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  1. Age of Universe is 46.5B years?
  2. powering your house with an exercise bike?
  3. explaining the speed of light in a vacuum
  4. Is "space Junk" becoming an environmental issue?
  5. Data capacity of large Blu-ray
  6. Do you think ITER will ever be built?
  7. Are there any numbers...
  8. Military technology age question
  9. Replacing the old Trident Nuclear Deterrent..
  10. Stop Start Engine Tech- does it teally work?
  11. climate models: ad hoc theories or SCIENCE?
  12. Emoji as a real language
  13. Kinetic Energy
  14. Water bears borrow everyone's DNA
  15. Open peer review vs Blind peer review systems
  16. Reality and perceptions about ships around the 1500s
  17. How do antigerm products last more than a day?
  18. Do people have quantum patterns?
  19. Are we really 20% Neanderthal? Someone claims 20% of Neanderthal DNA lives in us.
  20. Quick question about energy
  21. Tom Campbell's Theory About Reality !
  22. Is a technology "doomsday" vault a good idea?
  23. Producing a metric with only a single coordinate function
  24. The non-invasive medical knowledge thread
  25. Can time theoretically run backwards?
  26. GUT-CP and Dr. Randell Mills
  27. Cement Cancer
  28. Anything older extant critters than Archaea?
  29. How are these papers written?
  30. NASA's 3D-Printed Rocket Engine Roars Into Action
  31. Was the sky always blue?
  32. variance calculator
  33. Confused by animal sizes and lifespans
  34. Can a paternity test be done on a fetus?
  35. Some Laser Questions.
  36. Is it so hard to relearn flight?
  37. Amazing how something so small can have such dramatic effects
  38. Consciousness being non-material
  39. How do they make pressure maps(weather)?
  40. Discovery of element 113
  41. Analyzing an unknown sample
  42. Light propogation - a random thought
  43. Credit cards with chips
  44. Food Chemistry With Regard To Baking Question.
  45. Could we speak PIE?
  46. The lights go out
  47. Progress of technology
  48. Is loop quantum gravity a continuous discrete space theory?
  49. Retina chip implanted in patient
  50. Tactile Perception Of Unpleasantly Ultraviolet Light Question.
  51. Is there an absolute maximum temperature?
  52. fine structure constant
  53. Another "year without a summer" today?
  54. how can scientists tell if the North Korean bomb was a fusion vs fission bomb?
  55. does anyone here have 'synaesthesia'? what is it like?
  56. Question about nuclear fusion
  57. Singularities
  58. Question about aircraft turbulence
  59. How do (non tropical)cyclones form?
  60. English of 5016 AD
  61. Wonder blunders
  62. Adventures in 3D printing
  63. Tuffs of fur in unlikely anatomical places
  64. For The Microbe Enthusiasts Out There
  65. More bacteria than cells in the body?
  66. An Earth with sweetwater oceans
  67. How fast to aim a telescope?
  68. Dark Energy and the Expansion of Space
  69. What Are They Calling "Human" Here?
  70. Photons
  71. Turbulent fusion research
  72. Russian megaliths
  73. Where do animals get their salt?
  74. K-T Boundary/extinction date?
  75. AI: Silicon challenges Carbon once more
  76. Radioactivity visualized
  77. Is a local ELE from natural radiation possible?
  78. Discovery of a 'Four Neutron-No Proton' particle
  79. Ligo: Gravitational Waves detected
  80. Is the LHC nuclear powered?
  81. How is this possible? How?
  82. It makes your blood boil ...
  83. Question about electric attraction and repulsion
  84. Leonardo da Vinci - Spheres and Sight
  85. So I was watching an LP of Layers of Fear and was wondering...
  86. Next-Gen Atlas Robot Demo
  87. What is GIS?
  88. Is the Subatlantic over?
  89. The Centrifuge Brain Project
  90. Will lasers get us to Mars?
  91. File under biology - Stopping blood loss.
  92. Antimatter Power Plants
  93. Room temperature superconductors discovered?
  94. Battery/Dry Cell should not have work in theory
  95. Coin Flipping Probabilities
  96. Microbots - pulling a car
  97. One, two punch at the K-T boundary
  98. Organic radio?
  99. It's A Cookbook! Digesting puny Earthlings
  100. Can earthing be done on an elevated floor/ground?
  101. Platonic forms
  102. Are we getting close to metallic hydrogen?
  103. Complex instincts
  104. Microsoft AI adapts its persona by interacting with Tweeters. Guess what happens
  105. Gravity is a myth, there is NO gravity
  106. Microsoft Research Demonstrates 'Holoportation'
  107. Cracking the iPhone
  108. Freefall objects
  109. X-Ray laser armor?
  110. Fictional laser scenario: unintended consequences
  111. Would a corpse rot this way?
  112. How do they make Little People video hoaxes?
  113. Missing the point on exam question for Mathematics
  114. Poltergeist videos
  115. Building a space fleet from scratch.
  116. Why is zero a number, but infinity not?
  117. oatmeal to meat ratio ?
