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  1. about magnetism
  2. Photonic devices and EMP
  3. Can science survive the post-truth era?
  4. Dark energy
  5. Math Problems Out Of My Paygrade.
  6. Simulate other laws of nature?
  7. amplifier circuit
  8. CPT symmetry holds for antimatter
  9. Have we crossed the Uncanny Valley?
  10. Superconductivity at 504 K
  11. What Else Have We Missed?
  12. Glowing drink
  13. Question about Earth tides
  14. Why did we never get any air pirates?
  15. DNA/Genetics - transference of behavioral traits to genetic code
  16. Chicken and Egg Reasoing
  17. Was wondering if we could have some discussion of MOND vs Dark Matter
  18. Physicists have discovered a fifth force 20 years after its discovery
  19. Battery Question
  20. Reproductive isolation
  21. Measurement of Gravity in Space
  22. Does a single particle display both wave and particle nature?
  23. Genetically engineered vanilla frosting?
  24. Did arthropods colonize the land thrice?
  25. Tone deaf Chinese
  26. Radiate Your Craft Beer.
  27. Limits on the Photon Mass
  28. Free Neutrons
  29. ID chips inside body v¨lnerable?
  30. When Otters Ruled the Earth
  31. Hydrogen turned into a state where it behaves like a metal?
  32. need a good programming language
  33. Is the Middle East sinking...
  34. Boiling the oceans with a cubic centimeter
  35. New type of antibiotic rips bacteria apart.
  36. Scp-730
  37. Is Space/time flat without the presence of Matter?
  38. Does Schrodingers cat thing work in reverse?
  39. Is a diamond forever...
  40. Emp
  41. Carbon nanotube weathering
  42. Does DNA move within the body
  43. Could 1 man and 1 woman repopulate the world?
  44. Milliped legs
  45. The Basis of Left ľ Right Directional Asymmetry in Vertebrates
  46. Gases and flame
  47. Would entaglement be a way of transfering quantum informatio˝?
  48. Is science maths?
  49. Yale's Calhoun College Renamed for Grace Murray Hopper.
  50. Worst Yellow Fever Outbreak In Decades.
  51. Moon's automatic investments as key for spaceexplorations and technological new age
  52. 90 day weather forecasts
  53. What does the word 'design' really mean?
  54. So Who's Familiar With The Evil Physics Of Misplaced Suds?
  55. Are gravity and evolution facts?
  56. Printing a house idea.
  57. Giordano Bruno - spatial concepts of geometry to language
  58. Great Scott!
  59. Klingons Cloak Again
  60. Arthur C Clarke on giantism
  61. Lensless Photography
  62. Nano diamonds and imperfections
  63. A Rubric for Your Rubik
  64. Hopefully Simple Tap Water Chemistry Question.
  65. Life in the mid Hadean
  66. Putting the P in Pool
  67. When We Get Offworld And Establish Communities On The Moon...
  68. Galactic Gravitational Abnormalities
  69. A Dipole Magnetic Shield for Mars at MSL1?
  70. identical universes
  71. Black Hole Question
  72. Nova Scotia to get its own space port
  73. Gamma rays and ancient books.
  74. Low Rainbow?
  75. fresh water
  76. NAD+ booster called NMN
  77. Picking Up The Leaves
  78. Brilliouin Scattering
  79. Thylacines in Queensland?
  80. is there always an answer?
  81. Royal Astronomical Society Paper - Dark Energy
  82. Schr÷dinger's-cat-esq experiment idea.
  83. Does Dark Matter?
  84. The wave theory of light and its consequence upon modern physics and astronomy.
  85. Huygens Principle
  86. A device that would enable people to talk secretly in public..?
  87. Tsunami and ice shelf
  88. Peer Reviewed Papers Resource
  89. High/Low Temperature Predictions
  90. Any Road May Take You There...
  91. Refining a planetary model
  92. Future science
  93. Socially awareness of scientists
  94. My future world
  95. Solar Neutrino Spectroscopy
  96. What is the largest an animal can be?
  97. Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs
  98. Is the FQXi community science essay contest commonly known about
  99. Delightful Game Changer In Paleontology
  100. Flying cars
  101. Why do I love/loath songs?
  102. Dreams
  103. Looking glass food
  104. Compound question on Special Relativity
  105. Potato chip bag
  106. Why do Wikipedia viewing figures have "baselines"?
  107. Single Molecule Magnet crystals...SMM's as Dark Matter detectors
  108. So Which of Einstein's 5 1905 famous papers was most cited?
  109. Graviton's Mass Bounds
  110. They Finally Found A Genuine "Two Step" Viper!
  111. What is the research situation with benfotiamine and diabetes?
  112. What Happened At The Hanford Nuke Site?
  113. Do IQ tests mean anything?
  114. Tell me about Carnot
  115. Photons and Magnetism
  116. Feats of Engineering
  117. Starlite
  118. Concept of Dashed Lines Indicating Hidden Geometry
  119. de Vries method for calculating the fine structure constant
  120. Chance discoveries that are unlikely to be repeated?
  121. x^2 + y^2 = z^2
  122. Twin Paradox - yet again...
  123. A terabyte
  124. Are The Bright Red Lice-Looking Things...
  125. Post nuclear holocaust background radiation
  126. What happened to Pitt's Symmetric Time Hypothesis?
  127. Science zeerust
  128. explanatory power "vs" predictive power of scientific theories
  129. charge, spin, mass etc... this could be a dumb question but....
