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  1. The Time Traveler's Time Tale
  2. Family problems
  3. Is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator valid?
  4. Relativistic tides
  5. Grape seeds: Harmful or beneficial?
  6. Chatbot passes Turing Test ... kind of....
  7. Power usage of smartphone
  8. Speaker Magnets
  9. Is it possible to be killed by non-coherent visible light?
  10. Gravitational lensing laboratory experiment
  11. Is Robocop possible at all?
  12. Seriously...how can 1/800 inch of rain be measured?
  13. Traversable wormholes
  14. What can we expect [from the LHC] in 2015 and beyond?
  15. Accelerating the sun
  16. Does Data Exist?
  17. Higgs particle linked to matter
  18. Does a photon experience time...
  19. superconductors.org
  20. Testing Quantum Gravity
  21. GR and point particles
  22. Why no new instruments?
  23. Fluid Tests Hint at Concrete Quantum Reality
  24. Cellular signal strength
  25. Two Sensational Questions
  26. The science writings of Richard Dawkins
  27. Swarm Data
  28. Why programs on Windows don't cleanly uninstall?
  29. Wilderness in North America?
  30. Start running Linux off an USB drive (Xubuntu)
  31. Nuclear bombs for energy production
  32. Measuring the Radius of the Proton...and it's Controversy.
  33. No Bigfoot, but maybe a bear
  34. All about Rosaceae (the rose family)
  35. adiabatic saturation temperature
  36. Water, Water, Everywhere...and now a New Spin on It
  37. Nightshade toxicity?
  38. Murphy's Law of Knots
  39. Molecular assembler question
  40. Bouncing droplets as a model of quantum mechanics
  41. Douglas Adams would smile
  42. How long do we have?
  43. Pioneer anomaly flyby anomaly
  44. Toyota to market hydrogen fuel cell vehicle
  45. Is salt addictive?
  46. A Question About The Diagnosis Of Scurvy.
  47. supersaturation, is it universal?
  48. Inventions and discoveries (plagiarism)
  49. Plant species?
  50. Global warming "pause" explained by natural variations
  51. How does DNA code for, say, iron?
  52. Tensile strength of "scrith"
  53. Tesla Gigafactory
  54. tidal forces around a neutron star
  55. "90% of human DNA just junk"?
