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  1. Mirror foods
  2. Is there such a thing as a Planck time period.
  3. How do snowflakes form so symmetrically?
  4. Windows Secure Boot Article
  5. How Old are Planets?
  6. AGW - How can regulation reduce emissions?
  7. 350 or bust
  8. What is sea ice ?
  9. Is it possible to control the weather, and volcanoes?
  10. Hurricanes on a panthalassa
  11. Bubble chamber tracks?
  12. Will it be possible to use quantum entanglement as a form of communication?
  13. The Unification of Gravi-Electromagnetic-Weak-Strong forces
  14. Is random sampling impossible? - from continuous random variables.
  15. question about gravity
  16. How To Violate the Exclusion Principle
  17. Realistic scenarios for the Collapse of Human Civilization
  18. Life in and around the Arctic sea ice
  19. Solid State Generator
  20. Visions of year 2000 from 1899 - 1910 (France)
  21. Quantum immortality and stream of consciousness
  22. Extra sunlight in Ancient Antarctica?
  23. Is rust alive ?
  24. Time Capsule Materials
  25. Future of Climate Change
  26. Yellowstone National Park could supply several percent of USA energy needs
  27. Making ethanol biofuel "green"
  28. Working with quadratic
  29. Warp drive may be more feasible than previously thought
  30. Extinction of dinosaurs
  31. Robots to sail the seven seas...
  32. Weaponized laser launchers
  33. Only 1 in 6 baby-boomers in good health
  34. Ig Nobels for 2012
  35. Centrifugal force = gravity?
  36. Enhanced Nickel Iron batteries.
  37. Researchers propose a way to build the first space-time crystal
  38. SARS II: Epidemic Boogaloo
  39. I want a portal gun!
  40. Element 113
  41. Within the SR theory....how do we know which is the absolute speed of an object?
  42. What if atmospheric testing had continued after 1963?
  43. Mammal with salamander-like regenerative abilities
  44. Weight and Mass
  45. Issues concerning Flash Drives / Memory Sticks
  46. Antigravity, FTL, and realism
  47. Hurricane Nadine
  48. Quantifying Global Warming
  49. The logistics of Space Marines
  50. Angular Momentum
  51. Ancient wood smoke
  52. Vestibular apparatus & the Earth's motions
  53. why do so many people want to be immortal?
  54. The D-D and D-T fusion reactions, help sought.
  55. Upcoming Projects
  56. Cosmological confusion: infinite universe?
  57. Two K-T disasters?
  58. What do you think of All-in-one Desktops?
  59. Need to set up a home network for printers! (Windows 7 for the moment)
  60. Expanding Universe. Is it a reality or is it a perception ?
  61. Why Do Wet Items Appear Darker?
  62. You weigh less on the way down?
  63. Do we actually need animal products in our diets?
  64. Ultra-high stainless steel vs ceramic(let's stick to zirconia)
  65. Burial vs Cremation
  66. Robotic companions
  67. *Evidence* that our universe is a simulation
  68. Snowballs and Supercontinents
  69. Ceramic exhaust coating - fact or fiction?
  70. Help with a computer glitch?
  71. Lasers vs bullets vs armor
  72. Is it poor science or bad astronomy to invoke an alternative explanation of phenomena
  73. How slow can electron go?
  74. Supporting evidence for the expanding universe
  75. Electricity worry beads.
  76. Help understanding Infinity & the hotel paradox
  77. Why do we see Light ?
  78. Tractor Beam?
  79. Cold-tolerant birds?
  80. Haida Salmon Algae Fertilization
  81. Earthquake 7.7 - Canada's British Columbia
  82. Computer upgradability talks
  83. Mathematics textbook series
  84. How are curvatures in space producing gravity attraction?
  85. objects passing through each other
  86. Chtulhu goes ArXiv
  87. Hurricane Sandy and Global Warming
  88. faster than SOL = time travel?
  89. Heartbeat powers a pacemaker
  90. Why Do Predators Exist?
  91. Flip an electron, roll a neutrino?
  92. How old are Hawaii and Tahiti?
  93. Solar power density.
  94. Planetary crust thickness relating to seismic activity
  95. Red Meat Allergy
  96. Could we say that the Higgs field is the fifth field?
  97. Capture Asteroid in LEO?
  98. "Safing" a near Earth Asteroid?
  99. Which could be the 10 greatest enigmas in physics today?
  100. What properties of tissue differentiate structures in MRI images?
  101. Does this creature exist?
  102. Background radiation over time
  103. Different Dimensions Theories at Planck scale
  104. tear apart and demystify this perpetual motion machine..
  105. Could neutrinos be massless?
  106. 'Hidden in Plain Sight' by Andrew Thomas
  107. carbon dioxide trend
  108. Two-slit experiment question...
  109. Small electric motor questions
  110. question about Pair Production
  111. question about Tau particle
  112. can neutrinos annihilate?
