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  1. Greg Takes Over Again!!!
  2. Toughts Planet X (Woormwood Nemisis ect. ect)
  3. Count Down On PoleShift Prepare
  4. Sunset is on time
  5. Newspaper Headlines from Around the World
  6. In spite of how evil it is, I think I'm going to PX. :oops:
  7. New Excuse Posted On Godlike BB
  8. UFO Sighting, anyone see this
  9. It might still be there, anyway!
  10. Enlightening IRC Chat
  11. Ok, its not real, people. Move along....
  12. FOLKS!!!
  13. What worried me the most about Planet X--
  14. Little Dutch Boy nominations taken here
  15. Planet X Confirmed By Iraqi Information Minister
  16. Prepare for the coming of PX
  17. Did she actually trademark her insanity?
  18. Just Maybe
  19. Nancy's Next Move...
  20. Doin' the Rounds
  21. The weather suddenly changed
  22. Has everyone missed this?
  23. Hello New Here
  24. For those of us without ICQ, what are they saying now?
  25. Zetatalk on IRC ends
  26. Is the earth susposed to completely stop rotating today?
  27. Nancy seems to still believe Kid A's Photo
  28. Concerning the New Discovered Brown Dwarf
  29. The Day After - updates on the drones
  30. Nancy should get sued
  31. Are you really in touch with aliens?
  32. Haha According to many godlikes the sun
  33. People, may I make a suggestion?......
  34. New kid on the block?
  35. Contra Kepler
  36. This is the thread where we all give ROTATION UPDATES!
  37. Hows does this sound for reasoning
  38. Zeta believers feelings summed up in a nutshell
  39. I say we still keep a eye open on sunset/rise
  40. Geocentrism vs. Heliocentrism in the classroom
  41. Nancy Escaping
  42. What does that l;ook like to all of you
  43. Anyone able to access
  44. Earthquake in Algeria. Guess who's to blame.
  45. Once upon a supposed existance....
  46. May 20 IRC chat w/Nancy
  47. Zetas and the Mars face.
  48. Latest from Nancy (through QueenVee's email)
  49. You know, there is a name for Nancy's condition...
  50. More "White Lies" from Nancy and her Zeta Friends.
  51. Like my tune?
  52. A question about the 10th planet
  53. OMG! Nightime Pic of Something odd in the Sky!
  54. What DO they teach in schools these days?
  55. Imagine what the PXers would make of this image!
  56. Nancy's Endgame: Not Over Yet (long)
  57. Once upon a supposed existance....still
  58. Internal Nancy TT-Inc. e-mail:
  59. how people respond...
  60. What About Those That Did Run And Hide???
  61. The Standard Model cannot be "wrong"
  62. PlanetX question...
  63. Did the Earth Stop Rotating But The Gobmint Covered It Up?
  64. Most elaborate rationalisation...
  65. Samsara2003 is back up, with **
  66. In the words of Alexander Pope...
  67. In the Interest of Openness...
  68. is it over?
  69. Is it Mars or Venus in the Webcam anyone know
  70. Programmable matter
  71. Another test: "GOTO" scopes
  72. Any word on India?
  73. New email from Nancy to Queenvee
  74. Explination of why there was no rotation slow down/poleshift
  75. if this was really gonna happen
  76. What's up with J. William Dell?
  77. Some people just dont give in
  78. Something I would dearly like to see...
  79. Samsara scares me.
  80. Just out of curiosity...
  81. PX/NancyL: A theory and a challenge
  82. Ecllipse other night
  83. WOW!!! The EQ rate is off the scale!!
  84. (May 22) ZetaTalk chat on #ZTChat.
