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  1. Graham Hancock
  2. Time gains
  3. New Nancy PX pics
  5. Something basic about the "Second Sun".
  6. Question...
  7. HA!
  8. PX or star with atmospheric effects?
  9. Thank you for all of your replies to my 1st posting.
  10. New pole shift date.
  11. It's the White Persona on film!
  12. Where is the RED CROSS NANCY??????
  13. No Offense Taken
  14. Nancy's true reasons come out...
  15. Troll
  16. Nancy has resorted to lying about me
  17. Picture of Planet X 2 days before arrival
  18. Is any body preparing for this?
  19. New Scientist article Dec 2002 - The hunt for Planet X
  20. Favourite Nancy Moments
  21. Sunscreen???
  22. Planet X - the final proof
  23. The Iraqi Information Minister about Planet X
  24. Planet X has passed by
  25. IRC chat in support of Phil's C2C interview tonight.
  26. Zetatalk goes offline
  27. Their Lieder's Lies - responses?
  28. Please Post Link to File "Debate" Here... ???
  29. A question about the time of the show tonight(important!)
  30. Found the Phil vs Nancy page from Zetatalk
  31. Sticky demand for transcript of C2C debate (please)
  32. Estimating you know what
  33. Nancy's "Evidence" which she plans to use in the d
  34. What is it that make people believe False ideas!!
  35. May 13 Chat Has Changed Servers!
  36. Zeta Reticuli, the map of Betty and Barney Hill
  37. PLanet X caused me to lose my Job...
  38. 25 cents says Nancy doesn't show up tonight.
  39. will there be a recording
  40. The man from Nantucket
  41. Earthquakes
  42. debate
  44. BA's Wiping the Floor with the Zetas
  46. phil vs nancy
  47. Planet X is here....
  49. A question for phil please
  50. Nice article on PX
  51. coast to coast show
  52. no belief without proof?
  53. For Arguments sake
  54. Link to C2C Radio Show
  55. Hom many listened to Coast to Coast?
  56. Im an Octopi and I don't know it????
  57. It is now 15 May 2003
  58. -off topic- Stop grinding up my coral and eating it!
  59. Planet X found in Bristol UK?
  60. Verbatim transcript of Phil/Nancy debate is here (whew!)
  62. More News on the Japanese 5/15 Cult
  63. I know when Planet X shows up..
  64. Still in a confused-state a little bit..
  65. avoiding the topic?
  66. zetatalk missing a few things
  67. The "Debate"
  68. connection?
  69. A Challenge!
  70. Please assess my PX? photo....
  71. Full Moon & Somnambulance
  72. How About Them Mammoths?
  73. Listened to Coast to Coast Last Night
  74. Phil is this much of a threat
  75. petition regarding Buffy and 24
  76. What is the LARGE CLUSTER of objects on the SOHO site???
  77. Nancy Lieder and her excessive use of Meta Tags
  78. Okay, get out the compasses.
  79. The Solution!
  80. What will happen to nancy?
  81. Nancy's Lies
  82. Status on the Search a Real 10th Planet in the Kuiper Belt
  83. FULL show of Phil on C2C AM Last Night 5/13/03 for download
  84. mp3s + transcript of Coast to Coast "Debate"
  85. Next?
  86. Great she wrote a book
  87. Question for the Astronomers????
  88. More words of 'wisdom' ;)
  89. Um... NAN???
  90. PLANET X
  91. Counting back up...
  93. Is this surious or anything?
  94. May 15th and the pics keep coming :P
  95. Old IRC Predictions For Now
  96. Nancy's upcoming IRC chat and the "AFTERTIME"
  97. U.S. Military makes fun of Planet X.
  98. Hawking Radiation and negative energy
  99. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black......
  100. All Hands Brace For Impact!!!
  101. Not Funny
  102. Um.....I blinked.....What'd I miss?
  103. last IRC for zetatalk, 5/17, predictions?
  104. Aliens - Top 10 things you don't want to hear
  105. Regarding ZetaCult and the 'disposal' of pets...
  106. James McCanney to be on Coast to Coast on Friday 5/16
  107. Eclipse Caused by PX!
  108. god damn zeta people
  109. This is Pathetic....
  110. What will happen to Zetatalk afterwards
  111. Question to Phil. How Big is the Inner Solar System?
  112. I am in need of a serious reply.
  113. Okay, let's figure this out.
  114. Magnetism explained!
  117. How long will you follow the Planet X garbage?
  118. I wonder...
  119. Anybody see anything yet?
  120. New ZT PX pics..
  121. Nancy Lieder - Terrorist?
  122. Zeta Justice
  123. PX time frame explained !
  124. Nancy Lieder - Messiah or Zetacult
  125. Nancy knows but she aint telling us!
  126. Thank you
  127. Filtered pics proving no PX
  128. Planet X Revelations
  129. Here's the Good News...
  130. Is science a belief system?
  131. What is it?
  132. Sometimes I Wonder Why We Bother....
  133. Plant X Nancy was on Q102 radio station for an Interview
  134. How many believers really?
  135. No Planet X
  136. It feels good to be alive....
  137. Just how many PX belivers are there?
  138. Poll - How many PXers
  139. Thanks Phil
  140. Nancy deposed? Revolution? No more chats?
  141. is eclipse proof?
