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  1. Pharmaceutical pollution in drinking water
  2. Nature versus nurture: the biological debate
  3. X-Men and Mutant Superpowers
  4. First step taken for a new 3D display
  5. What do the blind see?
  6. Room temperature superconductivity
  7. Google Earth user discoveres a meteor crater
  8. Signs of a crack in the "standard model"
  9. Earth Hour
  10. Ocean Biogeographic Information System
  11. Named: 25 environmental threats of the future
  12. Gauss measurement request
  13. Conciousness and cutting a brain in half, what would happen?
  14. Molasses and Brown Sugar
  15. Would like ideas for various forms of FTL travel.
  16. Future energy sources?
  17. Can you lose weight by drinking very cold water?
  18. Why would we go to the stars?
  19. Can the Higgs particle be detected?
  20. Could a plastic box cause certain other plastics (game systems) inside to yellow?
  21. Private nuclear reactor, a hoax?
  22. FermiLab and CERN Sued
  23. Will there ever be a science of art? A science of history?
  24. A unified theory of everything! Is it really possible?
  25. Pyramid Construction
  26. Statistics question: goodness of fit vs R2
  27. A Question About Earthworms
  28. The Bible Strikes Back!
  29. A Question About Heroin Addicts.
  30. 'No Sun link' to climate change
  31. Gold and Diamonds
  32. Mathematics! Truth or Tool?
  33. Radioisotope thermal generator nuclear vehicle
  34. Creationist Lies
  35. An amazingly awesome page about science and bad science
  36. Salmon Fisheries Collapse
  37. the bendy letter blockade
  38. Could this be called a form of teleportation?
  39. Chemistry fights back!
  40. 'Breakthrough' at Stonehenge dig
  41. Recycling
  42. mutant plants
  43. does GR have a correspondence principle?
  44. Plasma Globes
  45. Super-Insulator discovered
  46. Transhumanism, Immortality, and Ideas
  47. Room-temperature Ceramic Coatings
  48. Bikini Atoll Corals bounce back
  49. Japanese Drill Quake Zone
  50. Vacuum - do we really need pressure suits in space?
  51. Generating heat using inductive backspikes in DC circuits
  52. Bionic eyes implanted in blind patients
  53. Discovering a Dark Universe
  54. Max Plancks real name
  55. Rediscovering Intelligent Design
  56. ace
  57. Test strengthen dino-bird relationship
  58. Evolution Question: Cellular Communication?
  59. GUM found! And it includes Homeopathy!
  60. Epistemology essay question
  61. Reno Quakes: an active deep fault zone
  62. Who created God?
  63. POSSIBLY first long-lived super-heavy element discovered
  64. GW: Dumb question about smokestacks
  65. 'Devious, Deadly Scientist' at work?
  66. What's comes next: resistor, capacitor, inductor, ...
  67. Next decade 'may see no warming'
  68. Carbon dioxide and ocean chemistry
  69. The man who re-grew a finger.
  70. Petition to stop LHC on FaceBook
  71. Strange use of thermo dynamics?
  72. Lots of Animals Learn, but Smarter Isnt Better
  73. Before the Big Bang
  74. the wheel and math
  75. Evolution's real controversies
  76. Build the LHC on the Moon
  77. Anti-radiation...
  78. Amoebas acting as a single organism
  79. Flowers! Beyond natural selection...
  80. Measure the speed of light with your microwave!
  81. Laser Light
  82. Solar energy from the upper atmosphere
  83. Wave-particle duality... of traffic
  84. Pythons in Florida
  85. Is there a name for this (linguistic/perception?) phenomnom?
  86. Sunshade in low Earth orbit
  87. Maxwell's Equations Revealed
  88. Black holes not black after all?
  89. Creature comforts in space
  90. Could this thing actually be built?
  91. Recycle water bottles?
  92. At least 12% of US biology teachers are creationist
  93. Rescue from natural disasters and space tech
  94. Ongoing evolution in humans
  95. The Science of Irrationality
  96. Question about tornadoes
  97. Tasmanian Tiger Mouse
  98. My method for multiplying numbers together - "the clop method"
  99. Sail Assisted Oil Tankers
  100. Density
  101. Analog Input?
  102. Bailey's apparatus -what is it?
  103. Scientists are always wrong
  104. Archaeologists discover statues of Cleopatra, Aphrodite
  105. Spanish drought reveals ancient church
  106. Any Operational Differences with Electrolysis in Gaseous state vs. Liquid State?
  107. Pagan tomb under St. Peter's Basilica reopened
  108. Stonehenge a cemetery?
  109. 30 May 2008: Centenary Hannes Alfvn's birth
  110. Brazilian tribes - Prime Directive precedent?
  111. I Thought Of An Acid Reflux Treatment That's Working Better Than I Expected.
  112. Energy issues...
  113. Wolf traps and all that!
  114. Homosapien! Pandora's Box or Masterpiece?
  115. refrigeration question
  116. 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
  117. Woman comes back from dead after 17 hours
  118. The Science of Sarcasm
  119. Looking for website of fake dinosaur/caveman fossil
  120. Predictive Biology?
  121. Breathing difficulty?
  122. Just exactly how is skin tone inherited?
  123. Who on BAUT works in the 'space sciences'? (Career related questions)
  124. New 'Quasiparticles' Discovered; May Pave Way Toward New Quantum Computer
  125. Why is inertia taken to be an active phenomenon?
  126. (Fire) Ants and Electric fields.
