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  1. Early development and instinct
  2. Potassium Chromate In Veternary Use As An Antifungal Question.
  3. Time reversal of electron positron annihilation?
  4. Scientists Pinpoint Brain Networks Responsible for Naming Objects
  5. Botox molecules
  6. My wild stab at an explanation for the dark matter effect(prob wrong).
  7. North American wildfires seen from space
  8. Link between C-section delivery and development of schizophrenia.
  9. STEVE is not an aurora
  10. Entropy Question..
  11. Evolution favors the laziest - I AM VINDICATED!
  12. Do you think scientists will ever be able to calculate G from scratch?
  13. Discoveries of the scientific method
  14. Yikes! Large Phosphoric and Nitric Acid Spill!
  15. Building a clock in a theory.
  16. Modelling concepts, ideas etc in the same way as objects(robotics)
  17. Do scientists uerstand radioactive decay?
  18. Electronic Voice Phenonona
  19. Deadliest disease
  20. superEMP
  21. Global warming in 2100
  22. Time Travel is possible, sort of (new news)
  23. Color of infinitely hot
  24. Dinosaur DNA reconstructed, but where is Jurassic Park?
  25. What decides who gets CBS?
  26. Goats! Goats love happy people so don't go near a goat with a frown
  27. The man who sold perpetual-motion machines
  28. antimatter waves
  29. Defects in Spacetime
  30. Tachyonic antitelephone
  31. If the Earth got cold enough...
  32. Transparent tablets and phablets?
  33. Ancient "hunger stones" appearing in drought-stricken Europe
  34. Halloween Science - science papers on topics not normally covered until Oct 31
  35. Artificial Intelligence thread (odds & ends)
  36. Radio on tooth fillings?
  37. super fluid dark matter
  38. Dueling Articles In Physorg.
  39. Two News Stories That Make Me Happy.
  40. And For Those Who Complerely Lack A Sense Of Body Awareness...
  41. What is this kind of sound change called?
  42. relative humidity measurement
  43. Could society, and its people, function as a neural network?
  44. Drug-resistant bacteria have a new challenger.
  45. Herbert Dingle.
  46. Whirlpool theory of ocean deadzones
  47. The Neutrino Floor
  48. Internet vs brain
  49. Cutting a hologram
  50. how many different types of matter could there be?
