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  1. Stellar Evolution: Establishment Dogma vs. Stellar Metamorphosis
  2. "Origins" as a basic model of physical phenomenology
  3. Magnetic Monopole
  4. Why HD camera see LINES , Why distance between lines change (24h test ) ?
  5. Why the universe is not expanding
  6. speed of light and the quantum vacuum
  7. m=DE(DM^2)...Wickipedia: m=4.9%, DE=68.3%, DM=28.6% of Universe..So... m=DE(DM^2)
  8. The real science description for GRAVITY
  9. The visible universe is an expanding hypershpere.
  10. The earth is less than 7,000 years old
  11. Global Warming is Good - it Combats the Next Ice Age
  12. An electromagnetic universe
  13. A cosmological test
  14. origin of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Overunity Machine
  16. The Universe may be infinitely old
  17. Spinning gravitational sources in DaF - gravity is just one big frame-dragging effect
  18. new black hole theory
  19. Physics in comoving space
  20. On speculative discussion -Andre Bormanis, Primary Science Consultant for Cosmos 2014
  21. Spontaneous Human Combustion
  22. Perihelion precession: a new model
  23. EFE as Compactification Mechanism
  24. 13,800,000,000 to the root of 3 * the sqrrt of DM * DE= Normal matter
  25. 13,800,000,000 to the root of 3 * the sqrrt of DM * DE= Normal matter
  26. Multiverse Theory and Galactic Spin caused by Black Holes
  27. the idea of noncentrality
  28. The gluon unmasked
  29. Video about the big bang and expansion of the Universe
  30. Violating the Conservation of Energy
  31. Thought experiment: imagining the hidden dimensions of the universe
  32. The first postulate of the Special Relativity is not valid all the time
  33. Hubble Deep Field view contradicts Big Bang theory
  34. Successful Search for Ether Drift in a Modified Michelson-Morley Experiment
  35. Bell's theorem: spooky lucky streaks?!
  36. Challenge for the Big Bang Theory
  37. Quantum entanglement: a simple matter of chances and odds
  38. Disproving the big bang with General Relativity
  39. "FROZEN" -new PERSPECTIVE ON <quantum> GRAVITY
  40. Gravity derived from Expanding Space - looking for falsification
  41. Light theory is a guessing game
  42. The Big Bang Model is Insufficiently Comprehensive
  43. Aether is for real!
  44. Aether Theory with Experimental Verification. Pioneer Anomaly
  45. Photons are electron-positron pairs, surely!
  46. Thin shell metric matching demands conformal flatness!
  47. The secret of time
  48. Dark Energy not Dark Matter responsible for flat galaxy rotational curves
  49. How will Matter behave without inertia
  50. Newton's gravitational constant, G
  51. Process by which the universe has big bang and big crunch is via a toroidal mech.
  52. The Coronal heating puzzle and the coronal mass ejection phenomenon.
  53. Stop ignoring the Carolina Bays
  54. 7_4 algorithm produced Venus .7 AU (224.7 day orbit [7.4 months]) & Mercury .4 AU
  55. 6/7 dimensions Hyperspace + 4D Regular Space & 6/7 aspects Reg. Time + 4a Hypertime
