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  1. Element number 115 and supernova
  2. Is this exam question right or wrong?
  3. Where should I start if I want a foundation in science?
  4. Some questions about Decoherence
  5. Kitchen Science... on the moon?
  6. Photonic molecules ~ light sabers and quantum computers (Whoopee!)
  7. Science is in a reproducibility crisis
  8. Why so few lucky clover?
  9. Nanotech and 3D printing = 4D printing... already!
  10. Bogus paper with obvious flaws accepted by many open access journals
  11. Rats are useful animals after all?
  12. Biochemistry, differences and similarities of ethanol, sugar, and carbohydrates
  13. A Question About Secondarily Radioactive Material "In Quantity"
  14. Does anybody have some sort of list of high-profile research that's been shutdown...
  15. GM corn better for the environment
  16. How many microprocessor chips...
  17. Newest Nobelist
  18. NIF has apparently achieved scientific breakeven (but don't get too excited)
  19. I guess this is pure quack: sagee
  20. Life on Earth..
  21. How are quantum fields not an ether.. ?
  22. Faster than light dark matter
  23. Discrepancies in the Fine Structure Constant?
  24. light in fibre optic coil
  25. Israel bans fluoridation of water
  26. Ionization Energy of Molecular Compounds
  27. Farthest mirage
  28. Invasions of land
  29. Impact with water
  30. Cells, genes, and starfish; can we grow new parts?
  31. Smog closes Chinese city, more to follow?
  32. Temperature and Toilets.
  33. How big an explosion could a 55 kg mass produce if completely converted to energy?
  34. Turn Your Smartphone Into a Digital Microscope!
  35. Actuarial/Probability Question...
  36. Question about Childbirth Experience
  37. Sudden increase in Polar Sea Ice
  38. Three new verterbrates discovered in Australia
  39. Microphone sound issue
  40. Can This Flood Protection Scheme Work?
  41. Water Fueled Torches
  42. Self Dissimilarity and Complexity
  43. Wood burning jet engine problems
  44. Embryological development in humans vs deuterostomes
  45. New T. rex info
  46. Bubble fusion: Mythbusters edition
  47. Quantum teleportation and "matter hacking"
  48. From the long Fukushima thread
  49. Materials science requirements for Globus Cassus
  50. Nuclear safety?
  51. [Nanotechnology and nuclear power]
  52. Evidence of 3.5 billion-year-old bacterial ecosystems found in Australia
  53. global warming
  54. A psychological effect
  55. Gaia Theory
  56. A question about mirrors
  57. Lay Down The Law: Go Thermodynamic on Me!
  58. Three types of humans once coexisted?
  59. What physical equations include gravity?
  60. Extremely large building
  61. Animals using animals
  62. Dr. Fredrick Sanger
  63. Size of a Fata Morgana
  64. Delay of neutrinos
  65. How Energetic was Typhoon Haiyan?
  66. Turning invasive species into economic resources?
  67. The trees that miss the mamoths
  68. Static electricity
  69. Shannon Limit
  70. Size of Tsar Bomba
  71. Jovian electrodynamic tethers
  72. Matter:antimatter annihilation of baryons
  73. Cells, Proteins ect :)
  74. Do fields disappear overtime?
  75. Lensing effects (gravitational / gas)
  76. Safe new nuclear reactor designs.
  77. The dolphin family?
  78. Priorities for medical breakthroughs?
  79. Lamark and Lysenko were right!
  80. Philosophical musings of science, reality, blind men and elephants
  81. Gravitational waves
  82. My Neutron Weapon
  83. If you were wondering when airships would make a comeback...
  84. Radiation pressure from moving a source
  85. Did Arthropoda invade the land five times?
  86. Saw it on FB: Is "Scientists Discover a Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics" Legit?
  87. Doomsday scenario with a side of awful journalism
  88. Would we really see them coming?
  89. A hole in the LHC's vacuum bubble safety argument
  90. Classification of robots
  91. Keep wondering: why Gambian pouched rats are so effective in tuberculosis diagnosis?
  92. The real relationship between cockroaches and trilobites?
  93. Prime numbers?
  94. Magnetic force
  95. Ceramic hoax or just poor manufacturing
  96. Testors model airplane - could the Mig-37B fly?
  97. Metal colors
  98. Cosmic rays, heavy ions, and the safety of the LHC
  99. Temperature of lightning
  100. Canola oil is a major health hazard?
  101. Quantum
  102. Asimov's 'I, Robot' Soon To Be Reality, No Longer Fiction?
  103. Gravity force
  104. How long are we from vertical take-off passenger planes?
  105. Black hole remnants and the safety of the LHC
  106. Sleep Sweeps The Brain
  107. new physics
  108. Fusion in Jupiter
  109. Solar powered mother ship !
  110. What is the possible top speed of "traditional" space ship ?
  111. Can someone swot a proposed fictional vehicle - a Venus Rover?
  112. Environmental question
  113. Do diamonds have any practical scientific applications?
  114. Geiger Counts
  115. Transhumanism, replicating spacecraft, Xenobiology and more.
  116. Colour Paint
  117. Chemistry of Chinese YU-8 Torpedo Warheads Question.
  118. The Safety Of Dinking With Your Own Androgens Question.
  119. What books would you recommend?
  120. Does Anybody Have Credible Sources That The People Opposing Assad...
  121. Does the consumption of cow’s milk, cause damage to the human body?
  122. General questions around spaceships and orbital speeds etc.
  123. Twin bones in the lower extremities
  124. What scientific idea is ready for retirement?
  125. Natural/herbal bathing and hair products?
  126. Light Pillars
  127. I'm thinking of creating a network to link Wikipedians to academics.
  128. At what temperature does it become impossible to skate on ice?
  129. Military Craft in NASA service
  130. Human Immune Response to Neu5Gc (sialic acid) initiates Cancer and Atherosclerosis?
  131. Question about nuclear decay modes
  132. Hosepipe noise
  133. Quantem Entangled Black Holes
  134. Free radicals and excitotoxicity=valid claims or hoaxes?
  135. Lyapunov time of weather
  136. Plate tectonics Lyapunov time
  137. The werewolf diet
  138. 24 hour stomach/intestinal virus issues - suggestions?
