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  1. Planet X mention on "Unscrewed" 6/5.
  2. Newest ZT Pics
  3. PX, Zetans, Nancy, and the whole ball of wax...
  4. Too many topics to follow
  5. Very interesting picture
  6. I just don't understand!!
  7. Lense Flares as PX
  8. This is a joke right
  9. Amazing EIT images on SOHO right now....
  10. Looks Good
  11. Lensflare - This is how they look.
  12. Expanding earth video
  13. A question to put my worries to rest...
  14. Article on Intellicast
  15. For those who've asked 'What harm can this PX stuff do?'....
  16. Wanna hear something funny
  17. Gravity Wave Detector
  18. READ info before vote on poll to fix too many topics?
  19. Are there any observations that would ...
  20. I Feel Like An Idiot
  21. The Magma is bobbling again!
  22. Does anyone have the Coast To Coast Interview
  23. They just don't give up...
  24. Hey! I need some help with a Stationary Earther!
  26. APOD has pic of PX crossing the sun!
  27. Where is the Planet X?
  28. Whats this all about?
  30. Someone on Godlike is actually doing SCIENCE
  31. Type 1 Dyson Sphere
  32. Shouldn't PX be moving away from the earth/sun?
  33. Name The Ice Cream
  34. "Unscrewed" to be cancelled due to PX?
  35. Where's Mark Hazelwood?
  36. PX - My View
  37. How Bad Was It?
  38. First PX, now this...
  39. Am I the only one who can NEVER get onto Godlike? Seriously
  40. Another reason to keep countering zetatalk:
  41. Science and "Popular" writing
  42. Anyone udnerstand this at all
  43. Big Bang and conservation of energy
  44. Tried To Get The Newbie's At Godlike To See The Error
  45. PX Report Form (Long)
  46. Nancy is at it again
  47. And this is... ?
  48. Obsolete Theory of Gravity Refuted! Read All About It!
  49. Nice writeup of BA in Knoxville newspaper
  50. Confused
  51. another tired light website
  52. Military clocks
  53. open letter to Nancy
  54. New Picture
  55. The black sun experiment.
  56. Planet X and the book of Revelations
  57. 2 planet x questions
  58. Roswell & Balloons
  59. New to the Forum
  61. Camera comparison
  62. Why would the "Aliens" contact people like Nancy a
  63. Why Planet X When Real Astronomy is Far more interesting
  64. Black Dot- another opinion
  65. Question
  66. Pathetic, just pathetic.
  67. Lou Gentile - Nancy Lieders latest babble
  68. Godlike - Doglike?
  69. Interview on The Edge radio June 9, 2003
  70. Hi
  71. Who's Worse?
  72. An Idea For the Site
  73. feasability
  74. Nancy's Mental Illness?
  75. Shots of sun with filters
  76. Good Expolanation
  77. Cyberspaceorbit - The True 'Quest'
  78. Thanks for being a "Candle in the Dark"
  79. This guy is kidding right
  80. No disrespect intended, George...
  81. British scientist puts odds of Apocaplyse at 50-50
  82. What are people seeing in these pictures?
  83. Nancy makes another prediction?
  84. Memorial for the Columbia Crew
  85. Man-created Black Hole apocalypse
  86. The Edge Interview
  87. Latest on Godlike
  88. The Hokey factor - picture judging
  89. movies
  90. Friday June 13th - full moon!!!!
  91. Planet X and "Bad News" addiction
  92. What about the June 1 deadline?
  93. The end of July?
  94. Question....
  95. LOL Godlike seems to be getting violent now,
  96. South Pole tug
  97. Ibiza- Planet X Goes Largin' It!
  98. Nancy's poles are backwards
  99. Err..
  100. What's Next?
  101. Bad Astronomy, even worse Sci-Fi
  102. Niburu and Photosynthesis
  103. The BA NEEDS to post this quote on his website!
  104. Is this a normal occurence
  105. Official Debunker Badge
  106. North pole wander...
  107. What's next?
  108. Nancy uses NZ volcanocam moon pics
  109. 'Godlike and Signs'
  110. Something strange about this post
  111. An analysis of Nancy/Zetatalk -- BULLSEYE!!!!
  112. This is very interesting
  113. Now the USGS is in on it too.....
  114. Question
  115. Where is godlike getting their earthqauke Info
  116. Well....
  117. Jazz History
  118. Columbia audio tape: Hoax???
  119. Have you checked out The Dark Star Theory?
  120. Best answer on Godlike I have seen yet...lol
  121. is this true?
  122. Transcript: Nancy On Lou Gentile (LONG)
  123. BA article in Knoxville News
  124. I think I may have found the NBDC (Next Big Doomsday Cult)
  125. What does this mean.... dumb question, sorry!
  126. String theory query
  127. Nancy Is Becoming Even more Incoherent
  128. Dark Matter and Dark Energy Possibilities?
  129. Someone had a link about Godlike Science here is another one
  130. What is the object at around 1-2 oclock
  131. 'Safe area' - but not so safe...
