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  1. Does pressure affect charge or light frequency?
  2. Image Transmission
  3. Logarithm Question
  4. Brain model mimics human quirks
  5. calculating sum of layers
  6. Radio Telescope, GPS See Old Nuclear Test & the Ionosphere
  7. The Copenhagen Interpretation.
  8. The New Nobels.
  9. NASA does LENR
  10. Wavelength of Soundwaves
  11. Skunkworks fusion reacton.
  12. Using black-holes to increase a moon's surface gravity (and other neat ideas).
  13. All about repairing or replacing the human body
  14. Longest possible bottomless pit
  15. Modern military weapons vs. Science fiction
  16. Making Venus livable
  17. accelerating an electron with laser beam
  18. Temperature of a lightning bolt
  19. How do we detect individual particles ?
  20. And now ... dark lightning
  21. What are the criticisms of a classical model of the electron?
  22. Proton magnetic moment?
  23. Substance or diseases with the highest casualty?
  24. New "MOM" for CO2 Capture
  25. Do you know any interesting news from The CERN experiments?
  26. Vixra
  27. Weird brown-out or surge affecting certain things and not others
  28. Preservation of Superposition, Entanglement, Decoherence
  29. Comparing the neutron production rates of typical radioactive materials
  30. Japanese demonstrates how to access methane clathrates (and fry the planet)
  31. Astrobiologists Find Ancient Fossils in Fireball Fragments
  32. Wiki Weapons
  33. Possibility of robotic personal care workers?
  34. The reality of replicators
  35. Planetary Engineering - ideas?
  36. Dragonfly Compared To Mantid Feeding Behavior Question.
  37. Credible experimental results, reporting on the measurement of artificial gravitation
  38. "confirmed" Higgs vs. standard model Higgs?
  39. Warp speed slower than light?
  40. First signs of decline in IQ?
  41. Do Transformers Exist ?
  42. Gravity/Antigravity Research
  43. New glasses-free 3D for cellphone
  44. High altitude balloons return sun light to space cooling Earth
  45. core bit vs drill bit?
  46. Invasive species
  47. Deranged jet stream causing frozen UK?
  48. Cigarette butts may help babies
  49. since this is my go-to site for all things scientific: where to get info on evolution
  50. Hearty Mariana Trench microbes discovered.
  51. Un-particle physicist: Leaves on the tree
  52. Why molten Sulfur?
  53. Mg-Li alloys
  54. What would the climate & weather be like on an inverted Earth?
  55. Neon storms
  56. Missile trajectory
  57. Demolition agents and water
  58. Infinite universe & inflation.
  59. question about gravity and electromagnetism...
