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  1. Consequences of defining mass and temperature.
  2. Frames of symmetry
  3. Did Science jump the gun, making a big bang?
  4. Anti Gravity Test / My Actual Test Video
  5. AUX Theory - extension of de Broglie hypothesis explains everything
  6. Life Itself, and the Universal Organism
  7. Climate Change Misinformation - The Keeling Curve
  8. Crude Oil Did Not Form From Compression of Vegetation - Sorry
  9. Halve the Hubble constant! (still apears to be 72km/s/Mpc)
  10. Calculation of the absolute radius of the Earth by the fundamental physical constants
  11. Solution of the Singularity Problem of Black Hole!
  12. Think I've got new theory for every thing
  13. Grand Unification equation
  14. Maybe the event horizon doesn't form with collapsing objects.
  15. Theory of dark matter and dark energy
  16. Alternative Means of Space Travel
  17. Big-Bang Universe = Flat-Earth Globes
  18. Big Bang Title = Terrible Name for the Big Bang Model
  19. Michelson and Morley vs. The Aether
  20. Big bang a big bad guess. Yup I said it. Vol2
  21. Theory of Fundamental Force is Incomplete
  22. Turns, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and Spooky Action at a Distance
  23. Speculations on the universe.
  24. Collapse and evaporation of black holes in proper time and coordinate time
  25. The Laws of Energy
  26. GALACTIC ORIENTATION a step for Quantum Gravity ?
  27. Is the universe static
  28. Trojan
  29. Riess and Plancks Hubble constant values
  30. Fundamental interactions as a property of space-time
  31. Fundamental constants in terms of Cosmological Quantities
  32. A Finite Universe Model
  33. Serious question about the state of the electricity science
  34. Finite Theory's 4 new postulates
  35. Gravity - Have we got it wrong!!
  36. Could a simple mathematical model of the universe be a good starting point?
  37. Electron mass and the Hubble parameter
  38. Why telescopes lie?
  39. Spiral arms and Density Waves
  40. Pondering Time - Are there 2 temporal dimensions? Absolute AND Relative?
  41. Doesn this Hypothesis solve Quantum Mechanic's central Wave-Particle Duality problem?
  42. Is Egypt and it's Pyramids "The World's Oldest Book of Astronomy" ?
  43. Van der Waals and Bremsshralung radiation from Sonoluminscence
  44. A Look Into A Theoretical Stable Black Hole
  45. Dubbelosix' spiral arm ATM
  46. Spiral structure - Big question - Simple answer
  47. Cosmology with a perfect Occam's razor.
  48. Spiral Galaxies: Stars move inwards with constant radial speed.
  49. A unschooled logical proposition on dark matter
  50. Black Holes and Larmor Radiation and Why I think Big Bang is Wrong
  51. Quasars
  52. Big bang VS steady state primer
  53. Excretion or accretion disc around the SMBH of Spiral galaxy?
  54. Proposal: Self gravitational magnification prevents event horizon forming.
  55. Magnetic reconnection/ quasars
  56. Cthulhu cannot be created by Hawking radiation (re: Pournelle's comments on same)
  57. There is no "Hubble's Law", and there is also no "Lemaitre's Law".
  58. Nothing.
  59. Spacetime and matter as emergent phenomena, unified field theory
  60. Gravity - Alternate Explanation
  61. GPS, relativity and tautology
  62. Testing one of Arp's key contrary views
  63. The Big Bang Theory Violates the Law of Gravity
  64. About weak gravity and time
  65. Model of Universe as described by Dynamic Universe Model
  66. Calculating the distance between the Earth and the Sun by the fine-structure constant
  67. JoeBakhos' reversed gravity idea
  68. Deriving spacetime in four-dimensional Euclidean space without time and dynamics
  69. Sphere Theory Explains Cosmic Expansion Increase Five Billion Years Ago
  70. "A unifying theory of dark energy and dark matter"
  71. Determine the mass of baryonic matter based on relativity constants ?
  72. A Better Model than Big Bang Model by ShanSun
  73. How gravity works
  74. Solving the Fermi paradox without assumptions
  75. Antigravity, engine and experiments with a flying saucer.
  76. Theory of Everything wannabe
  77. four-position product needs to be changed
  78. The Unified Field Theory
  79. The mystery of the 11-year solar cycle is probably solved