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  1. Books worth reading on AGW - what would people suggest?
  2. Another question about electromagnetism
  3. Neanderthals live on in DNA of humans
  4. HVDC = high voltage direct current power lines
  5. Magnesium in SeaWater Question.
  6. Mysterious Elephant Death Video
  7. Transistors, how do they work?
  8. Pareto, amigo
  9. The Wait Is Over
  10. In Vertibrates With Odd Tooth Patterns...
  11. Codimensional geometric toplology
  12. How long can digitally stored information last?
  13. Lightning in my office?
  14. Planes and Clouds
  15. Creatures of Cambrian May Have Lived On
  16. Interesting new experimet regarding CP violation
  17. How much would a Robonaut cost?
  18. How did they get to sleep?
  19. Geology-hydrology of The Bay Area Question.
  20. 'Artificial life' breakthrough announced by scientists
  21. The Earth's Oceans - Depth and Volume Details
  22. What is human?
  23. Fatal Familial Insomnia
  24. Turtle breathes with its tongue
  25. Wave/Particle Duality
  26. How much carbon is stored in junk mail?
  27. Herbivorous robots!
  28. Suggested reading on Neanderthals?
  29. Metallic hydrogen generators?
  30. Supervolcano
  31. Power question (re: kWh)
  32. Space based solar power
  33. 7 acts of nature science can't explain
  34. Scientists measure Brownian Motion...
  35. Newberry Caldera's Hotspot, Not mantle plume related?
  36. So you think [you're] a mathematician?
  37. about the MUON
  38. DNA Changes
  39. First Horned Dinosaur from Mexico: Plant-Eater Had Largest Horns of Any Dinosaur
  40. Digital Picture Telescope Question
  41. What happens in a prism at a quantum level?
  42. Infinite expansion of pi?
  43. Questions about the Standard Model / particle physics.
  44. Question about the evolved false eyes of the emperor moth
  45. Why do we need so many different kinds of toothpaste?
  46. Neutrino Astronomy and Other Applications?
  47. EasyJet unveils ash cloud detector
  48. Questions involving relativity.
  49. Now I am become idiot, the eletrocuter of self...
  50. CSP = concentrating solar power
  51. Radio playing tunes from the 40's
  52. Mt. Rainier Volcano
  53. Gladiator Cemetery found in Britain?
  54. Question about Plank's constants
  55. A Hydralics "Word Problem" I'd Like To Ask An Engineer.
  56. Eigenstates are what?
  57. Does a Wave Function ever regenerate, or is it collpased forever?
  58. wave-particle and speed of light question
  59. Question about jet contrails?
  60. Is Aetheism Rife among Astronomers?
  61. Organizing and Learning Astronomy, Physics and Mathematics?
  62. geologic question- oil and magma chambers
  63. Execution method -- medical evaluation
  64. Thought experiments, "what-if"s, imagination, and science
  65. What is the meaning of the claim "time is an illusion"?
  66. The path ABCDEFG can be a faster path than the path AG
  67. What do you think should be included in a high school astronomy course?
  68. What is time anyway?
  69. *five* "God Particles'?
  70. Generating Clean Electricity... ...In Space?
  71. BP oil disaster versus Chernobyl disaster: which was worse?
  72. The noise a jet engine makes before you start to take off
  73. Quantum Computers and Parallel Universes
  74. Simcoe Butte Volcanic Field Activity?
  75. The 14 postulates of Special Relativity
  76. Matt Simmons, second Gulf oil leak?
  77. Question about Aluminum Oxide and Aluminum Pots and Pans
  78. Old Science Stuff
  79. simultaneity shifts and synchronizing clocks
  80. New (2 and 3 Sigma) Neutrino Results
  81. Nanomachines
  82. Creating RNA Virus
  83. Deccan Traps
  84. Is the "novelty" of modern science a problem?
  85. one Dirac
  86. DIY Nuclear reactor
  87. Captain Nemo? Nope, SuperNemo
  88. What are the pros and cons of circumcision?
  89. Quantum Noise in Optical Interferometers
  90. Virtual particles question
  91. Energy Equlibriaum Question: Glider on a Balloon
  92. Can a "single", spherical ball bearing be permanently magnetized?
  93. The structure of scientific reasoning
  94. Where are the subduction zones for Africa (the topic concerns continental drift)?
  95. Is the Higg's hiding?
  96. Where are the subduction zones for Africa (continental drift)?
  97. Earthquakes - Is there any logic behind those?
  98. The Observer? Definition?
  99. THe causes & effects of highly ionized H2O
  100. Chemistry Question [2.45GHz signal + Hydrogen = plasma?]
  101. Blogging the Periodic Table
  102. New data on Smilodon
  103. Heating a Tourus and Sphere
  104. Bionic cat feet
  105. The Proton just got smaller
  106. Momentum Experienced On the Surface Of a Rotating Sphere
  107. Robotic Animals: Can we make them?
  108. Freezing water by impact
  109. The shape of a very large explosion
  110. Cracking the Tsunami Code
  111. The God particle and the LHC
  112. Snakes may be in decline too
  113. Question on Protons/Neutrons
  114. Gulf Oil Spill: Weakened Sea Floor and Methane Bubble
  115. Are there frames in GR?
  116. Wind car that goes faster than the wind going down wind.
  117. Bottle Pressure.
  118. Looking for spectral absorption data
  119. LHC and the upcomming 2.76TeV Heavy Ion Collisions (Nov. 2010)
  120. There are no people in the universe
  121. How many generations...
  122. What's the easiest program language you've had?
  123. Physorg.com - Quantum Mechanics Not In Jeopardy
  124. Why [do] some people use a fullstop instead of a comma?
  125. Possibility vs Actuality
  126. Aerospike and others: some propulsion musings
  127. Question about faster than light information transfer
  128. Vacuum metastability disaster
  129. Group Selection
  130. Some Questions About Extreme Discomfort, Mainly What Was Cause And What Was Effect
  131. Deriving Einstein's equations using Aether theory
  132. Double rainbow question
  133. NOAA Report on Global Temperature Rise
  134. If we went extinct, how many years would it take to wipe evidence of our existence
  135. The Universe on History Channel
  136. Mathematics and Music
  137. What can we realistically expect re: global warming?
  138. How does this not violate Conservation of Energy?
  139. cosmic rays to blame for Toyota's gas pedal problems?
