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  1. [Pauls on awareness]
  2. Atomic dust?
  3. Nobel-winning physicist Giaever resigns over global warming alarmism
  4. temp. change = power
  5. Book on Photometry?
  6. Do the maths?!
  7. Fissioning Helium
  8. Artificial Blood?
  9. Proper Orbital Elements better for Wikipedia?
  10. Eye lens inverted image
  11. [macaw / caveman1917 discussion from an ATM thread]
  12. Scientists on trial for failing to predict an earthquake
  13. Self-repairing bio-concrete
  14. Converting Jupiter to a star
  15. Speed of light exceeded??
  16. David Bohm and the Implicate Order
  17. NTSB Reno P51 Crash Report
  18. Relativity
  19. [wd40 reflection thread]
  20. Time Keeping
  21. Audio circuit question
  22. Faster than light particles proof
  23. Lighting For Plants Question
  24. Question about conciousness and death.
  25. Life as we know it
  26. How to correctly express a ratio?
  27. Where have all the flowers gone? Bee question
  28. Satellites Prevented Nuclear War - Three Times
  29. Infinite Dimensional Hilbert Space?
  30. Would you like to evolve or develop?
  31. Human Pigmentation Question.
  32. Biofuels "Crime against Humanity?"
  33. Avian digestive system: In the case of "kidney failure"?
  34. High-speed railways: Let's talk about the technical issues.
  35. Tachyonic Neutrino Fermion Equations
  36. Nobel Prizes 2011
  37. Ig Nobel Prizes 2011
  38. Air Pressure and Human Survival
  39. Containing Electron Degenerate Matter
  40. leakdown tester setup
  41. What human adaptations would be needed in high, low, or zero gravity?
  42. Particles which require dependance on gravitational fields
  43. Is it possible to travel EXACTLY at any speed?
  44. The 100 year spaceship, not very plausible?
  45. Air Resistance, Lift, and Gravity
  46. Brain creases and accurate memories
  47. Fire in Macrogravity?
  48. Thorium Heavy Water and Thorium Liquid Fuel Reactors
  49. I want my original permeability!
  50. Giant Kraken Lair Discovered
  51. Too Many Medical Scans?
  52. Ant On Ant Warfare Questions.
  53. If You Had A Source Iridium Beads...
  54. Volcanic lava flowing uphill
  55. borescopes with lenses and mirrors and no fiber optics?
  56. Wireless Power
  57. Energy-Generating Sidewalk
  58. buy bread, milk & eggs.....
  59. Poetic probabilities
  60. Mt. Rainier Activity
  61. Evolving an interacting operation system software.
  62. (borosilicate) glass technology?
  63. Whats up with the Cold Fusion Energy Catalyzer or E-Cat?
  64. cosmological implications for neutrinoless double beta decay
  65. Mystery of the glowing seas may have been solved
  66. North/South Pole Switching - More solar radiation received? Evolutionary driver?
  67. Earthquakes Talking to Each other?
  68. Size/quantity/amount/magnitude ...?
  69. EGR and combustion temperature
  70. Experiments on Earth!
  71. Feynman's Tips On Physics
  72. How much slower than the speed of light should we expect neutrinos to travel?
  73. Question about Perception of Time and Relative Size....
  74. What is the difference between consciousness and self awareness?
  75. RIP, John McCarthy: Inventor of LISP, AI Pioneer
  76. 10 cm wide ameoba!
  77. Is America anti-science?
  78. Anyone know of a good, detailed San Andreas Fault map?
  79. Plumbing Question
  80. A Comparitive Physiology Question. The Ability To Suckle.
  81. Product of a vector and its derivative
  82. Coffee Making Question.
  83. Falsifiability of evolution
  84. How close are we to building android soldiers?
  85. Let's talk about dolphins or whales in captivity (or as tourist attractions).
  86. Cub Scout's Encounter with Nuclear Missile
  87. Does my dog love me ?
  88. Boron fusion drive: a game-changer?
  89. Timing and speed of combustion in automobile engines
  90. Initial human population
  91. Atmospheric Pressure
  92. Fun Papers In Arxiv
  93. wormhole question
  94. Oklahoma 5.6 Quake
  95. Question about hydrogen stability
  96. optical antennas as nanoscale resonators
  97. Geniuses Getting Older
  98. The Tin Woodsman's problem
  99. For Geologists Interested In The Earth's Core
  100. Most famous research institutions
  101. Carbon Dioxide Inputs & Outputs Current & Projected
  102. How does the greenhouse affect work ?
  103. Signal attenuation?
  104. Medicinal tablet ingredients
  105. Humanoid Robots or Robotic Humans?
  106. A Paper on Malware Evolution
  107. Negative Calorie Foods
  108. A Wiki science Journal?
  109. a new wrinkle in oscillations?
