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  1. Embarrassingly Basic Scienticfic Method Question.
  2. Limits to Wind Power
  3. Why magic mushrooms?
  4. Playing with lasers
  5. Going off the grid using solar panels
  6. How Much Carbon Black to Melt Greenland's Cap?
  7. How To Make Convincing Evidence At Home?
  8. Is the LHC a threat to itself, Switzerland, the Earth, or even the universe?
  9. Vacuum Chamber Stress Equation
  10. Sources of Quantum EntangledQuantum Entangledment Particles?
  11. Bird Identification Question.
  12. Dark Matter - How does the search work?
  13. Can we simulate changed dimensionless constants?
  14. Let's expand the topic: Why additive and narcotic substances in plants?
  15. I Have An Issue With An Early Hominid Foraging Article.
  16. Is it possible to reverse the aging process?
  17. Creativity
  18. Planarian Questions
  19. How can a non living molecule give rise to a living cell?
  20. Muscle mechanism?
  21. Could learning lead to a better quality of life in old age ?
  22. Greening the deserts? What are the benefits and shortfalls?
  23. Diagnostic Bruising Question.
  24. Motion of the micro
  25. Submarine Buoyancy
  26. Basic Speed of Light Question
  27. Can any source of information be trusted?
  28. [Benefits of the LHC]
  29. A Specific Kind Of Heart Failure Question.
  30. How Is The Human Drone Project Acceptable?
  31. Physical limits of computing?
  32. Mildewed Magazines
  33. Let's discuss hardness of steel
  34. Why are there so many waterfalls?
  35. Strange rumbling sounds
  36. Why are phase transitions so abrupt?
  37. Archimedes' Law in Space.
  38. Why don't raccoons sneeze their masks off in September?
  39. probability density
  40. Plate Tectonics Might Have Given Us the N2 in our Atmosphere
  41. The Pinocchio question.
  42. Tall building above the Karman Line
  43. interesting patterns of pi and e
  44. What causes sound shifts?
  45. Would Somebody Like To Point Out The Errors In This Flawed "Study".
  46. Magrav Technology
  47. Jacobson's organs
  48. Texture shifting frog found in Ecuador
  49. How long did Garry Hoy...
  50. function
  51. Do possums faint or play dead?
  52. LHC related question..
  53. Testing medical oxygen regulators
  54. Gift Cards
  55. Would Cecil's Sneeze Drive work?
  56. ITER and other Fusion Projects
  57. Dark matter and current and near term accelerators
  58. Discussion about apex predators.
  59. help on circuit
  60. Rare Video of a Sperm Whale in the Deep Sea
  61. Jeremy England: Statistical Physics of Self Replication
  62. Trespassing on Einstein's Lawn
  63. Average Acceleration
  64. Evidence for the Multiverse?
  65. Synthesis of organic compounds - query
  66. Francium accumulation vs. half-life: am I doing this correctly?
  67. Surface planetbuster bomb
  68. H₂O phase change problem
  69. What am I Seeing? (Severely Nearsighted)
  70. Salty aquifer and microbial habitat under Antarctica
  71. Do stereotypical sea serpents make hydrodynamic sense?
  72. Is the EM Drive a warp bubble drive?
  73. Biggest possible aquatic animal
  74. Snake scales
  75. Relation between Energy and Scale Dimension
  76. The most popular and well-known scientific names by far?
  77. inertial observer problem
  78. "Forced" nuclear fission and/or decay
  79. Overrated superfoods
  80. An alternative universe where Pi is exactly 3
  81. The limits of the standard model
  82. Energy shield: Can it be developed?
  83. Extended longevity and the brain's capacity
  84. How the chicken and egg question is solved. (By evolution?!)
  85. Searching for dna in petrified skull
  86. Lucy has a cousin
  87. I've looked at clouds from both sides now....
  88. Is Gravity More Complex Than We Think?
  89. Very elementary chemistry questions
  90. 10 khz sound
  91. Terraforming Venus Think Tank
  92. Do true atoms exist?
  93. CPT conservation
  94. Mass antelope die-off
  95. No "hiatus"
  96. How would you take the Earth's temperature?
  97. Large Hadron Collider and parallel universes
  98. Are house plants capable of living forever?
  99. Just how big was T-Rex?
  100. Shape of the universe
  101. What's it called when
  102. can you have a googolplex-agon?
  103. Snapshot Serengeti
  104. Schrödinger's cat and Fractals
  105. Femto Photography - capturing a moving photon
  106. Vegetarianism, Veganism, and the Brain
  107. help on circuit
  108. A Test for Morphic Fields?
  109. What is the relationship between decibels and the moment magnitude scale?
  110. Superbugs and Antibiotics in the Farming Industry.
  111. "Piggy Bank" Mathematics Questions And A Free Word Problem!
  112. Random numbers and Games
  113. A question of TIME
  114. What render a bird a raptor?
  115. Atomic 3D printers
  116. A slippery question about soap bars
  117. Dimensional Travel- Orientation Issue
  118. Magic force
  119. Now we need a Tricorder - sprayable foam stops bleeding
  120. Terrafugia TF-X flying car
  121. Genetic Cloning
  122. Bug identification please:
  123. Heat pump on a space station
  124. The toxic and the edible?
  125. WiFi Hot Spot Safety
  126. More than 3+1 dimensions questions
  127. Cooler at top of megatall?
  128. Modern Day US Military Aviation Question.
  129. I've Restarted My Sundew And Pitcher Plant Collection. Questions And Observations.
  130. Charging a car battery via a solar panel
  131. Laplace transform checking
  132. Can the human mind be hacked?
  133. A Materials Question.
  134. Rock identification please
  135. Does the possibility of a human head transplant spook you?
  136. Question About Freezing.
  137. *Another* Buoyancy Question.
