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  1. Incredibly Basic Particle Physics Question
  2. Are we killing evolution?
  3. Why fingerprints
  4. New Long-Necked Stegosaurs Discovered
  5. digital computing: the ultimate system?
  6. Single Top Quark produced at Fermilab
  7. How many humans have ever lived?
  8. Where Are The Anti-beef People Getting Their Numbers?
  9. Study: Belligerent chimp proves animals make plans
  10. Greatest domestic technology
  11. After the Higgs Boson...
  12. When natural philosophy become science
  13. What is the Orbital Speed of the Electron, and...
  14. Where Does the LHC Get the Lead Nuclei?
  15. Impressive robot
  16. 'Doubt Is Our Product'
  17. Alzheimer's disease a form of diabetes?
  18. Stratospheric Life
  19. Brain decline begins at 27, study says.
  20. Synthesis of H2O
  21. Net change in mass due to breathing
  22. proton c X 2?
  23. 7.7 quake off Tonga spurs tsunami warning
  24. BioChar to save the Planet?
  25. What would happen if you were to set of a nuclear boomb around 60 to 500 KTs on a
  26. Question re GR and QT
  27. Deforestation Discussion
  28. Translational Motion of Protons within Nucleus
  29. Projecting present geological trends to the future
  30. Astronomy software and alike
  31. High tech police car
  32. Colour Blind
  33. A lungful of air: when?
  34. Vanishing versus canceling?
  35. Predator X - Pliosaurus
  36. Does Dark Matter Encircle Earth?
  37. Lattices and diffeomorphisms
  38. MOVA: Solar Powered Globe
  39. Earliest archosaur
  40. Ozone layer and cosmic rays
  41. The Moray Eel's Alien Jaws
  42. Longitudinal Gravitational Waves and superluminal speeds
  43. Strong AI and Democracy
  44. What are you?
  45. "Smart Dew" - made in UK or Israel?
  46. Global warming,colding or nothing.
  47. World's largest laser now ready to destroy Earth
  48. Antimatter (cue eerie music)
  49. Compassion is an old trait
  50. Mini-Gravitational Disturbance Waves
  51. The Man Who Found Quarks
  52. Radiation from wireless/laptop?
  53. 2.5 EQ at Hanford Atomic Center
  54. Question about changes in total volume when mixing polar fluids
  55. Kimberlite Puzzle
  56. Homemade Double Slit
  57. Chicken and the Egg
  58. Liquid oxygen/ magnesium question
  59. Curious question [vacuum, accelerated particle, radiation]
  60. Near Light Preservation
  61. Ancient Rome
  62. Harmonics
  63. They laughed at Galileo, they laughed at... Fritz Zwicky?
  64. Agriculture and the phases of the moon - Colombian logic
  65. PG&E solar power satellites in 2016
  66. Discharge Theory (Graphs) and FCT
  67. Micro-black hole movement question
  68. I Am Iron Breathing
  69. Name that science
  70. How does FTL really affect space combat?
  71. Current state of genetics for putting microbes to use
  72. Four Corners Accuracy
  73. Dark Matter from Quantum Gravity?
  74. Ice melting experiment:
  75. Hacking US Navy satellites
  76. 'Dead' brains living in a cyperspace world
  77. Scotty gets his cloaking device
  78. Anomalous heat generation during hydrogenation of carbon hydride
  79. Some warp drive speculative questions.
  80. Human Swine Influenza (H1N1)
  81. Beyond the Photoelectric Effect
  82. How much megabytes of information in a human brain ?
  83. So are we all dead yet?
  84. Mexican earthquake
  85. Earthquake hits Northwest England
  86. Making oil with algae
  87. Michael Cremo: new science curriculum?
  88. FYI: World's Fastest Camera
  89. GW spinoff of Universe Today Cosmic Rays thread
  90. Dinosaurs 'not killed by asteroid'
  91. 1920s rocket power and 2009
  92. Extreme Ultraviolet Laser Challenges Einstein
  93. Forum like this, with biological focus instead of astronomical
  94. Notes on a failed low energy bulb.
  95. Keeping the home cool without AC
  96. Move over Google, here comes Wolfram Alpha
  97. Mouse Navigation
  98. Robot Sub to Explore Challenger Deep
  99. A thought experiment involvng a large bridge
  100. The Democratization of Science
  101. Hundreds of new frog species found in Madagascar
  102. Another thought experiment kind of involving galaxies
  103. Mount Veniaminof Volcano
  104. Ultra-Dense Deuterium
  105. How do you report a possible new species?
  106. Photon Capacitors ??
  107. Mammalian genes seem to contain hair growth triggers for climate change.
  108. The Australian (anti) Vaccination Network
  109. Ocean Circulation Doesn't Work As Expected
  110. Hybrid air/space and "rail" vehicle.
  111. Building Ice Age Glaciers
  112. Los Angeles Earthquake 4.7
  113. Alternative Energy Reality - It's A Numbers Game
  114. Calorie Restriction - The Best Approach Against Aging?
  115. Possible Missing Link Found
  116. how do I get oil from algae to surface in solution???
  117. Peacock tails and alien evolution
  118. Is Google obsessed with algorithms?
  119. Spiroid wingtips
  120. Gauging the mood of the public
  121. Robots in war
  122. building cars that run on coal
  123. The Evolution of House Cats
  124. Painting the World White - BAD IDEA!
  125. egad.. i found the ultimate anti science Youtube video
  126. Earthquake off of Honduras
  127. How many scientists fabricate and falsify research?
  128. Building habitats below the surface (water and ground)
  129. Building a telescope more advanced than hubble?
  130. Creatures From the Black Lagoon
  131. Preheat gasoline question...
  132. Closest invention to "True Flying"?
  133. How did Prehistoric Man Think?
  134. When did plants and animals diverge?
  135. Ediacaran Affinities
  136. simple analytical solution for a (simplified) catenary?