  110. The Science of Sarcasm
  111. Wind and Tree Structure
  112. Communicating science and astronomy to public audiences . . .
  113. “The quantum state cannot be interpreted statistically”
  114. The wavefunction is a real physical object
  115. One-Two Punch Caused Mass Extinction
  116. FTL is possible
  117. Make Virtual Particles Real Using the Dynamic Casimir Effect
  118. Remarkable New Birdlike Dinosaur
  119. What powers remote car keys?
  120. Terminal Velocity
  121. Antimatter collisions
  122. Dynamical Casimir effect
  123. A first rate theory predicts....in sonoluminescence. Kudos
  124. Dinosaur Eats Bird
  125. Ancient swimming
  126. Climate on a planet with a north pole centered supercontinent
  127. Climate Sensitivity to a Change in Forcing
  128. How long would oxygen last in a "desert planet's" atmosphere?
  129. Speach recognition software
  130. Still confused about matter not being solid !
  131. Growler - Catching Icebergs
  132. Fastest possible growth rates for living things.
  133. The site www.nbii.gov is closing.
  134. Computer model spots image fraud
  135. Frictional Ageing and Earthquakes
  136. Drag
  137. USGS - Cascade Observatory Webicorders(Web Siesmographs)
  138. Solving the Problems of Logistics on the Moon and Mars
  139. centrifugal gravity question
  140. Household sources of ultrasonic noise
  141. Higgs Rumor
  142. Fission reactor theory
  143. An applied mathematical question regardingstock holdiing and probabilities
  144. Common emitter amplifiers - how do you work out signal gain?
  145. Matrix learning
  146. Below ground building
  147. Higgs Boson
  148. Wind Turbine problems.
  149. Chemistry Question
  150. Air France Flight 447 Report
  151. Do electrons age slower than the nucleus of an atom?
  152. Inductive and Deductive Views on Climate Change
  153. If humans became extinct, what would succeed them?
  154. What would happen if...
  155. What Babies Learn Before They Are Born - TED
  156. The Electric Leaf
  157. A Cure for Cancer
  158. Smart phone touch screen issues
  159. How accurate is the following statement about Mars terraforming?
  160. What would the "world" be today without Oil?
  161. Ionic Wind Drag Reduction?
  162. Correlation of Solar Cycle Length & Arctic Temperatures in Svalbard
  163. New model for high-temperature superconductivity
  164. Can Science paradox be opposing anti gravity?
  165. Memory medicine
  166. The code behind digital cameras and the platforms they use
  167. Sleep patterns of first humans
  168. Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
  169. Pauli Exclusion Principle
  170. "The constructal law and the evolution of design in nature"
  171. Meaning of geodesic
  172. Storms on a hothouse ocean planet
  173. Thermoplastic modeling materials and "Friendly Plastic"
  174. [Swappable cars]
  175. What would a true "nuclear winter" look like?
  176. Botanists to ditch Latin
  177. Permanent Magnet Mechanics: why not?
  178. The right number of timezones and changes of dates?
  179. Solutions to global warming and related problems
  180. String Theory Test Progress
  181. Telephone tech question
  182. Optimum Discovery for Anti-Gravity?
  183. Physics response to Regarding KhashayarShatti thread in Forum Feedback
  184. What will happen when Oil starts to run out ?
  185. What is the actual weight of a rotating object?
  186. What happens if we find the Higgs boson?
  187. Hooded Crane found in Tennessee
  188. Engineering a black hole power plant
  189. Scientific notation... in Spanish?
  190. Gyroscopes
  191. Triple point in layman's terms
  192. Why are compact fluorescent lights so poor for reading?
  193. I work on the T2K experiment and I've made a blog about my work; what do you think?
  194. Speed of Gravity?
  195. Iran Earthquake 5.3 (bad timimg)
  196. Why does high-voltage electrical equipment buzz?
  197. Lockheed Martin buys first commercial quantum computer
  198. Sumatra 7.3 Mag Earthquake
  199. New technology to stop bleeding
  200. collapse of civilization mentioned by Steven Hawking
  201. Free fall versus centrifugal force and science
  202. Talking About Unique Forms Of Illumination.
  203. The map of tweet languages
  204. A Plumbing Noise Question
  205. Questions about consciousness..(sort of..)
  206. Uncertainty principle story
  207. Starships become BHs?
  208. Biologists replicate evolution of step to multicellular life
  209. Oil from algae
  210. Other civilizations in the Milky Way?
  211. Oregon Flooding
  212. Short and long term memory
  213. Capabilities of nuclear pulse propulsion spacecraft
  214. 6 Scientific Discoveries That Laugh in the Face of Physics
  215. "Stray" electricity and dairy cows
  216. The future of information
  217. What is the appeal of Nikola Tesla ?
  218. Nuclear war seen from Mars
  219. Space just two-dimensional?
  220. Gold Deposit Questions.
  221. Artillery Questions.
  222. Perceptual Learning
  223. "Dumb bomb" question
  224. Are particles condensed Energy ?
  225. Wormholes and Paranormal
  226. Zahi Hawass: help or harm to Egyptology?
  227. Telescope's 30 years from now
  228. Negative numbers
  229. For You Physicists: What Modern Equation, Theorum or Proof...
  230. where did complexity come from ?
  231. Why do automotive belts attract cat hair?
  232. What is Bell's theorem ?
  233. quantum intanglement satelites FTL data transfer - laymen proposal
  234. Chemistry Riddle
  235. Plant Vogtle Units 3 & 4 - Licenses Approved by NRC
  236. Does the Copenhagen interpretation require the existence of God?
  237. Zebra stripes evolved to keep biting flies at bay
  238. Anyone know of any applications that say how much ink I use?
  239. Some questions about Lake Vostok
  240. One way to lose weight
  241. Concentrating Solar power and energy
  242. Robot Wrist Question
  243. Beetle larva that lures and kill frogs
  244. The surface chemistry of draining pasta
  245. Einstein's missing math
  246. 4.0 earthquake in Missouri
  247. Ice age plant regenerated
  248. long range electron beams in space
  249. Action and reaction in Vacuo.
  250. Genetic imprint of an immortal man