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  1. Cold war and missiles
  2. question about gravity waves
  3. Galaxies Awake or Asleep
  4. High School Student Might Have found a Cure for Cancer!
  5. The Shape of Inner Space
  6. C++
  7. Vortex radio waves and an "infinite" wireless data capacity
  8. RAM, hard drives and swap/virtual memory
  9. How far are we from android bodies?
  10. Any opinions about the Raspberry Pi?
  11. The Most Common Bird in the World
  12. what exactly E=MC² means?
  13. Inevitable conclusions
  14. [next technology, effect]
  15. What do the mechanical/electrical engineers here think of the Hüttlin Kugelmotor?
  16. NASA will light up the jet stream
  17. PV = photovoltaic
  18. Science and Infinity
  19. Is the Olduvai Theory "woo, woo" ?
  20. Journey to the Center of the Yellowstone Caldera 2012
  21. Horrible error in a study guide
  22. EM Waves
  23. Intelligent Design in the news again
  24. Lead/Tin Alternatives for casting?
  25. What if we transfer the nuclear contaminated wastes and debris to the Moon?
  26. Magnetic Relations at the point of connect and disconnect between two objects
  27. Why do small things "disappear"?
  28. Details of electric and hybrid cars
  29. Sorting rules
  30. Pre-Internet Life?
  31. Rising CO2 levels causing weight rise?
  32. The Theory of Yawning... Would like it but I don't expect much positive feedback
  33. Why Are Russian Orlan Suits Buff Coloured?
  34. Gestures I Haven't Heard Names For But Are Still Common. (From The Yawn Thread)
  35. Is Wired for real with this one?
  36. Are you kidding me? 80 degrees in Twin Cities before vernal equinox
  37. How far out to sea do FM and MW radio signals travel?
  38. The Hyperwall
  39. 100 Tesla Mark Reached
  40. Acceleration calculation - what am I doing wrong?
  41. Jamming Gripper
  42. Candlelights/ electric light bulbs - energy conservation?
  43. Let's talk about ceramic.
  44. 13 Years Later [plasma science]
  45. iPod ear bud blues
  46. My iMac - how alive is it when it's turned off?
  47. Lucy had a cousin
  48. Imagine Computer-driven Vehicles
  49. Biologists' answers to the Higgs particle?
  50. Direction of rotation.???
  51. Interesting study of volcano plumbing
  52. polar coordinates vs polar equations - terminology
  53. Fire good... and old
  54. Rust and Energy
  55. Matter, Space, Time.
  56. reactor # 4 at fukushima
  57. What is in a cubic kilometer of space?
  58. Speed of light in GR
  59. What goes in a modern printer.....
  60. Science Classroom Equipment Questions.
  61. Questions About Food Chemists
  62. Interesting Number Pattern-What is it called?
  63. First message transmitted with neutrinos
  64. How does a nuclear reactor's energy scale up?
  65. Time Delation and Unit Circle
  66. Why the fuss over a sonic boom? Why don't we hear them more often?
  67. Paper airplanes
  68. Weather Records
  69. Neutron-Neutron collision close to speed of light
  70. The Look of Life or, Natural Forms vs. Engineering
  71. Nanotechnology and enviroment?
  72. Isaac Asimov on how to save the planet
  73. No metallic hydrogen at 300 GPa
  74. Is there an inexpensive way to learn C#?
  75. Rice Students Invent Inexpensive Baby Monitor
  76. Botanical Use Of Nutrients And Sugar Production Question.
  77. Largest safe particle collider
  78. Volcanic Rock and Ash Questions
  79. Price of a nuke
  80. Sea Ice
  81. Safety of life in space
  82. How close must a galaxy like our own be to clearly detect?
  83. Asteroids and Dinosaurs
  84. Radio dental work
  85. Expansion of Universe and Lunar Distance
  86. Matter-Antimatter rocket - gamma rays and such
  87. Times Below the Planck Time?
  88. Nuking asteroids in atmosphere
  89. Balancing computer fans
  90. A question about light - sorry
  91. Fun Science Blogs
  92. Question about the double-slit experiment
  93. Medically speaking, is obesity becoming the next "second-hand smoke" issue?
  94. Rotation of the Universe
  95. Subatomic Particles
  96. Electromagnetic Torque
  97. Does it still make sense to say that atoms are mostly empty space?
  98. Strategic Defense Initiative
  99. Artifact is Oldest Known Astronomical Instrument
  100. Three classes of ions?
  101. Bionic Eyes!!!
  102. IPv6
  103. epsilon naught (permetivity)