  113. Most efficient ways to do with dead bodies?
  114. Question about the electron
  115. Could humans actually destroy this planet?
  116. How to recycle salt from human sweat/waste?
  117. Anything that happens . . .
  118. BAL of a teetotler
  119. Is it a viable hypothesis that more new force fields could be discovered in future?
  120. How do we measure mass?
  121. Calculating vs measuring physical constants and values
  122. Brain damage and space travel.
  123. QED Challenged by NIST Experiment
  124. visualizing time
  125. working with lead (to balance a guitar)
  126. Mars and politics
  127. A simple gravitational redshift thought experiment
  128. Mankind's Greatest Achievement
  129. Capacitance of a sphere: conductors vs. dielectrics
  130. Model city for survivors of a disaster
  131. The importance of dogs to early humans
  132. What are the limits of the LHC?
  133. Matthew Garrett, you rock! Linux shim loader released.
  134. Earth's atmosphere without life
  135. A remix of the NASA/Goddard Water Cycle videos
  136. Cloudless rain
  137. New insights into the spread of flowering plants
  138. New Evidence of a Verifiably Volcanic Dinosaur Disaster
  139. Direct measurement of the deflection of laser beam - in any place.
  140. Can metallic hydrogen exist for awhile at the Earth's surface?
  141. These lines were made for walking
  142. Supervolcano winter duration
  143. Theory or Hypothesis
  144. Antihydrogen
  145. magnetic reconnection or exploding double layer?
  146. Quick Check: Which is theory and which is fact?
  147. Increasing CO2 in the air causing increasing obesity
  148. Flat Terahertz lens construction
  149. What is a polywell, and how does it work?
  150. Amnesiac drugs?
  151. What would really happen if something akin to the Carrington Event happened today?
  152. Mass Attack!
  153. What microbe has murdered the most of mankind?
  154. Gut Bacteria May Cause Obesity
  155. Albert einstein:
  156. Question on a math term
  157. "Quantum levitation" But what's in the puck?
  158. Preserving an evaporating black hole
  159. The Cambrian predator
  160. Have Scientists Found 2 different Higgs Bosons?
  161. Subatomic Particle Uncertainty
  162. MIT finds A new state of Matter - Quantum Spin Liquids?
  163. Durable ancient architecture
  164. The Origin of Life
  165. In what ways, if any, is gravity similar to the Bernoulli effect?
  166. What is the mainstream view on Relativity of simultaneity?
  167. Critical point substances
  168. LENR?
  169. Beyond Higgs-Boson- do we create what we observe (on the quantum level)?
  170. Dinosaurs learned to fly, then what?
  171. Phonons in carbon nanotubes
  172. Scientists say hot chocolate tastes better --
  173. Klemperer rosettes
  174. It gets real cold in Germany...
  175. How cold would the Earth get?
  176. Where is the science being done these days?
  177. When will plate tectonics run down?
  178. Wireless keyboard gets really sluggish.
  179. How to de-aerate water?
  180. Tourism and the Environment
  181. Justified True Belief
  182. A Quantum Fluctuation..
  183. Magnetic universe and TOA thories
  184. Alcubierre drive and time travel
  185. The Space Turntable Idea
  186. snow rollers and tubes
  187. Quantum mechanics and Probabilities
  188. Electric roads
  189. Getting a grip on wrinkled wet fingers
  190. Put an asteroid in orbit around the moon? Why??
  191. The Bending and Warping of Space/time: Will we eventually do it?
  192. The Faint Young Sun
  193. Authenticating UFO debris
  194. Naturalism vs Technological Alternations (or Transhumanism)
  195. The Kosher Compass - how does it work?
  196. Invisible Soldiers - Hyperstealth Quantum Stealth material, cloak of invisiblity?
  197. Magnetar magnetic field
  198. Koides formula again
  199. Great Scientific Debates: "The Scale of the Universe"
  200. Does rust melt snow?
  201. Professor seeks surrogate for Neanderthal baby.
  202. Could GM crops slowly end the world?
  203. The Okavanga River Is Being Diverted By China.
  204. House rabbit discussion
  205. Solar power balloons charge electric vehicles
  206. The feasability of a passenger Boom-ship
  207. "Hypersonic Skyhitch" - Partial Reentry Suborbital Towing
  208. Feasable Futuristic Power Sources (for SF Novel)
  209. Motors in the cold?
  210. Prehistoric gender equality
  211. Loose Ends of the Standard Model of Particle Physics
  212. Bio-engineering kelp to mine the seas.
  213. Microsoft Office 2010 problems
  214. Spinning disc collisions
  215. A Ten Thousand Year Clock:
  216. Giant squid on Discovery Channel
  217. Calculating Dimensions of small items
  218. A Niels Bohr Quote, what does he mean ? !
  219. Colony Ships
  220. Sea Foam Covers Town - What is the foam made of?
  221. Knowledge for Inspiration
  222. All the energy we'll need [LFTRs]
  223. question about the life inside of us
  224. Gravity versus direction of motion
  225. Zebra stripes - stealth technology?
  226. Has communication technology really gone this far yet
  227. Medical implant cyber vulnerabilities
  228. The Unphysical Limits of Probability
  229. Our world of concrete, steel, and bituman
  230. What is the furthest two objects can be from each other...
  231. Planet with flat surface
  232. Can I Safely Run a CF Light Bulb from a UPS?
  233. Digging up humanity
  234. Wood burning hybrid steam car
  235. [Solar Energy - solar vs. nuclear]
  236. Did I hear Prof Hawking correctly? Gravity question.
  237. What makes "pure energy" pure? (Into the Universe)
  238. How long would they live? (Into the Universe)
  239. Rarity of Precious Metals
  240. Gravity, Time and Great Pyramid of Giza (Into the Universe)
  241. What *is* mass??
  242. derivatives
  243. Sluggish Photons
  244. How far are we from brain or neurological repairs?
  245. Landmines or Ageing of High Explosives
  246. Black hole question (Hawking / "Into the Universe")
  247. Europa's water vs Earth's (amount)?
  248. Life in Earth is by Moon and 3 articles more over Moon and Earth
  249. Radar locking
  250. Junk DNA not junk?