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  1. Applying conservation laws
  2. Neutrinos preceding radiation and the promise of exact measurements
  3. GRB idea, predictons.
  4. Some cranky notions regarding Brane cosmology
  5. 110328a
  6. the poll - light has "c" speed and there is no ether
  7. Possible explanation faster than light neutrinos
  8. Important Report on the Dark Energy and Gravitational Potential Energyg!
  9. Origin of charge
  10. Unification of general relativity and quantum mechanics occurred in 1996
  11. Photons violate conservation of energy in cosmology
  12. -Zero- Measurements
  13. Euclidean theory
  14. The Problem of Time
  15. Time dilation due to gravitation: |g*r| vs Φ
  16. Big Bangs inside universes.
  17. The Dean Drive
  18. A discrete model of the universe can be used to predict the Rydberg constant.
  19. The correct theory of gravitation
  20. A flying saucer design [now an ATM thread]
  21. Pair production phenomena and Rydberg's formula
  22. A Conjecture on the Higgs Field and a Gravitational Connection
  23. srdanova mathematics
  24. A counter theory to expansion of the universe
  25. What are black holes?
  26. What if here is no Universe?
  27. The Self Perpetuating Universe
  28. closing speed query [questioning relativity]
  29. The Universe Is Not Expanding! Our Measuring Stick Is Shrinking.
  30. Kepler's third law rules the Gravity
  31. A theory of eveything in 5 pages of program code!
  32. How can gravitational waves be damped without shielding gravity?
  33. Electrons with Positive Charge / Negative Mass
  34. Energy Atom!
  35. William comments Inductive and Deductive Views on Climate Change
  36. Doubts About "Modern Physics"
  37. 100 Bulldozers On Mars
  38. The Universe Is Not Expanding! Our Measuring Stick Is Shrinking – version 2
  39. Faster Than Light Neutrino Explanation
  40. Gravity Explained by Grand Unification
  41. galaxies and antimatter
  42. Accelerating Universe
  43. Opera's experiment, Tully-Fisher's law and Theory of Ether
  44. [New Theory of Gravity]
  45. It is possible that the solar system is spinning?
  46. The Grand Puzzle
  47. Solution to breakdown of math in Special Relativity as mass/energy approach infinity
  48. Refractive Field Theory of Gravity
  49. Inflation, decelerating expansion and accelerating expansion due to negative mass
  50. Erroneous News: Mars Too Dry for Life
  51. General relativity
  52. Quantum RFToG
  53. Rebuttle to Galaxy Theory.
  54. Negative Mass Interpretation of General Relativity
  55. Space Doesn't Expand and New Proof of Hubble's Law
  56. Expanding Space: Just say No - Part 1
  57. Gravitational deflection of light - measurements
  58. Accelerating Universe - possible explanation
  59. EHD Model of Tornadoes
  60. A Theory of Cometary Associations with Earthquakes
  61. The Pacific Ring of Fire is a remnant of the Moon-creating impact event
  62. EHD Model of Inferior Mirages
  63. EHD Model of Dust Devils
  64. Comets Causing Plagues, Really?
  65. Gravitational Time Dilation
  66. Halve the Hubble constant!
  67. Blue shifted Galaxies in Expanding universe:
  68. What was the reason spacetime expanded in the first place?
  69. EHD Model of Stellar Accretion
  70. My Theory of Induced Time
  71. Is it time to move on from Big Bang to new Theories?
  72. The Cosmos and mathematics.
  73. My Theory on an Alternative to the Big Bang
  74. Prediction results
  75. Timey-wimey Wibbly-wobbly Stuff
  76. Proving that the Universe is not Observer-Mind-Dependant
  77. Why to insult snp.gupta’s theories publically? Answer this open challenge
  78. The Impossibility of "Gravitational Slingshotting" in escaping the Suns Gravity
  79. Let us with analytical cosmology to study wide-field view of the Coma Galaxy Cluster
  80. my 8 yr olds theory about the big bang
  81. RE: Doubts About Modern Physics
  82. Liquid Universe
  83. All planets and dwaft planet orbits encoded in the Phaistos disk
  84. Resurrection of the Lorentzian Aether
  85. Time Dilation and Length Contraction - the Long and the Short of it! Can they be rec
  86. Do we really know how much baryonic matter galaxies contain?
  87. GRB idea, little update.
  88. What is Time? A metaphysical perspective...
  89. [Interstellar Temperature Invalidates BBT]
  90. light and redshift question...
