelling Space-Time
  48. Forces of nature don’t exist
  49. Panspermia and similarity of life
  50. Length Contraction MMX
  51. infinite level 1 multiverse
  52. cosmological time dilation
  53. Dueling Black Hole Universes and the Holographic Principle
  54. Half of all matter has no energy
  55. predetermination and the conscious observer
  56. Anomalous, yet not Anomalous weather
  57. Hartley 2 and New physics
  58. Science is War
  59. Repressed Abduction Memories are Real Memories, Misinterpreted
  60. Trading in the Real Time for Real Space
  61. Thoughts on the Expanding Space Time theory?
  62. Microfossils in comet dust and meteorites support panspermia.
  63. Centripetal force effect in the galaxy from dark matter halo out of the galaxy!
  64. New NUCLEAR POLAR RING geometry of atoms, based on MAGIC NUMBER logic
  65. The difference between the UP and DOWN atom in QM
  66. Recovering modified Newtonian dynamics by changing inertia
  67. What did Michelson-Morley actually measure?
  68. Special Relativity is wrong because time dilation is false.
  69. I want your thoughts please... [no big bang]
  70. Star System Formation Theory
  71. The 'Peer' review process
  72. [WD40 on SR]
  73. Rotation Trace Algebra
  74. Would this (possibly undone) electrodynamics experiment be proved right? please help.
  75. Einstein agrees with dissident re light's speed
  76. Calculating Interaction Rates in Magnetization Energy and ZPF
  77. [if photon not valid frame in SR, why SR make thoughts about light?]
  78. Holographic Universe and missing Antimatter
  79. Jupiter's Red Spot-what if?
  80. I wish to propose an alternative model of the Earth which could accomodate a void
  81. Stephan's Quintet
  82. dark energy idea
  83. Birth of the Universe from the Zero Energy State - Bigbang Simulation!
  84. Is planet earth shrinking?
  85. Working propellantless space drive possible today
  86. [dsbarclay's elastic medium thread]
  87. [dsbarclay on dark matter]
  88. [Webbo's GPS ideas]
  89. John Jaksich [alien life comments]
  90. My theory...[Dark energy will rip apart all matter]
  91. Everything is One Interconnected Tree of Strings
  92. [Peabody on Rufus Young]
  93. The Big Bang Theory
  94. The Incredible Shrinking Universe
  95. Spira mirabilis in the solar system.
  96. The Incredible Shrinking Universe II (too) :)
  97. Special Relativity needs light to travel faster than c to be true
  98. raising blocks to build pyramids
  99. How to make two frames purely Galilean
  100. Possible explanation of gravity
  101. On Born rigidity and the Rindler horizon
  102. MMX inconsistent with the Earth's rotational sagnac.
  103. if gravity and dark stuff are property of the same bit/wave with phase changes
  104. Maybe gravity isn't a force
  105. The Veegtrón Theory
  106. The Uncertainty Principle
  107. Phil Plait, Twitter, denial and extremely thin skin
  108. Dark matter possible theoretical evidence for M-Theory?
  109. Geometrical Modelling of Gravitation as Spatial Reduction AI
  110. A look at CO2 induced Global Warming
  111. The Sun is made of Antimatter
  112. Light speed and super novas
  113. A different look at the big bang theory(Opinions needed please)
  114. Electromagnetic Braking as An Explanation for Lunar Tidal Locking
  115. Black holes, expansion, and dark energy
  116. Simulation of Relative Time and Abecedarian Model of Special Relativity (STR)
  117. Applying Occam’s Razor to Questions of Cosmology (Tom Fowler, 2/21/2011)
  118. Stardrive using time contraction
  119. non moving dark matter
  120. "Observational Evidence Favors A Static Universe" ??
  121. "The wave under consideration is therefore no less a spherical wave"
  122. Big bang/dark matter questions and theory
  123. Universe expansion and Big Bang
  124. MOG-Modified Gravity
  125. Einstein's postulated motion limiting properties of space are false
  126. Dark Matter Found?
  127. New Foundations on the Replacement of Higgs Field Causing Matter
  128. A Revolution in Astronomy
  129. Quasars time dilated as expected
  130. Really from another Big Bang, thats it?
  131. Giving an Answer to the Uncertainty Principle due to Relativistic Errors
  132. Attiyah's Light
  133. Attiyah's Explanation for Special Relativity via the constant light speed
  134. A black hole's singularity
  135. CMBR temperature
  136. [Bob's Black Hole]
  137. Chavez says capitalism may have ended life on Mars
  138. Why is the speed of light constant? Advanced Discussion
  139. New theory for the formation of the solar system.
  140. A Theory on Consciousness and the Geometry of Mu-Matter Geometry
  141. Green Destiny Hijack of Black hole/Singularity thread
  142. Ionosphere Produces Daylight
  143. The Gravitational Field Lines Are the railway of the Photons
  144. Cosmic X-ray and black holes
  145. [sjw40364 on Black Holes]
  146. Hubble's Law Could be Acceptable if the Cosmos is Amoeba-like
  147. Blavatsky and the Great Year
  148. Nails in the coffin of the big bang
  149. The Supernatural - a cognative experience of the Dark Universe?
  150. What Big Bang?
  151. [super universe]
  152. TaoZero5's Astrology thread
  153. Universe as infinity and not a certain age, a no big bang no creation theory
  154. A different look at the big bang theory(Continuation and reply to your answers)
  155. Sunspots Support Attiyah's Sun Theory
  156. Revisions to Rule 13
  157. Static Universe
  158. Earth-ionosphere system works as a planetary-scale plasma globe
  159. "Comet" Elienin linked to recent earthquakes and may be leading to extinction event
  160. how free are electrons in space?
