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  1. donut bubbles
  2. "Towards understanding the Paleocean" by Carl Wunsch
  3. Is mathematics the language of nature?
  4. Mandelbrot
  5. What is color?
  6. Why is there "life" on Earth ?
  7. Quantum Computers
  8. Sailing around the Island of Stability
  9. Electro muscular stimulation to fight zero-g bone loss?
  10. Ball Lightning
  11. The safety of fire extinguishers in fires
  12. Light Question
  13. run out and get your Haynes repair manual for the Starship Enterprise
  14. The Science of Johnny Quest
  15. Sleep cycles and solar systems
  16. Unidentified Fishy Object
  17. Insolation and Global Warming
  18. energy creation and the standard cosmological model
  19. Pendulum question
  20. Pre-historic diets
  21. Antimatter spacecraft propellant
  22. interstellar spacecraft
  23. black hole 'construction' in GR and Hawking radiation
  24. what is fire?
  25. Breathing
  26. Closed Eye Visions
  27. The Grand Design
  28. Random chemical reactions produce genetic information...
  29. What early skywatchers could observe.
  30. Darwin, the "eye-quote", and quote-mining in general
  31. What is the point of hyperbolic trig functions?
  32. The Isotropy of the Speed of Light
  33. Scientists re-create Big Bang in lab
  34. Orbital decay speed
  35. Should we always do what science and technology mak possible?
  36. Q: How to calculate internal pressure of a planetoid?
  37. black hole entropy
  38. How cats do it
  39. Hearing part of balancing?
  40. The Actuality Of The Past
  41. Mathematical Question
  42. The Aguilar Convergence Problem - $1000 Prize
  43. Two Most Influencial Equations of Today's Science and Technology
  44. Question for NASA and ESA engineers; discharge ISS
  45. Quantum Field Theory
  46. Your favorite hypothetical 2050 innovation.
  47. Species evolution?
  48. QM and macroscopic measurements
  49. Time for WIMPS to stand up and be counted
  50. CERN captures antimatter atoms....
  51. New Link in QM
  52. Ideal gas of electrons
  53. Antimatter Atom still responds normally to gravity
  54. How dogs do it
  55. Sublimation points of substances in vacuum
  56. Your favorite hypothetical Obsolescence by 2050
  57. How much of Earth's mass is water by weight percentage?
  58. Kinematic theory and arbitrary coordinatization
  59. Snowmass Colorado Pleistocene fossil find includes Mastodon
  60. Langrangian
  61. Early Universe was Free of Charge
  62. Building Critical Thinking Skills
  63. Top 10 consequences of evolution
  64. Hobbes in Context [Thomas Hobbes, 5 Apr 1588 – 4 Dec 1679]
  65. Why was slightly more matterthan antimatter created?
  66. how small can cameras get?
  67. Earthquake
  68. Chemistry Questions Methane...CnH2n+2
  69. money will be made
  70. Coldest November on record in Europe caused by Corexit?
  71. The foundations of the one-way speed of light
  72. Technology predictions a century from now
  73. Why there is space-time
  74. still no Higgs
  75. climate change and earths rotation
  76. Your favorite present technology that will still be around in 2050
  77. Laplace's equation
  78. please read...does this astronomy/cosmology book sound familiar?
  79. For Dr. McCoy's Hypospray - Bone repair fluid
  80. "E mail reducing our minds to those of lab rats"
  81. Geology Discussion #2 in honor of Cran and Jon Clarke
  82. say you took a trip outside of the Milky Way...