  51. Women in Science - food for thought
  52. Scientific proof that cats are useless
  53. Cell vs smartphone
  54. Brain bandwidth
  55. What is my wi-fi freuency?
  56. Does all reality come from the same source?
  57. 2018 Nobel Prizes
  58. Three human brains connect by BrainNet, play Tetris
  59. New mathematics statistical test... is it really useful?
  60. Here we go again: Cern black hole could destroy earth
  61. Black holes squishing Earth
  62. 8 Proofs Show that Dark Energy is Unphysical
  63. Han Solo...No Light Sabre For You!..or is there?
  64. Why is biological and technological evolution accelerating?
  65. Smart Home Monitoring Systems
  66. Question for our resident Shuttle experts
  67. Listen to the life-induced vibrations of a single cell?...Yep.
  68. Annihilation that Persists
  69. Galileo visited
  70. Getting a Mini-MRI for a cell.
  71. Are Von Neumann probes doable without nanotech?
  72. Solid state stuff.
  73. Your DNA: should it be private, or who cares?
  74. Bugs are dying off -- why?
  75. Hurricane-proof homes - the science & engineering of surviving 155 mph winds
  76. Dying trees and O2 level
  77. Like electric eels in reverse
  78. Zettascale and Yottascale computing
  79. Live beings caught in Quantum Entanglement? Seriously?
  80. WWF Study on animal declines
  81. Innuendo appears to spark conspiracy theories (finger quotes) "Implying that..."
  82. Disease and pandemics thread (because it's science)
  83. Tics
  84. AI, Robots, & Ethics
  85. Lion Air Flight 610 Crash
  86. Research papers: free to read, or hidden behind paywalls?
  87. Type A personality... doesn't exist. Sorry!
  88. Why can we understand reality?
  89. Turn mushrooms into batteries and power your home! (sort of)
  90. Remote-controlled dogs. SCIENCE!
  91. Ever get into a fight on Wikipedia? Read this.
  92. Statistics and Fibs, and how to tell the difference
  93. Social media use causes depression... but NOT CosmoQuestX !
  94. No more GPS satellites? Now there's something better.
  95. Soy baby formula = severe adult dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, larger fibroids, reprodu
  96. Diagnostic tests, screening, and the polygraph
  97. Multitasking... is just an illusion, but apparently a useful illusion
  98. Cell phone battery life improved by moving apps to the cloud
  99. The Botnet Army wants YOU (and might already have you)
  100. 2nd order interpolation question
  101. How are thoughts remembered?
  102. But can you replicate the experiment? Perhaps the biggest problem in science
  103. Is it possible ..
  104. Airplane... with no moving parts and an ion engine
  105. Does a sedentary life lead to a dulling of the senses?
  106. The brain as mind location
  107. My computer monitor only turns on when I turn it to 45-90 degrees from facing me
  108. Could a cow get BSE (or mad cow disease) from eating a dead mouse?
  109. Neanderthal Breathing Was Different
  110. Scientists warning of "Grand Solar Minimum" leading to global cooling
  111. Smell-o-vision is BACK... and I'm sorry
  112. Enzyme Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries
  113. De-artifacting the kilogram
  114. Fata Morgana structure
  115. Powerfull laser.
  116. Lepton Universality Violation
  117. To what extent are pacemakers proteced from EM fields?
  118. Need some help understanding Inertial Confinement fusion
  119. Double Slit
  120. Firenado - a firey tornado as wide as 3 football fields in California fires
  121. What's the status on string theory?
  122. A way to power proposed new propulsion system?
  123. teaching animals to press buttons to get food.
  124. Electro magnetic field
  125. Two species are one...ever happen?
  126. Nifty new inventions that we would like to have
  127. Tales from the Anthropocene Epoch
  128. Aviation Mysteries (exclude spaceflight)
  129. Do very highly skilled people ever "choke" under? The answer is... no
  130. Time Dilation - Modulated Force
  131. homosexuality and natural selection.. and is Gender Dysphoria a 'disease'?
  132. <Gas behavior>
  133. What does science need to survive?
  134. Bruce Lipton?
  135. Interesting Study about Parachutes
  136. spin in fluids
  137. Size of body destroying black hole
  138. rocket fuel for interstellar travel
  139. Chang’e 4 the moon???question
  140. Earth's magnetic field is wandering, faster, for unknown reasons
  141. "Night of the Lepus" was a documentary
  142. Could dark matter just be matter with the wave function very spread out?
  143. Has the word "pseudoscience" lost its meaning?
  144. soft conductive putty(soft like Blutac)k; would engineers use it?
  145. Will the Moon's surface be used to build a particle accelerato, one day?
  146. Is this at all a good analogy for special relatavistic time dilation?
  147. New inventions that sound more than a little crazy
  148. Crowd road gritting....
  149. Solar shield idea to address climate change.
  150. What mass to weight ration would create unproblematic heat, on re-entry?
  151. The "ideal carnivore" -- the dinosaur wth the very flexible skull and tearing teeth
  152. Does Aspartame cause headaches in some people?
  153. Webmaster request for Star Formation Newsletter
  154. A better mousetrap - internet abusers now more easily targeted
  155. what actually is untestable?
  156. Do Women have an innate drive to get Pregnant.. ?
  157. Extortion is your best cooperative strategy (!!!!!)
  158. What actually is 'length/distance'?
  159. if you could connect QM and relativity theortically, could you do it practically?
  160. On the Moon for half a century
  161. Cool-Mist Humidifier
  162. what is important about the 'box' in Schrodinger's Cat thought experiment?
  163. Does expansion of Universe match loss of space-time curvature in stars?
  164. how can a continuum of numbers, say between 1 and 2, be...defined?
  165. what is your view of the 'right brain/left brain' view of thought processes?