  130. Can we predict chemical properties?
  131. Need help identifying a new material I found inside a flat screen TV
  132. Leg Braces Question.
  133. Most complex entity
  134. Lucid dreaming
  135. Ravens don't like to be cheated
  136. Oldest Homo sapiens fossil claim rewrites our species' history
  137. If lepton universality is falsified?
  138. "Mystery" Shark Die Off In San Francisco Bay...
  139. Primate Facial Recognition Decoded, New Study
  140. Why does cake-mix taste better than the cake?
  141. Shaping stones
  142. Replacing the Internet?
  143. The "unicorn"?
  144. The palaeogenetics of cat dispersal in the ancient world
  145. A Question To Australian Gardeners.
  146. Can you have an infinite number of infinities?
  147. Homo sapiens age
  148. Can eagles see stars in the daylight?
  149. Your Computer is Running Too Fast.
  150. Question for people who know about airplanes
  151. ice in fresh water - % below surface
  152. Diamond(eg) bubbles: a future(istic) product?
  153. Revolutionary treatment for type2 diabeties in trials.
  154. Question about Paul Davies
  155. Rowdy Laptops
  156. Future stock markets - battle of algorithms
  157. A More Accurate Half-life of the Neutron
  158. When does the Subatlantic end?
  159. Cambrian division subdivision names
  160. Radar without tears...of course if the tears fall, you could image them.
  161. First Particle Successfully Quantum Teleported Into Space
  162. What would it be like to walk through radon?
  163. If an actor had to wear thick glasses...
  164. 'Hashing' with a paper and pencil.
  165. Mean what you mean.
  166. Lightning vs dynamite
  167. Maryam Mirzakhani, Field Medalist, Dies at Forty
  168. Why can I not find what I'm looking for
  169. T-rex could speed walk but not run says a new simulation
  170. File Conversion
  171. Instrumentation and Process Controll
  172. Can you trust your devises?
  173. Could a tattoo ink be made that you could switch on and off?
  174. MH370 search doesn't find plane, but finds lots of new information
  175. I bet that a hand held mechanical computer could be a geeky gadget that sold.
  176. Identify a sliderule?
  177. Could tiny lego-like pieces be used to robot build houses?
  178. Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
  179. Odd mantis behaviour
  180. Raspberry Pi as charging station?
  181. An Original State
  182. If you compress a mass what effect does the uncertainty principle have?
  183. River of Iron
  184. What is the refractive index, for gravity waves, for the Sun?
  185. Mobile phone installation while driving your car
  186. Fetishes
  187. Could you use software and a sensitive equipment to turn a white wall into a mirror?
  188. Convex mirror telescope...?
  189. Milkweed, thistle or?
  190. So if a blackhole starts microscopically at or near zero radius?
  191. Talking on Venus - how loud?
  192. Drone Design Configuration vs. Helicopter's Design Configuration
  193. Good book on the shift from magic to science?
  194. Have we shifted from magic to science?
  195. Elastic Coherent Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering
  196. Recommendations for external HDD docking bay.
  197. Pure pain
  198. The Three Body Problem.
  199. T-rex vs modern species.
  200. Plutonium and Cardassians - Worrisome Thoughts.
  201. Ballistic missles
  202. Energy Density
  203. Pure pleasure
  204. what do you think of using Superman in thought experiments?
  205. Will anything replace the quartz oscillator in everyday clocks?
  206. Consciousness
  207. Spaceship radiator
  208. Memes and AI.
  209. What is the Trick with this Magic?
  210. Hydrogen bombs
  211. "It's Time to End the War on Salt" article
  212. Would I accrete matter?
  213. Neutrino questions
  214. 2017 Carbon-14 levels
  215. My Basic Relay Clock Project
  216. Intensity of Hurricanes
  217. Why is liquid liquid?
  218. Popsicles
  219. Endangered species DNA scans
  220. Can we detect modern pollutants in hair/feather/etc.?
  221. Smell of fear
  222. SSHHHH! Harry Potter's Going to Get His Cloak SSHHH! from the Russians....SSHHH
  223. Future invention point system game
  224. Albedo question.
  225. Remove ocean and most of atmosphere
  226. Neon lights a'flashin'
  227. Supersonic Electric Aircraft
  228. brain vs Internet
  229. Does Lightning Cause Geo-local Oscillations in Earth's Magnetic Field?
  230. Gas giants ignition mass
  231. How much antimatter would you need to make a doomsday bomb?
  232. binomial nomenclature etymology
  233. Detection of individual low-energy photons
  234. Photon interactions with transparent media
  235. Is Windows 7 Professional same as Windows 7 XP?
  236. Signalling mirrors
  237. entanglement, and random number generation, and encryption..?
  238. Oscillations....No Mass?
  239. How many extra joules are there in the world's weather system for every degree(C)?
  240. Display for far sighted or short sighted people
  241. Slit pupils
  242. Drain the Atmosphere
  243. Future inventions game I'm making
  244. Second explosive
  245. Is scientific method obvious?
  246. The "Big Bang Problem"
  247. 'Ghost in the machine' a false dichotomy?
  248. how to make aluminium rod
  249. abuse of power tool battery 18v 4a Li by ryobi
  250. After 15 Years in Vegetative State, Nerve Stimulation Restores Consciousness