  91. What do you guys think of the Iron Core Sun Theory?
  92. Exper. Confirm. of Energy Cons., not Charge Cons., in Two-Capacitor Problem
  93. Pioneer "anomaly" SOLVED.
  94. equivalence principle incompatible with Schwarzschild metric
  95. Stellar aberration and the principle of relativity
  96. Finite Theory of the Universe, Dark Matter Disproof and Faster-Than-Light Speed
  97. Why do these planetary 'Spin Ratios' work out to 'unity'?
  98. Global Universe is like a 3D Rainbow
  99. Question about radiation pressure...
  100. Finite Theory of the Universe, Dark Matter Disproof and Faster-Than-Light Speed
  101. Static Universe vs. Big Bang Theory
  102. Negative Energy quantum symmety as Dark Energy
  103. Solving the Schwarzschild metric
  104. A different view on the speed of light. Are we on the edge of the universe "now"?
  105. Investigation into Planck Particles, Gravitational Charge and the Gravimagnetic Field
  106. Speed of light as an escape velocity
  107. I hypothesise that time is speeding up.
  108. A new kind of Larmor Equation
  109. Standard model leptons composed of magnetic monopole pairs
  110. My ATM Accelerating Universe Theory Doesn't Require Dark Energy
  111. 2012 Solar Magnetic Cycle Update
  112. Two Questions I Have For You:
  113. When negative energy and positive energy coexist, how can make GR field equation?
  114. Could "Subatomic Evolution" Exist?
  115. The Peacock Adinkras of Jim Gates are M-Theory
  116. Is flat universe same thing as infinite universe?
  117. [Now Asters ATM] deflection of light by gravity
  118. Space-Time dragging and not necessarly/only Expansion of the Universe
  119. Bob Angstrom's spacetime dragging hijack
  120. paradox with the speed of light
  121. The rings of Saturn are only a rainbow manifestation
  122. Most mountains of Earth are not from Earth in origin
  123. Destruction of Pangaea by Comet impact
  124. Formulaic help with Lorentzian Aether Theory
  125. Infinitely fast, infinitely small, is it the graviton?
  126. Does our Solar system alone shrinking?
  127. Could Time be just another Space Dimension
  128. Mayan period endings coincide with comet impact signatures in ice core record
  129. Comet impact near end of last Mayan calendar cycle?
  130. Grail and the chaotic gravitation moment
  131. Time connot slow down
  132. Fundamental Electro-Magneto-Mechanics of Existence (FEMME)
  133. Binary Solar System
  134. The Universe is an alien sim
  135. Sense and Nonsense of Mayan calendar [solar system restructuring]
  136. Testing Nostradamus
  137. They are there. Always have been there. come look
  138. The NET Wave Theory
  139. Is the definition of the luminosity distance consistent?
  140. the problem of cosmological horizon
  141. time contraction or time dilation?
  142. mathematical and geometric model for mass of proton
  143. “Reality is nothing but a mathematical structure, literally”
  144. New Physics: Electrons Vanishing Act challenges Einstein's Relativity Theory....
  145. Rotation instead anti-gravitation - maybe some hint for NASA?
  146. Alternative paradigm to "Big Bang"
  147. HAARP to terraforn Venus
  148. Moving object has reduced internal energy
  149. The Twin Paradox as a Model for the Wave-Particle Duality?
  150. [Heiwa's thread]