  132. Roswell Article
  133. McCanney on C2C last night...
  134. Planet X survivalists arrested in forest
  135. The latest from Nancy
  136. How to make your own ** Godlike story!
  137. skywatcher's posts
  138. Another reflection example.
  139. Godlike Productions stupid post of the month award
  140. A Good Read.
  141. Proof that kooks come in different varieties
  142. DFA On Godlike
  143. Nancy today
  144. Now Hears Something you don't see every day
  145. Elaine is putting up BA forum posts on Godlike
  146. scientology dangerous cult science.
  147. June 13th 2003 Southern California Sunset Pics!
  148. good astronomy
  149. this place is terrible
  150. BABBers posting to GodLikeProductions (and elsewhere)
  151. Is this true?
  152. Two Paradoxes of Standard Models
  153. Another failed NanZeta prediction?
  154. Kudos For Bad Astronomers
  155. T shaped mothership
  156. My last nail in the ZT Coffin; theory of the Evergreen Troll
  157. Some serious bad astronomy
  158. A new threat...
  159. Seriously Stupid UFO Story
  160. This is priceless
  161. Planet X in the comics
  162. I guess Nancy is not very smart
  163. Oh No! Planet X on a State Test!
  164. Is it possible to design a doomsday cult...
  165. STS107: Maybe it wasn't the foam after all
  166. Zetatalk slowing down
  167. Does anyone got any links
  168. Wait a tic...
  169. The Earth is Elastic!!
  170. How to contact aliens...
  171. The slowing down page on zetatalk
  172. A Brief History of the Apocalypse
  173. Red Dust? Planet should be stopped by now!
  174. ZetaTalk is the Crank of the Day
  175. I just had a dream about the Zetas!
  176. Bad Photography
  177. Rah & deck?
  178. A rather strange Planet X article
  179. Godlike crop circles
  180. What is the "Shard" on the surface of the moon, re
  181. When Kooks Collide - Episode #3 (at least)
  182. Nancy says SOHO going down for the count!
  183. Zetatalk back in the day, if you have time to kill....
  184. An Astronomy-Related Briefing From The Onion
  185. Goodbye
  186. They are falling again!
  187. STOP WITH THE PICTURES!! please....
  188. Was that an E.T. Mother ship?
  189. SARS from Mars?
  190. I am Confused (again)
  191. Zeta's Are Getting Desperate-let the fun begin
  192. If a space craft were to remain in one place
  193. Computer science project
  194. i bet nancy cant wait for tomorrows analtalk news update...
  195. ZetaTalk Still Having Probs with its Clocks
  196. Is magnetism another form of gravity or related to it?
  197. The Longest Day of the Year
  198. The Zetatalk Legacy?
  199. Black holes and new elements
  200. Coincidence?
  201. Anymore chat amongst BABB'ers?
  202. Solar Variability
  203. Atlantic rift moved to western Siberia?
  204. Problems with the Electric Star theory.
  205. Lets invite nancy..
  206. 'Signs of the Times'??????????????
  207. The Earth's axes are not tilted-ANALOGY
  208. August 28 2003: Mars at its (ominous?) closest
  209. Planet-X or Niburu, Nibiru, Nemesis or Marduk - hoax
  210. What's up with SOHO?
  211. Nancy Caught Changing the Record Again
  212. Is Nancy Getting Desperate with This or What?
  213. Could we behave ourselves?
  214. questions about "exploding Earth" hypotesis
  215. 5 bucks says....
  216. Will Hazelwood, McCanney and others be as effective as Nancy
  217. "The Stage is Set," from ZetaTalk "Whats New&
  218. Let's look for something strange in this recent SOHO pic!
  219. Sun and Moon Question
  220. Is it possible that observed extra-solar gas giants are...
  221. What Happened!
  222. Want to be like John Edward?
  223. Shocker: Phobos still there!
  224. How long before reports of these show up on Godlike?
  225. Sci Fi Channel wants US to probe UFOs
  226. Nancy Learns About Disclaimers!!
  227. EPOD shows Planet X!
  228. Lensing need not be gravitational
  229. An introduction, a thank you, and a question
  230. Gravity question... again
  231. Sci Fi or UFOs?
  232. X-prize Disqualification
  233. A Different View of Elaine (Of GLP Fame)
  234. Oldie but goodie.
  235. Anyone know a simulator
  236. Solar Flares and Sunspots
  237. Why does this lens flare look like it's behind the clouds?
  238. Lieder-Martell debate moved to July 11th.
  239. The Big Dipper
  240. Zetatalk strikes out again!
  241. A question on sunsets
  242. AIG and Jupiter
  243. Mars Approch
  244. How UFOs work
  245. Will Someone Please Summerize
  246. *TEN* bucks say ;)
  247. Nancy and the Zetas admit they are just telling stories?
  248. Data Mining Nancy
  249. Ever More tangential Signs of the Times
  250. Since June is almost over....