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  1. New discoveries in genomics?
  2. Life and non-life, what lies in between and how do we define it?
  3. Question for any chemists out there
  4. agriculture = technology?
  5. Why we don't get probability
  6. LHC on Sep. 10
  7. How does light bounce off a surface?
  8. Fly-swatting Tips
  9. Anthropogenic Climate Change Contribution
  10. Over Unity and Quantum Mechanics.
  11. Something I don't understand about human attraction.
  12. What is zero*infinity?
  13. bad vibes
  14. Some interesting baseball **...
  15. Will the LHC experiment be allowed to go ahead
  16. Relativity simulator software...
  17. [Question] Correct usage of term: topology vs topography
  18. Would it matter if the LHC were to kill everyone?
  19. Anyone know of a more biomed-focused forum?
  20. Nobel Prize season 2008
  21. Bletchley gets £50,000 donation
  22. Large Hadron Collider (LHC) News
  23. Geo-engineering and terraforming
  24. Wilczek/Lightness of Being
  25. The Shelley spat
  26. The relationship between the mass and radius of a black hole
  27. Large Hadron Collider versus Global Warming
  28. Mechanism from nature for breaking supersymmetry of E8 in Lisi's TOE
  29. Gamma Ray Burst
  30. Science is rational; scientists are not
  31. Clock Ambiguity and Physical Laws
  32. world's first synthetic tree
  33. Biological Tinkering
  34. A step towards thermal hydrogen production
  35. Zombies invade earth!
  36. HVDC = High voltage direct current power line
  37. Cambridge Gets Chronophage Clock
  38. gluonics
  39. Is Polarity a law?
  40. LHC Doom Threads - Conspiracy Theory?
  41. biggest known primes: new Mersenne primes discovered
  42. Parallel lines
  43. Neil Bartlett died.
  44. Evolving the Single Daddy
  45. Oldest rocks
  46. Why Winter is the Flu season
  47. Sun blocked windows
  48. Science Fiction theme – complete sci-fi or based in real science?
  49. Weird picture.
  50. Latest news about hydrogen fuel cells
  51. The use of the phrase 'counter intuitive'
  52. Wanted: Intelligent Aliens, for a Research Project
  53. Oh No!: Pterosaurs couldn't soar, says expert
  54. Using Photosynthesis to create fuel
  55. Cannabis less harmful than drinking. Go figure.
  56. QCN - Quake Catcher Network (BOINC)
  57. This makes me angry
  58. Why philosophize?
  59. Using Math to Explain How Life on Earth Began
  60. How to Teach Science to the Pope
  61. Two Ideas That Didn't Seem To Go Anywhere
  62. The Man Who Patented the 20th Century
  63. Direct Measurement of Gravity Field
  64. George Palade, cell biologist and Nobel laureate, dies
  65. Resolution of the human eye
  66. Giant Crystal Cave
  67. Should we believe scientists?
  68. Scientists: Shark's Pup A 'Virgin Birth'
  69. The Certainty Bias: A Potentially Dangerous Mental Flaw
  70. Early humans left Africa 1.8 million years ago
  71. Earth at Night
  72. New cancer busting compound...
  73. New spark in classic experiments
  74. The Purell Defense?
  75. Is the measurement problem an example of essential incompleteness?
  76. Which do people feel are worse for electricity generation? Fossil Fuels or Fission?
  77. A Question About A Jar Of Infusoria.
  78. When is evolution not evolution?
  79. Original 'Gladiator's' Tomb Unearthed in Rome
  80. Good flight, but I'm tired
  81. Does your pencil have a quantum eraser?
  82. New source of X-rays found
  83. The Zeppelin flies again
  84. Democratisation and growth
  85. Collapses of Civilizations
  86. After Initial Failure And A Broadening Of The Population Sampling...
  87. Geologic Map of North America
  88. On Cows and Milk and Humans.
  89. No global cooling consensus
  90. Secrets of Primate Economics
  91. Why Do My Crickets Die When I Feed Them Corn?
  92. FYI: New deadly virus found
  93. Printing a heart
  94. Dire Predictions global warming text
  95. Cloud Computing
  96. Logical Paradoxes Concerning Dinosaur Biophysics?
  97. Geology Discussion
  98. Theories and Laws
  99. Gliocladium roseum (oil revisited)
  100. novelty theory
  101. Moore's Law and physical limits
  102. Gender Differences In Reading Performance
  103. If Fantastic Four were snails...
  104. Consumer Nuclear Batteries?
  105. How would computers do mathematics?
  106. The hardest logic puzzle ever
  107. Turning Tequila into Diamond
  108. The benefits of *forgetting*
  109. Tornado/Waterspout Question.
  110. Google flu tracking
  111. Mapping the leaves...
  112. HERE is your flying car
  113. Mountain growth rates
  114. Testing cosmic factors on earth.
  115. Lots of anti-matter created by Laser
  116. technological singularity
  117. The Fossil Record
  118. Are college degrees in "sustainability" needed?
  119. Reported ocean cooling was data error
  120. Wolfram rule 30
  121. Strange species
  122. GRAPE Sized Amoebas?
  123. Einstein's formula proven correct
  124. Cloned mammoth in the offing. Perhaps Neanderthals next.
  125. Why Columbus thought he made it across
  126. What is the quantum interpretation of reflection?