  127. Anisotropic Limits
  128. 2008 Arctic Sea Ice Extents
  129. New "green" biofuel
  130. Need help. Mom is a Creationist.
  131. Why does my cheek make this noise, and then hurt?
  132. Not smart enough for Baut
  133. Reuters report: car runs on water?
  134. Wagner in Court today? [suing to stop the LHC]
  135. evolution museum
  136. What happens to gravity when E=MC^2 ?
  137. Revolutionary War Vessel Found Intact
  138. GUT - thought - science backwards
  139. Scientists find bugs that eat waste and excrete petrol
  140. What Will Physicists Do if String Theory is Wrong? (Part I)
  141. The Birth of Information Theory
  142. Louisiana's Creation Friendly Bill
  143. "New" dinosaur site in Utah?
  144. Need Help with Math on a Paper
  145. The Internet in 1934
  146. Question about magnetic fields
  147. Does allowing wine to "breathe" actually do anything?
  148. It's Official LHC is completely safe...
  149. What to do . . . when zoo animals get old
  150. Sunflower Seeds In Bird Feeders. Please, Somebody Give Me The Straight Skinny...
  151. Computer question
  152. Talking into ones hand question
  153. Can a match lit behind a cow after she farts cause an explosion?
  154. The state of glass
  155. Scientific Method Obsolete?
  156. Hot water systems - heat pumps v solar
  157. Fastest-ever flashgun captures image of light wave
  158. "Shape-shifting" Skyscraper
  159. Wow. I Had To Listen To A Madman Rant The Other Day...
  160. Britain's last Neanderthals were more sophisticated than we thought
  161. How Many Atoms are in a Regular Loaf of Bread?
  162. Need Help For a New RPG Campaign Game. Aliens Metabolizing Gasoline
  163. Upside Down Icicle
  164. Impass
  165. Synthetic Pseudo-cell created
  166. Mind knowledge?
  167. something I wanted to find out since I was a kid (eye-related)
  168. Does anyone know how much oil there is in the world?
  169. Serious Question Guys. My Feeders And West Nile Virus.
  170. Classical EM radiation question
  171. David Caminer (1915 2008)
  172. My Genome takes 50 CDs
  173. Question Regarding Warmer Than Freezing Hypothermia
  174. Hmmm, That's Odd...
  175. Would a very fat person take longer to starve to death?
  176. On the displacement current ∂E/∂t
  177. Riemann hypothesis proved?
  178. Babbage's computer is finally built
  179. Why do we sneeze out of our mouths?
  180. Fusion
  181. UFO...unusual flying object
  182. New mineral: Brownleeite
  183. Gamera's Really Neat! He's Filled With Flying Turtle Meat!
  184. Running or walking in the rain?
  185. The speed at which gas travels along a car exhaust pipe.
  186. 2 new studies question GW predictions
  187. How does this bird do this?
  188. Mt. St. Helens is Finished? Maybe
  189. PATENT PENDING! New Polyhedron discovered by Warren Platts!
  190. another catastrophie due to global warming
  191. Electric Bandage
  192. The history of static electricity - when did it start?
  193. Okmok Caldera Erupts
  194. Are Microorganisms the cause of Cancer etc..?
  195. Middle East families shed light on autism genes: study
  196. Just another Equivalence test.
  197. Chemical effect on life (formerlyChemlawn conspiracy)
  198. Italian quarry yields unexpected answer to mystery
  199. Brochs in Google Earth
  200. Important Paper: A GR Paradox
  201. {X} "constitutes a falsification of" {Y} - (good) science?
  202. X-rays could reveal where lightning strikes
  203. Fewer citations because of Internet
  204. No smoking hot spot.
  205. Random evolution question - How do they know?
  206. Asthma or worms - what would you rather have?
  207. Seven reasons why people hate reason.
  208. No Gender Differences In Math Performance
  209. Tape mould. How much are we at risk?
  210. SSRC Announces Global Warming Has Ended
  211. MIT claims 24/7 solar power
  212. Water at the North Pole.
  213. Calculus
  214. Engineering Question About High Test Hydralic Fluids
  215. Overcoming the Problem of Waste
  216. Solar wind interaction with planets magnetic field
  217. Benefits of Natural Disasters
  218. Bosnia could have Huge oil deposits
  219. The Rush to Save Timbuktu's Crumbling Manuscripts
  220. Vitamin C and Cancer
  221. New world-wide geological mapping site.
  222. 5 Scientific Theories That Will Make Your Head Explode
  223. Mt. Shasta Region Quake
  224. Rock confirms N. America and Antarctica once joined
  225. Even viruses get sick
  226. Consciousness
  227. Reversibility of Quantum Measurements
  228. Evolution- Ances and desc?
  229. Jupiter Saturn Neptune Venus "Saros" Cycle
  230. Another one? Kasatochi Volcano Erupted
  231. Awesome slowmo Lightning strike
  232. Scientists have stopped the aging process in an entire organ
  233. Invisibility Cloaks Possible at Nano Level
  234. Evolution, the tree of life
  235. Distant galaxies improve scanners
  236. Chemical Physics vs Physical Chemistry
  237. what is chiropractic really good for?
  238. Geoengineering with a twist of lime
  239. Rat-brained robots
  240. Frozen Light Crystals?
  241. Quantum Signals Move at 10,000 Times Speed of Light
  242. A thousand million billion...
  243. Evolution: What preceded the Primate stage, for human ancestory?
  244. Creationism and Intelligent Design seem to be gaining popularity. To me, that's scary
  245. Which is the least corrupting format to save onto CD or DVD?
  246. Axial Seamount Observatory?
  247. Defining Science - Wedge Strategy?
  248. End of long scientific boom?
  249. Somewhere, Nikola Tesla is Smiling
  250. MIT working up microbatteries to power implantable medical sensors