  56. 12 months are a reflection of the 12 Aspects of 1-Dimensional Time
  57. quantum shock waves
  58. A Gestalt Theory on the Nature of Light and related Phenomena
  59. Bogie's ATM Alternative Cosmology
  60. Can people see the gamma rays from gamma ray bursts?
  61. Cause of the forces
  62. Universe as game of life
  63. Iron dust and ice as Dark Matter
  64. Planet Nestor - our 'next-door' neighbors - is predicted using the FOD=6_4 algorithm
  65. Why is mathematics used as a tool for science? -ATM.
  66. Redefine Work and Heat
  67. Younger Dryas Impact sites and movement of continents afterwards
  68. Theory of Spinning bodies and Black Holes :p
  69. The Great Contraction Theory and the Supra-symetric Holotropic Metaverse.
  70. Hypersphere Cosmology
  71. BB theorists have the age of the universe, wrong!
  72. A simple new model of gravity
  73. Thousands of Evidences Against The Mainstream Model Supports a Different Model
  74. COSMIC PRESSURE...Can it be real, does it fly in the face of Structured physics?
  75. Could Earth be a "living" cell?
  76. Light has a Finite Range
  77. Absolute and Relative States in Everettian Quantum Mechanics
  78. New orbitaltheory
  79. Theories about Cosmological Behavior of Neutron Stars, Thorne-Zytkow Object
  80. The properties of the universe in itself, observer-independent: undefined?
  81. An Eternal Steady State Universe
  82. MMX in space really not done yet?
  83. DaF for general case - reproducing general relativity and calculating binary pulsar
  84. Universe expansion theory.
  85. Is gravity merely a gradient in c
  86. The Big Bang, Black Holes and Red Shift.
  87. Superluminal communication via antimatter
  88. Expansion Of Space
  89. Screw Gravity
  90. Gravity is a phenomenon of two party interaction such as transmitter and receiver.
  91. Sneak Peak at New Geology Research
  92. Potential Source of "Dark Energy"
  93. "Quantum entanglement"
  94. The Quantum Cosmology Inverse Theory (Part 1)
  95. The underlying cause of inertia and mass?
  96. " Dark Energy mystery disclosure "
  97. The moment before the big bang.
  98. What makes a rattleback work, Explained!
  99. Nested, Discontinuity, Cuboctahedron, Spinning Shpere Theory of Universe
  100. Anistropic synchrony convention
  101. Relativity of simultaneity ? A superflous idea.
  102. Duo-Verse? Dark matter/energy?
  103. Quantum Gravity
  104. TitiusĖBode law and further ramblings
  105. Special and General relativity concept evolution , mistakes and update .
  106. Gravity as conversion from distance to Energy
  107. Newton's Bucket--A New Look?
  108. "Proof" of absolute directions in the universe?
  109. The Problems of Space-time
  110. Cougar's Nobel bid
  111. Rainbow Explained?
  112. What was before the Big Bang?
  113. Eternally Collapsing Objects
  114. Addendum to "Quantum Entanglement"
  115. A theoretical idea on origin of universe.
  116. Proposed Incipient Black Hole model(ATM).
  117. The expansion universe could be an illusion. The matter should shrink instead.
  118. On Weber's law of electrodynamics - rejected for non scientific reasons?
  119. Dark matter effect in fractal topology
  120. The prime time theorey ( THE EDGE OF TIME)
  121. Days before Big Bang
  122. Grand Unified Theory FEM
  123. Point Model is Wrong
  124. A Sink-Flow Aether Model of Gravity
  125. Does physical reality only exist in the present. That there is no past nor future?
  126. Redshift Gravitoelectromagnetic Generation
  127. Confined Uniton Model
  128. Quantum Gravity: The Solution of the "Problem of Time"
  129. The new Intelligent Design <id> and the real intelligence: New Discoveries in science
  130. The Concept of Time
  131. EM Theory of gravity
  132. Dark Energy- A Consequence of Matter's Conversion to and Emission of Space
  133. The Pluto Essay
  134. Newton Gravity force in spiral galaxy
  135. Wave's are a result and proof of gravity's path and motion
  136. the Theory of Everything as It Is
  137. Re-approached Strong Gravity
  138. Spin
  139. Dillation as Field - not against the mainstreem
  140. Contraction of Universe
  141. The Fifth Force
  142. CMB - foreground modeling
  143. UFO Engine idea - flying cyclotron
  144. Please, explain this to me-how exactly space is bending?
  145. The Descent of Huygens
  146. Universal Evolutionary Process
  147. Cosmological Outline
  148. Wave on Circle and Cycloid - acceleration discrepancies in the inertial frames of ref
  149. Dimensionless Empirical Ratios of Elementary Particles and Fine Structure Constant
  150. SQuaMB (Sub Quark Magnetic Bubble) Spacetime. A simplification hypothesis.
  151. Almagest declinations
  152. Motion and mass, a same mechanism.
  153. Anthropocene to begin on December 16, 1811
  154. "Thermonuclear scattering , introduction to new atom model"