  151. Endless, Boundless, Stable Universe
  152. Antigravity is the source of dark energy
  153. A different view of the universe
  154. Alternate Moon Origin Hypothesis
  155. Expansive Relativistic Universe (ERU)
  156. cuboctahedron and mass of large mass bosons and quarks
  157. Redness of the Sun at the horizon is evidence to the naked eye on lack of expansion?
  158. Does light make the Universe expand?
  159. Pluto atmosphere
  160. The Proof that the Universe is an absolute rotating frame.
  161. New theory challenging existing beliefs on gravity - Scientists encourage dialog
  162. Entanglement as a means of FTL communication? Possible reason SETI has found nothing?
  163. Alternative to the Big Bang model
  164. Gravity as a consequence of an accelarating expansion of the universe
  165. A dark matter theory I came up with the other night....
  166. String Theory: A new perspective
  167. Dark Matter / New Gravitational Theory in one?
  168. Not a big bang rather many little bangs?
  169. Black Holes Are Anti-Matter Solar Systems and Anti-Light is Gravity
  170. The Forgotten Astronomy/Religion/Mythology Connection
  171. Mars Could Be Green Because The Sky Is Blue
  172. [AGW Falsified by Real Data - by Zwart Gat]
  173. Anomalous Decelerations and Accelerations of Spacecraft
  174. AGW theory promoted by faith, not science
  175. The "either or" of a red shift expanding universe.
  176. Nexus: A Quantum Description of Spacetime,gravity and the Quantum Vacuum
  177. Dynamic Coulomb's Force and some more
  178. Global warming- not new!!
  179. Baryon matter / dark energy ratio in the mass of universe
  180. The Polywell -
  181. Gravity fields as fundamental elements of reality
  182. A call to Arms..
  183. Circlon Synchronicity: A New Philosophy for a Theory of the Universe, Life and Every
  184. Asking Questions of Newtonian Mechanics
  185. On Newtonian Mechanics and the Sun-Earth-Moon Ssystem
  186. Hilbert's Second Problem.
  187. Antimatter = matter universe theory
  188. So what is Time?
  189. Mirrored image view of the Carina Nebula, Is this really a look into 4D? (video)
  190. Aether theory with experimental verification
  191. Analytic Astronomy:Celebrates ZHOU Jian's Law discovered 5st Anniversary
  192. Photons - do they exist? Moved from other forum
  193. Giant planets can form close to their parent star
  194. Thinking big!
  195. The Conglomerate of Nonparallel-Universes Theory (Universe Creation Theory)
  196. Time analysis: 7 aspects of 'regular time' + 4 aspects of 'hypertime'
  197. what would it feel like to live in a world with multiple time dimensions
  198. Why singularities can’t exist
  199. A possible link between Relativity Theory and Quantumphysics: the observer
  200. New.."Theory of Frozen Universe"......by Arkadius
  201. Revealed: The equation of quantum gravity
  202. The General Theory of Stellar Metamorphosis
  203. Theory of Frozen Universe..and.. Free Fall Bodies paradox ..by Arkadius
  204. Word salad time and I did not forget the dressing.
  205. Asking Questions of Main Stream Science
  206. From the Wave Function to Reality
  207. How Dowsing Rods Work: Gravity
  208. How far is the HOMO from that to finally become SAPIENS?
  209. Stars positions - with precession
  210. BlackHoles to WhiteHoles = our universe???? Weekly space hangout WELCOME !!!
  211. The subjective experience is an underestimated tool to discover parts of our reality
  212. Brown Dwarfs or Planets?
  213. Proof of Constituent Ratio of the Universe -negative energy,dark matter,dark energy
  214. Dark Matter in the Singulosynthesis Universe
  215. Aetheron hypothesis: test that could validate or disprove an Aether Theory of gravity
  216. Tachyon Cosmology
  217. Space-generated gravity
  218. The Moon and the Weather ...
  219. Dynamic Coulomb's force v.2
  220. The Power Of Meditation
  221. Electric Sun verified Don E Scott claims.
  222. Two beefs with SR (special relativity)
  223. Explanation of non-locality interactions?
  224. Tragedy in NGC 6984
  225. A classical model of the electron
  226. Entanglement-->G,E,M
  227. Clock Paradox?
  228. How to understand gravity
  229. Dark matter; high velocity impacts in space of particular matter?
  230. Dark Force Found - Dark Matter The End
  231. Theory of Everything by illusion
  232. 'Empty' space has mass
  233. My Best Guess
  234. How to understand time
  235. this is not about astrology
  236. Our Universe is a larger version of a black hole polar jet
  237. An Ether Origin Model
  238. Stellar Metamorphosis: Stars Obey Mass-Energy Equivalence Principle
  239. Utilizing Gravity to Expand the Observable Universe
  240. Solid angle deficit and MOND
  241. Of glaciers, the Little Ice Age and the relative motion of the Solar System.
  242. Electrogravity experiments of 1911 by Piggott, Farrow, Nipher and others
  243. Electromagnetism and Gravity
  244. Atoms as Pumps
  245. The Last Time the Moon impacted the Earth was approximately 12,900 Years Ago
  246. Alice in Four D Land
  247. Applications of Solar Wind Generated Water
  248. Relativity of simultaneity and EPR paradox
  249. Cosmos1999's off topic Hilbert ATM
  250. How big intensity of the signal will register two astronomers ? Michelson Morley ?