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  1. Why do I get hot when I exercise?
  2. how many people would die without medicine?
  3. I protest!
  4. Is there a marine biologist in the house?
  5. Gravity explained?
  6. Mayon volcano, Philippines
  7. Science in the noughties
  8. Realistic approaches to reducing greenhouse gas emission
  9. Ardi: debunks Savannah hypothesis: NOT
  10. Adobe confirms PDF zero-day attacks. Disable JavaScript now
  11. Cause of mass extinctions
  12. splitcam question
  13. Geopolitics of asteroid deflection
  14. aesthetics of technology
  15. Video of explosive undersea volcano
  16. Dinosaurs - feathered or not?
  17. From zygote to embryo...how??
  18. Dinosaur trunk
  19. Doctor of Engineering
  20. Caltech Scientists Film Photons with Electrons
  21. Would Xylitol be good for cats?
  22. RE: Error Analysis of Computations
  23. Future Renewable Energy
  24. Tubularrail
  25. Snowball Earth and evolution
  26. A new particle at 400-600 Gev/c^2?
  27. build your own submarine decoys
  28. Fireball Meteor/Earthquake, earthquake lights?
  29. Gravity Train
  30. Old world diseases, new world settlement
  31. The science of good and bad pre-coffee food
  32. 3-sphere quiz....:-)
  33. What would you see if you were floating in a 3-sphere 20meters radius?
  34. Renewable Energy & Climate Change
  35. radio frequency to optical on a chip
  36. Effects of solar cycle #24 upon subsequent weather patterns
  37. Audi Snook
  38. Previous episodes of climate change
  39. Does frequency affect electrolysis?
  40. xkcd goes total geek
  41. Rayleigh scattering - particles vs waves?
  42. Hypermap of results
  43. How do you pronounce this science-related term?
  44. Why does the negative terminal hurt my tongue more than the positive terminal?
  45. HFCS and obesity research
  46. A Microbiology Question (Or Two) About "Swarming Motility"
  47. Has any telescope used superlenses?
  48. subatomic plasma donut
  49. Walking with Tetrapods
  50. The best "away from home for the day" temperature setting
  51. Question About Direct Fire Cannon Projectiles.
  52. Council of Europe To Investigate WHO 'False Pandemic' Scandal
  53. The nutritional value of paper
  54. Impact of cell towers on wildlife
  55. Methane Balloon
  56. Amazing bouncing water droplets
  57. Dead cell net flow - conserved?
  58. Do gorillas need haircuts?
  59. impact of vacuum fluctuations on photons
  60. Web sites that review cell phones?
  61. Why no Florida tsunami?
  62. Satelites and drones searching for earthquake survivors?
  63. Do rockets make sonic booms?
  64. Pot holes in the UK
  65. Biologists! I have a hypothetical! (Undecaying skin)
  66. What is "Targeted content distribution" on a motherboard?
  67. Cards/badges with no magnetic strip or barcode
  68. Alternative energy
  69. How is the accuracy of weather forecasts measured?
  70. Negative eccentricity?
  71. A history related physics question - USS Indianapolis
  72. Calculating Torsion Constant
  73. The Real Holes in Climate Science
  74. Engineeringly Speaking: What do you call this kind of an engine?
  75. Common Core basic electronics
  76. Is there a Googol's worth of anything in the universe?
  77. Is there lead based paint on old (or new) pencils?
  78. Moving food(etc) down lines of people..is it efficient?
  79. Astronomy research?
  80. Lovelock Ocean Pipe Climate Change proposal
  81. Zero-G movement and inertia?
  82. Fastener placement on metal roofing panels
  83. Are computers like this already made
  84. "Daylight" bulbs?
  85. Rock Concert Physics Question
  86. Adaptation Takes Generations, Not Megayears
  87. No Higg's yet.
  88. a new neutral X particle?
  89. What are the creeps?
  90. Gases and Packaging
  91. Rip Current Frequency
  92. motorcycle helmet gene
  93. Laser fusion gets closer to reality
  94. Solitons in Water as a form of communication?
  95. Reflection of l;ight by a mirror
  96. Superposition Question
  97. "Who you will be in life was already decided by the age of 3"
  98. Wikipedia on Cough Suppression...
  99. Infrared Photograghy Question
  100. Cryogenic amplifiers and such
  101. Joint efforts for sci/tech goals?
  102. A NSA spook and a satellite...
  103. Medical journal retracts study linking autism to vaccine
  104. Lights thinning out insects?
  105. Origin of earths rivers and waters
  106. Math: Dry Ice to Cubic Feet of CO2
  107. Changing the laws of the universe
  108. Bright colors reflect solar heat?
  109. Question about definitions of fundamental terms
  110. Whats the most powerful FM and TV transmitter?
  111. there's something knocking on the door...