  127. Smilodon fatilis was a sociable animal...
  128. Science in 10, 20 and 50 years?
  129. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
  130. Are strings a theory or a philosophy?
  131. Hawking going to Canada
  132. Question for chemists
  133. Procrastinating Again? How to Kick the Habit
  134. Philosophy
  135. N2o4
  136. Does Inflation prove GUTs?
  137. Microwave Ovens
  138. ancient cannabis from Central Asia
  139. Grief Hallucinations: Visits from the Deceased
  140. Bacteria lined up end-to-end...
  141. Another mad Bolonkin idea: Floating pipelines!
  142. India's Green Energy Unaffected by Global Economic Slowdown
  143. The "Golden Age" of Popular Science Magazine
  144. Zinc oxidation
  145. earths missing layer
  146. A problem with scaling
  147. Intelligent men have better swimmers!
  148. Why is c so important?
  149. Relevant?
  150. Gene Evolution -and Has life naturally selected to evolve more quickly?
  151. For those interested in Fish.
  152. What would a "flat" world be like?
  153. Bernoulli Was Right - But That's Not Why Airplanes Fly
  154. Has the signature of Planet X been detected?
  155. Magnetite Crystal Pyramid
  156. I Wonder if They Give Credit to Heinlein on the Patent Application?
  157. Changing IT Paradigms and Lockdown
  158. Supercapacitors are Here!
  159. Lithium ion engine
  160. Proper Science
  161. Rubber ducky you're the one
  162. Eight-PlayStation3 Supercomputer
  163. Sarcasm useful for detecting dementia
  164. Why does Earth have oceanic and continental crust?
  165. Among Dolphins, Tool-Using Handymen Are Women
  166. What s life?
  167. nuclear fusion: possibly around the corner?
  168. 2,000 year old brain found.
  169. The Other Alvarez Theory
  170. +0 and –0
  171. What do you think of this Global warming??
  172. People are rational -- when we're not trying
  173. what does anybody think about the new particle smasher?
  174. Generally speaking, is the Earth healthy?
  175. Ball Lightning repeated in a Lab?
  176. Infinite Space and Free Will
  177. Any news on the experiment where pictures are placed on shelves in hospitals?
  178. Alaska at -60 F
  179. Photon improved certainty
  180. Infra and Ultravision
  181. what speed are electrons moving inside an electrical wire?
  182. The colour of veins
  183. Dakotas & Minnesota: -36 to -45 F
  184. Airliner exhaust (contrails)
  185. animal warning colours
  186. speed in pipeline
  187. Cats, rabbits, birds, and natural balance
  188. CO2 and Radiation
  189. Prions in space.
  190. A Why Does This Work Question About Composting.
  191. Earthquakes?
  192. Psychohistory
  193. The Future of Weapons?
  194. Autism symptoms VS mercury poisoning symptoms
  195. Synthetic Americans
  196. Dinosaur killing impact? Willy Ley was the first!
  197. How will they make stuff when the Oil runs out?
  198. Use of approximations in relativity
  199. Not able to convert some FLV files.
  200. 10 SciFi Devices
  201. Big bang study gets £16.7m boost
  202. Peer reveals 'cello scrotum' hoax
  203. Primes so big?
  204. Clean (atmospheric) power generation.
  205. Global warming irreversable?
  206. Microwave Ovens And Yesterday's Coffee
  207. "Dirty Electricity"
  208. Is Open Access Internet Bad For Humans As A Whole?
  209. Another coffee question
  210. Quite the lenticular clouds!
  211. Google Ocean
  212. Building glacial ice sheets
  213. Prehistoric monster snake remains found...
  214. Science of Morality, Anyone?
  215. Volcano Webicorders for Google Earth
  216. What math pattern is said to explain life as we know it?
  217. An unusual question re the space shuttle and other aircraft
  218. Rawls’ Metaphor “Justice as Fairness”/
  219. Question about betavoltaic cells; I can't quite picture how they'd be set up.
  220. Open-reactor Surgery
  221. Manufacturing elements
  222. Science and Critical Thinking
  223. Evolution Poll article.
  224. I find it unbelievable ...
  225. Patenting a Theory???
  226. Wired magazine article on neaderthals
  227. Octopus survives 5 days on the run
  228. Fuel from algae
  229. Columbian volcano
  230. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle--Falling Electrons
  231. Beaming electricity
  232. Effect of gravity on apparent size of objects.
  233. Murder Mystery Question.
  234. Where's Erisium?
  235. Little Bro Got To See The Hyper Wall
  236. Nuclear reactor question
  237. Can we talk about thinking?
  238. Good news for gamers
  239. Uniform Distribution of Points over the Surface of a Sphere
  240. Something called volcano monitoring
  241. John McCain and astronomy / Hawaii appropriation
  242. Clarification on Solar/Cosmic radiation
  243. Your Source For Global Climate Change Beliefs?
  244. World of the Wierd - Fish with transparent head and tubular eyes.
  245. A "Pulling Gee's" Question
  246. Octopus strikes again...
  247. LHC switched off for a year...
  248. Worst Science Article Ever?
  249. Lithium
  250. OK, can someone please explain to me the purpose of Twitter?