  104. Are noisy appliances a fault of design or Nature?
  105. A Question About Carbon Dating
  106. Anti-microwave oven?
  107. Some Strange News... [computer code, string theory]
  108. To Nook/Kindle or to NOT Nook/Kindle?
  109. Elastic Space Time. Grand unification.
  110. Evidence and belief
  111. Some Insights into the Higgs Phenomena and the New Theories which could be Abound
  112. Fossil Fuel Free Aviation
  113. Pyramid building
  114. How big would a pegasus' wings need to be?
  115. How do multi-processor CPUs multi-process?
  116. Motion of energy or matter?
  117. Scientific or ATM questions
  118. Python and sysadmins
  119. Spider identification
  120. Would you like to help me interpret some equations I was pondering?
  121. Timeline of the far future (again!)
  122. 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
  123. Earthquakes relation to astronomical events?
  124. Ocean Warming
  125. Flat Earth in Bent Space
  126. Potential energy and E=mc²
  127. Dead plants
  128. Cosmic Redshift and Photon Energy
  129. Question about 1-4% Neanderthal DNA present in non African humans
  130. Kindle newbie on airplane?
  131. Fusion Power - Is it worth banking on?
  132. Symmetry Breaking and the Higgs Boson
  133. Reality
  134. Two news stories on food and health
  135. Limits on the scale of Space Habitats (part 2)
  136. Ion rocket engine powerfull enough for space flight?
  137. Superconducting mind-reading helmet
  138. Neutral Hydrogen and 21 cm and galaxies
  139. Seiche wave at Cadir Idris.
  140. Bullets and stuff
  141. When they were islands, were the seamounts of the Emperor chain like modern Hawaii?
  142. How can we see the CMB?
  143. Special relativity - Am I getting it right now?
  144. Imagine ... that triangles actually have five corners ...
  145. Black Holes and suction of space
  146. Technological singularity & alien life
  147. Watts, Newtons, help me get the units right!
  148. The Stepford Holograms
  149. Would it be possible to terraform Venus?
  150. Black Holes and Gravitational Limits
  151. Psychoactive mind control
  152. What would happen to Venus if a large icy/wet comet smacked into that planet?
  153. New Evidence Links Cosmic Impact to Mass Extinction
  154. Does the universe have a mind of its own?
  155. Suggest a distributed computing project
  156. Thinner air at higher latitudes
  157. Rent your own satellite
  158. When will humanity have a K3 civilization?
  159. Jobs in 200 years
  160. Bad Science in Newspaper Article: Mosquito v. Raindrop
  161. Electric Highways?
  162. The extent of carbonation in beverages
  163. Military to capture the best ever shots of airy disks
  164. Should we be worried about an H5N1 pandemic?
  165. Air Travel Tomorrow
  166. Oil and Coal without dead organic matter: is it possible?
  167. Question About Poison Oak Treatment In Severe Exposures
  168. How many continents are there?
  169. What if th earth broke in half...??
  170. Lonesome George passes away
  171. In organic chemisty, when hydrogen is a R group does it have a name?
  172. If Earth's human population was gradually reduced by 2/3, would that be disasterous?
  173. Was Earth a "single-biome" planet at one point?
  174. Does Anybody Besides Myself Find The End Permian Extiction Event...
  175. trampoline thoughts
  176. Why Does This Cleaning Technique Work?
  177. Fission and transmutation in crystals
  178. Billion vs. Milliarde?
  179. Ocean acidification: how fast is mass extinction expected to happen?
  180. Self-charging electric cars
  181. atom's shadow
  182. Higgs Boson question
  183. Boson Discovered at CERN!!
  184. new races of humans
  185. Mutant, Cyanide-Bearing Grass Kills Cows In Texas. Ranchers Concerned
  186. String Theory Predicts the Higgs Boson ?
  187. Massive particle decay question
  188. How to detect EM waves with wavelengh smaler than 10 exp -35 meters (Planck dimensio?
  189. To change the sky's color
  190. Looking for fusion reactor news
  191. Simple Chemistry/Toxicology of Gopher Bombs Question.
  192. Modern life after an "apocalypse"?
  193. Chocolate Mousse.... in space!
  194. Tree Ring Climate Study over 2000 years shows "cooling"
  195. Lightning: White to orange
  196. Installed Solar Energy.
  197. Bird-brain intelligence?
  198. Graphene membrane permeable to water vapor?
  199. Facilitated Communication used at Amsterdam University College
  200. Touch technology
  201. If the Higgs Boson is completely confirmed, How does that affect M-Theory?
  202. Volcano Reports have moved
  203. Magnetic Force field
  204. Cracked article about how awesome science is
  205. Building LFTRs
  206. Low gravity cavern. Countering Earth's gravity.
  207. Neutrino emission cooling
  208. Future Wireless Bandwidth
  209. frequency of mega-earthquakes
  210. Sea levels and measurements of the Earth by GPS
  211. 500 TeraWatt Laser!
  212. suggestion for a test of SR...
  213. Question about angular momentum in a vacuum
  214. Is the Uncertainty Principle only an scale problem?
  215. Question about Buckyball interference pattern in the two-slit experiment
  216. Analogy and Comparability of wiggly rope to quantum leap?
  217. Triangulated planar graphs, with all verticies of degree 3k
  218. Do radio waves impact climate change?
  219. A Primer on Global Warming
  220. Question about the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum
  221. Low-Fat Margarine idea
  222. What will be the next useful particle?
  223. flow powered siphon ?
  224. Malthus and Global Warming
  225. questions about light and temperature
  226. If The Universe Is Finite What's at The End?
  227. Freezer pop technology
  228. Nitrogen triiodide
  229. Electronic Pest Control
  230. A test for monopoles ?
  231. Powdered peanut butter?
  232. Is the LNT accurate?
  233. Gluon octet
  234. Bioprinting organs, how plausible and how soon?
  235. Archaeoastronomy: Do any structures align with meteor showers? This one does.
  236. Recycling Site fires.
  237. End of invention in sight?
  238. How deep can the ocean get?
  239. Voice Interface AI: Uncanny Valley?
  240. What's the percentage of the world population that dies each year?
  241. A question about cyclotrons
  242. Some human predecessors lastd for 10^6 years, Neanderthals for 500, 000 yrs. Us?
  243. Can an electrical field cause paramagnetic material to arrange its electron spins?
  244. The next being
  245. getting to grips with the Internet
  246. Overlap between geology and paleontology
  247. Why are geological periods getting shorter?
  248. What is the rotating disk ... Called?
  249. Femto-phography: Watching light move
  250. Anesthetic gases