  138. The continuous obsessions with previously exisitng members of the Homo genus
  139. Consciousness
  140. Archeology robotics question
  141. Can STP Be Changed By Political Correctness Fiat?
  142. Carbon Monoxide Question.
  143. Early cave paintings: Some are quite good
  144. What makes a model good enough?
  145. Polar supercontinent
  146. California Riverine Gold Question
  147. Let discuss technology changes during the last 20 years.
  148. Browser / NASA web page problem
  149. Could planes us deployable helium balloons to save fuel?
  150. Aging or meds?
  151. Cat clicking
  152. Does scientific truth fade?
  153. Effect of Carrington Event sparking today
  154. pentaquarks and chicken-ducks: discovered or invented?
  155. Possible Ebola Vaccine Breakthrough
  156. Clade
  157. Help me understand orders of magnitude
  158. Getting salt in the summer
  159. High Nitrogen Fertilizer Vs. Human Skin Question.
  160. Is Space a configuration of energy...
  161. Chemistry Word Problem, From The Fertilizer Thread.
  162. Plasma and magnet basics
  163. Extinct phyla/divisions
  164. Two Forensics Conclusions I Have Issues With. (Kind of Icky, Be Warned)
  165. Does anything other than gravity bend light?
  166. New Model of Consciousness
  167. What's the difference between a model and a theory?
  168. Are there any biodegradable materials that can absorb ocean water, but not the salt?
  169. The different tastes and fat
  170. Internet technology - speeds and connections
  171. DC Power Transmission
  172. Two-slit experiment
  173. Rate of Earth's temperature drop with an extinguished Sun
  174. Giant impact effects
  175. Uber racoons: urban racoons are evolving at a faster rate than country cousins
  176. Heisenberg Uncertainty Might be Wrong
  177. Road salt, wood frogs, growth spurts and death
  178. Questions about "sympathetic lightning."
  179. Beyond the Standard Model
  180. How are credit ratings created?
  181. "Diamonds from the sky" - terraforming technology
  182. Do deer have feeling in their antlers?
  183. Mechanics or Statics interpretation.
  184. Flood Basalt
  185. Whats the REAL difference to Torsion and frame dragging?
  186. Winged monster’ on ancient rock art debunked by scientists"
  187. How good is feline hearing?
  188. The power of analytical science and the power of experiment...
  189. When is "information" not?
  190. UFOs in the LHC!
  191. What pseudoscience will become science?
  192. Another Geometry/Topography Qustion.
  193. Ocean level rise: Could we simply just use the excess water?
  194. Is the scientific method improbable?
  195. Energy
  196. What are they detecting at CERN?
  197. How does digestion differ between men and women?
  198. Science vs Pseudoscience: Mr Popper's Demarcation Problem & Induction vs Deduciton.
  199. Regarding 3-D Displays
  200. Its turtles all the way down to this one
  201. Povidone iodine (Betadine)
  202. Single electron universe
  203. Tech progression on the village scale
  204. California Seismology Question
  205. Homo naledi is the newest addition to the family tree - but how far up?
  206. Ideal features for planetary cyberforming?
  207. Art assistance - Need to figure out radii of circles
  208. Scientific notation
  209. Mystery machine
  210. When did the modern citation format come into fashion?
  211. Millipascals
  212. Neutrino change timescale
  213. How would my "Merhorse" be classified?
  214. Other websites like arXiv.org
  215. AUGER-GLAST observations for DSR theory.. which were the results ?
  216. The limits of technology
  217. Primes
  218. 2015 vs Sangamon-Eemian
  219. Astrophysics Challenges
  220. Young Species Society
  221. Paper wasp queen behavior?
  222. A probe to a black hole.
  223. Question about "ultradense deuterium" fusion paper - legit?
  224. Why are spiders so ugly?
  225. Nefertiti's tomb found (almost)?
  226. Yes, but what about zombie attack...
  227. Well, This Robotisist Gets A Big Raspberry....
  228. Toxicity of lead.
  229. The Charm of Birds or Ornithology
  230. Planet lander and return to orbit
  231. And the Nobel Goes To ...
  232. Diesel emissions
  233. Wattage of LED bulbs and lamp ratings
  234. Other "theme parks" based on geological age
  235. Who would most likely evolve to technology if humanity were gone?
  236. Boeing says it's created the lightest metal ever
  237. Quantum computers
  238. Human Meiosis Question.
  239. What lives would be like if Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction never occured?
  240. What are the differences between aircraft carrier reactors and land based reactors?
  241. Cancer and radiation
  242. Folding paper microsocpe
  243. Powered up biology
  244. Leap Seconds in Jeopardy.
  245. Syringe pressure
  246. Should we clarify the basic concepts of biological evolution?
  247. Examining a fictional technology: the Sunbeam
  248. Are venomous snakes vulnerable to their own venom?
  249. Plasma on Plasma, or can Lightsabers actually repel each other?
  250. The selfish gene, or the selfish cell?