  139. Does Global Warming Affect More than Just the Climate?
  140. Space Gun !
  141. Nano sat engines
  142. Batteries as bombs
  143. charge
  144. Subhealthy mental state?
  145. A new way to make stem cells from adult cells.
  146. Why do fish have bones?
  147. Are radioactive decays random?
  148. Ediacaran in the Paleozoic?
  149. Time
  150. How much gold is in the Earth's core?
  151. DNA project
  152. Cholesterol medication?
  153. Will we ever know all important scientific knowledge?
  154. Floating Islands
  155. Happisburgh
  156. Blood pressure medication
  157. Which is more difficult: Physics or Chemistry
  158. Salting a Ski Slope in Warm Weather?!
  159. Artificial ingredients
  160. Could an EMP stop a nuclear missile?
  161. Something Significant about the Universe?
  162. New Physics
  163. A Laser Fusion Valentine
  164. Oscillating Neutrinos
  165. Could the 14th run of the RHIC create Strangelets?
  166. Possible X-ray detection of Dark Matter
  167. Learning from the ski jumpers !?
  168. Trinary Dream Computer
  169. Science and Technology Book Colection
  170. Earth Science
  171. Elementary spherical geometry/math question
  172. Thorium: another alternate history question.
  173. Wind, Watts, Torque, and Radians-per-Second
  174. The Rope Paradox
  175. The Specs and Materials of an Alternator
  176. Will we ever build a body better than the human body?
  177. Mega-Magnet, a Hypothetical Situation
  178. A serious question: the so-called races and IQ correlations
  179. Multicellular Extremophiles
  180. Could a large dinosaur survive today?
  181. How are Nuclear Isomers made?
  182. Advanced LIGO start date
  183. What happens when wind is gusty?
  184. A question about the jargon of knowledge
  185. Is the Navier-Stokes solution related to the Theory of Everything?
  186. Hitting a target on a revoving platform
  187. Elementary question about practical transistor use
  188. trumpet sounds from the sky- solar wind?
  189. Do 'detox diets' or 'juice cleansers' really eliminate toxins?
  190. Why can't commercial jets fly at supersonic speed?
  191. Fukushima and Pacific Dead Zone
  192. FTL, time, simultinaety, and plot devices
  193. Hydrogen Wave Function
  194. question about lasers and mirrors...
  195. Confusions between lagomorphs, rodents, chiroptera, and insectivores.
  196. How high is the likelihood to get infected by pet rodents?
  197. The anthropic principle and the lifetime of civilization and SETI
  198. What happens when something falls into a black hole, and other relativistic effects
  199. Lazair? Plane in film "the gods must be crazy"
  200. why, when you play music or voice backwards...
  201. The triple or quadruple parents scenario
  202. The limits of our understanding
  203. Spacetime as a multiverse
  204. Natural plastics
  205. Technological progression
  206. Salts
  207. X-ray frequency
  208. Why Earth remains capable of supporting life despite CO2 greenhouse gas emissions It'
  209. Architect of disasters
  210. How Far Away Can the Space Shuttle See?
  211. Cold fusion?
  212. Will asteroid mining companies have to go through customs when they bring back ore?
  213. How Visible Would World War III Be?
  214. Launching a Saturn horizontally
  215. Decreased hardness of steels in tools and watch cases/bends?
  216. Can Yellowstone have power plants?
  217. Longitude and Time Difference-- A Navigation/Geography Problem
  218. What are the major obstacles against further technological developments?
  219. The Genesis Wave
  220. List of primes
  221. Home wind power
  222. Earliest ocean compositions?
  223. Marconi's intercontinental radio station.
  224. New proposals for Black Holes !
  225. Leap seconds again (xkcd)
  226. Emergent A.I. from existing systems
  227. ‘Impact Glass’ Stores Ancient Bio-data
  228. Michigan man among first in U.S. to get "bionic eye"
  229. I don't understand how infinity and the Omega Point are compatible.
  230. Dark Matter Killed the Dinosaurs
  231. Big and small
  232. Is solid Hydrogen or Helium ice possible?
  233. Relationship Between Electrons and Element
  234. Why are so many plastics black?
  235. Lunar orbits over time.
  236. All about exoskeletons
  237. The limits of architecture
  238. Khat: A dangerous and damaging narcotic?
  239. Public health concern, persistent organic pollutants, diabetes
  240. CFL lights: more trouble than they're worth?
  241. Hair on the head?
  242. Pacific Wind Study Explains Warming Pause
  243. Are Zealandia, Kergulen Plateau and Mauritia really NON$€N$€?
  244. Is aging an increase in entropy?
  245. Why Reporting On Scientific Research May Warp Findings
  246. Queen Anne: A major medical and gynecological case?
  247. Cosmic Ray Penetration and Molecular Damage
  248. FutureWords
  249. electron hole concept
  250. debunking (Google) sat photo artifacts