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  1. 1967 batteries vs 2017 batteries
  2. Does Pi contain Pi?
  3. Wavelength
  4. 2017 Nobel Prizes
  5. would making c half the value make matter smaller? And other effects...
  6. Seeking info on Tu-95 propellers
  7. How can one determine an altitude of a location?
  8. round electron
  9. Nuclear Clustering
  10. How best to understand the human mind?
  11. VLF Transmissions May Help Shield Earth
  12. Another aircraft engine question - turbofan sounds
  13. Could we have a higher dimensional existence?
  14. the 'no miracles' argument for scientific realism- any thoughts?
  15. Is inflation a theory?
  16. Octane ratings
  17. How worried should we be about KRACK?
  18. Weird question about atmospheric re-entry.
  19. Do butterflies remember caterpillarhood?
  20. Is space-time an invariant?
  21. Do blackholes/event horizons length contract?
  22. Supposed Bird Strike But I Don't Think So...
  23. [Dinosaur mummy]
  24. Is it plausible that a new mathematical relationship will change our view on the geom
  25. German power too cheap to meter thanks to Wind
  26. Could we make another kind of matter, one day?
  27. First AI robot to be given citizenship
  28. Muon radiography confirms large void inside the Great Pyramid
  29. Mankind's greatest invention
  30. Two Plagues Now Loose In Africa. First Pneumonic Plague, Now Marburg.
  31. Bunyips
  32. Quark Fusion
  33. About Certificate Authorities
  34. Possible "missing link" for abiogenesis
  35. Safety Tech - Helmets in vehicles HANS Device
  36. Are we going to clone Stupid Mammoths
  37. Planck Length
  38. Matching paint colors with a smart phone
  39. Petascale and terascale computing
  40. Why is my Kindle so slow?
  41. Iceberg A68
  42. Extrapolation/Prediction based on current theories
  43. Can someone please explain Nietzsche's view of science?
  44. Undecaying a proton
  45. Dark matter and dark energy do not exist?
  46. particles
  47. Could mobil/cell phone synchronise to make a more powerful signal?
  48. Chemistry on the origin of life
  49. Darwin Finches caught creating a new species
  50. imaginary numbers
  51. What might the common ancestor of wolves and sheep be?
  52. Giant animals on the Moon
  53. Megabytes in the mind
  54. If you had an anti-matter power source for a car, or mobile phone...how would it work
  55. Question about time...
  56. Baud rate of the brain
  57. Tesla (the company) batteries
  58. Peregrine falcons are guided missiles
  59. Good (Science) news aggregator?
  60. Motor Neuron Disease and itching...
  61. Can you really say a model is deterministic, if you can't use it to determine things?
  62. Hydrogen cars
  63. My aura
  64. Antlers
  65. Can you tie knots in light? Naughty knotty
  66. A Novel effect in Electron Spin Rresonance
  67. packing efficiency
  68. Martingale doubling chances
  69. Big Cows vs. Little Cows
  70. When crude oil runs out, how will roads be made and repaired?
  71. Depth and pressure in a fictional water world
  72. How would 'extraordinary claim' be defined?
  73. Were sheep bred to flock?
  74. Pattern changing Christmas lights?
  75. 1000 Earth mass terrestrial planet
  76. Game of Life site
  77. Arrrrrrghhh! Is a Simple Comprehensive Image Search Tool Too Much to Ask For?
  78. Do you think we will ever have a solid, falsifiable theory of psychology?
  79. How the ensemble interpretation of QM avoids hidden variables?
  80. if you had a computer memory chip that could store an infinite amount of information
  81. homeopathy, the placebo effect, and mainstream medicine.
  82. Physicists Demonstrate How to Reverse the Arrow of Time?
  83. In Utero Now! Crispr Horses!
  84. New Mersenne Prime Number
  85. Molecular states of mesons
  86. How could we get near 100% recycling rates?
  87. Benham disks
  88. home pc web server
  89. A book for the ages
  90. if plants has intelligence perhaps that could be researched for AI purposes?
  91. how does 'particle in a box' relate to compact bodies?
  92. Is it time to call economics a pseudoscience?
  93. Treatment for white-nose syndrome
  94. How did DNA language evolve?
  95. Deers In Germany Question.
  96. What's with "tube amps"?
  97. Meet the butterflies from 200 million years ago
  98. Is it wasteful to incinerate plastic, if useful energy is produced?
  99. Substitute For Picric Acid Question.
  100. flu deaths
  101. Intensity of the rut
  102. Pre-Proto-Indo-European and postpositions
  103. Invisible to a radar gun
  104. Do fetuses sneeze?
  105. Conference on Evidence for Astrology
  106. Future particle accelerators
  107. Could it be possible to funnel naturally occurring high speed particles?
  108. New test for Majorana Neutrino
  109. Symmetrical mirror
  110. A Blackhole Question
  111. Double slit experiment and CERN
  112. How would you fully define 'randomness'?
  113. Well, Tickle My Temperature in MicroKelvins.
  114. Impact fusion
  115. Water spouts near stern in civilian boats in "Dunkirk"
  116. Male mammalian genitalia
  117. Time is baffling
  118. Vantablack 2.0
  119. Merge with the Milky Way
  120. Upcoming Chinese Mega Laser Question.
  121. Telling 50 from 15
  122. Spinning for Artificial Gravity
  123. Long SW, short SW, day and night
  124. what is the next number up from pi? And can you build a computer that prrocesses....