  161. Consciousness, Nature and Cosmos
  162. Antigravitation. Accelerated recession of galaxies
  163. The standard candle - is it correct?
  164. Is the universe REALLY expanding, or is it evaporating?
  165. [A view on the Universe]
  166. Onesimpleprinciple Predict
  167. Higgs Boson, the Fine Structure Constant, and superheavy elements
  168. The Lorentz Factor Conflict MMXI
  169. Jupiter drives the sunspots and here's how.
  170. Black Holes or Eternally Collapsing Objects
  171. Viability of inventive idea
  172. Big Bang vs 'Branes' theory....
  173. Universe is not homogeneous as far as we know
  174. I already predict normal more normal powerfull Storms!
  175. The Source and Structure of The Holographic Universe.
  176. [I discovered the Graviton]
  177. Big bang theory fail
  178. Expanding space vs. expanding concentrations
  179. Degree One Convection in the Earth's Interior
  180. Can someone please rip this to shreds in all its mathematical glory
  181. Cold Air & Tornados
  182. Mach's Principle revisited
  183. Particles experiences charges of mass from frields.
  184. johnmartin2009's discussion of modern physics
  185. A hypothesis to describe the structure of the universe
  186. William's ideas about the origin of the Sun and CMEs and other solar stuff
  187. Time Travel Theory
  188. [Alsor on Axis wobbling (or not)]
  189. Nearby galaxy boasts two monster black holes, both active
  190. The Destruction of Non Existance
  191. New data suggests the universe is clumpier than thought
  192. The Special Relativity Discovery MMXI.0
  193. Lets' understand the Doppler Effects. How the occours and its mechanism.
  194. [age of the Universe around 20 billion years]
  195. My understanding on relativity ?!
  196. Finite Theory of the Universe, Dark Matter Disproof and Faster-Than-Light Speed
  197. The idea
  198. What waves in a double slit experiment is the ether of relativity
  199. The cosmic Web, the seed of galaxies- are made of Warm Intergalactic Medium(WHIM) an
  200. Global Warming Recap For the Scientific Novices
  201. The Distant Galaxy Conundrum
  202. Can the ether just be electrons?
  203. Detecting the elusive ether
  204. Macaw's about Paul Marmet papers ....
  205. new laws of conservation for special relativity
  206. Speed of light and the Ether together equal c
  207. Dark Matter and Dark Energy...
  208. Dilation as field
  209. A omega matter equals to one based on galactic sampling method
  210. The Biggest Bang (amendment to the Big Bang)
  211. Revolving orbits - Mercury precession, Moon, binary stars, ect.
  212. average velocity of planets gives number of dimensions
  213. Does the slope of the bar change or not? Pls answer.
  214. My updated model of the universe from a quantum outlook
  215. Cosmic inflation theory is wrong
  216. No Need For Speed Exiting Atmosphere And Gravitational Pull
  217. An Absolutely Infinite Multiverse
  218. A steady state Universe?
  219. A test to discriminate between cosmological and dopplerian redshifts
  220. Why dark matter does not emit photon?
  221. Non-baryonic dark matter is aether
  222. Milky Way's dark matter 'turned on its side'
  223. This forum should be titled, 'There is no such thing as Against the Mainstream'
  224. Forbes : New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism
  225. Is the universe really showing it's age?
  226. Could gravity be a by-product Time dilation?
  227. LET vs SR
  228. Big Bang Theory
  229. [Solar system rotation and revolution periods, a relationship]
  230. Acceleration of the Universe expansion cancells out
  231. On the Observational Determination of Climate Sensitivity and Its Implications, Paper
  232. big bang theory is a religion
  233. Dilation as field - fenix returns
  234. Expansion
  235. Curvature-Quadratic Gravity Action: Turnaround, QSOs, and UFT
  236. Expansion and Time
  237. spinning physics might mend its language
  238. Dynamics of escaping Earth ejecta ...
  239. Proposal for high velocity spacecraft.
  240. GRB 110328a
  241. Hey! Where is MY validation? Dark Matter Is an Illusion...
  242. Kinetic energy and synchrotron radiation
  243. [alsor on entanglement]
  244. Speed Limit of C
  245. A new view of the universe
  246. Speed of light lower than "c" - field equations
  247. Unifying Theory
  248. Analogues or digital discreteness of the space
  249. curvature of space
  250. Variable mass