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  1. Just a question......
  2. Why does this SOHO pic look like this?
  3. Good News-Art Bell 'Officially' Alive :)
  4. Does anyone believe that the Dogon legends are true?
  5. Let's all pay tezzer one final farewell
  6. Another Nutcase "Sign" Posting
  7. The Zetas were mentioned on The History Channel!
  8. are we dead yet?
  9. A voice of reason
  10. Someone at Godlike has a sense of humor
  11. You Have to Read the Latest ZetaBabble
  12. Queenvee pulls her chute!
  13. Nancy Hard at Work Again
  14. A REAL Message from the Zetans!
  15. A Special Announcement From The United States Navy
  16. PX Affects Iraq!!
  18. NASA to investigate man who gets energy from sun w/o food
  19. Sunrise questians
  20. Sun PIC with no Nancy effects,dogs,double trouble
  21. Slowing Confusion on Zetatalk web site
  22. More Delusional Postings from ZetaTalk
  23. Comets and Christianity
  24. Neat zetatalk photos, heh...
  25. UFO's Top Secret (Sci-Fi)
  26. Something Awful
  27. Sign of the Times # 78 is confusing!?!
  28. Little confused over Planet X
  29. Hammer & Sickle on the Moon first
  30. alien interview?
  31. Green Meteors
  32. What planet or star is this
  33. How long..
  34. The Speed of light
  35. Are you a Disinfo Agent?
  36. New PX pics.
  37. New Discussion Group
  38. 5 bucks says......Part 2
  39. New Discussion Group
  40. Um, a quick question...
  41. A quick poll......... ;)
  42. How UFos Work part II
  43. How UFOs Work PartII
  44. Extra Solar Planets Discussion
  45. Origin of Life on an Expanding Mars
  46. rather see some video
  47. Hey Phil!
  48. USNO coverup
  49. Earth only 6,000 years old????????
  50. Hope springs eternal..
  51. Did the rotation stop?
  52. This is still going on???
  53. Nancy's got some new rants of her own on the Whats New page
  54. The Absolute Absurdity of the Roundness of the Earth
  55. Say it were true?
  56. Nancy STILL Don't Understand How Clocks Relate to Rotation
  57. Finally, Pole Shift Insurance.
  58. Review of my latest PX talk in Sarasota Florida paper
  59. Sign of the times #93, partially made up?
  60. Seattle-area islands dissapear!!!
  61. Blackhole in Siberia. Multiple theories
  62. Are There New Laws of Physics?
  64. Religion and Science
  65. That GBYC webcam sure gets around!
  66. Planet X on Futurama?
  67. 10 mile Pulsars
  68. Nancy needs to check her own links...
  69. SOHO Satalite...
  70. Alien life
  71. Stock Market Tip from Nancy?
  72. Bouw's "Biblical Astronomer"
  73. Whats right about the bible?
  74. Does Nancy like Mudvayne?
  75. Is the earth slowing or is it just Nancy's brain?
  76. Whoa nelly...
  77. The PlanetNancy Backpedal Datepool is On!
  78. Another great pic
  79. Where did the energy go???
  80. New pic of "hollow" PX...aka smoke ring.
  81. Nancy Leider dabates Jason Martell Friday on Lou Gentile!
  82. The Zetas chime back in.....
  83. Pluto and planet X
  84. Red rainbow implies Planet X
  85. NASA Caught Recycling Old SOHO Pix (Says Nancy)
  86. Concerned Citizens Write to Congress Re: NEOs
  87. What if the Big Bang was...
  88. Pluto, a planet or not?
  89. CNN: Stonehenge riddle 'solved.'
  90. Brain Teaser from Socrates
  91. Crop Circles ( Resolution Center Page 1 and 15 ).
  92. Sign #99
  93. Challenge: derive Ptolemy from first principles
  94. Nancy at Her MOST Psychotic!!
  95. Nancy Lieder v. Jason Martell tonight! (July 11, 2003)
  96. End Zetatalk
  97. I was on the radio...I was on the radio...I was on the radio
  98. Mark Hazelwood on tech tv
  99. User's Guide to Time Travel by Michio Kaku
  100. Planet X, pics, and the ecliptic...
  101. What to do when you encounter a PX'er...
  102. Quantum tunneling?
  103. New Pic of the "White Persona"
  104. Well, Steve Havas is still hanging on to Nancy's pants leg.
  105. The Last Thing They'll Ever See
  106. New Pic of Planet X
  107. The "Big Rip" to end universe in 20 bln years.
  108. Nancy's poll numbers.
  109. Early Nancytalk
  110. Conspiracy Theorists
  111. Like the song says...
  112. Nancy Diddling the Signs Again!
  113. Tom Van Flandren: Gravity faster than Light
  114. Creationist critique of Galileo
  115. Will time travel ever be possible?
  116. CHA-ching!
  117. That's why we cannot simply ignore people like Nancy..
  118. Proof There's Some Real Damage From This Nonsense...
  119. Cassini:geocentrist
  120. And another one bites the dust...
  121. Jan Comes Close to Calling it Quits
  122. What? Again!
  123. Planet X Parody
  124. past may 2003
  125. bright red....star?