  155. Is there a T.O.E. that can go from "A to Z?"
  156. Calculating the Planck Constant
  157. Infinity
  158. The derivation of the nature of time
  159. Space, Time and the Mystery of Spontaneously generated Galaxies
  160. Mercury precession and dark matter effect
  161. These Rings We Fly
  162. On modified Keplerian dynamics (MoKD)
  163. Resolving Dark Matter
  164. Itís Not Big Bang, Itís Big Bangs. Expansion Theory And The Universe Inside Our Own
  165. Static Time [Moved]
  166. Cornice Avalanches on Mars
  167. Gravity wave sceptic!
  168. If gravitation is a gradient in c then Gravitational waves are electromagnetic
  169. The moon is an artificial object
  170. Galactic Mathematics
  171. Is Motion and its Actions the only thing discovered by science?
  172. Younger Dryas Asteroid
  173. Vacuum density - astronomical evidencies
  174. Puissant and Emergent Energy fuels creation
  175. Variable vacuum density solves the cuspy halo problem
  176. The Paradigm of Types in Cosmology and Biology
  177. Random-Causation's Big Bang versus Cosmic Design
  178. Creation Operator
  179. Magnetic Reconnection & Air Currents
  180. LIGO GRB evidence for Black holes not forming or having event horizons
  181. Where are lost planet?
  182. Misconceptions about the origin of sunspots
  183. Idea: modified spacetime curvature
  184. Darwinian Universal
  185. How many a water have Moon?
  186. Three Of Einstein's Mistakes
  187. Forces and Dimensions
  188. Machinery of Gravity
  189. Expansion of spacetime
  190. Explanation of Synchronous Geometry
  191. The Solution of Quantum Gravity
  192. The Moon, why it always faces the same side to the Earth
  193. Black Hole Modified New Gravity (BHMOND)
  194. Gravitational constant measurement dependent on ambient graviy
  195. Information Explains all Relationships
  196. Gravity is a Push and a Pull
  197. Continua are infinitesimal, so it cannot be proven that they actually don't exist
  198. Kepler's celestial laws
  199. Water, hydrocarbons and live on earth
  200. Should we ask NASA to update their old claim: the big bang has "one" serious problem.
  201. How to change weather patterns and rid the Earth of a polluted atmosphere.
  202. Conveyor Belt Theory
  203. Is the universe REALLY expanding, or is it evaporating?
  204. Moderator Captain Swoop and all other moderators
  205. Free fall in space ... continued
  206. No Black Hole Singularities
  207. Einstein's Train - (and those two pesky lightning strikes)
  208. Time. The math, code and physical.
  209. Gravitoelectromagnetism
  210. Adding to the Big Bang Theory
  211. Philosophical and Hypothetical ATM Discussion
  212. A suggestion to set cosmological constant to zero
  213. How adept is the scientific community at self-correcting? A case study.
  214. UGKT - relativistic Machian push gravity theory compatible with equations of GR
  215. Vacis
  216. A common mainstream error about the cause of runaway fusion with degeneracy pressure
  217. Why a main-sequence star slowly gaining mass will only expand, not contract at all
  218. The new hypothesis of Gravity without BH, DM and DE
  219. Quantum Hyperspheres?
  220. How gases expand when you add heat to them
  221. Formalizing Darwinian Universal
  222. There is Liquid Water In the Moon
  223. Time dilation is a function of length contraction
  224. Masses and their motion are all that nature needs to create a galaxy.
  225. a rational modification to Einsteinís field equation
  226. James Dunn's ATM thread
  227. James Dunn's ATM thread
  228. Earth--Moon Logic
  229. The moon's distance using empirical evidence
  230. Yes repulsive force in General Relativity
  231. Trigonometry is effective.
  232. Wave Energy Density Model of the Universe
  233. Dark matter and gravitational field lines
  234. How an atomic system evolved?
  235. Opinions welcomed of a petition of cosmology
  236. The Red Shift without Expansion of the Space
  237. Alternative model for the space of the universe
  238. NASA's big announcement
  239. Questioning Gravity & Relativity: Vertical Michelson-Morley Experiment
  240. Novel Redshift Equation
  241. The possible source for a red shift phenomenon
  242. Graviton Lasers & Perfect Cryonics
  243. There is evidence of the superfluid dark matter every time a double slit is performed
  244. Space-Time Black Hole Hypothesis
  245. Stationary stellar Universe
  246. We are in the outflow of a Universal black hole
  247. we're inside a singularity?
  248. Reason for expasion of the Universe...?
  249. Time. Instant or Now.
  250. Time and Relativity.