  56. 0 1 Infinity
  57. light detection
  58. Uses of scientific names
  59. The Physics of Stealth
  60. The difference between standard mathematics and calculus
  61. Guinea pigs, the only domestic animal doesn't have a wild counterpart?
  62. Another human experiment by an online company
  63. Smells
  64. Hardest gamma
  65. What's Your GUT Feeling About Spacetime?
  66. 3D Printing of Several Different Metals Within One Print
  67. Software to simulate traveling through a 3-sphere.
  68. The claims of some published material
  69. EmDrive Confirmed to "work" by NASA?
  70. Lightning as an alternative energy source.
  71. Best time for a mirage
  72. Computer system hoaxes
  73. Linux: A viable replacement of Windows XP (or Vista for this matter)?
  74. Can heat be converted to rotation in a self-contained system?
  75. Autism, a disease or a human necessity?
  76. GRB suite
  77. Are Canis lupus familiaris omnivores?
  78. External hard drive for additional OS?
  79. Atmospheric changes on a lifeless Earth
  80. Learning Physics Stepwise
  81. Are superfruits overrated?
  82. How do you calculate the force between bar magnets?
  83. How entropy is considered in QM?
  84. Post-Apocalyptic survival for the disabled.
  85. Are antiviruses really this useless?
  86. Bio-batteries?
  87. New Levels of Storm Warnings
  88. Epinephrine for cardiac arrest?
  89. Imagine an intelligence superior to us as we are to ants ...
  90. Insect identification please
  91. Gravitational Wave Detection with a Bose-Einstein Condensate
  92. Pyramid Building
  93. Dark Matter, Unparticles, and Hidden Dimensions
  94. Freedman & Young University Physics
  95. quantum computers
  96. A probability puzzle most people will get wrong
  97. Why we don't lay eggs
  98. Ion beam mimics decades of neutron damage
  99. Lithium from stars?
  100. sleep paralysis and optical phenomena
  101. Differences between the genders in canines and felines.
  102. Code 80070308
  103. rigid body rotation
  104. The Second Law of Thermodynamics vs. Evolution (Not what it sounds like!)
  105. The Theoretical Minimum: What You Need to Know to Start Doing Physics
  106. Fight-or-flight dry mouth
  107. The issue with pollinators
  108. A possible autism cause found?
  109. Best manufacturers for photovoltaic panels?
  110. Coriolis Force in artificial gravity
  111. CNT the ultimate knife?
  112. What kind of paradox is it? (Specific and general)
  113. What would things be like...
  114. What exactly might happen sea water is poured into a volcano base en masse?
  115. There is no need for a Universal Consciousness or parallel dimensions
  116. The last and final argument about reality.
  117. On this day
  118. Black Light and Bees
  119. The Resolution of Tiny Eyes
  120. nothing in chaos theory is not nothing
  121. Jack the Ripper....
  122. Why did "Adam" and "Eve" live so long ago?
  123. My favourite Scientist
  124. the dangers of analogy
  125. hall effect at home
  126. Will we ever be able to calculate dimensionless constants?
  127. The Hardware and Software of Visual Effects
  128. Need Solar Still Ideas.
  129. Optical computer performance
  130. Land ho!
  131. Human pathogen reservoir?
  132. Molten metal batteries aimed at the grid
  133. Popular Chemistry Books
  134. The encephalization puzzle
  135. Were colds deadly?
  136. Our dimensionality
  137. How do flu vaccines work?
  138. New Oxygen Absorbing/Releasing Compound
  139. One-Pole Bulletin Board Magnet
  140. Best Science Writer
  141. Lighting problems
  142. speaker magnet remagnetize
  143. Algebraic formula for this piston
  144. An accidental experiment
  145. Topological Insulators
  146. Why Windows cannot read other file systems?
  147. Worst case ebola epidemic
  148. The meaning of constellations
  149. A brain question..
  150. Medieval body armours and contemporary body armours
  151. An unlikely death
  152. detecting single atoms with nanofibers
  153. Colder Than Anywhere Else? Yep.
  154. Lettuce vs. Grass Question.
  155. I can't downloiad my internet browser
  156. Corundum pigments
  157. How do I convert Newtons to Coulombs?
  158. Technological progresses of Homo sapiens sapiens
  159. Why audio DVD takes so much longer to develop?
  160. Modern vs Medieval swords
  161. Role of "the immune system"
  162. How far are modern apes from Homo sapiens sapiens?
  163. Finding a big piece of metal underwater
  164. Soap bubbles with NO reflections
  165. Lemon battery
  166. the privacy of facebook
  167. Strange property of the Kerr metric in General Relativity
  168. Do IRBs require PIs to notify subjects when a paper is published?
  169. A Open Source ElectroMagnetic Lighter Than Air Modular Evacuated Tube Space Elevator!
  170. Native Tortoises Make a Comeback on Galapagos Island
  171. Mom was right, Stop Scratching!
  172. Re "private communication", "in prep.", etc: can this be science?
  173. Bats like to hang with their friends
  174. I Have A Word Problem For Those Who Like Them
  175. free energy lightbulb
  176. Are corvids really that brilliant?
  177. Shattering a wine glass
  178. In Diving, What Is An "Oxygen Hit"?
  179. That's no baby penguin. It's a robot!
  180. Falling Water Question
  181. Solar panels on your epaulets
  182. What to do when facing a tesseract
  183. Why is the charge difference between up and down quarks = 1?
  184. The movie Interstellar made scientific history
  185. Movement through the universe
  186. Does anyone on Earth know the ultimate truth?
  187. A New Theory of Parallel Universes is Proposed
  188. Guitar pickups
  189. Global Warming
  190. Math question
  191. Why do cave animals...
  192. Trying To Recall The Name Of Two Martial Arts Manuevers. Oh, And Why Do They Work?
  193. Phone lines and DSL
  194. Can real Laputa be built?
  195. Simplicity from complexity
  196. Crow brains
  197. Flying a tank?
  198. Black holes key to uniting general relativity with quantum physics?
  199. Is math the only way to describe the universe? Your opinions on Platonism.
  200. Why can't we build a brain?
  201. Non-dinosaurian reptiles during the time of dinosaurs?
  202. Euler's formula
  203. Earliest earthlings?!
  204. The perspective for robotic companions or helpers
  205. By what factor are the odds 2/50 bigger than 1/50?
  206. The universe is so big, it hurts me brain thinking about it...
  207. Smart phones and Blue teeth
  208. 4G Wireless reception
  209. CRISPR - Gene editing tool
  210. Scientific airplane boarding
  211. Advice on a new hard drive?
  212. has science finally given us a holodeck?
  213. Two halves that don't make a whole
  214. Chernobyl and radiation effects
  215. How did we communicate before Satellites?
  216. Will the heat death of the universe be permanent?
  217. SOTA in data storage
  218. Matter-antimatter annihilation
  219. Light-Powered Engine?
  220. EROEI of Solar plus Storage
  221. No use for Es(Einsteinium)?
  222. The LHC, he returned in 2015, what to think?
  223. Is the V2 the only weapon in history...
  224. Airlock problems and solutions for human colonies in a vacuum.
  225. Can you dye exhaust fumes from vehicles?
  226. rotating cylindrical airlock in a double walled space colony
  227. WI the 2010 Gulf oil leak had not been sealed?
  228. Photo ID
  229. Is a radioactive atom a time bomb?
  230. Karlsruhe physics controversy
  231. Aquapoincs
  232. How big is Jormungundr?
  233. Scientists prove that fears and memories can be inherited via sperm
  234. Bathquakes
  235. Topography Of Simple Shapes Question.
  236. Mom was right about colds
  237. Associations of physical quantities
  238. c
  239. Let's discuss birds that thrive in urban areas
  240. Quantum Entanglement
  241. Were we the only intelligent species on Earth? Do Neanderthals and other homonids
  242. What have I imagined? - A math question
  243. Video Game Physics Questions, (Not Programming Physics)
  244. people conform to the norm
  245. Musk says Hyperloop test track coming “soon,” Texas leading candidate
  246. Cats use social referencing
  247. Calculating Wet Bulb Temperature from RH & Dry Bulb
  248. Micro black holes would it really safe?
  249. How to express one over infinity?
  250. How healthy is decaf coffee?