  126. PX Pic
  127. I can't belive it. x_x
  128. Excellent shot of the Sun.
  129. Analysis of SOHO "Fakery"
  130. Are people more crazy than they used to be?
  131. Someone is catching on...
  132. Sentient Meat
  133. Stop Cassini?
  134. New PX pics.
  135. End Of Troubled Times, Inc.?
  136. An *%$%$#^$!!!! observation, and a question
  137. Aliens Covering Their Butts
  138. Still clinging to hope....
  139. The REAL TRUTH behind Planet x ^.~
  140. Spectroscopic Binary fringes indicative of Geocentricity?
  141. This One is Painful
  142. Martian Virus.. could one actually infect a human?
  143. SOHO fakery....
  144. ZPE slinks back into the news... slow day at The Guardian?
  145. Since there is websites about this, here's mine
  146. Are You Blind???
  147. Venus supports other life NOT as we know it; Guth Venus
  148. Center of rotation of the universe
  149. Planet X now found in crop circles!
  150. Technologically advanced aliens...with 3rd grade educations.
  151. is time an illusion?
  152. Could Nancy really mean PV instead of PX
  153. Who wants to destroy Planet X?
  154. Red Dust!
  155. Best view of Planet X yet
  156. Is PX on LSD?
  157. Still??????????????
  158. Worms on Mars
  159. If Sitchin's translations are RIGHT...What would it prove?
  160. so rotation IS slowing...
  161. Chemtrails + Planet X
  162. Doomsday PX Party?
  163. Why am I still interested in this whole thing?
  164. Whatever happened to blood red?
  165. Big CRUNCH!
  166. Desperation for Nancy.
  167. I've got a story idea...
  168. Life on Titan
  169. View the Sun from the Zetas Home World!
  170. Dark Skies Movement
  171. Why Nancy keeps going and going....
  172. the shift = sunk
  173. Nancy Gets the "Truth" From An "Astronomer&qu
  174. Occulting Sun ???????
  175. November 2003 Approach Truth or Fiction
  176. The Case for a 13-month Year
  177. My Theory + More
  178. Pulsars
  179. Stonehenge and astronomical knowledge.
  180. Slight problems with Big Bang
  181. Mars closest in 60000 years
  182. Three dimensional concepts of gravity wells
  183. New to all of this.
  184. TT board meeting?
  185. Signs of the times, here we go again
  186. Looks like the the plug got pulled on QueenVee
  187. Um........ what about the Lasco C3
  188. I'm off.....
  189. Forest for the trees
  190. Slowing Discrepancies
  191. PX evidence to Nancy, beautiful sunset to us
  192. Nancy describes herself on Godlike...
  193. TT July Agenda and letter from Jan
  194. Dark Matter
  195. Did the Bible Get This Right ?
  196. Turn up the volume for antigrav drive???
  197. Bad ET's, Don't they obey the road rules?
  198. Impervious to the evidence
  199. Arp and Two Point Angular Correlation Function
  200. Nancy - Hook, Line, and Sinker
  201. Occulting? What happened to the rotation stoppage?
  202. Even more proof Nancy doesn't know what she's talking about
  203. What is more important? History or astronomy?
  204. Brane theory video
  205. Colt's Objects
  206. The 3D Universe as we know it, is really a Holograph?
  207. Fire dragons!
  208. Does Distance Decay?
  209. Here's a site that also talks about Planet X!!
  210. Hey,were alive! hehe
  211. Comets getting bigger, McCanney
  212. there ARE people still worried
  213. How long....
  214. PX in Foetean Times
  215. How often do you check the BA Planet X Forum?
  216. Blood moon
  217. What are you guys scared of?
  218. Why We Still Need This Forum......
  219. why??????
  220. Is this present universe a one time shot??
  221. Help! This lens flare is coming to kill us all!
  222. Scientific Dating Methods
  223. I have a couple of questions.
  224. I'm sorry to do this....
  225. Just before the BB
  226. More Inconsistencies
  227. A fish, the Moon, and no Idea!
  228. A Unified Model for the Evolution of Galaxies
  229. Would you admit that PX exists if there was proof.
  230. Flat stars, flat brains!
  231. If you don't believe in the red monster, look at this!
  232. Zeno's Paradox and the Dichotomy - what's the conundrum?
  233. ET Life
  234. Planet X on the news ...
  235. Revolutionary theory about time... or not
  236. Have some questions
  237. Going to Mars
  238. bizzar picky from mars (another one!)
  239. I had a dream...
  240. Sigh - Nancy on Lou Gentile *again*
  241. The end of Zetatalk is near:
  242. Is an asteroid/phobos going to impact earth soon?
  243. Nancy Fodder
  244. AAAA It's happened! Proof of the poleshift!
  245. Obvious question
  246. Planet X in old plate logs?
  247. Hope Nancy doesn't subscribe to EPOD
  248. What is still going on here?
  249. PX photos, leprechauns' pots of gold...
  250. New Planet X Photos: Fuji vs. Canon