  118. Quantum Behaviour
  119. Why does my bathtub faucet do this?
  120. degrees of freedom (stats) question
  121. Game Breaking Science(Fiction)
  122. Sweating sickness
  123. Many Worlds and Copenhagen both disproved?
  124. Why is 2+2x2 6 and not 8?
  125. Can a synthesizer...
  126. Neutron Bombardment Transmutation Questions.
  127. Citizen Science and Ethics
  128. Is Lorentz Contraction Real?
  129. A New Particle @ ~ 17 Mev/c sqrd. ?
  130. non-binary digital computing possible?
  131. 0/0
  132. My suncatchers are dug up by archeologists
  133. Are numbers the same in different bases?
  134. Is theoretical physics, on its own, mainstream science?
  135. Need to use a quantum computer? Here ya go...
  136. Solar cooking?
  137. Conservation of information: an admission of confusion
  138. Radiation effect on body parts
  139. Teen Uncovers Lost Mayan City Using the Stars
  140. LHC vs Cosmic rays
  141. How do minerals get separated in specimens?
  142. Population size and language change
  143. Double Slit Experiment
  144. Time to hear about possible Big Discovery
  145. Do scientists hate philosophy?
  146. Daya Bay Antineutrino Detector
  147. What's this on my building?
  148. Are we communicating with lasers?
  149. Could Mirkwood exist?
  150. Carbon dioxide
  151. My first crypto
  152. Silent fans / Owl based tech
  153. OK, this one's embarrassing, but, ya know, flat earth...
  154. New elements
  155. Finding Nemo filter
  156. Telescope out of many small telescopes
  157. The shape of things to come......
  158. Excited States of Ultracold Neutrons
  159. Warp drive FTL travel and time paradoxes
  160. Is Space Quantized?
  161. New Math Function Redux
  162. Tesla autopilot not so good
  163. Lost bee
  164. "Study exposes major flaw in classic artificial intelligence test" Really?
  165. Blind man can see
  166. Is Earth getting heavier or lighter?
  167. Probability of another Mozart?
  168. Oil, energy and evolution
  169. How do they make those paperweights?
  170. Time to target
  171. The infinity problem with general relativity and black hole singularities...
  172. Quantum entanglement + time dilation
  173. Expansion of Universe
  174. The limits of quantum computing
  175. The P versus NP problem
  176. Memory quirks
  177. Evolution and dimensions
  178. Bending
  179. Entropy..
  180. Questions About Corvid Etiquette
  181. Gene Splice I Haven't Heard About Yet.
  182. Coloring a map
  183. John Wayne Gacy's worms
  184. Astronimical app possibility implied by existence of Pokémon Go
  185. Scientists Closer to Recreating Primordial 'RNA World'
  186. Free fall in space
  187. Could wormholes and entanglement lead to quantum gravity?
  188. Why has my drinking bird stopped?
  189. Go With the Flow
  190. Larry the Lobster, Ruby the Lobster
  191. Do nuked cities...
  192. Birth language forever?
  193. How real is the electroweak force?
  194. How do our batteries compare?
  195. Ten degrees in ten years
  196. Aurora during magnetic pole shift
  197. Very Old Stromatolites
  198. Sea level rise and "coastal sag"
  199. questions about the 2-slit experiment...
  200. How does radar/sensor tracking work
  201. Probably going to Need These Lionfish Eradication Robots...By Roomba No Less!
  202. Gravity vs. Ineria/Centripetal Force: This HAS to be my dumbest question ever!
  203. Just for fun: Time Travel and Radiation
  204. GW direct heat contribution
  205. Corn after people
  206. The Locus of r-process elements...neutron star mergers
  207. 2016 Nobel Prizes
  208. Fukushima Radioactivity Helps Map Ocean Currents
  209. valences 2, 8, 18, 32 are doubled squares of counting numbers.
  210. Are there / could there be heavier-than-water-liquid lakes
  211. Touchable supercritical fluid
  212. Acausal events..
  213. why do atoms have electrons outside and protons inside?
  214. Where does the CO2 in Coke and other fizzy drinks come from?
  215. chemistry again: why do 2 atoms sharing electrons hold them together in a 'bond'?
  216. Pear shaped nuclei
  217. viral alteration of dna
  218. How long before we develop a virus capable of targeting racial groups?
  219. Magnetism vs a gas and plasma
  220. Could genetic engineering make SCP-118?
  221. Entropy taken to far?
  222. Movie Inferno
  223. Pavel Kroupa is the man
  224. sign language to synthesised voice
  225. Math question need help / opinion
  226. How long does pollen live?
  227. The Quack of the Gaps Problem
  228. measure inductance
  229. Is String Theory a Theory?
  230. Is There A Name For This In Medicine?
  231. High Energy Light and Prisms Questions
  232. how would you contain antimatter in an antimatter bomb?
  233. Most Profitable Way to Mine the Moon?
  234. Does the fact that our Nearderthal DNA appears to be exclusively male...
  235. Human resonance frequency
  236. Best Science Books of 2016
  237. fog bows-explanation..?
  238. Mass ratio of the proton to neutron emperical derivation
  239. Anomalocaris (for example)
  240. Gigantopithecus
  241. Improving society
  242. Ghosts of Lord Kelvin
  243. Dark matter
  244. Is it possible to calculate a googolplex factorial?
  245. What's an Easy Way to Maintain a Static Charge?
  246. G-unit rational number
  247. inductance of a straight wire
  248. Time for Microwave background to cool
  249. About That Whole Universe is a Computer Simulation Idea
  250. Chernobyl mutants