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  1. Is neuro regeneration within our reach?
  2. Faster passenger flight anyone?
  3. Which direction does the gravity act in a centrifuge?
  4. [what if this happened to a reactor?]
  5. New ideas chance to succeed.
  6. Nuclear radiation - what is it?
  7. Does anyone here understand this (set theory)?
  8. The quality of iron/steel of ancient or medieval weapons?
  9. Can bleach soak into plastic?
  10. Calorie content of canned catfoods - solid vs liquid parts
  11. TIM: Well, that's no ordinary rabbit.
  12. I think I found a meteor crater!!!
  13. What creates less CO2?
  14. Visit to Superconducting Super Collider
  15. Data analysis competitions
  16. The Moon and Global Warming
  17. So you want to be a theoretical physicist?
  18. Magpies, crows, sparrows, pigeons, chickadees, robins=common North American birds?
  19. The reality behind catapults and early cannons?
  20. [if] All the radioactive atoms in your body break down at once
  21. There are plenty of rooms for technological/scientific developments.
  22. 12yo wants to take on Einstein
  23. Best insulator we know of?
  24. Lomborg on Climate R&D
  25. starfish and fingers: coincidence?
  26. Blue Petroleum - made from alge and CO2 exhaust
  27. Capillary action, Oil and Frying Pans
  28. Is burning wood net 0 CO2?
  29. Bug chemistry expert Thomas Eisner passes
  30. The Mighty Supermassive Yellowstone Volcano
  31. Thermal Blankets
  32. Effect of tsunami on radiation release from different types of nuclear reactors
  33. Critics' review supports (A)GW
  34. KT< sites
  35. Does the idea of curved space imply an extra dimension?
  36. SeaMount Axial Volcano Activity
  37. Remnants of Dead Mid-Ocean Ridges
  38. Will earth be a water world in future?
  39. Water Balloon Physics Questions.
  40. Roentgenium
  41. Who wants to rip apart my paper?
  42. What Would Be The Maximum Sustainable Harvest...
  43. Are most birds pesserines? (Except for waterfowls)
  44. Asthenosphere Earthquake
  45. How well will this work?: Shockwave Generator
  46. % change in atmosphere on a lifeless Earth
  47. "Soft" stainless steel?
  48. Successful examples of exploiting demographic analysis?
  49. Endangered Asian 'unicorn' captured, first sighting in decade
  50. Who has used the Wu Elimination Method?
  51. "Ribbon lightning": Real or camera shake?
  52. Climate change of the last deglaciation and its impact on flora, fauna, and Humans.
  53. Dyson Trees and Astrochickens
  54. Mt. Tabor Cindercone, Portland Oregon activity (maybe)
  55. Cold Fusion redux?
  56. Most dangerous volcanoes?
  57. At what temperature range can ammonia be a gas, liquid, &/or solid simultaneously?
  58. Don't read this thread if you don't like spiders
  59. Undesigned, designed, unintelligent design & intelligent design
  60. The reality about body armour?
  61. What can be done to make science more accessible?
  62. My memory
  63. Energy into Mass & Mass into Energy... How?
  64. Most "disproportional" wingspan?
  65. density not invariant ?
  66. the c of g of the solar system-barycentre
  67. global warming-reaction
  68. How does doppler work with light?
  69. Does String/M Theory Offer an Explaination for Quantum Entanglement?
  70. What could this be?
  71. Recovery from pupil dialation
  72. new ...umm software
  73. Airlines Schedules/Prices
  74. Another Einstein prediction verified...
  75. How much code? [in a digital camera]
  76. pool additive to reduce exposure to the harmful rays of the sun?
  77. Consequences of life extension?
  78. Let's talk about the plane in X-men: Is it possible?
  79. Computer Memory
  80. Modern Time Classics.
  81. Is borax all it's cracked up to be?
  82. The Orbital Debris Problem
  83. Why some birds stand on one leg?
  84. Black Holes near miss?
  85. Those dratted number series puzzles
  86. The Reflection of EM Radiation
  87. (basic?) Statistics question (die-rolling)
  88. Can wind power slow the spin of the earth?
  89. Jetman flew over the Grand Canyon.
  90. Effectiveness of Herorat (Trained demining and TB detecting Gambian pouched rats)
  91. The loneliest plant in the world
  92. trapping photons
  93. Superfluid Density & Specific Heat In Long Term Storage
  94. Chopping firewood Finnish Way
  95. Leonard Susskind: My friend Richard Feynman
  96. On submerged land.
  97. The Earth’s core is melting…and freezing
  98. CDC guidelines for Zombie attack
  99. Nano devices
  100. Single celled organisms may have made fossil "worm tracks"
  101. What are the best or most common types of metals to use in cryrogenics? (ductility)
  102. I think my brain rebooted
  103. Speed of Sound
  104. Clever idea for iodine in nuclear waste
  105. Physics Help - calculating Jeans' length
  106. Why can't we predict the weather (long-term forecast)?
  107. Inflation... or maybe not
  108. Is measles making a comeback?
  109. The infallibility and completeness of science
  110. Does everything have a 'cause' ? What about radioactive decay?
  111. What transports the material to heal bones?
  112. Higgs Boson, the Fine Structure Constant, and superheavy elements
  113. Strange Math Identity
  114. Hydrogen peroxide as radiation detector?
  115. Formation flying at relativistic speeds
  116. The Quintessential Quantum Question
  117. Can we really make healing instantaneously?
  118. Can we come to the point.
  119. REDOX or ORP probes
  120. What's wrong with this [relativity] article?
  121. Michelson-Morley explained in uniformly rotating frames
  122. is (self-) awareness an effect of bodily processes?