  142. Freak woman
  143. Here's fun site.
  144. Upcoming Chat Events: 5/16 10pm EDT, 5/17 6pm EDT
  145. Sun Fun!
  146. how about...
  147. desperate times call for desperate measures!
  148. Whats this about
  149. Questions about the zetans
  150. WE ARE SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  151. Is/Did anyone listen to C2C tonight at roughly 11:45 PM PST?
  152. Plant X
  153. Nancy's SOLID dates from interview last night
  154. Is it possible that Mercury could be the remain's of a gas
  155. Zeta Quotes
  156. Hey, an actual clear day!
  157. I found this on GODLIKE, what do you all think of the theory
  158. What does Nancy's followers are thinking right now.
  159. This is Spooky
  160. Planetry harmonics
  161. Beware C/2001-Q4 ;) and some serious considerations
  162. Bmpbmp=Sam=TROLL!!! IGNORE HIM!!!! (PLEASE READ)
  163. The Big Conspiracy?
  164. I have proof PX exists!
  165. Nancy's IRC Chat Tonight?
  166. i did a little research myself...
  167. Explaining Myself
  168. Realtivity of Units of Measurement & Expansion of the Co
  169. What is he trying to insinuate
  170. Alert! Zetatalk gives exact date of pole shift!
  171. New documentation found to support PX theory
  172. This is weird..
  173. Wait a minute...
  174. I knew McCanney was a twinkie of the highest order...
  176. If no PX what did I get on film today
  177. Nancy responded to me!
  178. Rotation slowdown
  179. more and more sightings
  180. "Light from Creation Illuminates Cosmic Axis"
  181. Hey check this out...
  182. It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.
  183. Not really related to PX, but..
  184. A Question....
  185. Polar Shift??
  186. Do you Believe in it?
  188. ZetaTalk: The End
  189. EARTHQUAKE & TIME DISCREPANCY: or why ZT think they're r
  190. Lou Gentile link for Nancy Interview
  191. Does Nancy Exist at All?
  192. Anyone see anything yet????
  193. Mark Hazelwood Gets Desperate
  194. Signs,Sightings&SOHO
  195. Top Ten Reasons Why It Didn't Happen
  196. Japenese knew about PX since 1960s!
  197. For the people worrying today...
  198. If the sun will set 2 hours later...
  199. What is this, I cant make it out properly but
  200. Forum reporting late sunrise.....you know which one....
  201. So, if the sun is supposed to set two hours later tomorrow..
  202. Our apoligies for this planet x goofiness
  203. Define Nancy
  204. More questions than answers
  205. Why are so many people worried about Planet X?
  206. Nancy on Leno???
  207. Okay, new Poll
  208. SUNSET
  209. Music to End the World by
  210. What will Nancy say to the Zetas?
  211. Latest Zetatalk: Bush will blame rotation stop on terrorism
  212. Have you turned to the Light Side since joining BABB
  213. "Planet X" Size
  214. ZetaTalk Chat on May 19, 2003
  215. Oh no Banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  216. Exact coordinates near Sol
  217. ......... When All Stars are Dead ........
  218. Sun sets 2 hours, 26 minutes later than normal
  219. Path of Mars closest to earth during August
  220. My thoughts on PX
  221. Anger!
  222. PX Psychology
  223. The sun is late to rise on the East Coast of the US!
  224. You gotta give her credit for one thing though
  225. Art Bell
  226. Rogue Brown Dwarf spotted near sunrise this morning!
  227. When will it be ok to say..
  228. Interesting article on Earths Rotation Changes
  229. "Chariots of the Gods" revival in the works?
  230. Or we could start anew. Glom the best, Pinemarten the rest?
  231. Meteor impact
  232. will it happen?
  233. sun on time
  234. Is this really Logical????????
  235. Sun Rise Delays? ANYONE????
  236. PoleShiftPrepare.com explains his position
  237. J. William Dell...Supergenius...
  238. Terror Threat Level Going Up to Orange
  239. Velcro or Superglue?
  240. What will people do?
  241. Sunset as usual in Germany
  242. Somebody Alert the Media!!
  243. Nancy - A Beautiful Mind?
  244. Why oh why oh why...
  245. I know what the devout will say...
  246. Just a thought from someone new to this whole thing
  247. ...."Nancy was deathly afraid of fire"....
  248. AHHHH!!! TUESDAY MAY 27th! ("doomsday")..
  249. Screeching sound heard. Was it the Earth?
  250. dusty cameras?