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  1. Fully Integrated Photonic Displacement Sensors
  2. Hydrogen as greenhouse gas
  3. Definition of ‘standard deviation’
  4. Civic honesty around the globe
  5. cave/poor man's accurate cylinder
  6. Does black exist?
  7. I Like My Coffee Hot!
  8. Novel Opto-acoustic Sensors
  9. many worlds vs sliding doors: a (partial) explanation of quantum woo?
  10. why can humans intuitively know when a musical tone frequency is doubled/halved?
  11. Straightening Light with Photonic Crystals
  12. Optical Transistor for Terahertz Radiation Amplification
  13. Are quarks illusions?
  14. 2019 Nobel Prizes
  15. Hydrogen engines
  16. EFE's now fully solved for the internal metric
  17. Relativistic ringworlds
  18. Something faster than light? YEP
  19. How would physics, chemistry, biology be different in a 2-D universe? e.g. "Flatland"
  20. Why do scientists use words they don't need to use?
  21. Organic farming is worse for climate change
  22. The Scientific Method - when did teaching it as steps begin?
  23. glycerin engines
  24. Opal Coatings for Daytime Radiative Coolling
  25. Weight of heat
  26. Solar panels on your roof vs Giant solar farms?
  27. Boats and balloons on other planets
  28. Why is North up?
  29. Faucet restrictors
  30. Gravity detection in real time?
  31. How much caf in decaf ?
  32. Machine code?
  33. What would happen if you placed an object in a region devoid of Higgs' Bosons?
  34. Hyenas more closely related to cats, vs dogs.
  35. "Impossibility" of abiogenesis
  36. Best gasoline substitute?
  37. What is a good source to refute this denialist argument?
  38. Silent Invisible Santa Claus This Year?
  39. What was that ATM theory?
  40. Network Liquid...Graphene Putty
  41. Terahertz Gas Laser
  42. Imagine if the Nile Electric Catfish was studied in the Renaissance..
  43. Governance of the next being (2nd part)
  44. Clarke magic in 2019
  45. Rising hot air question
  46. 3 nm and AR glasses
  47. Why doesn't evolution select for prolonged reproduction?
  48. Orbital Angular Momentum Waves
  49. Best magic trick ever?
  50. Future applications of super-sensitive Gravity Wave Detectors
  51. 9 times table : math question.
  52. Evolution by natural selection
  53. Are there any theories that postulate more than 1 time dimension?
  54. are there equal amounts of positive and negative charges in the universe?
  55. Neutron Lifetime Beam Anomaly
  56. KamLAND update
  57. event horizon question
  58. Were any of our ancestors bigger than us?
  59. Age of earth at surface of earth?
  60. Cordless landline telephones and building materials
  61. For Beginners....The Guide to using All That Data
  62. Negative mass
  63. Lithium ion batteries in external fires
  64. Butterfly memories
  65. Why don't I dream during general anesthesia?
  66. Recognizing Quarks...???
  67. Small Uncertainty in COHERENT Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering
  68. Magnesium goes black?
  69. Went for a spin in a Tesla- holy cow- what a 'Jerk'!
  70. Sharks in Australia are evolving to walk on land, because it's Australia
  71. NOAA's "Plan B" would pollute the atmosphere to stop climate change warming
  72. How sense of smell affects sense of taste
  73. Probabilities in statistical physics
  74. Measuring distance
  75. The $2 Billion Flying Wing - B2 Spirit Bomber
  76. Preventing a resource crunch
  77. Is there a term for the assertion that we are not in the Matrix?
  78. Possible Space Junk Collision Over Pittsburgh
  79. How could we collect the antimatter near earth?
  80. Metallic hydrogen apparently found
  81. Can mathematics make you rich and famous as a clothes designer? Yes.
  82. Chernobyl's "radiation-eating" microbe -- already known to science, but weird as heck
  83. How do I show a single state trying to cross a potential well has less frequency osci
  84. Could ultracapacitors (or tiny tiny wheels) make Electric Vehicles accelerate faster?
  85. Future of DNA evidence - lower life forms?
  86. Batteries are out. Get electricity right out of the air. Atlas Shrugged, anyone?
  87. What makes a viral disease species specific?
  88. Complete spatial control of light in a Monolithic Device
  89. atmospheric rivers
  90. Interesting “UFO“ experience
  91. mercuric oxide opthalmic
  92. Tesla "Autopilot" isn't.
  93. Engineering development to prevent virus outbreak
  94. Giant Biohazard Feral Hogs Attack Houston! Film at 11.
  95. Determining which tests for mold and fungi are medically significant
  96. Paper blaming Sun for climate change has been retracted--it goofed up
  97. Random Cosmic Numbers
  98. What type of spin does a decohered wave have?
  99. Virgin birth among Komodo Dragons - a real thing
  100. The smallest dinosaur ever found (a weird pre-bird)
  101. Probability and parrots.
  102. Time travelers can get buffalo wings and drumsticks 67 million years ago
  103. Living without an ozone layer
  104. Ancestor of all animals identified in Australian fossils
  105. important data correlation from corona virus updates
  106. Disease rash location
  107. Animals where they don't belong might turn out okay: Cocaine Hippos of Colombia
  108. Cooling Concussed Brain Cells Post-injury Staves Off Damage
  109. Parasite affects the culture of nations?
  110. If precious metals were cheap and abundant from asteroid mining.
  111. Can someone please explain the advantage of re and re purchasing the same software?
  112. Nigerian Meteor Impact?
  113. Matter - Antimatter Asymmetry
  114. High tech thermometers
  115. Lifeless air
  116. Useful drones
  117. Jerk or impulse limits
  118. AI patents
  119. Is Roger Penrose's: Quantum Consciousness a (good) scientific theory?
  120. Mistery HDD
  121. Simple explanation of Bell's rejection of "Local Realism"
  122. Ethics of General AI
  123. Light Battery
  124. Do men have beards to help take a punch to the face? SCIENCE !
  125. How do you code for iron in hemoglobin
  126. Backwards Univers?
  127. Pakistan crash
  128. "Paranormal" lights and sounds are likely human-caused (Min Min Lights)
  129. Scientists trigger hibernation in mice
  130. knee jerk
  131. Supercomputer rankings
  132. Hot, humid air
  133. Rainbows everywhere!
  134. If we cure the two Big C's
  135. Fusion and Quantum computing
  136. What technologies will be game changers?
  137. What was the greatest tech development between agriculture and industrialisation?
  138. Plane condensation
  139. Please explain these waves.
  140. Boosting to GEO
  141. Information symmetry in a double slit experiment
  142. C-14 in the atmosphere
  143. The Noise of Gravitons
  144. Can "wave" be given a precise mathematical definition?
  145. geometry question on polygons
  146. Interpretation of abstract dynamics
  147. Heavy-tailed distribution
  148. Cool "new" technology
  149. Hydrogen a worse fuel for aircraft?
  150. The sounds of leaves in wind during different seasons
  151. Questions about sound
  152. Living with renewable energy
  153. Discovery of the Formation and evidence wins Nobel Prize.
  154. Equal temperament
  155. Time travel can't change history
  156. Has anyone read Louis Agassiz?
  157. Could you make a gravitational laser?
  158. Room temperature super conducting
  159. Are numbers countable?
  160. Impossible FTL