  123. Need to slow down the Earth for a novel--please help
  124. time dilation vs length contraction
  125. Puyehue volcano in Chile
  126. Lizard ID Help
  127. Carbon Cycle ? (or two)
  128. A website without the web?
  129. Why did not the Dzero experiment pick up the mysterious bump in data?
  130. Link to a Great Richard Feynman Documentary ...
  131. De Aquino researches on gravity control
  132. The timeslice model survey - please help to evaluate a new visual model
  133. Materials that "absorb " sound and vibrations: how do they work?
  134. A plane with a view
  135. By what mechanisms do disinfectants kill germs?
  136. WIMPS overstated
  137. MiniSTEP mission
  138. Overview of New & Current Volcanic Activity
  139. What is Energy?
  140. i never hear that much about NASA aeronautics research
  141. Behaviour of ice in frozen food, question.
  142. What would Earth's land/water ratio be if the polar ice caps melted completely?
  143. Measuring and Utilization of the Casimir Effect (Sci-Fi)
  144. check out these wind powered "beasts" made out of pvc..
  145. Plastic Age
  146. Objective research about dietary supplements such as DIM?
  147. Antarctic lake hides bizarre ecosystem
  148. a very simple question.. [dripping water, Bernoulli?]
  149. Why are clouds white, despite our atmosphere being blue?
  150. UK mini-tsunami - why static?
  151. problems in quantum gravity theories
  152. Tropical countries & Autoimmune disease
  153. FTL in General Relativity
  154. [If] Every radioactive atom breaks down simultaneously
  155. PPN formalism
  156. One-Second War
  157. Kardashev scale?
  158. Do you think that cellphone towers are unhealthy for birds and human life
  159. Being precisely wrong
  160. Nuclear powered cargo ship question
  161. Is the mainstream in physics being challenged?
  162. Machines in space
  163. Timeline of the far future
  164. A Question About Animal Feeds And Some Observed Results
  165. Safety/Efficacy of Home Teeth Whitening Treatments Question
  166. the squirrel in the road trick
  167. Tsunami airglow signature could lead to early detection system
  168. Incredibly stupid maths question
  169. Roughly 50% of Earth's Internal Heat Generated by Radioactive Decay
  170. A Homemade Atom Smasher?
  171. hawking radiation
  172. Geologic time scale question
  173. question for history buffs - correspondence books from the 1700's?
  174. The current Status of neutrino mixing
  175. How do you calculate what percentage of the Earth's surface a land or water area is?
  176. The Fresnel Furnace Solar Power "Break Through" -- bogusness quotient, please?
  177. [Details (Re: How does wind speed affect the doppler effect?)]
  178. AI... artificial intelagence
  179. Shape deformations in nuclei
  180. NASA projects for volunteers
  181. Separate elementary practcle.
  182. Bose-Einstein condensates and cryogenic freezing
  183. Giant fungus discovered in China
  184. Thoughts on Hong Kong scientists claim about time travel and faster than light travel
  185. A question about laptops
  186. Boolean-ology
  187. Macroscopic QT
  188. Molecular assemblers
  189. Couple of Questions [about Through the Wormhole]
  190. Are trucks more efficient than cars?
  191. Spaniolized forum
  192. Horsepower question
  193. Beyond space-time: Welcome to phase space
  194. Astronomical telescope
  195. Cubic Neutrons
  196. James Hansen on climate change linked runaway greenhouse effect
  197. MMX with sound
  198. Hovering Vehicles Forgotten?
  199. things that are fuzzy become clearer
  200. a search for a new boson
  201. Mystery Creature
  202. Looks Like the Aptera Electric Car May Be No More
  203. Hydrogen spectra and continua [split from: Radiative recombination?]
  204. Questionable points of dimensional analysis: proposition "momentum p=m*v" is logical?
  205. Space Bubble
  206. understanding voltage
  207. Diamonds detected in candle flames
  208. Effect of speed of Earth's rotation on a bullet
  209. Run Away! - Critters and climate change
  210. Brain transplants
  211. photoelectric effect question
  212. Why are neutrons stable within nuclei but not when free?
  213. Equivalence antics.
  214. Physicists find the Pioneer Anomaly is decreasing
  215. Kelvin scale question
  216. Just when you thought wasps had no redeeming qualities
  217. Black Holes serving as port holes to other new Universe's
  218. Study that disproved solar radiation as the major driver to global warming
  219. Duplication of small scale items
  220. Re: spark's dimension thread
  221. Is an earthquake in the main continental mass like hitting a drum?
  222. A Question About BioAdhesives
  223. Digestive Ensymes Question
  224. Moving liquids with light.....photoelectrowetting
  225. Relativistic Kill Vehicles; ammunition?
  226. Why are prion diseases species specific?
  227. Physics Chutzpah
  228. Light transmitter
  229. Hurricane Irene flooding at outer banks of North Carolina
  230. Meaning of a "quantum mechanical system"
  231. Salvaging energy from refrigerators, deep freeze and air conditioners.
  232. Ideal gas law PV=nRT
  233. A bit of climate news:
  234. Biopohotons
  235. Replicating objects
  236. Trisection of angles-similarly
  237. 1 Nanometer Electric Motor Developed
  238. Global Sea Level Drops 6 mm in 2010 - Greater drop and early drop based on Euro Sat
  239. Where does the Higgs Boson "fit"
  240. How Science Works
  241. Skin Gun
  242. Vaccines Wearing-Off Over Time
  243. The Higgs Field Question
  244. Conception..
  245. Earthquake - 6.7 - Vancouver Island, Canada
  246. Radio frequency analogue of double slit apparatus
  247. if you dropped a ball into a hole that went all the way through the moon..
  248. How did we get here?
  249. Spurious Use Of The Term "Percent" Issue...
  250. Last Question For The Night. Simple Chemistry! Formic Acid In Solution Question