  125. Unified Classical and Quantum Mechanical Gravity
  126. about general misconceptions about an invariance of mass in the GR
  127. Does the Universe calculate orbits etc?
  128. Boiler math?
  129. Why, at twilight, does the sky on the horizon, to the east look a bit red?
  130. Journal for completely new gravitational theory
  131. When you make a model of the real world/universe...........
  132. Virtual Particles in very high dense matter.
  133. Collapsing shell, time dilation question.
  134. Alcubierre-Froning Warp Drive?
  135. negative space-time curvature?
  136. A nice article on string theory
  137. Relatedness Question
  138. DAR and VOX
  139. my simulation of Galaxy rotation
  140. Sky views from relativistic starship
  141. What would happened if you banned infinities from physics models?
  142. Stochastic Evolution of Fluids and Electromagnetic Waves
  143. If space were discrete, what shape are the units?
  144. The whole nervous system in a vat, not just the brain?
  145. Distant halo of stars had been ejected from the Milky way galaxy
  146. Stephen Hawking dead at 76
  147. Evolution of the sneeze
  148. Would this be a theoretical test for the absence of an event horizon?
  149. Real-live time dilation in a fictional story
  150. The dwarf galaxy ddo 47
  151. Antibiotic resistance
  152. Medieval microscopes and telescopes?
  153. Non-miraculous virgin birth?
  154. forecasting the weather
  155. Globular clusters are very tightly bound by gravit
  156. Expansion of the Universe
  157. Gravitons and Black Holes
  158. Old Thought on The Unification Problem in Physics
  159. Prosthetic Memory System Successfully Demonstrated in Humans
  160. Models Of The Solar System Questions.
  161. Science - The Historical Dustbin
  162. What is the relationship between mathematics and science?
  163. Photon in glass
  164. How do nerves wrinkle wet skin?
  165. sseing capacitence
  166. program to control network
  167. How do I see spider threads?
  168. double or nothing in black jack
  169. Star orbit in the Milky Way galaxy
  170. I need help debating a creationist
  171. Time travel --practical application
  172. Nuclear power, and thermal decomposition of water
  173. Is the north pole of the sun moving forward through space relative to the milky way?
  174. Quantum mechanics is to general relativity as electromagnetism is to gravity
  175. Seeing electromagnetism.
  176. Not Where's Waldo?..Where's Harry Potter?
  177. 3d rendering algorithm question
  178. Radioactive decay in an organic molecule
  179. How did we find how many stars there are in the Milky way galaxy?
  180. I am rotated or half-rotated
  181. AMOC aka the Gulf Stream System, is it a weakening trend?
  182. The weight of a light bulb.
  183. Digital SW receivers
  184. Density wave in spiral Arm
  185. direct play and direct draw on windows 10
  186. Pre-Silvered Mirrors
  187. Is it bad to drink water with spicy food?
  188. Replicating molecule..
  189. OpenGL basics
  190. The Barnes-Hut Algorithm as a solution for N-Body Problem
  191. Megaton BH hits proton
  192. Dark Matter In spiral galaxy VS Elliptical Galaxy
  193. How much energy does the world produce?
  194. HCN Chemistry Question From Wiki.
  195. Why do we sleep under blankets
  196. Gravitational interactions are the ultimate cause for the spiral Arms in the Galaxy.
  197. Sciama's Curious Paper on Gravielectromagnetism and Inertia
  198. Real World Physics In A Game Questions.
  199. The 7th inning streeeeettttcccchhh during a gravitational wave
  200. Weight of data
  201. Beautiful math is inhibiting progess in physics?
  202. Pre-biotic polymers from alpha-hydroxy acids
  203. A Biological Materials Science Question.
  204. Lake fish
  205. Air pressure and altitude
  206. Markov Sort
  207. Would my ray gun work?
  208. Future of Z. californianus
  209. Is it time to just admit that we're not interested in fighting climate change?
  210. Old tomb, new gibbon
  211. All Day Long "Fire Light".
  212. Contained Vacuum Question.
  213. Tide predictions
  214. Two snowlines
  215. scientists delusions and 5 sigma
  216. Focusing a Neutrino Beam using Bent Crystals
  217. Wine that glows in the dark a bit...when you do.
  218. Hair
  219. Could arctic ice be gone in several years?
  220. Home Invasion By Spider Wasps Questions.
  221. Asian Fruit Identification Question.
  222. Relativistic effects
  223. What happened to the protophobic boson?
  224. quantum collapse
  225. Direct Energy From Nuclear Reactors
  226. Population Declines of Animals Linked to Rapid Warming of Climate
  227. Zebra Mussels In Lake Mead Question.
  228. 1000 Fold Memory Increase For Hard Drives
  229. New propulsion with mathematical problem
  230. Warm ground
  231. Radioactivity and microprocessors
  232. Pournelle on e-books - in 1980
  233. Child in Freefall ?....maybe not
  234. Small details in theories, that are ignored. Is the devil in the detail, sometimes?
  235. how, conceivably, might an anti-gravity engine work?
  236. growth of nerves and obesity.
  237. "The universe's rate of expansion is in dispute"
  238. What techniques are used to understand the CMB?
  239. Kangaroos on Mars
  240. Hypothetical neutrino drive(like a rocket).
  241. A theory for fast as light travel, maybe ..., possibly ..., probably not.
  242. Gravitational time dilation, and weight.
  243. Woiuld frame-dragging lead the position of a black hole to appear to be wrong?
  244. Grandfather clock on a collapsing planet
  245. emergent gravity
  246. AR glasses
  247. How does the Universe's topology affect wave functions?
  248. A question about Cloning ?
  249. Models of the mind; that is all we'll ever have..(?)
  250. Are Denisovians a species?