  166. Does interference pattern in 2-slit experiment mean wave function FTL?
  167. slits again: one slit= particle-like results.... except when the slit very small?
  168. has ‘consciouness causes collapse’ (of wave function) been discredited?
  169. Can a specific version of color charge be detected?
  170. Wind patterns at different heights
  171. Semi-identical twins
  172. Is there any way to keep the sea-leve froml rising by digging inland seas?
  173. Things we wish we could do: regrow a severed head
  174. End of the Ice Age
  175. Quasar Ringworld
  176. what would you call th relationship between 2 things, tht were linked bt not causally
  177. Question regarding CPT symmetry and the interaction of two charged particles
  178. US creates Non-Traditional and Emerging Transportation Technology Council
  179. No such thing as objective reality?
  180. Measuring the size of the universe....
  181. Does it ever happen that some parasitic organisms fight off other parasites?
  182. How reliable are internet links over time? Not very, but we all knew that.
  183. Stephen Hawking’s probabilistic calculation for the end of times?
  184. Detection of surface potential change
  185. Publishing a manuscript and a book simultaneously
  186. Nassim Haramein’s funding
  187. Just musing about the brain !
  188. Citizen science projects in theoretical physics?
  189. Music headphones that detect movement..?
  190. Planet with close BH moon
  191. How are/were dogs bred into specialist species?
  192. New military drone has a very familiar shape
  193. Meat frying juice
  194. Robots and humor, and why the two do not mix
  195. 30x the speed of light?
  196. Undiscovered clades
  197. Identifying protozoans
  198. A question about airplanes and helicopters
  199. sampling statistics epidemiology
  200. Computer simulators + AI = Inevitable in future research?
  201. Space Tripping
  202. New Hubble measurements confirm universe is expanding faster than expected
  203. Perpetual Motion Machine via Wormholes?
  204. Science and failure -- getting up after fate knocks your project down
  205. Interesting atmospheric phenomena
  206. Book suggestion: Physics Summer Reading for future physics students
  207. How to screw up your neighborhood without even trying
  208. Take selfies and people will trust you as a scientist
  209. Giant pinnipeds 50 million AD?
  210. Long life distribution methods
  211. Voynich Manuscript -- SOLVED
  212. Spider Uses Web As Slingshot
  213. Antimatter generation
  214. Rupert Sheldrake’s Science Set Free – A book review
  215. Mono Pole Position
  216. Do NOT feed your pet spiders processed ham! (this is science)
  217. Deepfake videos are coming to your computer any second now
  218. Manipulating emotional memories via the Hippocampus
  219. Project Orion Starship (The one with the nukes)
  220. Intelligent Computer Systems..
  221. The Mighty Thor-ium
  222. Temperature rise with infinite greenhouse effect
  223. Flying-V, the non-stealth stealth-looking passenger aircraft
  224. Sun spots and planets
  225. Climate zones in a greenhouse world
  226. Kessler syndrome IRL
  227. A paradox in quantum mechanics which proved Einstein wrong?
  228. Robots walking over bad terrain, for DARPA
  229. Cyclic Universe..
  230. Tremendous somatic mutations
  231. Does beta decay indicate that quarks are made of smaller particles?
  232. Air France 447 - pilots and computers in a storm
  233. Forms of ice crystals
  234. From pole to pole by aircraft
  235. Can we build a submarine able to reach the ocean's bottom?
  236. Does the Moon affect your sleep, health, and mood swings? (BBC article)
  237. Underwater vehicle and Stirling engines
  238. Theoretical vs practical galactic rotation curve
  239. Light by Light Scattering....Atlas Collaboration
  240. What are the Russians messing with now?
  241. Just how advanced is modern technology?
  242. Hero pilots
  243. Creationists and dinosaurs
  244. Is gravitational potential energy real?
  245. Web beacons
  246. Social media, adolescents' mental health and "significance"
  247. Scientific method and beliefs
  248. 1G Constant Prototype 4 Test Videos
  249. Can I keep adding usb hubs to my tablet?
  250. Artificial and Organic Intelligence Questions