  60. After installing iTunes my computer is seriously messed up
  61. Nuclear lemonade
  62. Fusion power and engines now?
  63. Don't look if you don't like spiders
  64. Living under the mile thick ice
  65. How bad is global warming? How bad will it get?
  66. Making ice
  67. What is my peak wavelength?
  68. Does pressure effect electrical conductivity?
  69. Shock Wave Intensity
  70. Gravity and Electromagnetism as spacetime structure disturbances
  71. Smallest practical size of nuclear reactor?
  72. Earth's maximum gravity
  73. LHC - How many different energies have been observed?
  74. Question about the perception of color
  75. Out of Africa gene
  76. Black Holes Are Anti-matter Solar Systems and Anti-Light is gravity
  77. Natural hydrogen emissions : A new paradigm.
  78. Problems with Oxidized Zinc components
  79. Torsion and Spin: Cosmology Beyond GR
  80. Can we calculate half-lives
  81. I'm Seriously Worried About The "Geology" Of Oyster Point.
  82. Happy 20th Birthday to the Web!
  83. And The Oddest Real World Argument To Originate From A Zombie Movie Goes To...
  84. Physics classes
  85. Cool but unused technology.
  86. Why would they think antimatter could be anti-grav?
  87. How often does my body emit a visible photon?
  88. Early tech development
  89. Hollow Earth Question
  90. Super Refraction (Lake Erie)
  91. Solar, wind and other energy sources
  92. What is Poisson's Relation?
  93. Symbol recognition in nonhumans?
  94. Dyson's blade less fan to ventilation outlet design
  95. How accurate are thermometers...
  96. I want my Jetson car!!!
  97. What are the requirements for a working Theory of Everything?
  98. Stimulated Quantum Vacuum Activity (SQuaVA)
  99. Ideas on The Multiverse Theory
  100. Basics on Observers
  101. How do Africanized honeybee hives survive?
  102. Is there a mind independent reality ?
  103. Raspberry Pi
  104. News update about the Large Hadron Collider
  105. Threats to civilization
  106. Ego and folly
  107. Why is speed of light considered constant throughout history?
  108. Cloned stem cells.
  109. Speculation: Consequences breaking of physical laws
  110. Reservoir under Ontario holds billion-year-old water
  111. Understanding photon wave (polarized) amplitude
  112. Understanding photon wave (polarized) amplitude
  113. What Does Physics Say About Agents And Causality?
  114. Mechanical advantages of rails?
  115. Excellent video on Natural Selection
  116. Photon Factory
  117. Where do viruses come from?
  118. Blimps
  119. Redeveloping ovaries from stem cells? Can it end menopause as we know it?
  120. Brazilian free-energy machine
  121. How much water is inside Earth?
  122. Twin Prime progress
  123. Perpetual motion question.
  124. Comprehending numbers
  125. Question for a Chemist in the House
  126. Compressing Electron Shells
  127. Building an airway
  128. Albert Einstein: And other great scientists and public education.
  129. Seen This awesome video?
  130. Is this Technology fair dinkum? Or is someone having a lend of us?
  131. Questions about the Earth's (lower) atmosphere
  132. Is there any relationship between gravity and wind?
  133. Question about charge
  134. Question about positron-proton interactions...
  135. What causes bathquakes?
  136. Sharks in danger.
  137. Magnitude of ratio
  138. Where have all the stromatolites gone, long time passing...
  139. Acid
  140. Metal cutting before oxyacetylene
  141. Worst Case Of Preconceptional Obversation Bias I've Ever Heard Of!
  142. 3d printing:
  143. water, water everywhere and nary a drop to drink - Hawaii and dying trade winds
  144. Belts and Rollers, Oh My!
  145. Self Balancing motorcycle-car
  146. Alternative to vaccines, idea.
  147. Walking from a Pole to the Equator
  148. Google Map Images and People
  149. An interesing math question
  150. Relativistic Doppler Effect
  151. Ammonia as fuel.
  152. Hawking Radiation:
  153. New family of magnetic quasicrystals found
  154. dumb nuclear question
  155. Bit rate of human brain
  156. Do photons travel? Do photons actually exist?
  157. Linear Accelerators as Launchers
  158. A question about answers
  159. O2 levels in decline?
  160. I Have Questions About Ova.
  161. A biophysics question... I think...
  162. Wetlands for Carbon sequestration
  163. cloned from blood
  164. Are Geologists Going To Need A New Phrase For "Hydrology" Pretty Soon?
  165. Can we do fitness training under greater than Earth gravity?
  166. Green homes: who wants to build one and how?
  167. So, How Close To Phasers Are We Now That We have The Anti-matter Gun?
  168. Quantum field theory
  169. Aral Sea and Lake Chad: Environmental Disasters?
  170. Experimenting with LEDs = light emitting diodes
  171. Flooding in Antarctica: big lakes and big leaks
  172. Can tinfoil stop terahertz radiation?
  173. How does an impressionist impress us with their impression?
  174. Will we ever solve chess and go?
  175. Some Physics questions
  176. My deep philosophical ramblings !
  177. The Higgs or not the Higgs?
  178. Medical/Physiological Question About "Death Grips" In Living People.
  179. Free Electrons and Protons Interacting with Photons
  180. How Thourough Do You Search Before You Can Ethically Seed Another Orbital Body?
  181. Interplanetary precision laser could reach to Mars and beyond
  182. Researchers develop 3-D display with no ghosting for viewers without glasses
  183. The Global Warming !
  184. Shadows
  185. How trustworthy is the so-called "paleo-burn"?
  186. Weather Modification
  187. Some questions about Zero Point Energy
  188. Can it be built?
  189. Spider Web Question.
  190. Crazy people I like....neutrinoless quadruple beta decay
  191. Energy vs Potential Energy (Physics 101 question)
  192. Coriolis effect & rifle shooting
  193. Sustainable human fertility rate for the next 1500 years?
  194. Australian BottleBrush and American Hummingbird Observations and Questions.
  195. Really Big Permanent Magnet Question.
  196. Interesting study on eco-connectivity in Yellowstone
  197. Measuring Earth's Gravity Direction
  198. The Intersection of Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics...a must read.
  199. The longest running experiment?
  200. The Humble Cane Toad:
  201. The world according to Itskov:
  202. Data storage questions
  203. What's the formal definition of "Main Stream"?
  204. Point of View - Loking out from near a supermassive black hole
  205. MIT Climate Collaboration CoLab competition
  206. Could nanotube "rope" be a near invisible knife?
  207. "Pandora" virus - covert threat from space?
  208. Great White pack hunting
  209. Why a singularity at the center of a black hole?
  210. BEC and ordinary matter?
  211. Non-trivial bug that stuffed my PC
  212. Big moon
  213. Voyager Destination
  214. Which relativistic contraction is greater?
  215. Those things that spark the internet off
  216. How long will the lunar landers last? (Or longevity of artificial objects in space)
  217. Older people's posture
  218. Maximum Effective range of a spacecraft radio?
  219. question about GR...
  220. GR vs QFT: "Firewall Paradox" (maybe not)
  221. New carnivore discovered:
  222. News Story That Is Nonsense To The Point Of Gibberish... The Swedish Pacus
  223. So the other day I was watching Ducktales and...
  224. Dots per inch
  225. Preventing color blending in water based compounds
  226. Calculating density of gas compressed by its own weight
  227. What are the biological effects of IR across dosages?
  228. In the 80 years from 1890 to 1970...
  229. Spooky action at a distance
  230. How plausible/real is the whole theory of Multiverse or multiple dimensions?
  231. Tandem Mirror
  232. Non-Relativistic explanation of M&M
  233. Spinning Light Source
  234. spinning ball St Andrews
  235. Androids, cyborgs, or artificial hominids?
  236. Abiogenesis and Evolution Unified?
  237. Insects use gears
  238. Non-mammalian kidneys?
  239. A probability teaser
  240. Rocket Fuel
  241. The Amplituhedron
  242. About a Wikipedia Article...
  243. Life: A Map of the US...Made of Slime Mold
  244. Polygonal Number Counting Function
  245. North Carolina incident, 1961 (atomic bombs)
  246. RBUTR - an anti woo tool?
  247. Eukaryotics on Super-Earths May Be Made Up of Tiny Cells
  248. Photon emission from atoms
  249. What are we made of today and what will we be tomorrow?
  250. Were royal children that fragile from ancient to late 1800s?