  140. Evolution is running out of time
  141. Coherence
  142. Measurement of noise level
  143. Whispering gallery helps Laser tuning
  144. Molecular models and education reform
  145. Will entangled radioactive nuclei decay at the same time?
  146. Evolution - clarifications
  147. what is this? China "UFO" from about a month ago..
  148. Geology question: plate tectonics on different planets
  149. Searching for Axions
  150. Why isn't donor kebab an instant food poisoning epidemic?
  151. Robotic Exoskeleton Allows Paraplegic Man To Walk Again.
  152. Knot Polynomials
  153. Semantic Question: Theory vs Law
  154. Todays Theory :question:
  155. Discussions about a more energy-efficient, and less polluting society.
  156. Any Trilobite Experts Around Here?
  157. Wanted: inkjet ink trick for dark backgrounds
  158. Cool home solar product
  159. Australian find could be oldest fossil evidence of multicellular animals
  160. Growth of Antarctic sea ice explained
  161. Mortar And Pestle Question
  162. Lightning strike in power line
  163. The past could be changed
  164. [Split from: ... who's really experiencing time dialation?]
  165. Egg boxes
  166. X and Y axis names
  167. Evolution: Occupation of space is the main driver, not competition
  168. Balloon assisted jumping.
  169. The "Solar Mystery". New particle? New physics? Interesting.
  170. Need Help with A Color Perception Issues. Yellow looking Red.
  171. Is water the only substance that floats on itself when frozen?
  172. Large population in Antartica ?
  173. Two strikes and you're out
  174. Endangered mammals
  175. Hawking switches his stance regarding religiosity
  176. Increasing world population
  177. Musings and Questions on perception of temporal flow
  178. Transplant
  179. The Mysterious Origins of Man
  180. Calculating the entropy of a region of space containing life....?
  181. Ways to Counter Global Warming
  182. Weather station placement?
  183. MIT scientists create self-assembling solar cell
  184. Quantum Consciousness and other weirdness..
  185. Odd Siesmograph readings
  186. Can I put planet Earth in my pocket - and if so how heavy would it be ?
  187. Math 101 - need help with domian and range
  188. Fibonacci numbers in technology
  189. Thorium Reactors
  190. High speed atom bomb photography - what am I seeing?
  191. mathematics and science
  192. Interesting Ars Technica article on science education
  193. Would streamers and things that move with the wind deter wasps?
  194. Hydrogen fuel cell question.
  195. Why we need the metric system
  196. Motion Blurred Lights: swiped or stuttered
  197. If geocentrism, then what observations would differ on a "truly" sun-orbiting body?
  198. SBSP and the space elevator
  199. Least useful stable element?
  200. Quantum teleportation - again
  201. Sensors near traffic lights on minor roads
  202. Impedence matching
  203. Particle Tennis
  204. Earthworms in North America
  205. 10 July 1962: Telstar 1 was being launched on top of a Thor-Delta rocket.
  206. California utility stumbles on 1.4M years old fossils
  207. Improvements in stereophotography
  208. Gravity Experiments
  209. quantum mechanics and consciousness
  210. Infinite universe...thinking 'small' instead of 'big'?
  211. Nobel Season 2010
  212. An obese USA
  213. gradient, divergence, curl
  214. I Have A Fairness Issue With The Latest Fishing Innovation I've Seen.
  215. A question about quantum mechanics...
  216. Is there any scientific basis for the "Earthquake Prediction Center?"
  217. Supersolidity in helium
  218. Wave function
  219. Ear Eye Discrepancy... Bleurgh!
  220. Weather Machine For Climate Control.
  221. Is there a "hard problem" of consciousness?
  222. Math Poser
  223. Planck magnetic field
  224. My Thoughts on Definiton of White Light
  225. Sky Gradient
  226. Make sure your next PC doesn't have BIOS
  227. benefits from unmanned rescue devices?
  228. Are We 13.7 Billion Years old?
  229. Loin cloths
  230. polarization puzzle with a point
  231. Relativity puzzle.
  232. Chandrasekhar limit and 2.4 solar mass neutron star
  233. Six Questions: Physics at the LHC
  234. Physics question
  235. In Cold Blood - now with infrared
  236. Cat Food Near The Bottom Of The Bag
  237. Cosmological time dilation and clock speed; a thread on clarifying these
  238. Would a Boeing hitting the Eiffel Tower bring it down?
  239. Does air pressure increase noticeably in a mine?
  240. Research & development on a volunteer/amateur basis
  241. Geranium in gistress!
  242. Is there a limit to the resolution of telescopes?
  243. Big Bounce and Inflation
  244. Rate of Antartica Ice Melt - Slower than previously estimated?
  245. Glom vs the M25
  246. Why does Clorox turn wood temporarily bright yellow?
  247. A Strange Spiral? (Old news since late of 2009) But still wondering
  248. Total charge on the surface of a cone
  249. Ballistics Software
  250. Computer size of a Universe