  83. Marine highways
  84. The butterfly effect: truth and fiction
  85. Do Quantum fluctuations affect matter in any way?
  86. New Evidence that other Universes exist
  87. Germans Cure AIDS/HIV using Stem Cells
  88. Need Help With a Microbiology Concept.
  89. Venus and Quantum Mechanics
  90. String theory falsified?
  91. Motion of nucleus
  92. Einstein was Right...
  93. Could a computer program ever attain sentience?
  94. LHC doesn't create micro black holes...
  95. Poll--Science Journalism & Responsibility?
  96. Daily Temperature Trend
  97. Hexavalent Chromium filtration
  98. Accelerated thorium decay
  99. How far does analog phone traffic go these days?
  100. predicting the future
  101. Statistical Probability Criterion
  102. Normal for cat to have mild tremors when it purrs?
  103. wd40's Human Birth thread
  104. How do electrons, inside copper wires, escape?
  105. CO2 emission reductions required?
  106. Helium and new star number estimate
  107. In the beginning
  108. Wacky currents in wacky electrical pumps
  109. Weather maps and political boundaries
  110. Big Bang Abandoned in New Model of the Universe
  111. Drugs
  112. Why are phosphate free detergents problematic in dishwashers but not in hand washing?
  113. A Simple Geometric Theory of Everything
  114. Windows XP downloads have almost completely filled my hard drive
  115. What do you think of Linux users, or Linux in general?
  116. How important steel will remain in the future?
  117. Electronics - wires without apparent insulation?
  118. When North tries to go South
  119. material surface with no reflections? maybe
  120. sigma - algebra Where have I seen this before
  121. Bird & Fish Deaths ~ "It's not terribly unusual."
  122. What is the difference between life science and biology?
  123. Can chimera cause deformity
  124. Like being a mammal, thank a fungus
  125. Another Windows XP downloads problem
  126. Tampa and Magnetic North
  127. How many of you have backgrounds in science, math and technology?
  128. water & ice: basic physics questions
  129. Thunderstorms generate antimatter
  130. How come we can see light from a lamp?
  131. Limits on the scale of Space Habitats
  132. Let's talk about the top 10(or more) inventions in the last 100 years.
  133. Regenerative medicine and possible ends of disabilities?
  134. Trust in Wikipedia
  135. Italian 10kW cold fusion reactor
  136. Mini Black Holes at CERN - NOT
  137. Question about a standard basic math term
  138. Japanese Scientists Begin Project to Resurrect the Mammoth
  139. Trust on Internet references and information (in general)?
  140. History, and etymology of gravity.
  141. What is entropy?
  142. Reliabliity report on Science Daily website.
  143. First Big Bang
  144. The possibility of a giant space station (the size of a small moon.)
  145. Changing world orders, science and technology.
  146. When tennis balls don't bounce
  147. Rocket Engine help!!
  148. Things (online things/software) that went obsolete in the Internet age.
  149. What will end of disabilities entail?
  150. How old is your computer? Do you rush for new technological products?
  151. Italian Cold Fusion?
  152. Chemistry homework - helpful links
  153. Possible biological limits to a civilization's evolutionary longetivity?
  154. It sounds wise not to predict technological advancements.
  155. Some interesting new results in superconductivity.
  156. Interesting new results in cryonics.
  157. Anyone know when the Straits of Gibraltar will close?
  158. Total megatons (gigatons) of nuclear bombs ever detonated on Earth.
  159. Shortest distance
  160. Electromagnetic spectrum
  161. Early Onset And General Puberty Questions
  162. My kids observations about college.
  163. Thermodynamics, meaning of gamma
  164. Newbie Solar Panel Theory
  165. Superconductors and Hifi system?
  166. Question regarding quantities and units
  167. The ability to alter Solar System?
  168. Is there a theoretical derivation of Avogadro's law?
  169. How to customize Google news to get better science news?
  170. I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger I eat today
  171. How does "The Static Eliminator" work?
  172. Most likely future portable powersource?
  173. Stupid Embryo Gills!?!
  174. Mirror food and drink
  175. Vision on/off switch
  176. Life's a beach....filled with tensors, matrices, and mind-bending thinking......l
  177. Cows eat grass
  178. Should we fight aging?
  179. Mirror matter. What if P-symmetry isn't really broken?
  180. Understanding the Quantum Computer
  181. Apple bites
  182. dream sense
  183. Personal flying devices?
  184. Maple Help
  185. Complex 'Measure Theory'
  186. Conclusive links between extreme weather events and AGW
  187. Probably stupid idea about nuclear fusion. Workable? Rubbish?
  188. Cretaceous Weather And Dinosaur Size Discussion
  189. Prime Numbers
  190. Wind Power grows...
  191. Are dinosaurs technically gone (save for birds/Avian?)
  192. Are there any actual objects that have fewer than three dimensions?
  193. CME Events, Loss of Electrical Grid, Ground Base Computers, & Satellites
  194. General Relativity.
  195. New York Times: "In Surprise Finding, Bald Mice Find Their Fur Again."
  196. bootstrap genetics (time travel)
  197. Vacuum Balloon Lifitng Power Question
  198. Prime Numbers in Biology?
  199. You said you want a tractor beam? Yep,..the BSF
  200. Bees are essential to human food production?
  201. What does return of mechanical watches entail?
  202. Is Plasma Lamp an example of Electroluminescence?
  203. Best Science Podcasts ?
  204. Nanotubes used to create high temperature rubber.
  205. Liquid Fuel from the Sun™
  206. Tunneling & transistors.
  207. Radioactive breakdowns in air
  208. How chaotic is the weather?
  209. Mars Polar Topography Question.
  210. If we can't know all of Pi - how can we use it?
  211. Worst Scientific Terms ever?
  212. Are melee weapons really out of fashion (in battles/wars)?
  213. WiFi ?
  214. Invariant mass vesus relativistic mass
  215. Are we living in a holographic universe?
  216. QM indeterminism vs classical fields
  217. Increased Vitamin D, Reduction 50% Cancer 70% rheumatoid arthritis
  218. Is there a definition of light?
  219. Anthropologic Mass Extinction
  220. Neoproterozoic loess and limits to snowball Earth
  221. Mammalian Pigmentation Question.
  222. A Question About Major Divisions Of Insects.
  223. America's oldest wild bird is a new mom
  224. Some talks on audio perception, acoustics, and signal processing
  225. Car Gas Milage Increase
  226. Thermal expansion under stress
  227. Honshu earthquake.
  228. [Fukushima, power stations, nuclear scare]
  229. Scientific Explanation about Recent Quakes?
  230. how do viruses move?
  231. Martial Spherules or Blueberries
  232. IQ of Ancient Man
  233. Making juice with nukes
  234. Vertical lift of fluids
  235. [Crop Talk]
  236. Satellite Altimetry - How to convert measurement time in local time ?
  237. Light being dragged around by rotating black holes
  238. Nuclear Clarifications Related to Fukushima
  239. Implications of Fukushima
  240. Japan's nuclear reactors & liquid nitrogen
  241. Ex-Rad: Anti-Radiation Pill; Just in time for Fukushima
  242. Nuclear emergency reading list
  243. Mt. Fuji Volcano Activity, Japan
  244. Japan's power grid, 50 vs 60 Hz
  245. Waterfowls carrying younglings on back?
  246. Panicmaking about the Pacific Plate
  247. Biotechnology arguments (need help with some facts)
  248. Laughable Past Scientific Theories
  249. Future of Fukushima Daichi
  250. got a question for the engineers around here..