  112. Do in-focus images have more information that out-of-focus images?
  113. Why does a magnetic field remain stationary...
  114. Any "spinn offs" from "Space Vehicles"?
  115. EQ in Illinois
  116. Polywell fusion?
  117. Obstacles for superdeterminism?
  118. A bum explanation about relativistic speed
  119. Spinosaurus... semiaquatic
  120. Tropisms are causing my plant to start leaning
  121. Impulse and acceleration?
  122. Mirrors: philosophy and physics
  123. Where did all the microwaves go?
  124. Breath detectors?
  125. Hyenas outperform monkeys in cooperative tests
  126. Burial at sea
  127. Robot miners
  128. Mathematical quantification of similarity
  129. Nuclear submarines vs nuclear power plants
  130. Hans Rosling on foreign relations (sort of):
  131. Carbon Nanotubes
  132. Gas density and physics fiddling
  133. Why the LHC?
  134. Anti-stars, antimatter, anti-atoms....?
  135. Avgas Substitute
  136. High tech bug zapper using lasers
  137. Meteorite, Fossil, Petrified Wood?
  138. Brainiac microwaves
  139. Secular variation of the Earth's magnetic field
  140. Silliness About Dynamite in Movies Question
  141. exotic pentaquarks
  142. Finally, some sensible software patent case law in the US
  143. Why is not "multiple - haul concept" used more?
  144. question about graphing programs
  145. What will we do when we run out of helium?
  146. Origin of "secular"
  147. Trying to understand the direction of the induced electric field
  148. The Role of Consensus in Science
  149. Human teleportation
  150. Lot of major earthquakes!
  151. Online Learning Resources
  152. Mathematical analysis of the beak of the finch
  153. Trying to deal with a virus protection problem
  154. Meteorology Alert
  155. Minus 273 Degree C
  156. Infinite regress
  157. What would be the effect of sabotaging oil pipelines?
  158. Meat without salt
  159. Zircaloy: any good?
  160. Thermopower Wave: Nanotube Electron Entrainment
  161. Digital camera image dimensions
  162. Temporary GW shutdown
  163. Tectonic plate thought
  164. Search for unknown lifeforms
  165. Kite Powered Power Plant Ships?
  166. Which side of linen canvas to paint upon?
  167. Rack up another one for Einstein
  168. Quantum Fusion
  169. Harvesting Fission Fragment Energy with Magnetic Fields
  170. Future space fencing duels (using laser interference patterns)
  171. Energy difference between accelerated particles and Jets
  172. Surprise Shrimp Under Antarctic Ice
  173. Why not Arcjet Rocket Sled?
  174. Minkowski space with dimension > 4?
  175. Quantum Chemistry Question
  176. Using a 3-D Printer to Make Buildings!!!!
  177. Mild Concussion/Sense of Taste Question.
  178. Icelandic Eruption
  179. Blind and Visually impaired students in labs
  180. Quantum mechanics at the macro level...
  181. Complex number help (modulus)...
  182. All-Terrain Wheelchair Design
  183. Relativistic Fish Question.
  184. Possible cure of Cancer [again]
  185. Canine sensitivity
  186. Electronic Underpants
  187. Risk Assesment-LHC
  188. Printing using long exposure to direct sunlight?
  189. Personal Special Relativity guide.
  190. When will we reach the end of the digital age?
  191. a new relationship in the Lamb Shift
  192. What does human speech sound like to dogs and cats?
  193. LHC starts up now..
  194. Better Antennas and Electrical Lengthening
  195. How did they stay clean?
  196. Iceberg Kite Towing Method
  197. Gravity Emerges from Quantum Information (arXiv blog)
  198. Humans faced extinction, 70,000 yrs ago. Why?
  199. Hey Linux guys
  200. Factors that determine the side where people part their hair?
  201. Hydroelectric Power Stations and Doomsday What Ifs
  202. Ads for ultrasound screening
  203. Clocks
  204. Element 117
  205. New Giant Lizard Discovered
  206. Geologist Connects Regular Changes of Earth's Orbital Cycle to Changes in Climate
  207. GFCI question
  208. Andromeda Strain
  209. Most energy efficient method of removing H2 from H2O??
  210. 130 Years and going
  211. Heated undershirt made of plutonium
  212. Cheap and highly efficient solar cells? Could be!
  213. Young Sun Paradox
  214. Two Radically New Engine Technologies
  215. reverse logic in physics and astronomy
  216. Poll: Merits of on-line Professional Science Videos
  217. Interesting article on regeneration
  218. Hi
  219. What Atoms Actually Look Like.
  220. To roll or not to roll...
  221. Bicycles versus walking
  222. Ball lightning
  223. Why is volcanic soil so fertile?
  224. need some help with a geologic problem
  225. Water Slide Question
  226. Sonic Boom
  227. Mt. Hood Volcano
  228. How does one determine the nuclear energy levels?
  229. Science history quiz 1950+
  230. MAG 2.7 earthquake under my house, literally!
  231. Coincidence versus Significance
  232. Other chemical elements?
  233. Is psychotherapy science?
  234. Schrodinger's cat is not alone...
  235. Mass and interraction of subatomic particles.
  236. KVERT (Russian Volcano Observatory) to Shut Down?
  237. The Danger of the Anthropic Principle
  238. Noah's ark found (again)
  239. What programming languages do astronomers mainly use?
  240. "Star" power? (Fusion power reactor experiment)
  241. A Musical
  242. The Math of the Universe
  243. quick question about a pair of weird bolts i took off my truck..
  244. elliptical orbits comparison
  245. What is necessary to derive Lorentz transformations?
  246. Gulf oil leak - What to do?
  247. New Global Warming Discussion Policy
  248. Why does infrared light make us warm?
  249. question re: food/drink straw interface for pressure suit
  250. Elecromagnetism and Lasers