  85. Alright I ithink i am getting it now
  86. The Zeta White Lie Fron Troubled Times at Yahoo
  87. should we worry
  88. PX2003 Proponents Greatest Blunders!
  89. What is Swan
  90. I dont belive in black holes
  91. Queen Vee's Chat
  92. Check this out hat do you think
  93. Bored fun with the Zetas
  94. Guys this thread is really starting to freak me out now
  95. Some Brush Gravity papers on the web
  96. These people can't let go!
  97. Some Tactics and Technics for Debating
  98. Gub'mint contradiction . . . I can't stand it anymore
  99. planet xxx
  100. No Planet X party?
  101. Is Nancy on the Lou Gentile show tonight?
  102. Art Bell?
  103. Sci-Fi help
  104. How do you think of this coming comet by SOHO spots ?
  105. Almost had the chance to have an argument with CaptainNibiru
  106. The Official Queen Vee site ! Let er' Rip !!!
  107. Nowt happened....
  108. Do you *REALLY* ignore the true identity Queen Vee?!?!?!?
  109. "White Lie" revealed, expect ZT to continue withou
  110. This is Killing me
  111. The "White Lie".....
  112. Is this Bad
  113. What is this website for QueenVee?
  114. Good Humor About False Alarms on Pole Shift!!
  115. Whats this about
  116. Yo Skywatcher? ;)
  117. holes in scientific theory
  118. More defections from Nancy's PX......
  119. Well, i've had enough.
  120. New photos on Nancy's website
  121. Sun still set here
  122. Any recent Info on Peculiar Nova in Monoceros (V838 Mon)?
  123. Compendium O' PX links
  124. I know who Nancy is now.....
  125. Giants on Earth(Discovery)
  126. This saddens me to no end.....
  127. Nancy posts to tt-watch
  128. no comment necessary
  129. Open Letter to Pro-PXers...
  130. I can foresee....
  131. Totally silly explanation of dark energy...
  132. Annular Ecplise
  133. Another day, another earthquake....
  134. Fatal flaw in ZetaTalk logic (Stop the presses!)
  135. Spacedaily.com column about PX, etc. (mentions this website)
  136. Just a bit off...
  137. Good humor Poll
  138. Mysteries of ZetaTalk
  139. Has anyone else had trouble getting here?.....
  140. So what does this look like to you,
  141. Nancy felt it, it must be true!
  142. are these people freakin morons or what!?!?!
  143. Giant hail
  144. May 27th and no pole shift
  145. Explanation for alot of quakes
  146. v838 monhttp://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/aas202_strange
  147. VERY INTERESTING.....a bit long but very interesting.
  148. Time Drift=Normal!
  149. Whither the Planet X Forum?
  150. Zetaloons: its called the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
  151. Checking in
  152. Anyone catch C2C last night?
  153. For those concerned about an earthquake ‘uptick’
  154. Top 10 Nancy Lieder Anagrams
  155. Why were so many drawn to Zeta Talk
  156. Someone smarter than me debunk these latest PX pictures
  157. Nancy will be backing this soon....
  158. Nancy was on a local radio this morning...you have to listen
  159. QUICK! Someone save this photo!.....
  160. Visit to an observatory
  161. PEOPLE *PLEASE*!!!!!!!!
  162. Are all laws laws?
  163. The politics of science
  164. Whoa Nelly (uh, I mean Nancy)
  165. Oh jeez..
  166. Hey
  167. SO now they cant tell time or date?
  168. Regarding short wavelengths of light
  169. Super Zetario Brothers
  170. The Man from Planet X.
  171. Kinda disappointed
  172. Way to go Bad Astronomy!
  173. HUGE sunspot & solar flares...
  174. Sadness In The PoleShift Camp, They Can't Let Go
  175. I dont believe in the big bang
  176. Did I miss it?
  177. time to laugh off another photo
  178. Planet X Class Action Lawsuit
  179. Decent conspiracy theories
  180. Nancy just started another 'it wasn't me' campaign
  181. Alex W. Predicts...
  182. Official Post regarding the May 26th Observatory Photos
  183. Will the Eclipse End the PX Madness?
  184. Any comment on these pics,
  185. Troubled Times Board Meeting?
  186. Nancy to be on KROQ Radio in LA on Monday
  187. eclipse--of course
  188. Danger - Code Yellow
  189. I posted this somewhere else.........
  190. :) Watch out for that magma surge! :)
  191. Times for Eclipse
  192. Lok at around 5 to 6 oclock
  193. Nancy said there'd be no more Zetatalk...
  194. Did the eclipse start yet
  195. ladies and gentlmen, Place your bets!
  196. If You're Reading This, The World Didn't End
  198. c=infinite black hole?
  199. There's nothing left to talk about
  200. heh..a "weird" picture
  201. June 1st
  202. Ok what the is this
  203. Wisconsin is looking a bit "Madame Tussaud's" :(
  204. My Apologies
  205. The Pigs Are Becoming Men
  206. Latest ZetaSquawk
  207. What ARE they teaching in schools these days Part 2
  208. No more "sci.astro debates" for Nancy!
  209. Is This Nancy Leider
  210. It's June 1, 2003. It's not here. Leave.
  211. Countdown: -1 years 11 months.
  212. Astronomy Question
  213. Legal Reasons?
  214. Planet X science contest with extra points for creativity
  215. I'm Back!
  216. Very Off Topic computer question (Sorry BA)
  217. Nancy being sued.
  218. Nancy on Lou Gentile
  219. Nancy Lieder on KROQ 6/2/03
  220. Interesting PX site...
  221. If you want to....
  222. PX has been saved by trek and x-men!
  223. Our sun...
  224. queenvee quits
  225. Post Modern **
  226. Admonition to stay away from GLP
  227. Has Anyone Had This Happen?
  228. QueenVee is gone
  229. Does anyone have an Explanation for these Pics
  230. Ask for help
  231. Those Zany UCLA Astronomers
  232. New Spew
  233. ZetaScience rules! NOT!
  234. Who believes In Planet X?
  236. Music For The Great PX Non-Event
  237. FAQ: Taking pictures of the sky
  238. Charlane gives in
  239. Guide to Creationist Claims -- Help Wanted
  240. queenvee's back
  241. The Zeta's clocks are wrong again!!
  242. the Zetas Explain the poleshift
  243. Please tell me what this is.
  244. Not again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  245. More ZT Piccies - they get better with age!
  246. JUST FOUND....
  247. Did I miss it?
  248. Signs of the times: have you ignored a zeta message ?
  249. FINALLY--a ZetaTalk posting we can all agree with!!
  250. Nancy reminds me of someone