  137. How come there are no LIVE video feeds of space like the late 90s
  138. Computer generated sounds
  139. My skin is thicker than my brothers ?
  140. When is my local thunderstorm season? (Meteorology)
  141. More sunburning this year?
  142. Crazy Question: Size of laser necessary to kill someone
  143. Electric Car World: A Partial Solution
  144. Parhelic rainbow?
  145. Largest Possible Atom?
  146. If we ever create a perfect cyber/biological Brain
  147. Top 10 Science Icons
  148. Ununbium
  149. Center of Gravity vs Rotational Axis Question
  150. Particle Entanglement
  151. Sick at work? Or sick of work?
  152. Mt. St. Helens- Super Volcano? NOT!
  153. rubber bands to stop asteroid
  154. Endeavour - Launch and Mission summary
  155. New Version of the Twin Paradox: Accelerated Twin Older
  156. Water Bottle Physics
  157. need some help with a simple piece of technology..
  158. Extension cable WARNING label
  159. Passive Radar Detection At Home
  160. Why have dual tanks on an air compressor?
  161. Air France, AF442
  162. i have a couple of theorys...
  163. Well, This Looks Really Bad for Fusion Power
  164. News: Some more US nuclear reactors coming up
  165. this is how you get the general public behind alternative fuels..
  166. Midnight sun - Night Shining clouds light up dark skies of UK
  167. Most polluted spot on earth
  168. Carbon Dioxide as a global warming mechanism
  169. Orangutans, not chimps, may be our closest relatives.
  170. Geology question for the experts, thanks in advance
  171. Rebuttal to myself: "we may not contaminate any Planet".
  172. A crackpot idea for evaporative cooling?
  173. Who do you believe is most like a Renaissance-type Scientist during the past century
  174. Inferior Creators
  175. Potable water from air humidity
  176. [light pipe? ("seeing" light)]
  177. Dinosaurs May Have Been Smaller Than We Thought
  178. Number of neurons
  179. Antioxidants
  180. P-zombies, denial of human evil and of the necessity of sentience
  181. Visible colonies of prokaryotes
  182. Science factoids and quick science experiments
  183. Anode bed?
  184. Disproving the unicorn
  185. Why does urine froth up?
  186. new Higg's mass at ~ 155 Gev?
  187. The toughest structure in nature
  188. What's so good about isopropanol?
  189. Latent heat and weather
  190. Crop circles and GPS
  191. A question about super magnetivity
  192. The (proper) magisteria for science
  193. Divisions of Science and Engineering
  194. Exactly what is homeopathy and why should it work?
  195. Proving the physical reality of string theory
  196. Falsifiable theory my (big) foot!
  197. John Christy - global climate change
  198. Possible trigger for Cambrian "explosion"
  199. Top Gun Hummingbirds
  200. Force... instantaneous?
  201. News: Americans valuse science, but not all of it
  202. Science Stories (Behind the Scenes)
  203. Why are broken down escalators such a mindjob?
  204. Quantum Physics and MWI
  205. Gyroscopic Action - How?
  206. Bicycles and Gyroscopes
  207. Koide Mass Equations for Hadrons
  208. Recommended Books on robots & AI?
  209. (-1)^(0.6) = -1 ?
  210. cellular memory / unicellular intelligence?
  211. The Army Wants Steam Powered Flesh Eating Killbots!
  212. Is This How Flowering Plants Came to Dominate?
  213. Arctic Mystery Goo
  214. Math question: pipe wrapped with tape.
  215. Quantum 'Strangeness' As 'Proof' of 'Our Virtual World'
  216. EQ in New Zealand
  217. Abiotic oil: Is it nonsense?
  218. Why can't an autistic person follow a moving finger?
  219. Feynman lectures available online for free (not spam)
  220. Escape from alcarzy
  221. Pretty fly for a Y guy...
  222. A Newtonian Theory Of Consciousness?
  223. NASA: Get us a philosopher!
  224. Better Vision, With a Telescope Inside the Eye
  225. nano-nano Mork...
  226. Why raindrops come in many sizes
  227. E=mc2
  228. Increase in Human Energy Needs
  229. Artificial Gravity Problem (Spinning Habitat)
  230. Gravity fluctuation, z-pinch & gravimeter?
  231. Plasma Window
  232. Do animals observe the heavens?
  233. Robot/AI instinct/drive.
  234. Numbers: Real, Imaginary, Magic?
  235. Pink katydid
  236. Next step - Blernsball
  237. Transparent Aluminum Developed
  238. We cannot live by scepticism alone
  239. How shall we make the ultimate cat toy?
  240. a new look at the Casimir Effect
  241. A Medium Energy Electron Ion Collider...MEIC
  242. Jellyfish Are the Dark Energy of the Oceans
  243. What fraction of the calories in our food do we absorb?
  244. Geology: How does a cooling planet move continents
  245. Cool volcano photos
  246. The Scientist and Philosophy, A Parable
  247. Does Vitamin D protect against Swine Flu or Cancer?
  248. "Cool climes, smart times"?
  249. Enter the humanoid robot
  250. Copper on Steel